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Betting on the Heart by MiaMarauder
Chapter 3 : Dress to Impress
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A/n Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! All J.k.'s!!

Thanks to nika@TDA for the lovely banner!
#3 Betting on the Heart

But the door opened suddenly and I jumped out of the way. I saw a bunch of students coming out of the room. I quickly saw Alice and Lily and ran to them.

"Where's everyone going?" I asked walking into step with them.

"OH. MY. MERLIN! Where have you been?" Lily shouted.

"Well no one woke me up, so I've been in bed," I shrugged. "Where is the class going?"

"Library, Mr. Raspy Isn't feeling well," Alice said. Then whispered something in Lily's ear. I always felt like Alice liked Lily better. Out of everyone I think, Alice is the least I'm closest with.

Lily gave me look then asked, "Are you sure you were in bed by your self?" She gave me a smirk, then looked me up and down.

"Um yeah. Why?"

"Well, Sirius hasn't been in class either for the past two periods and James says that he didn't know where he went after breakfast. And well you kinda look like... well."

I looked down at my outfit, I totally forgot what I looked like. I blushed and fixed my shirt and pulled down my skirt. "I was running to the class. And since when do you call Potter, James now?" I gave a smirk. I wanted all the attention off me.

Lily's face changed the color of her hair, "Well that is his name..."

"Whose, whom name?" Johanna asked coming to walk next to me.

"No. One." Lily said bluntly. And do I hear mad? She walked ahead, and pulled Alice with her.

"What was that about?" I asked Johanna.

"Oh she's just jealous that I was flirting with Potter last period. No bigy," she waved her hand. "Anyway Potter was telling me how the boys are throwing a little party tonight and we are invited. You in?" She said with a little nudge into my ribs.

"Yeah I guess, it will be good to take a break from studying tonight." I was a little surprise they can actually get alcohol from out of the school but still. It's what they do.

"Great. See you then," she called going ahead to walk with Ryan.

I better go talk to McGonagall, since I kind of have a free. I walked down the corridor by myself. Thinking of why Lily was actually starting to warm up to James. I walked to McGonagall's door hoping she wouldn't be there.

I knocked on the door, so scared.

"Come in," I heard her voice say from the other side.

Be claim, be claim. I opened the door slowly she was sitting by her desk looking down. I tripped a little on a desk walking in. Don't fall, don't fall. I walked slowly to her desk. She looked up from her papers.

"Ah, yes Mrs. Alverez where were you first period?" Professor McGonagall said in a nice, calm voice.

"By accident I d-didn't wake up P-professor and missed my second period as well." My voice was shaky. She gave me a fierce look, like a cat about to scratch your eyes out. PLEASE DONT TURN INTO A CAT!

"Well, Mrs. Alverez you missed a very good lesson. Get the notes from Lily. And I'm afraid I will have to take 5 points from Gryffindor." She looked back down at her papers. I guess this is my dismissal. I walked quickly out, looking down so I didn't trip. I closed the door slowly and once it was closed, I took a big breathe. The only reason I think she wasn't meaner is because I am in her own house.

But when Professor McGonagall isn't screaming at children, she can be a really nice old lady. Well, I never actually experienced this but I hope she was. I started to walk back to the library hoping to get the notes and copy from Lily. I entered the library and spotted the girls right away. I walked over to them and I noticed two boys sitting with them. I haven't seen Peter in a while now that I think about it.

"Hey," I said taking a seat next to Alice making me sit across from Lily, who was sitting next to James, and next to James was Remus. Across from Remus was Johanna and next to Johanna was Alice.

"Hey Lay," Alice said then sighed.

"Whats up?" I only said to her since everyone seemed to be in their own conversations.

"Nothing, I'm just bored here. Oh bloody hell! Frank's here, I think I'm going to go the bathroom." She quickly got up and tried to leave slowly and quietly without trying to receive attention from anyone. But Johanna heard her.

"You can't run forever!" She shouted after Alice when she was at the door. I slid over next to Johanna and listened to James and Lily conversation.

"Oh I see now. Yeah you're right James sorry," Lily blushed a little and wrote down the answer.

"I told you I'm not just an air head. There's other things floating around in here." James said grinning like a fool and tapped on his head.

"I never thought that," Lily paused. "Well, not this year," She gone red as her hair.

He chuckled, "Lily, if you want I can stay back tomorrow, if you don't want to be alone," James said hopefully

"James thats very nice but Layla is staying back tomorrow." I dont think she can ever turn normal color again. "But you can get me my favorite candy if you want, I wouldn't be surprised if you knew it." She chuckled. I bet he did know it too.

"As you wish my Lily flower." James said grinning and finished the rest of the questions.

Aww I really don't want to ruin this moment but. "Lily can I have you're notes?" I asked. Did James Potter just growl at me? Like actually growl.

"Yes, yes of course." Lily said going for her bag.

We all finished just as our double ended. We all got up, to go lunch. It's strange I haven't seen Sirius all day, I wonder if he's in the hospital wing. We all started to walk to the Great Hall. I noticed I was missing something, oh wow I dont have my bag.

"Guy's I left my bag in the library. I'll see you later," I waved to everyone and started to head down to the library. The library wasn't that far from the Entrance Hall. I hope no one stole it. I started to walk down the hall faster, I always hated to be in the hall by myself.

I was at the Libra and quickly spotted my bag. I left quickly since I saw a bunch of Slytherins. I don't really feel like going to lunch. I guess I'll head up to the dorms. I started to turn the other corner but, I felt a warm hand pull me into a small space. I shouted like a little girl, it was more like a bloody murder scream.

"Stop! Stop! Its Sirius I need your help!" Sirius shouted.

"BLOODY HELL SIRIUS! You scared me half to death!" I hit him in his chest. Ow! I think I just hurt myself more then him.

"Sorry. Sorry I needed your help." My eye adjusted to the dark and I saw that we were in a secret passage. "Can you help me bring up these boxes to the boys dorm? I cant find Prongs."

"Well, he's in the Great Hall. I'll go get him," I said starting to turn.

"No, I already got you. Come on there not that heavy." And he pulled me down a long path. Where I saw four small boxes.

"We aren't that far from the common room from this passage. I just need another hand to help me put the invisibly cloak on them." I've seen the invisibly cloak before so it didn't surprise me that he had it.

"All right." He lifted the four boxes up like a feather and I put the cloak on them.

It just looked like he was holding his hands awkwardly. I opened the passage and we started to walk to the common room.

"Where were you today?" I said trying to make small talk.

"Getting the stuff for tonight. You're coming right?" He asked curiously.

"Yeah it will be good to take a break. It should be fun, we havent done this since last year when you and me, just tried to kill each other. Betting how much we could drink. I dont even remember that night." I chucked and he let out a bark of laughter.

"Same! I woke up in front of the Whopping Willow with bruses on my stomach. That took weeks to go away. I still have scars!" He chuckled. We stood in front of the portrait hole "Dragoons Egg" He said walking in the common room.

"Come upstairs real fast," he said when he saw I was turning around. I followed him leading the way.

"Get the door. No hands remember." He said stopping right in front.

"Oh right. Sorry," I opened it quickly.

For a boys dorm it was really clean, It was cleaner then my dorm since us girls throw clothes every where.

He went to his bed. I only know thats his bed because I had to come up here once when I was dared to wake up James. Sirius said it was impossible, but I do a great Lily impression.

I sat down on his bed, much comfy then mine. He threw the cloak on James's trunk.

"We are going to add Veritaerrum to the bottles to make truth and dare more interesting tonight. Is that alright?" He asked moving the boxes under his bed now.

"Yeah just no stupid questions, like who you like right?" I said bitting my bottom lip and looking down. I wouldnt want anyone to know who I like. Especially Johanna, she would kill me. Lily is the only one who knows...

"Yeah, nothing stupid like that," he said sitting next to me. It was silent for a while, I turned to Sirius to see he was looking at me.

"Layla," I looked up into Sirius grey dark eyes. Why does he keep doing this?

"Yes Sirius?"

"-ley was so too getting jealous today." James said walking into the dorm with Remus.

He stopped automatically when he saw me and Sirius. We both looked up in surprise.

"Oh.... sorry." He said awkwardly. "We can come ba-"

"No, no it's fine, I'll leave. This isn't even my dorm," I said getting up "I'll see you boys later tonight," I said nudging Remus on the way out.

When I was walking down the stairs I heard a boy screaming. That was so weird though I think Sirius was going to open up to me. He had so much emotion in his ey-

I bumped into someone and books fell from a boy with blonde hair. "Oh, sorry I wasn't looking where I was going," I said picking up the boys books for him.

"It's no problem Ay." I shuddered, there was only one person who called me that. I looked up to see Chris Nylon. Johanna's little brother, he was in fourth year. But he sure did not look like it.

I automatically blushed. "Oh sorry Chris. How are you anyway? I haven't seen you in a while."

"Yeah, I'm good. You're staying at my house this summer again right?" He said looking at me. He was actually looking down at me. He was very tall for his age. Or I am just very short.

"Yupp, you'll be seeing me so much! You'll probably get sick of me."

"I can never get sick of you Ay," he said grinning and pushing me a little. I blushed once again and a shiver went down my spine.

"You say that now," I giggled. "But just wait and see when you take a cold shower because I've used up all the hot water." He laughed.

"If Johanna doesn't use it all first," I giggled. "Um Layla do you thi-"

"Layla!" Someone screamed from behind me.

"Speak of the devil and the devil appears," Chris mumbled to himself looking a little disappointed.

"Scram Chris I have to talk to Layla," Johanna sneered coming to stand next to me.

"Yeah whatever Jo. See you around Layla," I waved goodbye to him a little sad to see him go.

"Come on. We have to get ready for the party tonight. They sent me to look for you," she said taking my arm and dragging me upstairs to our dorm.

We entered the room and clothes were everywhere. It was like a twister went off in the room.

"Hey Layla where have you been?" Lily asked while she looked in the mirror with two different shoes on.

"She was talking to stupid Chris," Johanna said while entering the bathroom and closing the door.

"Oh," Lily said turning around to face me. She looked back at the bathroom door but just to hear the hair dryer go on. She faced me again and whispered low enough for me to hear only " Do you still... you know like him?"

"Yeah," I said blushing. "I'll eventually tell Jo maybe this summer," I said shrugging. I've liked Chris since I was in fifth year. He was in his third, when he started to well, devolp. And I've always been very close to Johanna's family, so I saw him alot. Alice came in from the closet wearing a pretty blue dress.

Lily whispred to me agian "Conversation. Not. Over." and went back to looking in the mirror agian.

I started to get dressed as well. I changed into a high wasted black skirt and a white tank that tucked into the skirt. And blue high heels, that you can see a mile away. I kept my hair curled but made it messier but it still looked good I guess. Lily wore a long purple shirt that brought out her eyes and black leggings. And Johanna wore a low cut yellow sun dress and orange high heels to shine. I'm not really trying to impress anyone really, it's just you never know who you'll see...

A/n What do you think about me adding Chris? Like it? Prob hate it? But CHRIS IS IMPORTANT! And everything is getting into the right order and I think you all will really like the next chapter!

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