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My last summer. by therealmagicpeach_
Chapter 1 : chapter one.
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I was never the one to fall in love with someone. I… was always supposed to live alone, without someone in my life to turn the grey into beautiful flowers. But, I did fall in love. Over just one summer. It was also my last summer for that matter- as I died from a human decease; they call lt cancer. It was a funny looking lump on my breast on a Tuesday morning; a few weeks before the end of the term. Mary said that it was from when I fell of my broomstick. Jones said that is was because of the time I ate a whole melon, and it never got digested. Doe said that it was because I was always hoping for bigger breasts, and god gave me wonky looking ones. I didn’t believe any of them- they were weirder and weirder as they carried on gossiping. I never actually got any treatment for my decease. I decided to die properly, than to die after bundles of treatment, all failing to help me survive. There wasn’t even much treatment to begin with; just small biotics to ease the pain, and perhaps help me in my final hours. But, after the summer of 79, I had done everything that I ever wanted to do.

I always had a list. A list since I was 10 years old. Before I went to hogwarts- I wanted to do so many things before I died. I was a slightly… un-easy child. I had a large case of OCD, and all the things I wanted to do- I would do them how I wanted to. It was rather a big list, and within 6 weeks; everything was finished with.

Meet someone that will be my best friend.

Win at Quiddich

Get a request that I cannot refuse

Get rather drunk

Have some drugs.

Invent something that will become famous.

Have sex

Go to a place that you love

To be loved

To figure out my answers to my questions.

Fall in love.

I did them all. It took me 6 weeks, like I said. I never really had a best friend at Hogwarts. I was in the same year as the marauders, and was in Hufflepuff. I was rather exited to be going to hogwarts when I was 11, as I was home schooled. I didn’t want to go to bauxbatons; because I couldnt speak French- only English and a little bit of Italian. I didnt have much fun at hogwarts… everything was like a boring old novel, that I didnt want to read past chapter 3 of. I couldn't bear to see my life so dull and lifeless, as I wanted things to be fun and exiting. I never really knew what the trouble of an exiting life was like. I didn’t know that my exiting life ended up with me falling in love with someone that I really shouldn’t of done. I think perhaps I was too curious. I shouldn’t of been so curious of the boy that lived across the lake. Although if I didnt, I wouldnt of had the best summer of my life. Or even the best moment of my life. Oh well, it wasnt my fault I was such an Alice. Because being an Alices brings you beautiful lush gardens of a life, and bring you the sweetest last moments that you will cherish forever. But being an Alice also brought me to a fire, a night full of sex, drowning, and memories. Being an Alice brought me to the door on one Sunday afternoon. And, boy, I am now Alice’s biggest fan.



Well, thank you for actually reading this. I know people that can never be bothered reading author notes. Well, including me sometimes. But- your reading it! So I thank you very much! You must be amazing. Thank you very much for clicking on my story, and reading the prologue. Sorry if it’s a little boring- I get into it soon. PLEASE review. It makes me really happy when I get one. I smile at the screen and I will write a really nice reply! All the best,Therealmagicpeach_Aka, Annie (the nerd) xxxxxx

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My last summer.: chapter one.


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