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Dont Trust Me by Chloelove
Chapter 4 : 8:07
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Lily POV

You know the term “Best Friend” can never be used too lightly. Best friends share secrets, hold you when you cry and try to make you happy again, they do random things together and end of laughing for hours about it. And most importantly BEST FRIENDS TELL EACHOTHER WHEN THEY GET ENGAGED!

Dinner went by agonizingly slowly. No one really talked after Kittra and Ani were introduced to everyone, except for the few polite conversations the “Grown ups” tried to get started, and the younger cousins who were completely oblivious to the tension. Teddy kept trying to get my attention, and I ignored him completely. Dom kept looking at me like I was a ticking time bomb. Lu was trying to ease the catastrophic tension by sitting in her chair and meditating.

Vic looked like she was having a minor seizure. Rose was sitting twiddling with a strand of her hair looking nervously between Vic and Teddy. Molly whipped out her handy dandy novel of choice and was reading. Albus was just sitting, being quiet, eating, in his own little world (what else is knew?). Hugo was fully engrossed in his eating. James was in shock, but every few minutes he would look over at me and smile. Roxy was chatting away with Freddy and Louis.

Poor Ani, sat there feeling completely out of place, and I would’ve tried to make conversation with the poor lad but I was ruddy pissed off. Him and Kittra would share a few words in Arabic every now and again.

My appetite had strangely vanished and it felt like eternity before my plate was cleared.

I sat there awkwardly frowning down at my lap for a while.

Didn’t Teddy trust me? I mean I wouldn’t have told anyone else if that’s what he wanted. I mean I just couldn’t believe he didn’t tell me! I told him everything, every bleeding thing. Was he mad at me for something maybe? Did I say something? I mean all of our past conversations had been nothing but civil…

“So Kittra, where are you from?” the snide voice of Vic Weasley probed. I looked up, it looked like Vic was about to tear out Kittra’s eyeballs and eat them. (it would be the first thing she’s eaten all month, stupid anorexic fake boobed whore)

“Jerusalem,” Kittra replied completely politely, she was even smiling at Vic. Uh. I still liked her.

“How long have you and Teddy been engaged?” Vic asked as if the entire thing was disgusting and absurd.

“Two months,” Kittra grinned at Teddy, who smiled back feebly.

A fire was ignited inside of me. TWO FREAKING MONTHS!? Was this some kind of sick joke? He had two whole freaking months to tell me that… that… jerk muffin!

Vic went back to fuming silently. Her eye was twitching.

There was a weird freakish silence.

“Hi Ani, I’m Rose,” Rose cooed. Ew.

“Hello,” he replied with a forced smile.

“How old are you?” she asked demandingly.

“I am 16, but I am repeating my fifth year of schooling,” He replied almost nervously, scary crack whore.

Rose looked like a stupid goldfish, all confused with her jaw slightly agape.

“Over the past year my mother had home schooled me and I probably learned more then I ever could’ve in Durmstrang, but the ministry is forcing me to take my fifth year so I can take the OWLS,” Ani explained slightly slowly, ha he caught on to her idiocy. I was waiting for him to start using hand motions.

“Oh,” Rose said sounding like a complete airhead.

“You’ll be in Dom, Lily, and Hugo’s year,” Lu said with a smile. Her legs swinging back to the ground.

Ani looked down and grinned at me, he was pretty freaking cute.

I tried to grin back but it probably came out a grimace.

“You play quiditich Ani?” James asked with his giant boisterous smile, apparently he wasn’t in shock anymore, back to same old James, hmm that took what 5 minutes, less?

I could still feel Teddy burning a hole in the top of my head, eh no eye contact for Teddy. Him and Kittra were holing hands, Kittra was smiling encouragingly at Ani. Vic was staring at their intertwined fingers like she was going to chop them off and eat them too.

“Yes I play Chaser,” Ani said smiling, he had a cute smile, James’s silly aura obviously made him feel more comfortable.

“You going to try out for a Hogwarts team?” James asked.

“Probably.” Ani said with a shrug.

“You haven’t gotten sorted into your house yet have you?” Molly asked curiously, she had finally ripped her nose out of her book.

“No, I will be sorted tomorrow with the first years,” Ani replied.

“Oh! Me too! Are you nervous? I’m nervous!” Roxy gushed, ever so happy she had someone to relate to… well kind of.

“I am pretty nervous, but I figure it will work out right?” Ani grinned at the bouncy purple lover.

“Ya I guess it will,” Roxy giggled an blushed. It looks like someone has her first crush. Awwww.

“What house are you hoping for?” Albus asked, wait what Albus being nice?

“I don’t know, they all seem pretty nice, I was thinking maybe Gryffindor though,” Ani mused.

Albus snorted “Good luck getting on the Gryffindor quiditich team, all the positions are taken”

I knew there was a reason why Albus asked. Bloody prat.

“Taken?” Ani asked confusedly.

“Yah, all the positions are accounted for, I’m the Gryffindor Captain this year and I already have the beast team, I mean I still have to have try outs but they seem kind of pointless,” Albus said with that cocky arrogant bastard smug expression.

“Who is on the team?” Ani asked.

“I’m a chaser, my mates Liam Finnegan, Hugo here are also,” Hugo waved half heartedly. “Lily is our seeker,” Ani looked down at me with a silly little smile. “Jeremy Wood is our keeper, and then Reece and Reid Smith are our beaters.”

Yup I was the only girl on the team, was last year, and the year before that. But the year before that I do recall a seventh year girl in the team.

Let’s see Liam Finnegan. Ah Liam. Oh the wondrous stories I could black mail you with. Liam is Albus’s BFF. Liam looks like he has jumped straight out of the muggle movie Grease. His mousy brown hair was all sleeked back and he always had a comb on him to fix it, there was usually a fake muggle cigarette hanging on his lip, he always wore a tight black t-shirt, a leather jacket and tight black jeans rain or shine. I mean I think his mom, Parvati, just duplicates all of his clothes. Me and Liam got on just fine, he’s even gotten all brotherly on me a couple occasions.

Jeremy Wood was a shy cutie. He was a seventh year (he was a really old seventh year if you cared) with big dark dark eyes and shortly cropped black hair. He was RIPPED, I liked looking at him. He took me to the Yule ball last year. As friends of course, we have never been more then friends and I’m perfectly content with that.

Reece and Reid Smith. They were both angry ass people! Always yelling and screaming and fighting. Merlin, they were amazing beaters though, they powered all their pent up frustration with the world and WABOOM, bludgers a flying.

“What if I was better then one of your current chasers?” Ani asked politely, he wasn’t trying to egg Albus on, he was just trying reason with the all high and mighty poop face.

Albus’s eyes narrowed behind his giant lens “I doubt it,” he was so bloody snooty.

I was about to box his ears off when Teddy said “C’mon Albus, cut the kid some slack, he just got here!”

Albus glared coldly at Ani for a second before sighing loudly and returning to his food, Merlin he was such a freaking girl.

“Sorry about him, he is a butt munch,” I said on my dear brother’s behalf to Ani.

“Eh he is just being a Captain,” Ani said with a grin and a shrug.

“Well if this is him being a Captain it’s going to be an unpleasant quiditich season,” I grumbled.

Ani laughed.

“Cake! PURPLE Cake!” Roxy shouted as Grandmum and some of the Aunts came out sporting a humongous purple smothered cake.

“Made it just for you Roxy Darling!” Grandmum beamed, she always made a special something for the ones who were off to Hogwarts that year. Mine was a giantly huge plate of pasta, I loved my pasta! I probably would cease to exist with out it.

Roxy jumped up and pulled Grandmum into a hug.

“Roxy your sucha purple fiend!” I accused with a laugh, she was so cute, and that big hug made it all worth the while in grandmum’s eyes, my mood had abruptly lifted, and besides who’s mood couldn’t get better when they were faced with a three foot cake?

“It’s the best color in the world! Everyone looks pretty in it and it tastes the best!” Roxy giggled.

“Couldn’t agree with you more,” James said with the biggest bite of cake in his mouth, really it was kinda revolting but so insanely hilarious. Everyone laughed.

We got back from the burrow quite late that night. I had avoided Teddy the entire night. But I made really good friends with Ani. He told me all about the fantastic things he’s done, all the adventures. He was really cool. Lu, James, Louis, Freddy, Dom, Molly, Roxy, and I (Rose was there too except she just kept shoving her boobs in Ani’s face, Vic was just glaring dementedly at the freshly engaged little couple, Albus and Hugo pretended like they were too cool and went back too posing) all loved listening to his awesome stories. He’s done a lot of crazy shit!

He’s tamed dragons, fought other wizards in real life duels, and even got sold off in the black market in Thailand! (of course his mom found him again ten minutes later) he has been ALL over the globe! He speaks thousands of languages! He’s thousand-lingual!

He was just as intent on hearing our tales, the random things we get up too, the funny pranks we pull, all the weird shit we do.

Either way I like him. He can stay.

The next morning was like any other morning at the Potter household. Albus and James were fighting over food, Mum and Dad were knoodling and “making breakfast”. uh they were the two grossest old people on the planet. They were always kissing and holding hands, I thought that people grew out of the whole honeymoon stage like after the first month! It’s been twenty something years people!

“Morning Potters,” I greeted rather unenthusiastically, mornings were definitely not my thing.

“Morning darling,” my mother beamed, ew she was all glowy, she got that way when her and dad were being all gross.

Dad came over and kissed the top of my head “Morning kiddo.”

I went and sat down across from my demented brothers.

“Ello squirt,” James said grinning at me. His eyes were speaking for him, they were screaming “haha you have to go to back to school and I get to sit around and get fat!”

“Morning stupid,” I grumbled, it was way to early in the morning to think of a better come back.

“Ugh Lily your sucha brat,” Albus said in that stupid pompous way of his. Merlin I wasn’t even talking to him bloody plonker.

“Ugh Albus your sucha bitch,” I mimicked his whiney hubris voice perrrfectly.

Albus got all red and was about to fire off every insult he had hidden away in that tiny noggin of his but alas my dear folks decided to join us with a massive pile of pancakes.

Merlin mom’s pancakes were too die for. She put millions of chocolate chips in them, and they were cooked to perfection.

We Potters were very strange when it came to our chocolate chip pancakes.

Mum smothered hers in syrup, that woman was a sugar fiend. James covered his in fruits and whip cream, he is going to be obese one day. Albus put this disgust orange jam pasty shit on his. Dad had his with butter, boooring. I lobbed cream cheese on mine, it was freaking delicious.

Albus and I pretended to be civil for our parents sake and we all had a jolly breakfast conversation.

After breakfast I went up and took a shower. I loved taking showers and baths, the hot water felt soo good.

I decided to wear my little grey tank top dress. I really liked that dress, the front was all v-neckish and all decked out with some weird design. I found it at a wizarding thrifty store. I put on all my snazzy bracelets and anklet, and of course my threaded necklace (you will come to realize I wear it everyday, except for those weird freak occasions). I put on my everyday white flip flops. I let my hair dry naturally and put my red head band that went around my head on.

I debated putting on make up for like two seconds then I was like what the hell am I thinking I’m just going back to school!

I was about to heave my trunk down the stairs but then I remembered I was a weakling and that I would probably end up falling down the stairs and then my trunk would plummet down on top off me and id die upon impact.

And this was the one of those rare times I was happy to have one big strong older brother who could do magic.

I skipped down the hall painting the most innocent adorable expression on my face, I stopped in front of James’s door. His room was a pit, no it was worse then a pit, it was an obsessive compulsive cleaning person’s hell. There was food in there older then me. And you would have to dig down three feet through Merlin knows what to find the bloody floor.

“Hi Jamesie,” I said smiling, pretending the stench rising from his room wasn’t about to make me gag, no wonder why the kid was always lingering around my room.

He took one look at me and cracked up laughing.

“What do you want Lils?” he smiled sincerely.

My innocent cute expression fell instantly.

“Help, please?” I asked.

“Course,” James grinned, and bounded across the sea random gross shit.

“James, I have one question for you.”


“You know now that you have to live here, at home for the next while, I mean your not going to bring women in there are you?” I asked repulsed by the entire thought.

James’s face paled, then as if a light bulb went off in his head an evil little look spread across his face “Or I could always bring them over to Albus’s room.”

“James you sick fuck, Merlin! Besides do you really think any girl would be in the mood with Albus’s girl band posters covering his walls?” I slapped his stomach.

“Well erm… I probably should get on cleaning up a bit huh?” James said scratching the back of his neck and grinning sheepishly.

“A bit,” I scoffed.

Upon reaching my room James noticed my monstrous trunk sitting dead center in the middle of my floor. It was taunting me. James chuckled.

“Oh Lily.”

I stuck my tongue out at him.

He picked my trunk up with one hand.

“Merlin Lily, this thing is as light as a feather!” James teased, but the way he carried it down the stairs it really did look like it weighed one pound.

“Shut up James,” I said in a sing-song voice and skipped down the stairs behind him.

James put my trunk down and sighed, he looked kinda sad.

“What is with you Potter men and your girlish sighs?” I asked outraged, trying to make the giant blob of James smile.

He smiled a little. Then very unexpectedly pulled me into a hug. He squished the crap out of me.

“James, breathing, I need breathing,” I wheezed.

“Sorry Lils,” James said releasing me, and staring down at the floor.

“Merlin James just tell me what’s wrong,” I groaned impatiently. We both knew eventually he was going to tell me so he had better spit it out now.

“I just can’t believe I’m not going back this year,” James mumbled.

“Uhh James we’ve already been over this, your old and fat, get over it.”

“Thanks for the sisterly love,” James said, that Jamesish smile back in place. I was his sister, I knew what he needed.

“Don’t get use to it tubby,” I said with a mock glare.

“You better not get up to no good this year, I mean I’m not going to be there to look out for you anymore,” James said looking all serious.

“When have I ever gotten up to no good dear brother of mine?” I asked with a smirk.

“I’m not kidding Lils! No drinking, no drugs, no boys!” James insisted.

“This coming from the guy who has drank more fire whiskey, snorted more faerie dust and shagged more girls then all the other guys at Hogwarts combined,” I snorted.

Faerie dust was a wizarding drug that had the same effects as muggle marijuana. A LOT of the kids at schools did it, a lot of my friends. A lot of people thought I did it too because a lot of the kids I hung with do, but alas no, of course I’ve been tempted and whatever but I don’t know. Faerie dust isn’t like really bad. Some of the smartest Hogwarts grads were pretty big dusters. But hey some of the stupidest were dusters too.

“Hey I only tried faerie dust once ok? It wasn’t as good as everyone makes it out to be-”

“Merlin James I’ve never tried faerie dust before and I don’t intend on trying it ok?” I moaned exasperatedly.

“Good,” James smiled.

“Now back to the points of drinking and boys and that one thing that will not be named,” James said putting his serious face back on.

“Will not be named?” I asked confusedly.

“The s word.” James said wincing slightly.

“What the bloody hell is the s word?”

James murmured something so quietly not even Merlin would’ve heard it. He was getting all red and embarrassed too.

“Come again?”

He said it a little louder, getting even redder and more bothered.


“Sex Lily!” James said exasperatedly.

“Woah there big boy, I’ve already got the sex talk ok?” my hands flew up for a stop.

“I know, but your just so young, I mean I’m just worried some douche-” I cut him off.

“Who says I’m still a virgin?” I asked defiantly, wrong thing to say.

There was a whirl wind of emotions that crossed James’s oh so readable face.

“B-b-b, whaaat Lily? With who. Bloody hell I’m going to tear him limb from limb. It was that Jeremy Woods wasn’t it? I knew it was a bad idea letting you go to the Yule Ball with him!” James started freaking out and shouting, he was even making his way towards the door to follow out his threat on a very innocent unsuspecting Jeremy Woods.

“JAMES! Bloody hell I was kidding! Chill the fuck out mate!” I yelled. Uh so it was ok to mention sex when it was about him but dear Merlin all hell comes crashing down when it come to me, prick.

“Fucking hell Lily Luna Potter! don’t say shit like that, you nearly got a poor boy killed!” James plonked down onto the sofa and a fell down beside him.

There was a few seconds of silence as James’s face returned to its natural tanish shade.

“No sex Lily,” James said.

“What ever James,” I sighed, this wasn’t the kind of goodbye conversation I had planned for me and my over protective loving chunk of a brother.

James groaned, knowing it was officially a lost cause to make me promise. It wasn’t like I was planning to have sex or anything I just wasn’t going to promise.

It was then Albus came strutting down the stairs.

“Ello your majesty, anything I can help you with sire?” I asked sarcastically.

“You bloody midget, don’t you ever shut up?” Albus growled sitting down in the big armchair across from us.

“Nope,” I smiled.

“Excited for school Al?” James asked with a big lazy grin.

“It’s Albus, and yes,” Albus said haughtily and laying back in the chair.

Oh of course its Albus, Al is just to informal for all us common folk to greet him as.

Mum and Dad came strolling into the living room. Merlin they were holding hands again.

“Ready kids?” Mum asked.

We all nodded solemnly.

“Well then c’mon Potter clan!” Mum laughed at all of our little pouts.

We got to the platform pretty late, the rest of my friends seemed to be already on the train.

Dad pulled me aside to say a private little goodbye.

“Be careful Lily love,” he said hugging me tightly.

“You too.” I smiled at him.

“Try to get along with your brother, and I don’t want to hear about any trouble,” Dad said with a grin.

I nodded and said “You better write to me.” I hugged my old man. I loved both my parents to death, sure we got in our little fights but I was going to miss them.

“When have I ever forgotten?” Dad chuckled.

“If you ever need help just write,” Dad said seriously.

“Like wise Dad,” I laughed.

I jumped into my mom’s arms and hugged her as hard as I could.

“See you Christmas,” She whispered in my hair, her eyes were a bit watery. I think she missed us kids when we left, but hey she had James back, right?

I hugged James last.

“No s-word Lily,” he murmured softly.

“Ya none for you either,” I said acerbically.

James chuckled quietly and hugged me tight. I hugged him back. I would kind of miss him. A bit. I suppose.

“Lily!” someone shouted. Oh Teddy, way to be persistent.

“Teddy, what are you doing here, I thought you were taking a day off for some sleep?” Dad asked as Teddy stopped in front of us panting.

“Had to see Albus and Lily off didn’t I? Jet lag can wait an hour,” Teddy chuckled, and pulled Albus into a man hug slappy thing.

They shared a few hushed words. SECRETS DON’T MAKE FRIENDS TEDDY LUPIN! You’d think he would’ve learned.

He turned to me. Can you say tension?

Then without warning he scooped me into a giant hug, I squeaked loudly and thrashed a bit in his strong arms. Uh I was so done with the death grip hugs.

“I’m so sorry, please don’t hate me, we’ll talk about it,” Teddy said, with his big sad eyes. Stupid undeniable puppy dog stupid face.

“Ok,” I grumbled.

He kissed my cheek and hugged me tighter.

“Ok ok put me down you bloody fatty,” I didn’t forgive him yet, not even close, if he would’ve come equipped with a plate of pasta that would’ve been another story entirely. I wriggled in his iron hold.

He set me down on my feet. I stumbled backwards a little bit. He was too bloody strong. Uh all the Potter men were. Mum must be feeding them all steroids, and just keeps forgetting to slip them into my food too. Not that I can say I mind, I mean I’m not thinking id be looking to spiffy with a mustache.

The train whistle hissed loudly.

“Better get going,” Dad was smiling his proud loving dad smile.

Mom pulled me into another hug which I completely returned. Dad kissed the top of my head again. Then the parentals moved onto Albus wit the parental lovings.

“Remember Lils,” James warned with a grin spread across his mug. I punched him lightly in the gut.

“Clean your room,” I said with mock authority.

“Yes m’am,” James said with a salute, wise guy.

“You better write and tell me how bad you fail at training,” I laughed.

“Don’t worry I will forget,” James reassured me.

With one quick wave back to my family Albus and I got onto the Hogwarts express.

With out a word Albus went off in the opposite direction from me, I could see how it was going to be this year I wouldn’t even exist to him I know it may sound completely absurd but it kinda sorta hurt, like a little bit, not a lot, but an eensy weensy bit. I went to find my little assembly of friends.

They had all congregated in our usual compartment. Ok so basically there were several different cliques in Hogwarts: preppy popular Bastards, intense dusters who had few brain cells left, nerdy people who seemed to have a social phobia, etc. Your average cliques. Not that I judged at all, it just kind of was this way. I had friends from all the cliques.

But I fell under the normal people clique. We were all so different, it was so much more interesting.

The norms mafia consisted of:

Jemima Creevey, (7th year Gryffindor head girl!). Jemima was blind. She was born blind, the Healers tried everything but her world stayed black. But Jemima was our optimistic, she never let anything get her down. She had big dreams and she was going to reach them, she longed to be the Divination professor at Hogwarts, she was a form of a seer, apparently when you loose one sense you get another. Jemima got weird feelings and hunches that always turned out to be correct.

One time she was scribbling something down on a piece of parchment in the commons, when I went to see what she was drawing only to find the horrific picture of a werewolf attacking a poor little girl, She said she didn’t see what she was drawing her hand just began moving (thank merlin right? I mean who wants the first thing they ever see to be a girl getting massacred by a sadistic wolf?). Me and James brought it to Professor McGonagall, and it turns out they were able to unravel a giant organization of underground assassinating werewolves. Yay for Jemima!

She hated it when anyone pitied her or tried to help her. Her wand acted as somewhat of a guide, like a seeing eye dog almost for muggles, but really different. Her wand was linked to her thoughts, it wasn’t moving and sending commands in that sense. I hated it when people referred to her as that blind girl, she wasn’t just some blind girl, she was her own person, a happy brave person. She was also really fun, and had the silliest sense of humor.

She was one of the prettiest people I knew. She inherited her muggle mother’s, skinny long figure, and tiny dainty facial features. Her father’s wheat gold messy hair. Her eyes were a peculiarly beautiful shade of violet-blue, she always had a soft dreamy look on her face.

Jeremy Wood (7th year Gryffindor).

The wonderfully bad Elizabeth Connor (7h year Gryffindor). Elizabeth absolutely despises the name Elizabeth with all the hate in her heart, and if you ever call her it she was happily beat your face in, so she goes by Ricky. (Don’t ask where the name Ricky comes from because none of us remember). Ricky is our bad girl. She swears like a sailor, can be down right evil when she wants to, but we all love her to death. Ricky hasn’t ever had a boyfriend, she scares all the guys shitless. But she definitely has her fun. Ricky is a noted sex goddess at Hogwarts, if any guy was so lucky so as to see her in her skivvies he went down in history. Ricky was such a bad ass in her sexy leather boots and biker t-shirts. Merlin that girl was a riot, but one would have to get to know her to appreciate her true Ricky-ness.

Ricky’s look was like the opposite of Jemima’s sweet and innocent look. Ricky’s dark eyes were smoky and mysterious, she was fairly tall and was really curvy, she wasn’t freakishly skinny though. She didn’t starve herself like Vic or Rose. Ricky’s hair was a burned metal kind of color and was always a tangled sex-hair mess.

The lovely Lucy Weasley (need I remind you? 6th year Hufflepuff).

Frank Longbottom, (5th year Hufflepuff prefect). Frankie was the sweetest guy. Quiet, sweet, and happy, that described dear old Frankie. He wasn’t fat per say but he was just round and happy. He had dark hair like his father our herbology professor Neville Longbottom (cool old man Longbottom went by The Nev by his students, I know sweet right? He is so cool!). Frankie’s mom Lavender Brown, was pretty cool. I mean she was slightly paranoid, but hey I mean if my son was crazy clumsy like Frankie I’d be paranoid too eh?

Frankie and Dom have been dating for two years. Merlin I love them both but being near them when they were together made me want to punch babies. When they were together it was like no one else was on the planet, I mean they didn’t even talk they just sat quietly with their arms around each other and stared. I wanted to kick puppies.

Frankie’s twin Alice (5th year Ravenclaw) was a lot like her brother yet very different. Alice was a few mere inches taller then me and had an adorable cute round face. A lot of the popular prissy bitches teased her and call her chubby, but when they were all obese and gross and she is a super model we’ll see who’ll be laughing! Alice had an awful self esteem, she really cared what people thought about her, it broke my heart every time I saw her sad, she was such a sweet heart, no one took the time to get to know her. Alice was really into her violin, she was amazing at it.

Dom Weasley (5th year Griffy)

Lorcan Thomas-Scamander (5th year Gryffindor). Lorcan’s mom Luna married his father Rolf some time after the war. But some time after his brother Lysander was born, Rolf was killed on a expedition to some polar region. Lorcan was still really sensitive about it so no one so much as hinted to it.

When Rolf died Luna turned to her two best friends, My mum and Dean Thomas, for support. After some time I guess Luna and Dean fell in love. Dean loved both the boys, and both of the boys loved Dean. (cough Dean Thomas was a HOT dad cough cough). Luna and Dean had one daughter named Ruby, named after Dean’s sister who died in the war. Lysander was entering his first year this year and Ruby was approaching the age of 7. (I babysat Ly and Ruby for a tiny bit of pocket money over the summer, with Lorcan). Ruby was an art prodigy.

Lorcan was pretty tall and skinny. He had neat and tidy brown hair and sweet green eyes. He was really kinda handsome. He was the duster of our group. Funny and slightly dusted twenty four seven, thats how we like our Lorcans.

“Hello my loves!” I said as I walked into our compartment. I smiled when I noticed Ani sitting over by Lu, she must’ve found him earlier, good.

Everyone grinned and offered some sort of greeting.

“Oi Lily, baby, where’ve you been?” Ricky asked, yanking me down so I was sprawled out on her lap. Oh Ricky.

“Just out sexing up some unsuspecting first years,” I joked, Ricky and I had a weird humor going on between us.

“Oh good, way to welcome them to Hogwarts boo,” Ricky snorted.

“How was your summer Lily?” Jemima asked, her and her parents had gone to France for the summer so I hadn’t seen much of my Jemima.

“Just peachy, and you?” I asked.

“Oh lovely, I went to the beach a lot, and gained like twenty pounds, French food is amazing,” Jemima giggled, she had a very girlish high pitched voice, it suited her.

“Twenty pounds? Where the hell did you put those twenty pounds string bean?” Ricky asked as she leaned over and poked Jemima’s belly.

Jemima laughed and swatted aimlessly at Ricky’s hand. Swatting in the entirely wrong direction.

“Oh your right now I see it, arm fat,” Ricky rolled her eyes and leaned back in her seat, with me still in her lap.

“So I see you’ve all met Ani,” I said waving towards the newest addition.

“Yup he is like sex only better,” Ricky said winking at Ani. Ani flushed a little but smile back at her, obviously picking up on her fun.

“Merlin Ricky do you always have to talk?” Jeremy grumbled.

“What you don’t enjoy the sound of my voice Morning Wood?” Ricky used her awful nick name for Jeremy every chance she got.

“Shut up Devil Woman,” he mumbled.

“How are you doing Alice?” I asked the secret sweet heart. You usually had to direct a conversation more towards her when you wanted to get her to talk, silly shy one. Of course none of us expected Frankie or Dom to talk they were too busy cuddling and staring off into space, and making me want to punch babies.

“Eh better now that we’re going back to school, It’s been a long summer,” Alive sighed happily.

“Not long enough I say, like seriously dude,” Yup Lorcan was dusted.

“Really duuuude?” Ricky said mimicking his dusted voice.

Lorcan stuck his tongue out at her.

“Lorcy you need to lay off the faerie dust,” Jemima chided gently, hey she was head girl now eh? It was her job.

“I’ve barely done any today dude, I mean Jemima,” I think Lorcan’s voice just naturally always sounded dusted now. He sounded like Bill and Ted of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, best muggle movie of all time FYI.

“Lorcan how can you expect to pass OWLS if your always dusted?” Jemima asked in a kind of caring, exasperated, motherly way.

“Merlin Jemima lay off the kid, we haven’t even gotten to Hogwarts yet and already with the nagging,” Ricky shook her head in dismay.

Jemima laughed and said “Ok Lorcan because of dear Ricky here you have until after the feast tonight to be absolutely nag free.”

“Hallelujah,” Lorcan said shooting Jemima a dashing smile that I wished she could see.

But I felt like she sensed it because she smiled in the direction of his voice.

“So Ani what’s your kinkiest fantasy?” Ricky asked.

Me, Lu, Alice, and Jemima all giggled. Jeremy groaned. And Lorcan laughed in his deep manly duster voice. (Of course Frankie and Dom were too busy to acknowledge the funniness… punch a baby).

Poor Ani flushed bright red this time and looked down at his lap. Aww he was so cute and shy. Poor boy was going to be completely corrupted by the time Ricky was done with him.

“C’mon kid, it’s just a question,” Ricky demanded.

It was then that the lovely Rose Weasley decided to drop in.

“Hey there slut-alicious, loose a boob implant?” Ricky asked pleasantly. I definitely loved that woman.

“Uh Ricky your so vulgar,” Rose said in her annoying nasally bitchy voice.

“Hey at least I’m not the one giving guys blowjobs for money in the empty broom cupboard across from the dungeons,” Ricky fired back quickly while pretending to be fascinated by her blood red nails.

Rose’s jaw dropped, and her face was like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It was blooming hilarious. I started laughing so hard I fell out of Ricky’s lap.

“Uh I just came in to see if Ani was here,” Rose said in her nasally voice.

“Did you need me Rose?” Ani asked warily, be afraid Ani, be very afraid.

“Oh no I just was wondering if you wanted to come sit in a better compartment with me and my friends…?” Rose asked batting her eyelashes.

Ricky snorted. Rose turned to glare viciously at her.

“Uh I think I’m alright where I am Rose,” Ani said politely. Way to be kid, no genital herpes for you.

Rose looked all confused for a second before mouthing and “Oh” and dashing out of the compartment. SLAG! I decided to stay where I was on the floor.

“Oh Ani, won’t you come stick your Manliness into my disease infested-” Ricky was imitating Rose’s whiney nasally voice and squishing her boobs together with her arms and batting her eyelashes at Ani. Ricky Ricky Ricky.

“Sweet Merlin Ricky!” Lu laughed. Everyone was laughing their head off, Ani included.

“Sweet Merlin indeed!” Ricky laughed her hard laugh and rested back on the seat. I rested back against her legs.

After sitting and talking pleasantly for a while, sharing stories of the summer, everyone getting to know Ani a little better, I heard what sounded like the faint sound of yelling. Unfortunately for me I recognized the voice.

“Albus,” I groaned.

“Want me to come sex it out of him Lily?” Ricky asked wiggling her eyebrows, it was common knowledge thought that Ricky wouldn’t touch Albus Potter with a fifty foot pole. They despised one another. Not as in the cute I love you but I hate you, no this was pure loathing.

“Maybe next time Lovebug,” I laughed and headed out to inspect this ruckus.

Alas there was my wondrous brother flanked by Liam and Hugo teaming up on a really hot guy. I remembered him and his sexyness from last year, he was a Slytherin 7th year.

“Why don’t you make me Nott!” Albus growled menacingly. Getting all up in the Mr.Sexy’s business.

The Mr. Sexy whipped out his wand and had it pointed at my brother’s neck. Liam whipped out his wand and had it at the Mr. Sexy chest.

“Bloody hell Albus!” I said coming up behind him and swatting the Mr. Sexy’s wand from his neck and Liam’s wand from Mr. Sexy’s chest.

I grabbed Albus’s arm and began pulling him back down the train. Liam, his eyes still tight and tense followed, and it wasn’t like stupid Hugo was going to stay there and take on the 7th year on his own so he followed.

“This isn’t over Nott!” Albus yelled as Mr. Sexy stormed off in the opposite direction.

“What the fuck are you doing Lily!?” Albus yelled. As he began straightening out his clothes, Hugo followed his lead and started fixing his too. Liam whipped out his comb and began slicking back his hair, bloody wanna be greaser.

“We aren’t even at Hogwarts yet! And your fighting already!” I shouted exasperated. I mean really, c’mon Albus pull your head out of your butt.

“Stay out of my business Lily,” Albus fired back, glaring spitefully down at me, I didn’t falter.

“You getting expelled is my damn business!” I cried. I didn’t even know why I cared. A Hogwarts without Albus would be most enjoyable.

Albus’s hateful expression flickered. And there was a brief silence.

“Well erm, hey there Lily, how are you?” Liam asked, wrapping an arm across my shoulders.

“Just spiffy Finnegan,” I murmured looking down at my white painted toenails, the white paint made my feet look tanner.

“I’m doing well, thanks for asking,” Liam laughed trying to help out the mood. Gotta give em props fer trying.

“Har har Liam,” I smiled.

“Hey Hugo lets go get some chocolate!” Liam said and started running down the train, having spotted the cart. Hugo ran after him, bloody sheep. Baaa I’m Hugo the man whore sheep baaa baaa.

“You ate my best friend and vomited up a brainless thing,” I growled poking Albus hard in the chest with my pointer finger.

“I didn’t eat him! He jumped in my mouth and made me chew!” Albus yelled batting my hand away. If I wasn’t so pissed I would’ve thought it was pretty funny he was playing on my analogy thingy.

I saw Albus tense and I looked behind me to see four guys. One of them was the hot guy from earlier, I figured this time he brought friends, help even out the score. He had a dark haired guy and an auburn haired guy with him. He also brought a blonde guy, I felt like I remembered him from somewhere. So basically this blonde was like screaming FUCK ME. He was bloody gorgeous. I mean they all were FINE. But this blonde guy, Sweet baby Merlin, forgive me for my impure thoughts. And oh shit the way his intense grey eyes were piercing into mine I thought I was going to swoon like a love drunk girl.

He was wearing the hottest clothes, ah yum, he was really tall and his shirt was just tight enough to see how amazingly buff he was. Yummy. His pale skin was flawless, hell every inch of him as flawless!

“Potter,” The blonde greeted coolly, he struck me as the leader of their little Slytherin Posse. Damn even his voice was delicious, rough and manly but still smooth like velvet.

“What do you want Malfoy?” Albus hissed, obviously calculating his chances, which were very slim, against all these Slytherin guys.

Malfoy? Shit I did remember him. Dad told me stories about his dad from during the war. Not that I judged him by his father at all. This kind of made him even more yummy, because it was even more twisted, I liked twisted, haha yah I’m just kinky like that. Albus has been ranting about him for as long as I can remember. Ha even better, we both hate my brother! That was a definite turn on.

“Just swung by to say hi, see how your summer went,” he said in his yummy sarcastic voice. The rest of his mates sniggered around him. Haha he was a funny one.

“Just go crawl back into the hole you came from you fucking snake,” Albus hissed, oooooo burn! he didn’t like being made fun of. Albus took a challenging step forward.

“Why don’t you go off and cry to mummy and daddy Potter,” He shot back. Damn that was a good one. Albus will definitely need some ice for that burn.

Albus swung and punched Malfoy in the cheek. Then everything seemed to be moving in fast forward. Malfoy jumped and had taken down Albus, while pushing me out of the way so hard I fell against a compartment door and hit my head really hard. Malfoy and my brother had obliviously forgotten about their wizard status and were just going at it all force.

Malfoy’s auburn haired and dirty blonde friends were trying to rip the two guys apart. The dark haired guy went and kneeled by my side.

“Fucking hell, are you ok?” he asked panicked his eyes darting between me and the fight. Fuck, my head hurt like a bitch. I think I hit it harder then I thought.

By this point Liam and Hugo had returned and between the four of them they were able to rip Malfoy and Albus apart. Both were covered in battle scars. Many students had leaked out of their compartments and were watching the event.

“I’m fine I think,” I said rubbing the tender spot on the back of my head where it had slammed into the wood. I felt a warm liquid spill onto my hand, I looked at my hand, oh just a little blood. Nothing to worry about. I mean I was a quiditich player! I knew all about pain, blood, the works. It was grueling sport. I closed my hand into a fist around the little blood spot so no one could see.

He got up quickly and put a hand down to help me up, I took it and he easily pulled me to my feet. My head swam a bit and I stumbled back ward.

“Woah there,” the guy murmured and wrapped a hand around my waist firmly. I relaxed a little bit. My mind was in a weird over drive mode. I was thinking really fast yet I wasn’t thinking straight.

“Get your fucking hands off my sister!” Albus yelled, throwing a wild punch towards the guy who had just helped me, he missed him by a long shot. Ha like he really cared, he wouldn’t care if I got helped up by some dirty hobo covered in STDS, as long as he wasn’t a Slytherin.

The guy who had just helped me up eyes’ widened, and he abruptly dropped his hand from my waist. Well shit Albus, thanks a lot. My sense of equilibrium was majorly off, I stumbled little bit, what the fuck was wrong with me?

I felt a gentle hand on my back and turned slowly to see Lorcan and Ani.

Lorcan was staring sternly in Albus’s direction, Lorcan never really glared per say. He was usually too dusted to care and he was such a happy smiley kid. He is REALLY not confrontational. Ani was glaring at the guy who helped me up.

“C’mon Lily,” Lorcan mumbled steering me away gently.

I felt like I was in a weird trance coma. Everything around me was a weird blur.

“Lily!” I heard someone yell but I couldn’t really hear them. Everything was getting fuzzy, my vision was blacking out, and everything sounded so far away.

Then there was nothing.



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