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Your Wish Is My Command by xquisitely_sirius
Chapter 8 : Three Wishes To Be Exact
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Disclaimer: It’s all Jos. 

“No, Poppy. I think it’s time I tell her the truth.”

“Remus?” Five voices questioned his sentence all at once. Four of the occupants of the room couldn’t help but question whether it was wise to let his secret known to the girl lying in the bed in front. Whereas, Jen just wondered what there could possibly be to tell her after all these years that she didn’t know already.

“Remus, are you sure?”

“What are you guys on about? Remus, I need to know. You can’t possibly say that and then not tell me anymore. Don’t you trust me?” Jen could feel the tears welling. She didn’t know why; there wasn’t a reason that explained why she would be. But Remus’ pause gave her a sense of rejection. Why was he questioning whether to trust her with his biggest secret?

“Of course I do Jennifer,” were the words that followed his hesitant pause. “I’m a werewolf!”

“Oh, Remus.” All Jennifer felt she could do was wrap him in her arms. That was what he needed now – acceptance.

“For years I’ve been trying to create a potion that will make his transformations easier. I just wish I could get it right. For his sake at least.” Remus was grateful that they spoke about him as if he wasn’t in the room. It meant that he needn’t any queries they had.

“But wait, I remember a huge black dog. It saved me, right?”

The boys shared knowing looks which told Jen there was something they were not telling her. “Well, in the summer holidays we perfected something we have been working on for I don’t know how long now and this was only the second full moon we have been able to test it on.”

“Sirius what was it you were working on?” By this time Madam Pomfrey had left, finding that it may be easier for Remus to get everything of his chest without her there. Sirius checked the room, looking round for listening ears.

“We – James, Peter and I – are illegal animagi. James is a stag, Pete is a rat and I . . . am a huge, black dog.” His bark-like laugh filled the room causing the nurse to re-enter the hospital wing. “That’s it; I think she’s had enough excitement for today. Out, of all you. You can return tomorrow after classes.”


A soft steady rhythm of footsteps alerted the ears of the occupants of the hospital wing that a visitor was on their way. Jen could only hope it was one of the Marauders arriving to answer more of her many questions. They stopped as the door was slowly pushed open. “I’m sorry, but Jennifer has had enough excitement for – Ahh, Warren. How are you dear? Not in any pain or anything?” Madam Pomfrey had appeared upon hearing the footsteps, preparing to shoo out any students wishing to give Jennifer a visit.

“No, not at all Madam Pomfrey. I just came to visit Jennifer but if I’m here at the wrong time I could come back tomorrow.”

“No, no dear. Now works just fine.”

Warren nodded his head in thanks and headed for Jennifer who was resting in one of the beds. A small smile tugged on his lips as he spoke: “Hey, how are you doing?”

This was all a bit surreal for Jennifer, having Warren at the foot of her bed. So far this year he had been hostile towards her, then polite and friendly, then rude about her being a girl and then asked her to the Ball. “Fine. Just a bit of a headache. You?”

“Same, but I’m not the one who just became conscious after two days.”

“Did you get any injuries?”

“Just a few scratches that were quickly healed. I only had to stay in overnight. Remus sure does have a good swipe on him though. I wouldn’t fancy having a fight with him on his normal days never mind when there’s a full-”

“Wait . . . you know?”

“Of course. Don’t worry though, his secret is safe with me even if Dumbledore hadn’t made me promise I wouldn’t do that to one of your friends. I know they mean a lot to you.”

A slight blush covered her cheeks, becoming more obvious due to her pale complexion; a feature she was bound to develop from the last couple of days.


“Look at him, getting as close to her as possible. How long has he been in there? Half an hour?” The Marauders were seated on the comfiest sofas in the common room. They were currently watching Warren and Jennifer on the map as they felt it was safe to get it out now every other Gryffindor had gone to bed.

“It’s not a crime for him to visit her, Pads. I think someone’s jealous!” James continued on to sing a song – very loudly – he felt the need to make up as he paraded round the common room.

“I am not! And anyway, it was me who saved her, not him. I should be the one in there making her laugh.”

All faces turned serious, Remus’ even slightly hurt. “He tried, Sirius. He did a better job than most could have.”

Silence followed as each boy turned away to entertain themselves in hope to pass the time. “I wish Jennifer could come out of the hospital wing tonight.”

Meanwhile in the hospital wing, Jennifer had fallen into a deep sleep seconds before, managing to block out the frequent chimes of midnight. “Jennifer, I’m sorry to wake you dear, but you can leave now if you wish. Just take this potion before you go to bed. If a professor questions your late night stroll, just explain that you’ve been dismissed from the hospital wing and to contact me further if there are any more inconveniences. A good sleep in your own bed will be much better than staying here.”

Too tired to answer, Jennifer drifted off, stifling a yawn as she went.

“Jenny, what are you doing out of the hospital wing? Get back now, you need medical attention!”

“James, she let me out. Said I’d be better here.”

“Hmm, it’s funny, we were only just saying how we wished you could come out tonight.”

Jen smiled to herself. So it was thanks to her boys that she was able to leave. Normally, she could only grant a wish that was made so she could hear, but somehow the Marauders were different. They let their wishes known to her. It was as if fate had put them together.

“Remus? Hey Moony, I think I’ve got it. The potion I was making for you – I think it’s finished – oomph!” Sirius had ran down the stairs to give Remus the news but in his excitement, managed to lose his footing on the last few steps, ending up face first on the large golden rug.

“How do we know if it works?”

“I guess we try it out on the first moon.”

“I really need this Sirius. I just wish it will make everything easier for me.”

Grave faces surrounded Jennifer who was struggling to hide her wide smile. She knew it would work; there was no doubt about that. After all, she would be the one granting the third and final wish from the last twenty-four hours. 

[A/N] This is only a filler so please don’t be angry at me for its shortness. I know it’s not the best chapter but it answers questions from last chapter and contains THREE whole wishes as I know you wanted more added. I hope three is enough :P Also i had an offer to be my beta but i've not heard anything since. If anyone wants to do it for me i would be really grateful x

Amazing chapter image by Jesi @ TDA :)

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