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Sky by faerieall
Chapter 1 : Remember
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Charlie can only remember starry skies and beautiful black hair splayed across his pillow with the morning light encompassing her in her very own halo during the last summer of his life. He can only remember whispered promises while he makes her his. Feeling awake and alive, eighteen and amazing.

They used to lie on the grassy hills of Ottery St. Catchpole, underneath the constellations long after night had fallen and all the scampering things had gone to sleep, both her hands easily clutched in his one. Nonsensical whisperings slipping from her lips as the night grew old, until they finally joined at the mouth in sweet little kisses and I love you’s ringing in their ears when they woke up the next morning.

He wants to wash her off his skin, erase her from his memory, pink, purple, black and all, but every time he closes his eyes he can only remember long legs and kissable lips, the promises that he made and that he knows he can’t keep but so desperately wants to.

She’s still intoxicating, 2,000 kilometers away. His love for her does without coordinates of longitude and latitude, but he can’t ignore them.

He wants to see Nym coming down the aisle to him, see her have his (their) children, and to grow old with her. He wants to fall in love with her every day for the rest of his life. He wants to make this work more than anything in the world, to have her in his arms everyday. To be eighteen and bright-eyed everyday of his life.

He wanted her to chase after him, to tell him not to go. But she didn’t. Little by little they’ll fall away, first her, then him. It cannot work like this. He cannot live a day without her, even if he wants to. The lines of her limbs and the curve of her breast will not blur or blend in his mind; all they do is stand out among dragons and mountains and forests.

This is what he’s always wanted - to be independent and grown-up, not just another Weasley and he doesn’t know why he doesn’t anymore. Charlie never anticipated he’d be in love, with Nym no less, but now that he is, he desperately wishes he could go back. He almost resents her for this hold he has on her, the power she doesn’t know she had. He would jump off a Romanian mountaintop for her, feed himself to a shark. He would walk across the continent and swim across the sea for her.

He wishes he had this same hold on her. But his Nym really isn’t his, just Nym, and she’s as free as a bird. She has her own dreams, of fast wandwork and a flat in London. He wants to be by her side every night, but he can’t settle for his second choice, and it’s exactly the reason he can’t meet some nice Romanian girl to fall in love with.

He watches the sun set every evening, and wonders what she’s doing as the stars and constellations beat steadily in the sky. There is a certain comfort in their fixedness, a sign that she hasn’t forgotten him yet. As the sun rises again, he knows as she looks up amidst London rain, she sees his love in the sky.

There’s a little bit of her stuffed into every corner of his heart.

A/N: I really like this, even if I feel like I forced the ending. This pairing is slowly sneaking up to my favorite once again. But yeah, reviews, pleasums!

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