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Breathless by dream_BIG
Chapter 1 : The Beginning of the End...of my life.
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So, lately, I've been having issues with a terrible, terrible hindrance called writer's block. It's really quite horrible.
So you know what I did to prevent it? I went back and re-wrote the first chapter of this thing, thus changing the plot line - not completely, but, you know...enough to make a difference. This reason is a bit more believable (yay!), but I thought it was a little abrupt...but then again, if I was in this situation, I would be like, YES, YES, YES! I'll do it!! ANYTHING TO SAVE MY DADDYYYY!!!
I'm a daddy's girl. Immensely.
You know what? Just read it. And please let me know what you think! Otherwise I'll just switch it back to the first version...Thanks guys!!

chappie image by meee!

You know that your world has gone down in ashes when your father calls a family meeting – which, by the way, sounds really dorky – and announces that he has bad news.

I mean, he doesn’t even like, try to make it seem better. Nope, he just comes right out.

“I have some bad news.”

Gee, dad. Way to make the situation a little less tense. I mean, it’s not as if we’re worried about this whole ‘I have some bad news’ thing you have going on here.

“What’s up?” Scorpius asked, looking at my dad’s solemn face.

Of course, instead of responding like he’s supposed to, my dear father sits there and stares at us, like that will somehow convey his message to us.

Clearly it isn’t working since I’m still sitting here wondering what the hell is going on.

 “Harry Potter saved me during the Great War.” He said, looking completely serious as he gazed at us.

“Um.” I start, looking at Scorpius, who looks as though he is fearing for my dad’s sanity. “Yeah, dad. That’s great. He sort of saved everyone, remember? The Savior of the Wizarding World an all that? We learn about this all the time in History of Magic.”

“No,” Dad shook his head. “He saved me, specifically. Twice.”

“Well, that’s hardly bad news.” Scorpius said. “I mean, isn’t it a good thing that you didn’t die?”

“Apparently not.” I said, taking in my dad’s somber look.

“You don’t understand the situation, Adele!” Dad said angrily. “This isn’t something to joke about! It’s serious.”

“You can’t seriously be telling her to be serious.”

“Shut up, Scorpius! Just because I’m the fun one!”

“Adele, you’re being immature!” Mom glared at me.

I, unfortunately, have failed to become the poised, mature young adult that my mother wants me to be.

Tough. I’ll be who I want to be, god damn it.

“Okay, everyone, calm down.” Dad pinched the bridge of his nose as I opened my mouth to angrily retort.

“I knew this whole ‘family meeting’ thing was a bad idea. We can never get along.” Scorpius muttered.

“Um. I beg to differ, we get along all the time.” I said, looking at him disbelievingly. Other than the occasional small spat, we were a bloody picture perfect family.

“Look, it doesn’t matter!” Dad cut in again. “Can you please, just for a little while, shut up and let me explain this to you?!”

“Fine, talk.” I grumbled, sitting down on the couch. Scorpius flopped down next to me and threw his arm around my shoulder.

“Eugh, get off.” I said, shoving him away. “I don’t want to smell like your armpit all day.”

“Actually, my armpit smells wonderful. So ha.”

My idiot of a brother then proceeded to shove his armpit in my face in an obvious attempt to get to me to sniff it.

Yeah, when hell freezes over.

With a disgusted squeal, I shot to the other end of the couch.

“Mom, sit here!” I said desperately, pulling her down in between me and Scorpius. She looked exasperated but amused as she sat down.

“Will you please listen to me?!” Dad asked angrily. After a brief muttered monologue about how he should have never reproduced – during which my mother giggled relentlessly (oh, yes, mom, very mature) – he glared at us one more time and took another deep breath.

“Okay. Harry Potter saved me twice during the War. Both of the times…well, they were life or death situations, so I sort of owe him my life. Twice.”

Focus, Adele! Do not think about how if dad was a cat, he would be perfectly fine. CONCENTRATE.

“Apparently, for doing something like that, the person who got saved owes something big to the person who saved him. Our fates have been tied – neither of us can really do much about it. We’ve talked about it, and…”

“Hold on.” Scorpius said. “Could you, possibly, explain this to us a little more?”

“Right, sorry.” Dad shoved his hands through his hair. It’s a good thing he doesn’t put a ton of gel in it anymore, otherwise that would be really hard to –

Okay. Focusing.

“So, today, I was in the office when I got a letter from an Unspeakable over at the Department of Mysteries. He asked me to come down for something urgent, so, naturally, I went. And, when I got there, I ran into Harry Potter, who’d also been called down. The Unspeakable, dunno his name, asked us to go into this room, where there was this really large book. And every now and then, a quill would write something in it; it was the oddest thing I had ever seen: just a bare room with a desk, a book, and a writing quill. So, the Unspeakable led us over to the book and he opened it to a page. Then he looks up at me ‘Draco Malfoy?’ and I said yes, because –”

“ – obviously, you are Draco Malfoy.” My mother said in a dry voice, rolling her eyes.

“Ignoring!” Dad sang.

“Daddy?” I said sweetly.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Never again.”

“But –”

“Never again, dad. That was possibly the most mentally scarring –”

“ANYWAY.” He cut across, glaring at us. “As I was saying, the Unspeakable made sure that we were who we claimed we were, and then he retold the story about Harry Potter saving me…which reminds me, Weasel punched my face, I have to get him back for that…and then, he looks up at me and says, ‘You owe this man a lot.’ And I’m like, ‘yeah…’ And I thanked Potter, and Potter told me that it’s not a big deal, and then we were like, ‘yeah, so we can go now, right?’ and the man looks at me some more and says again, ‘you owe this man a lot’, and we’re standing there, wondering what the hell he is trying to tell us, and then he turns the book towards us, and I see that our names have been intertwined.”

“So, that means…?” I asked.

“It means that I, quite literally, owe Harry Potter my life.” Dad turned to me.

“And…” Scorpius starts.

“Harry Potter needs to take my life in order for this debt to go away.” He said quietly.

The room was silent as we took that in.

“You’re kidding.” I finally said in a weak voice. “Daddy, this can’t be –”

“Neither of us want this.” He looked up at me. “But if we don’t get rid of it now, we can both die. So it’s my life to save his.” He shrugged, but I could tell that he was nervous.

“Daddy…!” I started, but just then there was a loud knock on the door.

“I’ll get it.” Mom said softly as she got up. The three of us sat there for a while, looking at each other, waiting for mom to get back so we could resume this simply lovely conversation.

That, by the way, was sarcasm. You’ll see that sarcasm is my native tongue, and most possibly my favorite language, right after English.

“Draco.” I looked up and saw that Harry Potter – stop squealing, you imbecile – was standing in our living room, holding his hand out towards my dad. His face was literally glowing as he pumped my dad’s hand up and down.

Hmph. Arsehole. He seems to be looking forward to taking my dad’s life away. What a git!

“You’ve already met Ginny –” He gestured to a beautiful redhead by his side, who smiled politely at my dad. “ – and these are my kids, James, Albus and Lily.” Two dark-haired boys and a red-headed girl appeared.

“This is Astoria, Adele and Scorpius.” My dad pointed us out, and I just looked steadily at the Potters, ignoring my mom’s furious head-gestures to say hello.

“Oh! And Rose and Hugo; they’re staying with us for a bit.” Mr. Potter ruffled a brown-haired kid’s hair, who I’m assuming to be Hugo Weasley, and Rose Weasley appeared next to Al Potter, looking at my brother, who was grinning at Al.

Don’t ask me how, but they’ve somehow become friends.

And – Merlin! – did Scorp just wink at Rose Weasley?

“Give it up, Scorpy, she’s way out of your league.” I muttered to him, and he discreetly shot me the finger.

I smirked.

Not that my brother isn’t attractive, he…argh…he sort of is. And Rose Weasley is perfectly in his league. She would just never go for him; she’s bloody gorgeous, with her auburn hair and bright blue eyes, and he’s…well, he’s an immature prat.

“There’s a better alternative.” Mr. Potter said joyfully, cutting right down to the heart of the matter.

“What?” My mom asked, hardly believing it. “You mean…”

“Draco doesn’t have to die.” Mr. Potter grinned at my dad. “Hermione researched it for us –”

“I owe my life to her and her bookworm tendencies.” Dad shook his head, smiling slightly. “And to think I used to make fun of her for it.”

“Oh, we all did.” Mrs. Potter said brightly. “But it’s very useful.”
“…you were saying?” I prompted, looking at Mr. Potter.

I got an angry look from my mom.

“Sorry.” I said apologetically. “I just…I really want to make sure my dad isn’t going to die.” I bit my lip, and Mr. Potter smiled at me, his green eyes friendly.

“Your father doesn’t have to die. We found a better alternative.” He took a deep breath, looking at my dad. “We can marry your daughter to my son, and the debt will be erased.”


Oh dear God, he did not just say what I thought he said, did he?

No, of course not. It was just my wonky hearing, that’s what. Or a voice in my head said that. It was just my imagination; he couldn’t have…have…

“Pardon?” My mom asked blankly as dad gaped disbelievingly at Mr. Potter.

“We marry Adele to Al, and there will be no more debt.”

Mr. Potter received a very dirty look from Al Potter. “Dad.” He hissed.

“Oi!” I said indignantly, glaring at him. “Stop acting like marrying me is the worst thing that could ever happen to you! I’m not that bad!”

Someone, please slap me across the face to shut me up. Like, now.

“I mean, sure, I’ve got a bit of a temper, but you should be privileged that – mmphrump.”

Thank you, Scorpius! My brother proved to be not too much of an imbecile and clamped his hand over my mouth before I could continue my rant, which was express proof that my brain decided to ditch me.

“Sorry.” He said, looking at Al Potter. “She can get a little defensive about – OUCH! BLOODY HELL, ADELE – hey, that rhymes!” Apparently, since his pain only lasted about half of a second, I need to work on the strength of my foot crunching abilities.

My brother is an idiot.

“You’re an idiot.” I told him brightly, then turned around to look at my dad, whose face was pale as he continued to gaze at Mr. Potter.

“We…marry our kids?” He asked. “At the age of seventeen? We marry them to each other?”

“Well, yeah, that’s the general idea. Basically, it's sort of symbolizing, that...erm, you gave your daughter to our family instead of giving your life up...That's what Hermione said, anyway, and then she had a furious rant about sexism, and I sort of stopped listening, but that know, the general gist of the idea.” Mr. Potter ignored the furious head-shakes and throat-cutting symbols from his son.

“Daddy, if it saves you, I’ll do it.” I said, looking up at him. “I don’t mind. Really. We could just get a divorce or something right afterwards –”

“We can’t.” Potter was looking at me, addressing me for the first time in my life.

“Pardon?” I asked him coldly.

“We can’t get a divorce. It’s nullified as soon as our marriage breaks.” He looked as though he dearly wished to die as he said this.

Wow, he’d rather die than marry me. What a git.

“Fine.” I said. “That’s fine. I’ll marry him. I'm okay with it.”

“Well, both of us have to say yes and I’m going to say –” Al Potter started, looking angry. Fuck, he’s going to say no.

His mother sent him a look, and he paused, his angry expression turned to thoughtfulness as he gazed between my desperate face and my dad's blank expression. Finally, his deep green eyes settled onto my own, boring into them, like was trying to read my thoughts.

“ – yes.” Al Potter finished solemnly, his eyes bright and intense. “I’m going to say yes. I will marry her.”

“Thank you. Both of you.” Dad said hoarsely, running his hands through his hair again. Mr. Potter sent his thoroughly disgruntled son an approving look and walked forward to man-hug my dad. See, man-hugs are manly. You clasp hands and then swing your other arm around to clap the other person on the back as hard as you can.

I imagine it’s very painful. And manly.

“Perfect!” Mrs. Potter clapped her hands together, while my dad and Mr. Potter shook hands in a dazed sort of way.

“We’ll have to start right away!” My mom said happily, hugging Mrs. Potter.

“Right away?” I asked disbelievingly.

“That’s right!”

“As in, like, I’m getting married to him soon?”


“But – but – but I don’t wanna!” I said.

“Adele Ophelia Marilyn Jeanette Malfoy.” Mom said in a low, angry voice.

Okay, so I may have sort of whined that.

“Okay, okay! No need to pull out The Full Name, mother!” I put my hands up and backed away.

 “So – I was thinking, we should have the ceremony as soon as possible, maybe sometime in the next week. We could do something small, of course, just family.” Mom chattered to Mrs. Potter, completely ignoring us.

“Wait! Mom, I’m not ready –” Al Potter said, looking horrified.

 “Although with my family, you’ll never get something small and quiet.” Mrs. Potter chuckled.

“DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS RIGHT AWAY?!” I yelled out, before anyone could stop me.

“Well, yes.” Mom said, looking at me as though I was missing something of vital importance.

“Really?” I asked weakly.

“Yes, really.”

“Really?” Al Potter asked his mom.


“Fine.” I sighed.

Honestly, the things I do for my father…

 “Now, we have to plan for your dress!” Mrs. Potter squealed.

My eyes grew. “My what now?!”

“Dress, honey, dress.” Mom said, rolling her eyes.

“Oh, no.” I laughed, backing off. “No way. I’ll get married, sure, but there is no way in hell I am wearing a long, frilly white dress.”

“It won’t be frilly!” Mrs. Potter exclaimed. “We’ll make sure it looks beautiful.”

I laughed. “Trust me, it’ll be frilly. I know it.”

“Don’t be silly.” Mom said, waving her hand dismissively at me.

“No, really. Can’t I just get married in my jeans?” I asked hopefully.

Wrong thing to say.

Both mothers, gasping in outrage at my blasphemy, started freaking out at the same time.

Gee, I sure do love lectures.

 “Scorpius!” I turned to my brother, who was watching all of this as if it was a mildly entertaining television show. “Do something!”

“You’re right.” He decided, nodding. “I’m gonna go talk to Rose Weasley. Peace. And you, take care of my sister, alright? Otherwise you’ll have me to answer to. But no hard feelings, mate.” He clapped Potter on the back and strolled towards Rose Weasley, hands in his pockets. Potter gaped at his retreating figure.


He just turned around, smirked, and continued chatting up Rose. Git.

Oh, he will pay. Big time. I will get him back for this.

Fuming, I turned back to the parents, who were now cheerfully discussing wedding invitations. Potter had walked off to Merlin-knows-where, and his older brother was now standing next to me, grinning at me like this was all really exciting. Idiot.

“God, this is too funny.” He chortled. I shot him a dirty look. “Of course Al would get married before me. I’m James, by the way.” He stuck his hand out at me.

“Adele.” I grumbled, reluctantly taking his hand and shaking it. Curse you, mother, for instilling me with these ridiculously good manners!

“So, I guess you’re my new sister-in-law, huh?” He smirked. I growled at him. Screw manners. This kid opens his mouth again and he will get hurt.

“Don’t worry.” He ruffled my blonde hair and I jerked away, glowering at him. Did I ever say he could touch me? DID I?! “Al isn’t actually that bad. Yeah, I guess he snores a lot when he sleeps, and he eats a whole lot, and well, he sort of doesn’t really like you too much, but seriously, you two will get along swimmingly.”

…swimmingly? SWIMMINGLY?!

He’s kidding, right?

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked incredulously.

“Yep.” He said airily. “Thought I’d give optimism a shot. Obviously it didn’t work.”

Wow. I rolled my eyes. 

“Adele Potter. You know what? It has a ring to it.” He mused, while I gawked at him in utter disbelief. I am going to kill that child. Who bloody cares if he’s my future (cringe) brother-in-law? HE. WILL. DIE.

“Adele Potter. Mrs. Adele Potter. Mrs. Adele Ophelia Marilyn Jeannette Malfoy Potter.” He finished proudly. “I like it.” He grinned at me again.

He didn’t just use The Full Name. HE DID NOT.

Does he want to die early?

Because, I mean, seventeen is a bit too early, don’t you think?

He smirked at me again, and I suppressed an angry snarl. My eye twitched.

Must. Refrain. From. Maiming. Extremely. Annoying. Boy.

“You and Albus would actually look pretty good together, now that I think of it, Mrs. Albus Potter.” He smirked at me again.

…and that would be about when I hurled myself at him in rage, not even bothering to think about the fact that:

a) he was much, much taller and stronger than me
b) he was the older brother of the kid I’m supposed to get married to. (UGH.)
and c) all the adults were still in the room.

But he asked for it.

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