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My Life as a Snape by Wanted Free7
Chapter 7 : Birthdays and Surprises
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AN: This chapter is dedicated to everyone who has reviewed so far. I'm still trying to get a banner.
I do not own Harry Potter and The Witches of London doesn't exist and I created it. (I'm sure that it isn't real. If it is, I do not own it.)


I am so happy. Its finally my birthday! Mum and Dad were going to take me to a restaurant in London with my friend, Katie. After that, we are going to a play called The Witches of London.

At school, Sam called me the birthday girl all day long. Katie and Mason kept exchanging looks. I think something is going on with them. We didn't get any homework because it was a Friday.

When I got home, Mum looked extremely happy. She looked like she had been crying. Dad was home, too. He looked happy and he was smiling, which is rare.

Mum told me I had a letter waiting from Harry. I went into the living room. On the table we have for the owls to drop the letters if we can't get them, was Harry's letter. I opened it up.

~Dear Em,

Happy birthday! I'm sorry I can't be there for your birthday. I wish I could. After I graduate Hogwarts, maybe we can do something for your birthday, just you and me.

So, any guys you like? Dad and I agree, you shouldn't date until you graduate school. Guys will just mess up your schoolwork. They'd break your heart and then I'd have to kill the unfortunate guy. (I'm obviously joking.)

I got into a fight with Draco. He was in the Hospital Wing for three days. He had a broken arm, internal injuries, and no bones in his other arm. Ron, Hermione, and I were all involved, alone with Crabbe and Goyle. It was a fair fight. Dad was so mad, I thought that he'd kill me.

So, how's life? I can't wait till Christmas, when I can see you and Mum again. I've got a Christmas present. Sorry, I couldn't find a birthday gift, nothing seemed right.

Well, this letter seems long. I haven't written so much since detention last week. I've been slacking off schoolwork. (Don't tell Dad, he'd kill me.) Be good.

Love you,
Harry S.~

I finished reading his letter and started laughing. Mum walked into the room and gave me a strange look. I just looked at her and tried to stop laughing.

"Sorry, Mum," I panted. I gave her the letter. She read it and laughed with me.

"So," Dad said as he walked into the room, "how are my favorite girls?"

"We're good," Mum said. "Now, Emma, go call Katie. She can come over now."

"Okay," I said. I left the room.

I called Katie and told her that she could come over. We talked for a couple of minutes. Then we said goodbye and hung up. I went back into the living room.

Mum and Dad were kissing. I let out a little shriek and blushed. They turned toward me.

"I'm sorry!" I squeaked. "I didn't know!"

"Its fine, Emma," Mum said in a soothing voice. She looked a little embarrassed. "We wouldn't of kissed if we had known that you would walk in."

"Oh," I said. The doorbell rang and I raced to go answer it. I just wanted to be away from that awkward situation. I mean, who wants to watch their parents kiss?

Katie was wearing a black shirt with a blue jacket over it. She had on a jean skirt with black leggings, and blue and black converse.

We went up to my room. I put on a black shirt with a dark green jacket over it. Then I put on a jean skirt with black leggings, and green and black converse. For my final touch, I put on silver earrings. When Dad first saw my outfit, he called it my "Slytherin outfit."

We went downstairs and joined Mum and Dad in the kitchen. Dad rolled his eyes at our outfits and Mum elbowed him in the side. Dad took my arm and Mum took Katie's. They then apparated us to the restaurant.

The restaurant was called Facile Fabula, which is Latin. In English, the restaurant is called Easily Fable. It is a magical place, so no Muggles are able to access it unless they have a witch or wizard with them.

After we ate dinner, Mum and Dad apparated us to the London Magical Theatre. We gave the person our tickets and then we were escorted to our seats.

The play was called The Witches of London. It was about a woman whose husband was a Muggle. She didn't want him to know about her magical side. They fell in love and had a little baby girl. The man found out about her magical heritage, and wanted to kill the woman and their child. '

She then fled to London with the child. They lived there the next few years, and then the woman fell in love with a wizard, and the play ended with the man killing the child because he was pureblood. He didn't like half-bloods. The woman killed the husband, then herself, because she had nothing to live for anymore.

I heard Dad muttering something about so much drama. I rolled my eyes at him and he gave me a small swat on the bottom. He then gave me a mock glare and I started giggling.

We dropped Katie off a her house before heading home. She had given me my gift when I was changing. She had given me a book, How to Get a Wizard. I have to hide that from Dad and Harry. They'd kill me if they found that in my room.

When we got home it was eight. Mum told Dad and I to go wait in the living room. She came in a few minutes later with a small, chocolate cake.

"Now, before we eat this cake, Dad and I wanted to tell you something," Mum began.

"Wait," I said, earning a glare from Dad for interrupting. "Are you going to have a baby?"

She looked shocked for a moment. She glanced at Dad and he shrugged his shoulders. She looked back at me.

"How did you know?" she asked.

"Well, you haven't been feeling well for a few weeks. You also went to the healer a couple of days ago. When you came back, you looked really happy," I explained. "Am I right?"

"Yes," Dad said. "We wanted to wait a while, just in case she lost the baby,"

"I'm nine weeks and I'm due in May," Mum told me, her eyes glistening. "The healer told me it was a baby boy."

"Great," I muttered. "I'm still the only girl."

"Emma!" Mum said, laughter in her voice, "It'll be fine, I promise."

Mum cut the cake, then she and Dad sung happy birthday. We at the cake in silence, then they gave me my gifts.

I got a new broom, a Firebolt. I got a sweater from Mrs Weasley, chocolates from Hagrid, a book from Hermione, a practical joke book from Ron, Fred, and George. I also got a potions kit from Dad and a book of charms from Mum.

"Do you like your gifts?" Mum asked when I finished opening them.

"Yeah, loads. Thanks for the broom. I can't wait to tell Harry. When we go over to the Weasley's sometime, I can finally play Quidditch!" I said as I gathered up my gifts. I sent them to my room with magic.

"Well, you should go write a letter to him. He's anxiously awaiting your answer," Dad said. "You can also tell him about the baby."

"Really?" I asked, looking at them both. "I mean, it's your baby, shouldn't you be telling him?"

"We want you to," Mum said. "We talked about it earlier. Dad doesn't really have time right now, so its up to you."

"Ok," I said. I went upstairs. I went into the bathroom and changed my clothes. I then put on my pajamas and sat asked my desk. I started writing my letter.

~Dear Harry,

Hey! I'm sorry I haven't written. I've been so busy with schoolwork, you know how long I take to do just one assignment. Thanks for the birthday wishes, it was awesome!

Mum, Dad, Katie, and I went to Facile Fabula for dinner. We then went to the London Magical Theatre and saw a play called the Witches of London. It was pretty good and also a tad strange.

I've missed you and yes, I'm kinda interesting in a guy at school. I'm not telling you his name, but you do know who he is.

Life's good, so far. I got a Firebolt for my birthday. I got a book from Hermione and a book of practical jokes from Ron, George, and Fred. Mum gave me a book of charms and Dad gave me a potions kit.

Another birthday present I got was that Mum is having another baby. The baby is another boy. I kinda wish he was a girl, but oh well. I'm so excited to be a big sister!

Anyway, I've gotta go. Its like, ten o'clock. I'm SO tired. I just took a shower and that made me even more tired. I also have to do this essay for Potions that's do in two weeks.

Love ya,
Emma S.~

I finished my letter. I crawled into my bed and turned off my light. I tossed and turned for a while, then sleep took me.


Well, I just couldn't bear to let Lily not have another baby, could I? I wanted to make this chapter long, but I ran out of things to write. Well, now her birthday is over.

Should she date Sam Carter?

What should the baby's name be?

Please review, it only takes a few minutes. Also, reviewing helps me get motivated and put up more chapters!

Please check out my other story, Diary of an Ex-Death Eater. I've got writer's block on that one, and reviews might help. Thanks!

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