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Autumn Sun by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 3 : Glass Half Full
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 Nate watched out the bedroom window as Bill, the oldest Weasley son, got married is the yard below. The wedding was over now, Nate was able to watch the service, though it was impossible to see what was actually happening, it was mostly little specks and golden fireworks, but now the guest were dancing, swirls of different colors moved in sync around the yard, it was beautiful to watch. Though Nate couldn't help but drift off to sleep. As the sun sunk deeper in the sky golden orbs floated above the dancers, but suddenly everything changed, something silver flashed grabbing Nate's attention, he sat up looking down at the group.

Why did they stop dancing? Nate thought, he tried to see what was going on, he heard screaming and the lights went out, he tried to see but it was pitch black, then curses illuminated the yard and he could see hooded figures.


“ Shit.” Nate swore under his breath, he hurried out of his bed, his leg was still hurting, but he could walk on it now, he ran up to the attic, knowing that was the only place that someone searching the house would avoid going into due to a ghoul that Hermione and Ron transformed to look like a boy -Ron- with Spattergroits, a highly contagious wizard illness, one look at it and the Death Eaters would want to get as far away as possible. Nate stumbled up the stairs to the small attic, as he predicted the ghoul was lying in the center of the space. Nate ran around it, falling a couple of times, he bit his lip trying not to cry out. He made it to the corner where boxes were stacked up, he ducked behind it. He looked down at his legs once he sat down, the cuts where broke open again, blood seeped through his dressings, but he wasn't concerned about that. He pressed his ear to the floor boards.


He didn't hear anything for what felt like forever, finally gruff voices. “ Get away from me you filthy blood-traitor bitch!” someone growled.


“ Yeah, one wrong move and your little daughter here could pay.” another voice threatened, Mrs. Weasley cried something.


“ Like to see you try.” retorted Ginny.


“ Ginny, hush.” either Fred or George's voice hissed.


“ Why are there so many beds in this room, blood-traitor?”


“ It was my oldest sons wedding,” explained Mr. Weasley. “ We had a lot of family members staying over.”


“ Shut up.” a Death Eater growled.


“ You asked a question, he gave you an answer!” Ginny said indignantly.


“ Ginny, not the time!” One of the twins reprimanded. Nate was worried for Ginny, but he was still so terrified for his self to dwell on that, to worry about what would happen to his friend. That's what she was now, she was his friend, they all were; Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, the rest of the Weasleys, despite how little time he spent with them, they were his friends, and if any one of them were killed, like Jessica was kill...


“ What's up there?” One of the Death Eaters growled.


“ Nothing.” Mrs. Weasley said.


“ Oh really?” The Death Eater asked, an evil edge to his voice, “ Lets just see about that.” There was a bang, Nate hid farther under the boxes.


“ What the bloody hell is that?!” someone cried, obviously seeing the ghoul.


“ My brother.” Ginny was the first to speak up. “ Got a problem with him?”


“ What' wrong with him?”


“ He has Spattergroits.” Mr. Weasley said.


“ Holy shit!” running footsteps left the attic, Nate was still as a stature hiding barely daring to breath for the longest time before...


“ Nathan?” Ginny's worried voice called. Nate limped out of his hiding spot to face her. “ You broke open your injures.” she said, she was still wearing a pretty gold gown, and her hair and makeup were done up to complement her eyes.


“ Is everyone alright?” He asked.


“ Yeah, Mums a little shaken up, but she'll be alright, everyone got away.”


“ What happened?”


“ You-Know-Who took over the ministry.” Ginny said, “ He's in power now. We've lost.”


“ No.” Nate breathed.


“ Unfortunately yes, but we need to get you downstairs so Mum can heal your legs.” she said, holding out her hand to help him down the steps. “ We were worried about you, that was quick thinking, hiding up here.”


“ Those death eaters were probably to stupid to know that I was on You-Know-Who's hit list anyways.” Nate scoffed, Ginny raised her eyebrow doubtfully. “It's true!”


“ Whatever, Nate.” Ginny said.


“ Thank goodness your okay!” Mrs. Weasley's voice greeted Nate as he and Ginny made there way slowly down the attic ladder.


“ Yeah, you alright?” He asked.


“ I'll be fine,” Mrs. Weasley answered, she was also still dressed in her formal wear. Without a preamble she went to mending his legs, again. “ Ginny will you go help Bill and Fleur clean up, Fleur's having a hissy fit.” Ginny rolled her eyes and trudged out of the room.


“ She certainly has a mouth on her doesn't she?” Nate commented, referring to the sass she had given the Death Eaters.


“ I swear that girl is going to get herself killed.” Mrs. Weasley fretted. “ She doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut, and she doesn't know when she's in to deep.”


“ She reminds me of...” he broke off and took a deep breath before finishing, “...of Jessica.”


“ You must really miss her.” Mrs. Weasley comment sympathetically. Nate nodded, “ I remember when my brothers died,” she said, looking off into the distance, Nate looked up.


“ I didn't know you had brothers.”


“ No, I don't suppose you would, would you?” she said, half smiling, “ Fabian and Gideon, they were killed by Death Eaters, too, but they took quite a few down with them, they would have been very pleased with themselves, that's how they would've wanted to go, I know that, but I still miss them.” she paused before continuing, “ Your mother, actually, went to school with Fabian, they were in the same year, they were good friends, which is probably why her first thought was to bring you here.”


“ Really?” Nate asked surprised, “ She never mentioned him, or at least not that I can remember.”


“ Well I really wouldn't have expected her to. Sometimes it's hard to bring up the past. Memories can hurt worse then any curse.” Nate nodded pondering this while Mrs. Weasley worked.


“ Do you think that's why she was so against me joining the Order?”


“ Probably. Mothers want whats best for their kids, I know, Anne didn't want you to have to fight. She considered it differently with her and your father, they were them and you were you, if that makes any since at all. She felt like they were old enough to give their lives to the cause if that's what it took to keep you and your sister safe, but to her you were still her baby, not old enough to fight. I know this because I still hate the fact my sons are in the Order, and I hate the fact that Ron, Harry and Hermione feel like they need to take such an active part in the war.”


“ I suppose they're gone now aren't they?” said Nate, only just now realizing that if Voldemort was in power Harry could hardly stay someplace where Voldemort could find him.


“ Yes,” Mrs. Weasley said, tears in her eyes, “ They're gone.”


“ They'll be back,” Nate assured her, “ You-Know-Who won't be in power forever and then they'll come back.” Mrs. Weasley gave a tight, forced almost smile, and nodded.


“ All done,” She announced, rapping up his legs with clean bandages, “ I'll come back up to check on you later.”


“ Okay,” Nate said, leaning back down on his bed. Mrs. Weasley left the room, leaving Nate to think about their conversation.


He thought about Bill and Fleur, he didn't know them very well, they mainly stayed downstairs, but he felt pity for them, no one deserved their wedding to end like that. He thought of Mrs. Weasley, she must be so scared, scared for her family, scared for her life. He thought of his mother, God only knows where she was, he hoped that she was okay, he wondered if she was thinking about him to.


Ginny walked in slamming the door. “ Well, the princess is going to be okay.” she announced.


“ That's good.” Nate said.


“ I wonder where Harry is,” sighed Ginny, “ And if he's okay.” Nate looked at the worried glassy expression on her face and realized something that he was surprised he didn't notice earlier.


“ You're in love with him!” He said out loud, Ginny looked at him then quickly looked away blushing.


“ Yes.” she murmured finally. “ And he loves me, too, I think. And I never even told him, now I don't know if I'll get the chance.”


“ You will.” Nate assured her.

“ You're a very glass half-full kind of guy aren't you.” Ginny laughed. “ You always seem very positive that everything is going to turn out alright.”


“ I have to believe that it will.” Nate admitted, “ otherwise I'll go insane.” Ginny smiled.


“ Good-night, Nathan.” she said.


“ Night, Ginny.” He answered.

Author's note: Gosh, I had a lot of trouble with this chapter and I'm not sure if I like it, I don't think I got Mrs. Weasley's personality right, but I think I nailed Ginny, I could just see her being a smart ass to the Death Eaters. anyways read and review

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Autumn Sun: Glass Half Full


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