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The Wish of Lily Evans by Tonks the Klutz
Chapter 6 : Remus' Glittering Clouds
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A/N I have to apologize… again. I am absolutely HORRIBLE at updates, I’m trying to be quicker but I’m just… not.  Ok, enough with my begging for forgiveness let the chapter begin! Oh yeah! I own nada. The song is Glittering Clouds by Imogen Heaps.


The Remus Lupin Memory


            The Great Hall was filled with laughter and talk, until Remus Lupin walked in. The minute he was seen everyone fell quiet. Not a word was spoken until some Slytherin shouted, “Well isn’t the filthy werewolf!”


I'm not always like this, it's something I've become
A terrible weakness, in my nature, in my blood

That was when the whispers began. Whispers of the evil he was. Whispers of the being that he was.  Remus walked with his head down toward the Gryffindor table to sit by his “friends”.  A shout could be heard from the student Remus sat next to. And if the shout wasn’t bad enough, the words were horrifying. “Get away from me! I’m not your friend, you disgusting half-breed! You disgusting murderer!”


            The Great Hall was silent again. The silence lasted for a few agonizing minuets before someone started laughing. The laughter seemed contagious. Everyone was soon laughing at the poor 4th year boy that had been betrayed by his best friend, Amos Diggory.  “I-I-I didn’t, I didn’t mean, I-” Remus stuttered looking around the Hall. Hoping, praying for someone to say something. To do something.


Save me, oh save me, Save me from myself,

Before I hurt someone else again.


            “What Lupin? What do want to say? You want to say how it wasn’t your fault? How you didn’t MEAN to KILL Amelia Bones?  Well, too bad for you Lupin, because not all of us are as stupid as Dumbledore. Nor, do we forgive as easily. You aren’t welcome here Lupin. Go kill yourself.” The last part said was said with disgust and a sneer on the face of Lucious Malfoy.


Domino motion
Jump starts when we touch
A blackout approaching, here it comes now, wish me luck


            The laughter was gone, and it was silent again. Yet this time, it was cold silence because everyone knew what had happened. Everyone knew the reason for 7th year Amelia Bones’ death. And as Malfoy said, they didn’t forgive as easily. And, as he unspokenly said, nobody would forgive Remus.


It's all over, it's all over, it's all over in a flash
I can't remember
What have I done now?


            “I don’t even remember,” Remus argued, his voice close to hysterical. “I can’t remember what happened. I didn’t even know she was there!”


            “Well isn’t that a great defense. I’m sure that girl’s poor family will love that!” An unknown Ravenclaw snapped, glaring daggers.


            “It really wasn’t my fault! I-I-I I’m sorry! But I can’t remember!”


            “Can’t? Or won’t?” Another voice asked just as cold.


 Go, go, faster wider
More, more get it down yeah
Dance, dance


            “I can’t! I’d love to remember! I WANT to tell the Ministry what happened! But I can’t, because I don’t know myself!” Remus shouted back, tears running down his face.


            “Oh just shove it Lupin! Nobody cares. Just leave. Nobody wants you at this school. Go away. Go far away,” someone else snapped.


Take me over glittering clouds
Go, go faster wider
More more get it down yeah


            “But none of you understand! Whatever happened, I had no control over!”


            “Didn’t you hear us Lupin? Nobody CARES! And do you know where you should go? You should go to Azkaban with the rest of your filth.”


Dance, dance
Take me over glittering clouds
Oh, my head hurts.


            “Please! Just listen to me! You have to listen to me!”


            “We don’t have to do anything Lupin! Especially not listen to something like you!”


Oh dear, oh dear
It's all over the papers
And the TV, wagging tongues


            “Have you read the paper yet Lupin? Well you should! Because now the whole world knows what you are. And no parent will ever want their kids near something like you!”


            A paper was then thrown at Remus and he froze at the headline, MURDERERING WEREWOLF AT HOGWATS!


            “You don’t understand!” Remus choked out. “I’m not a murderer! Please!”


The artist's impression looks just like me, only better
Don't blame me, don't maim me, I can't help what I am


            “What I understand is that you’re a werewolf.  A killing werewolf,” a Hufflepuff shouted.


            “Please! Stop blaming me! I didn’t mean to! I can’t help it! It’s not my fault I’m a werewolf! I didn’t want to be one!” Remus looked heartbroken that nobody had said a word in his defense yet.


            “So you admit it! You admit that you killed her!”


            “No I didn’t!”


            “Yes you did, I heard you!”


            “I heard you to!”


            “So did I!”


            “Me to!”


Oh, Lord knows I've tried to
Go, go, faster wider
More, more get it down yeah


            Before Remus could say anything, the doors thundered open and Albus Dumbledore stood before them all with an anger none have them had ever seen before. “What do you think you are all doing?”


            “He’s a murderer!” someone shouted.


            “I can NOT believe that you would treat your classmate like this. Unless you are a werewolf, none of you would understand what this poor boy has dealt with!” Dumbledore then turned to look at Remus. “You poor boy, please, follow me.” With a hand on the fourteen year-old’s shoulder, they left the Great Hall.


 Dance, dance
Take me over glittering clouds
Go, go faster wider




            Dumbledore stood in front of the student body with a tear rolling down his cheek. His face was very grave, yet very angry. “I hope that you all are happy with yourselves. Because of your treatment to poor Remus, he has killed himself. He killed himself because you all treated him like a murderer. Which, I add, he is NOT! This boy helped many younger students with homework. Never had a bad word for anyone and was always willing to help. This boy was a brilliant student who should have gone onto something spectacular, just as he IS. Yet it seems this boy had no idea his self-worth, so he turned his wand on himself. The people he once helped, tormented him. The people he had never said a word against, only sneered at him. This poor child was sent death notes, death threats, cursed letters, and UNSPEAKABLE items. I have a single question for you all. What were you thinking? I know you weren’t thinking of Remus. And I know you couldn’t possibly be thinking of revenge when this boy had done nothing to deserve it. If any of you can figure out the answer to this question, I will be very interested to hear it. I have just one more thing to say; even though Remus turned his wand on himself, the real murderers are you. You are the ones who killed Remus Lupin. Remus Lupin who, was NOT the murderer of Amelia Bones. Death Eaters were responsible for her death. Because a student let Death Eaters in, Amelia Bones died. Remus Lupin had nothing to do with it. Now go to bed.” It seemed as if nobody could possibly move. Everyone horrified. “I said, GET TO BED!” Dumbledore roared.



            Lily was frozen as the two left the memory. How could this have happened? How could she have just let this happen? She had seen her memory self sitting at Gryffindor table both times. And she had done nothing. Dumbledore was right, she had killed Remus Lupin.

            “Lily,” Sirius whispered.

            “How could that happen? How did I let it happen?” Lily whispered back, tears in her eyes.

            “It was all of us. We all did it,” Sirius whispered back.

            That was when the tears started to fall. As the tears fell, Lily fell. “Show me Peter and Severus.”

            “I will,” Sirius promised.

            “Today.” Lily answered.

            “After that one? No way! I’ll show you theirs tomorrow.”

            “After that memory, I can handle anything,” Lily choked.

            “Fine, but lets get breakfast first.”


A/N So… what did you all think? I know it was sad, a lot sadder than normal, but was it good? What do you all want to see happen next with Peter and Snape? Any ideas? Please review!

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The Wish of Lily Evans: Remus' Glittering Clouds


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