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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 10 : Like
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Chapter Ten - Like

“Come on they’re going to love you.” Bill pleaded a huge grin plastered across his face as they left the building.

Fleur raised an eyebrow at him and he laughed dragging her by her hand. “Well I am sure they would like me a lot more if I ‘ad time to get ready!”

Bill looked down at her pyjamas and laughed. “It will be fine!”

When Bill had left Fleur’s a few hours ago she hadn’t countered on him returning so quickly. Apparently his mother had wanted to meet the girl her son was falling for and Bill had thought there was no time like the present.

“Easy for you to say! You ’ave shoes!” Fleur mock glared at him. Bill rolled his eyes at her but held at his arms.

“What?” she laughed.

“Well I was going to offer to carry you there but well if your laughing at me I’m not sure I should” Bill teased.

Fleur poked her tongue out at him which he returned laughing. He held at his hands again and she stared at him oddly.

“You need to jump” Bill told her.

“I’m ‘eavy.” Fleur warned but again Bill rolled his eyes.

“Sure whatever just hurry up so we can apparate.” he smiled.

Fleur jumped and wrapped her arms around his neck while her legs wrapped around his waist. He shifted so she was sat was sat on his hip.

“Because they’re so going to love meeting me like this” Fleur said sarcastically.

“I’ll drop you when we get in the house then.” Bill grinned.

“Thanks!” Fleur laughed. She gripped harder as he twirled in mid air.

Fleur opened her eyes to find herself in a field. She looked up at Bill who tightened his hold on her as he began walking towards a house that was on the other side of the field. The house was nothing like the one she used to live in in France but she could see why Bill had called it home. It certainly looked like a fun place to grow up.

The sky was darkening and Fleur was sure it would be pitch black before she got back to her bed again. She rested her head on Bills shoulder as she waited to be put down. They were a few minutes away when Fleur pressed her lips to Bills neck.

He chuckled and not long later he placed her on the ground outside the house. “You’ll be fine.” he smiled kissing her forehead. Fleur smiled back at him nervously as he pushed open the door to The Burrow.

The house was almost silent. There was a noise coming from one of the fireplaces and the only light came from a room through the next door. Bill took Fleur’s left hand and began to pull her towards the room. Fleur squeezed his hand slightly and did not let go even when they entered the room.

“Mum, Dad. This is Fleur Delacour.” Bill introduced them.

Fleur gave his parents a small smile and only received one from Bills father as his mother glared at their linked hands.

“Arthur Weasley.” his father smiled offering his hand too Fleur who shook it nervously with her free hand. “and this is my wife Molly.”

Molly smiled briefly before looking at her son sternly. “You didn’t tell us she was this pretty.”

Fleur looked at Bill amused. “Oh?”

Bill shrugged, “Didn’t think it was important.”

Fleur beamed at him as they sat down.

~ A Few Hours Later ~
Fleur stifled a yawn with her hand. She glanced at the watch on Bill’s wrist, quarter to eleven. She had work in the morning. Molly noticed.

“Do you need to be somewhere?” Molly asked.

“Monique will probably be worrying about me, I didn’t leave a note. And I should be getting ‘ome anyway, I ‘ave work in the morning.” the first part was a lie, Monique probably knew about this before Fleur had.

“It was nice to meet you both.” Fleur said politely standing up.

“Same to you.” Arthur grinned as Bill too stood up.

“Where are you going?” Molly asked.

“I’m going to take Fleur home.”

“But that’s silly!” Molly said. Fleur felt her eyebrow raise a little. Molly continued, “You will have to come back here straight after. Fleur could floo back to her apartment.”

“I wont be long” Bill said cheerfully ignoring his mother, once again taking Fleur’s hand.

“Your muzzer does not like me.” Fleur stated bluntly as they appeared outside her building.

“She doesn’t like most girls I bring home” Bill shrugged. Fleur stopped in shock.

“So you do this often?” she asked him as he laughed.

“Nah not often, maybe once every two years.” he grinned. “But seriously does it matter if she does or doesn’t like you? I like you.” he added with a cheeky smile.

Fleur smirked before bringing her lips to his before he had the chance to responded she pulled away. “I like you too.” she laughed as he smiled a lopsided grin.

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Je t'aime: Like


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