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Who Am I? by justxxStormy
Chapter 1 : My Begining
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The sun shone down on a family of four as they sat outside their house in Godrics Hallow. Many people would think this family would be normal but most would be wrong. This family was special from the tips of their hair to the bottoms of their toes. They were known well. The man was a very good defense caster. Good with transfigurations too. The woman was a loving woman with a heart for healing and potions. Haven't a clue what I'm talking about? Well they are a witch and wizard.

After years of bickering, James' head became much less big and Lily came to her scenes and realized she was in love with him. After graduating, they married. Sirius Black being James best man. Not soon after, Lily conceives. The two would have the family they dreamt of now. On July 31 at 11:03 their child was born. Harry James Potter. But little did they know Harry would be the big brother to his twin sister. Lily and James were ecstatic when she was born at 11:11 on July 31- 8 minutes later from Harry. She was unexpected. A name came to James. Maire-Lily Potter. A perfect fit for her as Harry had his name in his and Lily's name in hers.

Maire was the picture perfect daughter as Harry was the picture perfect son. They both had pitch black hair but glints of red running through it. Like it couldn't decide if it wanted to be black or red. They had emerald green eyes framed by think lashes and were the shapes of almonds. They didn't cry but smiled. They were lovely and everyone loved them. They both took to their friends Sirius and Remus. Peter was traveling the world and would see them when he came back; surely hoping they would take to him too.

By one year old, the family knew the children were magical. At least one. Harry could change the color of things with his mind, making things float, change or morph. Un-heard of for a child before 7 years old he was one of a kind. His parents were ecstatic when they saw. Marie didn't show any sign of magic though. She was acting normal and it worried her parents but if their daughter wasn't a witch they would still love her.

The family sat under sun, waiting for the friends Remus and Sirius to join them. James and Lily couldn't decide between the two to be a godfather for their children. They picked both in the end but giving Sirius more authority on Harry and Remus more authority on Maire but none the less, they were both their godparents.

James' messy black hair being tussled even more in the soft wind. His hazel eyes look adoringly at his son behind his glasses then switched his gaze to gaze at his daughter then to his wife. Her long fiery red hair blowing in the breeze her emerald green eyes meeting James' and they smiled at each other. Their children laughing as Harry changed the color of the flower in front of them. A perfect family picture

Sirius and Remus suddenly appeared and walked over smiling. They sat down and joined the family. Laughing, smiling, and joking around. The mood high and cheerfully in the bright sun.

Suddenly the sky got black and the mood went down. They all looked around skeptically until their eyes saw the dead walking toward them. Inferi. Remus, Sirius and James started sending curses and Lily tried to back into the house with the children. Harry understanding something was wrong corporate and went with his mother quietly. Maire, on the other hand, was the total opposite except she knew what was going on--Danger. They didn't know but she had a mind for battle and could take out anything and everything. Her magic built up inside her. Building and building. Icesis struggled against her mother. Maire gasped as something in her mind let go a red light came from her mind and hit all the Inferi, wiping them out.

Little did they know it didn't take out the 5 Death Eaters who were hiding in the forest behind their house. Malfoy, Petigrew, Goyel, Crabbe, and Avery. Those Death Eaters sent the Inferi to distract the Potters and friends so they could get their highly advanced son they heard about through Pettigrew. They were just about to go in for their move when a red light that looked extremely like fire took out all of their Inferi. The power came from the little girl. The one that didn't show any magical talent just did that extremely powerful magic.

"Go for the girl!" yelled Malfoy.

And they went. They shot spells--Dark spells as if their lives depended on it. Which of course, it did. They ran for the family to complete their mission and took up their roles. Petigrew battling Remus, Goyel battling Sirius and James battling Crabbe.

Malfoy and Avery went after the girl. Avery sent a stunning spell at the mother who was distracted by the girl again. The spell hit her. She fell to the ground and children went flying to the ground. Harry fell to the ground just beside his mother while Maire fell farther and in easy reach. James realized this and went to reach for her but a man with long blonde hair got her before they could.

"Marie!!" scream James. The child locked eyes with her brother. Not knowing they wouldn't see each other for a long time. "Maire-Lily!" he screamed again. But his screams along with Sirius and Remus' were long lost as the man turned on the spot and disappeared. The other Death Eaters shot one last spell and disappeared in a step backwards. To James and his friends, they thought this would be the last time they saw her.

Maire didn't scream. Her tears fell from her eyes but she stayed silent. They appeared in a hall of a huge house. The walls painted black grey and whites. The furniture modern but had a classy and elegant look to them. It was dark. Small fires were stirring in the fireplace in different rooms and candles gave off soft glows. Little house elves ran around the house tending to other Death Eaters, cleaning and cooking meals. None spoke but walked down the hall into a huge room with a long table.

A different man sat at the end in a big chair and dark black robes. He had short wavy brown hair and his eyes were slits like a snake but black. He was pale and tall. He wore black robes that seem to draw in shadows. He waited for them as they approach.

"My lord," said the man that held Maire.

"Malfoy, why have you not brought me the boy with the talent? The Harry Potter," said the man.

"Lord, this child is more powerful. She is also magical. She took out all the Inferi with one blast of her mind. She took them all out. It looked like Fiendfyre. She is a fighter. She’s better then the other," said Malfoy. The Dark Lord thought over this. Looking over the child. Thinking if she could be his prize Death Eater. Or better. The daughter he has always wanted. He said to get the boy only because he was powerful. But in his heart he has always wanted a daughter. Somebody who could be his pride and joy. He doubted he could ever marry and have a child of his own. So he sought after a child who could be his. Someone who could be his and only his. But a daughter none-the-less. He did not want a boy to be his son. If he had taught him everything he knew, then he could take the Dark Lord out and become the new Dark Lord. Boys were not tamable. Not trustworthy. But when heard of the Harry Potter child, he forgot all that only because he was powerful. But now they brought him a girl? Oh how grateful he was.

"Hand her to me," said Voldemort. Malfoy handed the child to him and removed his mask to reveal his face. The Dark Lord took the girl in his arms and held her close to him. Her black-red hair was thick already and her green eyes were bright and showed her open mindedness. She was tiny little one year old. But her eyes told that she was fiery. She was perfect.

"Hello little one. I am Lord Voldemort, but you may call me your father," he said. "Did you hear what they named her?" he asked not taking his eyes away from her.


"Hmm. No, not Magical enough. I like the name Icesis"

"As do I, my Lord."

"Everyone lay your eyes on the new Dark Lord Daughter. Icesis," said the Dark Lord.

"Sir, what about her last name?" asked Malfoy.

"Yes, yes.... can not let her have the name Potter can we.......and Riddle is out of the question.....River. A combination of both. Her name is Icesis River. Now Lucius I want you to find out about this little girl. I want middle name, favorite things, and relatives.

"Yes my lord."

"Now, please take her to the sleep chamber next mine." She was taken away with her new fathers eyes following her. Tears swelled up in his eyes as she waved over the shoulder of Lucius. She was his new daughter. He knew she never remember her old family and they were a new family. That is all that mattered.

The next year of " Icesis' " life was different. She spent everyday with her new father. Watching him watching her. She grew to liking him a lot. Even loving him. As he intended she forgot about her old family. But it was easy to forget them. Voldemort is very protective of her. He didn't take her on missions in fear she might be hurt. Not many people were aloud to hold or even see her. He had a plan for her as she grew. She wasn't to go to school but train along side him.

On July 31, we celebrated her second birthday. He got her new clothes, a doll, and a silver locket with a picture of her and himself in it. She loved it the most and wouldn't take it off.

One night, as she slept by herself in her room a man walked through the door. He had long black hair and black eyes. His looks were good and he was short. Along his arm he had the Dark Mark- the Dark Mark he wished he never gotten. He thought of a plan to hurt the Dark Lord. A plan that would kill himself during it. But it would hurt him.

He snuck in to the Dark Lord's daughter's room. The walls were light green and had accents of black and white. In the middle of the room was a crib where he found her sleeping in her crib. She looked peaceful under the black and white sheets. He lowered his wand to the child. He said an old curse. One usually forgotten.

"Haud sonitus," he said. The spell crept out of wand- white and clear slowly making its way around the child's body. What the spell do, you might be asking? Haud means no and sonitus means sound. Put two and two together? Yeah he made her deaf. The child woke up to him bending over her. The spell all ready taking place. She did what a defenseless girl could do. She screamed. But the scream wasn't normal. There was power behind it. The sound waves of it pushed against the man and knocked him mental. The screams woke up everybody in the Manor. Meaning Voldemort and a few Death Eaters. They ran to her room, not even having a clue what happening in there. They reached the room and ran inside. The man, not moving, laid on the floor, while the child laid frightened and startled.

Voldemort rushed over to her and picked her up. He tried to calm her down but couldn't. It was like she couldn't hear him. Couldn't hear him...

From that day forth she was deaf. They taught her sign language and lip reading. She learned well. He sent men into looking what curse had hit her but turned up with nothing. From that day forth, Icesis was deaf. It crushed the Dark Lord.

In late summer, Severus Snape, came rushing to the Dark Lord as they sat in the living room in front of the fireplace

"Lord, you must hear this," and with that he sprang into a story of what he heard and what could be the death of him. They thought of a family named the Potters. The mother and father had defined him 3 times, they had a son born as the 7 months died. He would kill the child. But the problem was they went into hiding. Months into the search, they found the Potters and Icesis' father went to kill them himself. He brought Lucius with him along with her. He thought it would be great to let me see him in action.

They left the day after for a place named Godrics Hallow. Lucius followed behind him with Icesis in his arms. She looked around the place as she thought she had been there before. They entered the house of the Potters. The walked slowly. They first encountered a man with hazel eyes and messy black hair. He held his wand up to the Dark Lord.

"Leave my hou..." his voice drifted off as his eyes found his blood daughter. He looked her over. "Maire-Lily..." he said.

"Yes, James, that is Icesis, my daughter. Not yours," said the Dark Lord.

"You took her! How dare you!" he took a step forward and raised his wand higher. She was scared this man could hurt him. But then confused as why the man thinks that her father took her.

"Daddy..." she said softly to him. Both men turned toward me.

"It is okay, my dear. Daddy is fine," she read from Voldemort's lips. "See, James? She doesn't know you or call to you. Now down to business. Hand over your son and you will not die."

"Never," and he sent a curse toward my father but the Dark Lord was ready. They sent curses back a forth. Battling each other.

"Really James? Will you really die for your son but when someone else is taken you won’t even run or chase after her?" taunted the Dark Lord.

"You know very bloody well we have been looking for her! You don't know what you did to this family! You sick bastard!"

"Me? I've been a caring and loving father to her."

"You could never."

"Avana Kadva!" and a bright green light was sent into the man and he fell toward to floor dead. Neither Voldemort nor Lucius spared another glance at him but walked to the back of the house. Icesis looked back to the man lying on the floor. He did look familiar to her.

They walked to the back and entered a light green room with two cribs. One had its pink blankets made and the other held a small child in it who had piercing green eyes. A woman was bent over him with her red mane of hair sweeping over the side. She turned around at the sounds of the men's footsteps and raised her wand. She also looked familiar to Icesis. She held her wand firmly up and toward the Dark Lord. Her eyes wondered to Lucius, and then to the small child he carried. Her breath caught and her eyes filled with tears.

"You took her? You took my Marie?" she cried.

"She is not your Marie. She is my daughter. And I have kept her safe by my side," said Voldemort.

Why did these people keep thinking I was theirs? Thought Icesis.

"Now, hand me the boy and you do not have to die like your foolish husband."

"Never. I will die for my son," she says.

"Well, it is clear to whom you favored. You let your daughter go but will die for your son, Harry? Tisk Tisk!"

"Do not harm either of them!" and she sent a spell at my dad. But again he was ready and quicker.

"Avana Kadva!" and she was gone.

But she was just finished saying the Killing Curse when she was hit by the Dark Lord Killing Curse. Her wand went flying and hit Icesis forehead and cutting it but not killing her. Icesis screamed out in pain but with one hug and kiss on the check from her father she sat quietly in Lucius arms wincing at the pain.

"Finally." He bent over the child and lowered his wand at him. He said those words again. The green light hit the boy sending him backward cutting his forehead. But not harming him the way it should of. But the spell hit backwards into the Dark Lord and shattered him. Nothing was left of him. Lucius gasped and fled from the house with Icesis in his arms as she cried for her father. They left the house and Lucius set it on fire and set the dark mark above the house. The sign of the Dark Lord. As people walked out of their house to see what was happening they only got a glimpse of them as he turned on his heel and disappear.

They went back to the Riddle Manor. They told her, her father was just a spirit and was right beside her but she still cried. They said he would come back, but she wanted her father. She was an extremely intelligent child. They clean up her cut and realized she would now be having a scar right there. Icesis stayed at the manner under the close watch of all the Death Eaters that lived there. She had a house elf assigned to her, to watch her at all times, to help her at all times, and make sure she is safe.

Now, she is 14 and one of the best Death Eaters of all time. 


The screams of the man weren't heard in my ears. But I could see him screaming. I wanted him to feel pain. I wanted to see him in pain. I wanted to hear his pain (though I couldn't hear). Crucio was one of my favorite curses to cast. To watch somebody wither in pain was pure joy to me.

It’s around 4 in the morning. We usually practice around 6 in the morning but today was different. At around 5'o'clock he would be going to the Quidditch World Cup.

"That’s it Icesis. Very good! That is much better then yesterday," I read from my trainer lips.

By the way, I’m deaf. If you haven't notice.

My trainer is Lucius Malfoy.

"Thanks you, sir," I say. I used his wand since it was still summer and underage witches and wizards aren’t aloud magic. Just a few days left! I handed back his wand and he used the Killing Curse on the Muggle and we left the practice room in the Riddle mansion.

Lucius Malfoy had long white blonde hair and grey eyes. He was pale with high cheekbones and a friendly smile which was rare to see. You had to be polite with him or else you would get hit upside the head by him. What? It’s hard being so nice! Anyway, he always held his head strong as he should. He was Pureblood. As were his family.

"Tomorrow, we will strive for non-verbal, yes?"

"Yes, sir."

"Malfoy! Send River to the meeting room, now!" yelled a Death Eater from above the training room.

He told me and I said goodbye and ran off. My house elf, following behind me. The house elf has been my house elf since I was two. Her name was Debu. She looked like a normal house elf with large big ears and very short. Her eyes were kind and very big. They were a more green they yellow though. She dressed in a red toga instead of the normal black every other elves.

I wasn't planed to attend a meeting today. I entered the meeting room and took in my surroundings. The walls were black with white accents. One wall was a stone wall with a fire place that burned slowly and softly. A long table filled the space of the room. Chairs were placed around it. At the head of the table, was a big black thrown (as I called it) where my father sat. Now it where I sat. I knew he wouldn't want some one else in it beside me or himself.

"Now since we are all here," said Barty Crouch Jr. Nobody had seen or heard for him in forever. The other person in the room was Pettiegrew. He was a slimy little thing. Nobody else was in here and a silencing charm was cast around so no one could here through. It must be important. “It’s the year for the Tri--Wizard Tournament and Hogwarts is hosting it. And your father thought of a very good plan."

"My father?" That took me as a surprise. I knew he was getting stronger- I could feel it but I heard neither sign nor whisper of him. But why did he go to these to bimbos? I felt loved.

"Yes. He is back but not fully--"

"I want to see him!" I said forcefully. "I miss him..."

"Yes, dear, but he doesn't wish for you to see him quite yet. But has a plan. That’s why Peter has been away and will be continuing to stay way to tend to him. Peter ran in Bertha Jorkins and brought her to the Dark Lord and he used magic to extract the information that the TWT was being held at Hogwarts for the first time in how ever long. He also learned that I was under the Imperius curse at home and freed me. That is why I am here. Now for the plan. I must go into Hogwarts and disguise myself as Mad Eyed Moody, the Aura that will be taking over the position of the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor-"

" 'Cause the subject really helps them," I muttered. We all laughed.

"Yes, yes anyhow, I will go into Hogwarts disguised and manipulate the tournaments to how the Dark Lord wants. I will put Harry Potters name into the Goblet of Fire. I know 'he’s to young blah blah blah' but if I put his name in, it will be accepted and he will have to compete. Now the final competion will be to find the cup but it will be bewitched as a portkey. There, Harry will be taken out of Hogwarts and into the Dark Lords hands where we shall be reward and reunited and Potter shall be killed," said Barty. "So you get the plan? You will also have to befriend Harry Potter."

Could I do that? Hell yes. Did I want to? Hell yes. Was I excited? Hell yes!

"You mean I can get out of this house and see day light?" I joked.

They laughed. "Good, you are dismissed then," he said.

I go up from my chair still very giddy and walked out of the room. My mood fell once I realized my father was back, but I wasn't aloud to see him. Why though? What could be so horribly wrong that I wasn't aloud to see him! I haven't seen him for most of my life! I haven't had parents for most of my life! Only two years! I want to see him.

I sighed and walked out of the hall I was in. Living in this manor was like living in hell. Debu followed me down the hall and down the stairs which led up to my bedroom. I know it strange but in my house to go up you must go down.

I entered my room which was now painted black. The floor was a dark cherry red wood. The one wall was filled with red book shelf, which was full with tons of books. Another wall was an all glass mirror the held a dance bar for me to dance. There was a bed in the middle that had black and red satin comforter with a black checkered sheet. In the corner sat a small bad with black sheets for Debu. A fire set in the fireplace mad shadows dance across the room.

I walked over the mirror and checked my appearance. My long red-black hair flowed down my back straight. It had a black bow on the side and my bangs falling over the right side. The scar on my forehead just covered by my bangs. My eyes were bright green. They shown and shined in the light. They were framed lightly by eyeliner. The silver locket my father gave me hung around my neck. I wore my black tang top and black and white plaided skirt with high knee socks and chucks.

I sighed and went to sit down on my bed. Debu rushed over to me and stood behind me and started to brush my hair to sooth me. Me and Debu were sort of connected after all the time we have spent together. She new how to sooth me when I was upset or how to make me happy when I was sad or how to unbore me.

"I am sorry Ms River," She whispered.

"Debu, there is nothing to be sorry for. I just wish to see him."

"You will get to see him, Miss, but allow him time. I'm sure you will be reunited soon."

"Thank you Debu. Thank you."

We were both silent as she brushed my hair.


"Yes, Miss?"

"I'm going to Hogwarts."

Oh you know I included you Laz!!

Sure! But know we are just confusing the readers.
You just confuse anyone.
But anyway. Im Stormy and this is Laz. When ever we are in this little A/N my talking will be in normal and Laz will be in italics. 

We do hope you like this story and stay with Icesis till the story is ended.


well we hope you enjoyed the first chapt! please review!

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Who Am I?: My Begining


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