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Waking up to the World by Happy_Hexer
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Disclaimer: J.K.Rowling owns everything. Except one complicated OC which my crazy mind has created!

Chapter 1

The floor was wet, I knew that and I was trying to take care as I walked the final few feet to my destination. Feeling my feet begin to slide to the left I tried to correct my balance, but instead found myself sliding uncoordinatedly on the slippery floor. My feet flying from underneath me, I fell flat, my chin and face falling into a pool of water...

...spluttering and coughing I tried to lift my head from the water, except I wasn’t outside, it wasn’t light.

It was dark and I was inside.

In fact my whole body was wet; I was immersed in some kind of cloudy liquid. Glancing downwards it was some kind of oblong coffin, a tall, cauldron like container, grabbing hold of either side I pulled myself upwards and twisted around, my feet landing painfully on the cold stone floor. Carefully, not wanting to fall again, I walked towards a towel that was lying abandoned on a desk in the corner; wrapping it around myself it provided a little protection against the freezing cold temperature. Turning around, I took in my surroundings, where on earth was I?

This wasn’t a hospital.

On the nearest wall I noticed a painting; it contained a creature, something which looked suspiciously like a Hippogriff. I reached forward my hand tracing the intricate design on the frame which the painting was in.

“About time...” a calm voice spoke from behind me. Spinning around there was a thin man, pale skin,  a large nose which dominated his face, his greasy black hair forming two curtains either side of his face, but it was the cold black eyes which caused goose bumps to spring up across my skin.

Where on earth was I?

“Lost for words?” Not taking a moment to consider anything I ran towards the door, clutching the towel desperately against my skin. However, as I reached for the door, it slammed shut. I twisted around; the man was now holding a thin strip of wood. “I don’t think it would be appropriate for a young woman to be found running around Hogwarts with only a towel to cover her modesty.”

“Hogwarts...” I whispered, that was how the door had closed, he’d done magic. That strip of wood in his hand was a wand.

“Yes Hogwarts, the Magical Institution of the United Kingdom.”

“Harry Potter...”

“ an insufferable young man with distinctly poor potions skills.”

“Severus Snape,” I forced a smile.

“Your declaration of my identity is correct now that we've established that, there should be some robes for you in here,” said Snape as he began to move towards a large cupboard on the other side of the room.

"Robes, for me?" I asked.

"That is what I said. Please don't make me repeat myself."

“What year is it?” I demanded, as he handed me some black robes.

“1995,” I did the Maths.

“Voldemort he is back!” I exclaimed. Severus frowned, his black eyes narrowing slightly, until his face masked his confusion.

“Get changed, then I shall escort you to the Headmaster.”

“Dumbledore,” I released a sigh of relief, Dumbledore would understand and believe everything.

“Yes.” With that Snape swept from the room.


I found myself in Dumbledore’s office, it was circular with the walls covered with paintings of the various Headmasters and Headmistresses which had preceeded Dumbledore, several of them were muttering and pointing at my arrival. Dumbledore himself was sat behind his desk, he hands clasped together, his half rim glasses positioned at the end of his nose. Everything was perfect.

“Ah, Laura Blishwick ,” Dumbledore announced.

“P-p-pardon?” I asked stuttering, not simply with the shock of meeting Dumbledore but the fact that he had got my identity incorrect. Dumbledore was supposed to understand, to know everything.

“Your name?”

“Tara Knight.”

“How old are you?”

“17.” I answered.

“Would you care to elaborate?”

“I was 17, in a world where you are fiction and a film. Then I found myself in a dungeon here.” Please let him understand.

“Tara Knight,” Dumbledore indicated for me to come closer, “15 years ago you were entered into a Magical coma under the supervision of Severus, whom you have already met." He swung his arm sideways towards Severus, "It was supposed to last for 5 years, however, as time passed it became evident that it was going to be longer. 15 years to be precise. Part of the coma is that you do not age, therefore you shoudl stand before me aged 21. However you appear younger, I’d say 15 or 16, do you agree Severus?”

“You have deduced as much as I have Headmaster,” Snape confirmed, it was only then that I had realised that Snape had followed me into the office.

“So the world I’ve just left was fictional, my mind created it, and it is this world that is real?” I asked, "This magical world is real?"

“Yes Miss Knight,” Snape answered. “That is Professor Dumbledore just explained. Professor, she seems to like to have things repeated. ”

“I know the future,” I said to Dumbledore, as I realised I was standing in a room with 2 people who in 3 years would both be dead. “There was 7 books, you are about to start book 5,” I frowned. “I know who dies, I know who survives.”

“It appears Professor Trelawney is out of a job,” Dumbledore smiled. “Don’t let that information distress you, you must continue regardless and unfortunately you are not able to divulge that information to anyone…”

“As the slightest change could alter everything.”

“Indeed Miss Knight.” 

“So I was supposed to be in a Magical Coma for 5 years," I needed to repea this, to make sure I understood every detail. I needed to know who I was. "It went wrong and the coma last three times as long. During that time I entered another life, in my head anyway, where I somehow lived to be 17, throughout those 17 years I read and watched Harry Potter, therefore inadvertently giving me an insight into the future of this world. I went into the coma aged 21 and came out physically around the age of 15 or 16.”

“It appears so...” Dumbledore responded.

“That’s mental,” I answered realising that I sounded a little like Ron Weasley.

“It is quite mental,” Dumbledore repeated with a little chuckle.

“And it’s his fault!” I nodded towards Snape, the one who had been responsible for overseeing the coma.

“Severus was not responsible for the first spell but he has sustained you for the past 15 years, to ensure that you survived.”

“Oh right, thanks,” I answered, managing to smile. “So what you going to do with me?” I asked.

“I believe I shall be escorting you to the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix in a short while.”

“Awesome!” I grinned.

“Then if you like I shall enrol you in Hogwarts, the fifth year. That should be about right," Dumbledore glanced at Severus for support, but he looked a little bored by the situation.

“The same as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Lavender, Seamus, Dean...” I found myself clapping my hands together in delight, Severus looked disgusted that I wanted to spend time with these particular people.

“Alas, you shall have to try and contain all this information, it could cause some discomfort to those around you.”

“Of course,” I answered blushing.

“Now are you ready?” Dumbledore asked, rising from his seat clutching a pot of Floo Power. “You need to say…”

“Don’t worry I know how to travel by Floo Power and where we are going!” I took a pinch of Floo Powder in my hand stepping into the fireplace.  I announced, “Number 12 Grimmauld Place,” With a grin on my face I heard Dumbledore chuckle, before he was gone.

This is a short chapter. They will get longer. I just wanted to get your opinion in the form of a review first. Some constructive criticism or just a general comment will help me to improve this story.

Next chapter:- Tara meets everyone and how do they react? Particulary when old faces recognise her, but of course she doesn't remember a thing.

What do you think? Review, please!

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