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Cloaked in love. by Aydrian
Chapter 2 : Cloaked in Love-Part 2
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The carriage door opened before he could say anything else and Ron was standing outside. The moment fell to pieces and Harry cleared his throat and followed Hermione out of the carriage and into the snow covered village of Hogsmeade. *Dangit! I should have said something sooner.* Harry thought. "Lets go and warm ourselves with some butterbeer." Hermione offered and both Ron and Harry whole heartily agreed. The snow made Hogsmeade look like a snow covered village in one of those Christmas greeting cards.

Hermione turned to Harry and asked, "What did you need to tell me Harry?" Harry looked at Ron for a second and replied, "Erm....I'll tell you later Hermione." She nodded and they walked through the town, enjoying the sights and smells. Ron was distance back, looking at the two with interest. Harry would constantly glance over at Hermione and Hermione to Harry. Neither of them seemed to notice that other one looking. Ron guessed that neither knew the other liked them, and was too afraid to say anything.

Ron felt a pang when he realized that Harry was about to tell her when he opened the carriage door. He didn't want to get in the way, and by the look on both of their faces if they didn't say something soon then they would probably burst. Ron looked for a quick retreat and noticed Aydrian off in the distance having a snow fight with some other students. "Umm I am not really that thirsty right now. I think I'll walk around town a bit." Ron said and both Harry and Hermione looked relieved in a way. "Ok," Hermione replied, "Meet us back at the tavern when your done." Ron nodded and walked toward the general area of the snow fight.

Aydrian laughed as Ginny and Cho ran at him launching snowballs. Aydrian picked up two snowballs and ducked behind a building as one ball thrown by Ginny flew past him and thudded into the back of another student watching. Carrying a snowball in each hand he threw them both point blank at Cho. But Ginny had hidden another one and Aydrian wiped what was left of the snowball off his face. "Good one Ginny!" Aydrian complemented and Ginny blushed. Thats when ron walked up.

"Hey brother." Ginny greeted and Ron nodded at her. "Having fun?" He asked and Ginny replied with a grin and a look at Aydrian. Ron noticed the look. Not her too! Not wanting to think on that he turned to Aydrian, "I decided to leave Hermione and Harry alone for awhile." He explained and Aydrian nodded. "Well then now its two against two." Aydrian replied. Aydrian turned toward the girls and the battle begun with Aydrian getting pummeled with snowballs.

Once they were inside they chose a table right beside the Christmas tree that took up a section of the room. Of course it wasn't near as big as the one Hagrid usually carried into Hogwarts, but it was big nonetheless. The room was adorned with the usual Christmas decorations. There are lights all over the place with miseltoe in some areas. Alot of people were happy. A smile at this time of the year seems to be contagious. It was warm enough in the place to take off your coat so Harry and Hermione did so.

"This place always looked lovely around this time doesn't it?" Hermione asked. Harry's first thought was to say, "It's all the more lovely when your here." But bit his tongue before it left his mouth. "Yeah it is." Harry said simply. *What the heck was I thinking? I'm turning into a romantic.* Harry thought and that was when the butterbeer arrived. Sipping at it he felt his body warm up almost immediately. When he looked at Hermione there was a similar effect. Shaking his head he looked across the room.

Malfoy was just coming inside and his smile, or scowl its hard to tell, widened considerably when he saw Harry and Hermione. "Well well Potter having quality time with your girlfriend?" Harry glared at Malfoy. "Back off Malfoy!" Harry said through gritted teeth. Hermione was blushing at Malfoy's comment and Malfoy noticed it. "Just go away Malfoy." Hermione said simply. Malfoy couldn't miss this chance. "What was I thinking!? A mudblood with Harry Potter? No one of his 'importance' would ever even think of being with you. I know I wouldn't." Hermione's eyes filled with tears and Harry was up in an instant.

"Don't talk to her that way Malfoy!" Harry yelled and the whole tavern stopped what they were doing and looked toward the trio. Malfoy grinned evilly and said, "Just remember Hermione. Harry could never love you." Then Malfoy was on the floor and dazed with a bloody nose. Harry had punched him. Everyone in the tavern was quiet until Hermione jumped out of her chair crying and ran out the door. Harry ran after her, "Hermione!" He yelled after her. But blinded with tears she got into a carriage and it rolled away.

A thousand thoughts ran through her head as the carriage moved on. She closed her eyes and imagined Harry holding her safely his arms wrapped around her and in a passionate kiss. But Malfoys words ran through her head. Malfoy had displayed her worst fears before her. *How could he ever love me? He is famous and loved by mostly everyone except Voldemort and his minions. I'm just a mudblood! How could I ever compete with a person like Cho?* As she thought on that it did nothing to alleviate her pain. It was a pain that had no real cure. In her mind she saw herself telling Harry how she felt and him bursting into laugher. And it did nothing but make her cry harder.

(Sorry but I cannot remember the name where you get the butterbeer it has been awhile sense I read the books. Part 3 soon. Please R+R.....)

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