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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 9 : Girlfriend
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Chapter Nine - Girlfriend.
Christmas had come and gone quickly, and Fleur’s alarm clock had her waking up at seven am on the third of January 1996. His marked the sixth day that she had not heard from Bill and the eleventh that she hadn’t seen him. To say she was missing him was an understatement. She was even excited for work just so she could see him. She washed her hair and applied the smallest amount of make up before changing into her work clothes. Today’s consisted of a red shirt which emphasised her small waist, black work trousers and cute red heels that looked far less comfy than they were.

She was just about to hop into the fireplace when Monique ran out of her bedroom a wild look in her eyes. “Fleur! Stop!”

“Monique?” Fleur asked worriedly.

“You can’t go to work yet!” Monique breathed out.

“What why?!” Fleur frowned this was delaying her seeing Bill.

“Because if you wait another five minutes Bill is going to turn up here and walk with you.” Monique grinned.

Fleur felt her lips raise up and the corners. “Really?” she asked eagerly.

“Have I ever been wrong?” Fleur raised her eyebrows at Monique’s reply, so Monique added, “I mean when its important!”

“No you aven’t” Fleur sighed but she brightened up as she thought about walking with Bill to work.

“I’m sorry.” was Bills first words to her.

“Why are you sorry?” Fleur said surprised.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time.” he apologised.

“You ‘ave been busy” Fleur shrugged trying to seem casual.

“That’s no excuse not to see my girlfriend” Fleur beamed at his words and kissed him. Bill seemed to take this as forgiveness as he kissed her back just as passionately.

After another five minutes they had no choice but to leave for work.

He picked up her wand from the counter and held it out to her. “Thanks” she smiled pocketing it as they left the apartment.

“It’s a nice wand, not too flexible but not completely brittle either.” he grinned holding open the door for Fleur who stepped out onto the street.

“’air of a veela too you know.” Fleur added proudly taking his hand as they began their walk. “My Grandmuzzer’s.”

“I did wonder if you were part Veela.” Bill mused quietly. “But the hair of a veela? I’ve heard stories.”

Fleur froze. “It does ‘ave a story be’ind it I assure you.” He squeezed her hand reassuringly and she knew she wanted to tell him.

“The ‘air of a Veela. But if you pluck a single ‘air from their ‘eads they will die.” Fleur explained and it confirmed the stories Bill had heard previously. “My grandmuzzer fell in love when she was very young. My grandfather in turn fell for her. They were very much in love and when ‘e died ten years ago she grew miserable. I was only nine when he died.”

Bill released her hand and his arm fell around her shoulder instead so she was walking closer to him.

“I was eleven when my muzzer said we were going to talk to Grandma. I ‘ad been accepted at Beauxbatons already and was due to shop for my equipment that day but we were too visit her first. She was sad and lonely with Grandpa and talked to my muzzer quietly while I sat watching.”

Fleur paused and looked up at the sky briefly before continuing. “With my muzzer’s acceptance Grandmuzzer plucked that single ‘air from ‘er ‘ead and placed it in my ‘and. And she spoke ‘er last words were ‘Pour toi, petite-fille’

Bill smiled sympathetically. “She loved your grandfather a lot didn’t she.”

Fleur nodded, “More than ‘er own life.”

Bill looked at her carefully she had yet to let a tear fall during her story even though she had been close to it many times.

“What?” she pouted as he continued to look at her.

“You’re beautiful you know?” Bill smiled as a blush appeared in her cheeks.

She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and whispered “Thank you.”

Bill grinned to himself as she looked ahead towards the leaky cauldron purposely avoiding his eyes.

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Je t'aime: Girlfriend


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