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My Life as a Snape by Wanted Free7
Chapter 6 : Back to School
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August 20 popped up so fast we barely knew what had happened. It feels like it was just yesterday that I got out of school. Now, I'm going back. I'm now in year Four. I'm so excited!

Mum slowly came out of her depression. Dad had a talk with me about my behavior when we'd both cooled off. I never did run away. I knew, deep inside, that I could never do something like that.

Dad, Mum, Harry, and I went to a Quidditch match for Harry's 15 birthday. Ron and Hermione came over (much to Dad's displeasure, he was sure he wouldn't have to see them until school started again) and we had cake and presents.

On August 15, the whole family went to buy school supplies for Harry and I. I think Mum bought a few birthday gifts for me, but I'm not sure. She and Dad went off by themselves and left Harry in charge of me.

While Harry and I were wondering around, we ran into Draco Malfoy. I started talking to him and Harry got mad. He and Harry don't get along at all, even though Draco is Dad's godson.

When they almost started dueling, Dad showed up with Mum. Harry got a stern lecture. Mum took me to buy some robes for some mother-daughter bonding time. Harry also got a new broom, the Firebolt. He's so proud of it. He even let me ride it once.

I also hung out with my other best friend, who is also a witch. Her name is Katie. We had a lot of fun playing pranks on Harry. Lucy was a Muggle, so I couldn't talk to her about my world.


Mum and Dad dropped me off on the first day. I went into the school, looking for Katie. We walked into Potions, giggling. The teacher, Mr Peters, told us to quiet down and take our seats.

Katie and I paired up together. Mr Peters instructed the class to make Level Three Healing Draughts. There are five levels of healing draughts, and the higher the level, the stronger the draught.

After Potions, we had Transfiguration. We had Mrs Casey. She told us to transfigure a bird into a cup. I got an O on that lesson.

After Transfiguration, we had Defense Against the Dark Arts. Mr Jones made us run a mile, then had us doing pushups and sit-ups. After that we went through the basic first year spells.

When someone complained about the work out routine, Mr Jones told them that if you aren't in good shape, you don't have a chance at winning a duel. I agreed with him, because that was what Dad told me. I didn't complain once during Defense.

We had Lunch next. Katie and I got our food and went to sit by Sam Carter, my crush. I glanced at him, then I started eating.

"Hey, Emma," he said. "How was your summer?"

"Oh, it was okay. I went to Katie's, had a row with my dad, thought about running away, you know, the
usual," I said, slightly sarcastic.

"Hm. Nice," he said. He asked Katie the same thing and she told him about her summer.

"So," I said. They looked at me. "How was your summer, Sam?"

"Oh, it was okay. I got into a fight with my older brother Mason, and we went to a Quidditch match," Sam said. As soon as he finished, his brother Mason sat down next to him.

"Hey, little bro, talking to your girlfriend, I see?" Mason said with a straight face.

"She's not my girlfriend," Sam muttered, embarrassed. I could feel my face flushing red.

"Yet," Mason teased. "He likes you, Emma."

"I do not!" Sam protested.

Mason leaned across the table and whispered in my ear, "He likes you no matter what he says. He always talks about you at home."

Mason sat back and smirked. I turned even redder. Sam smacked Mason across the back of the head and told him to leave.

"Sorry about that," Sam said as soon as he left.

"Its fine," Katie said. We finished our lunches without any other interruptions.

After lunch we had Herbology and Charms. When we were waiting for our parents to pick us up, Katie told me a big secret. She made me promise to not tell anyone.

"I like Mason," she whispered. I gasped.

"Really? But. . . .Katie, he's fifteen! That's way to old for you!" I whispered back a little loudly.

"I turned thirteen on August 3, remember? You missed my birthday party because you were sick and your Dad wouldn't let you go?" she whispered back and I nodded. "He's actually only two years older than me. It's not like we're dating, I just like him."

"Oh," I said, feeling foolish.

Our parents picked us up and we went home. When I got home, I started on my homework. Doing my homework took a long time and I needed to start it as early as possible.


Harry and Dad left for Hogwarts on September 1. Dad just apparated to the castle after we made sure that Harry was on the train. Mum cried because she'd only see him again at Christmas. She'd see Dad every night because he was allowed to sleep at our home at night.

Harry got his first detention that first week. Dad came home late that night, furious. Apparently, Harry had gotten into a fight with Draco. Draco was now in the Hospital wing for the weekend. Harry got detention for a month.

The first test I had was in History. I was almost pushed to my breaking point because of studying. Dad had to give me a Calming Draught and a Dreamless Sleep just to get me to calm down. All my hard work paid off through, I got an O.

My birthday is in three weeks and I'm really excited. Mum and Dad are going to take me out to dinner. Harry won't be able to go, because he has school.


Thank you to everyone who has reviewed so far. I was wondering if someone could help me to get a banner. I have no idea how to get one. Please help me.
Should Lily have another baby?

What will the Snape family (minus Harry) do for her birthday?

Please review!

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