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Happy Endings by loopyluna
Chapter 3 : Willa; To twin, or not to twin
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Lorcan and Xander :)

Willa Chambers 

The sunlight was standing on its last legs as it peaked through the window pane of the Gryffindor Tower girl’s dormitories. Rose growled from under the covers of her bed, pushing herself further under the red blankets.

I shifted my weight from the front of my feet to the back and listened to the bogus snores erupting from underneath the mess of blankets. I took a deep breath as I spun my wand between my fingers.

“Rosie, you’ve got to come out.” I pleaded. “I’m not going to this campfire on my own.”

“Yes you can, and you will.” She moaned her muffled voice sound a little more timid than before.

“I can’t do this without you.” I said, parking my bum on to the end of her bed and rooting through the layers of blanket. “Come on Red, please? I don’t want to deal with Lorcan. He’s going to follow me like a lost puppy. I need back up.”

She kicked her legs up, prompting me to tumble to the floor. “Call in the reinforcement’s of the gruesome twosome, they’ll protect you.”

“Rosie, it does not look that bad, a little magic and you’ll be back to normal.” I reassured.

She peaked the top of her head from the mass of duvets, revealing a puff of blue. “You promise?”

I nodded. “I promise. Come on, let’s get to work.”

She pushed the covers down a little, revealing a mass of sapphire upon her head. I bit back a smile. “See, you’re laughing. I knew it looked bad.”

I mentally smacked myself. “Rosie, sweetie, it doesn’t look that bad, come on ... please?”

I drew a deep breath and puffed up the clumps of thick hair currently infesting her head. Tina Zabini is probably one of the biggest tarts on this side of the Western Hemisphere, and she just so happens to be infatuated with Scorpius.

Towards the end of forth year, when the male population actually started to notice that Rose Weasley was infact a woman; it didn’t abide well with TZ.
It was when Scorpius decided to turn himself around that Tina began to convert to slag’s ville. Scorp used to sleep with anything that could walk, talk and have a vagina – whoops, that’s an understatement, they didn’t need to have the ability of speech; just a vagina.

He soon developed a crush on Rose – despite all odds. He’s possibly the most protective male on the planet; and in his eyes, he’s been assigned to Rosie.

Obviously, this didn’t abide well with Zabini. Since that moment in time, she’s taken it upon herself to make Rosie’s life a living hell. During the first week in sixth year, Rose fought back, landing herself and Zabini in 3 months worth of detention – not something her father was overly pleased about. But Tina took that as a challenge, always pushing Rose to see how far she would fall.

In today’s case –turning her hair a violent shade of blue.

“No.” Rose said cheekily, shoving back the blankets and meeting my gaze. “Fix me,” she pleaded.

I nodded and stared for a moment. Rose never voiced to anyone how much it hurt. Zabini’s cruel tricks and harsh words replayed over and over in her head, like a broken music box with an everlasting charm cast upon it. I could tell sometimes that the bulling was so intense that she found it unbearable to breathe.
It only happened when she was alone – so between the four of us, we did everything in our power not to allow it to progress even that far. But it’s hard.

I nudged her playfully. “I think that you should leave it, work it like the model I know you are and show Zabini what you’re made of.” She blinked; expression blank. “Or not, whichever’s fine.”

She groaned, trying to push herself away from me. “No, no, Rosie. I’m sorry … again.”

“You should be.” She responded. “So can you can fix it?” She asked me for the fifth time since we entered our dormitory.

I nodded, not vocalizing any of my thoughts on what I actually though her hair appeared similar to. I was too quiet and Rose knew it, she glanced at me subtly. “Fixing!” I chimed, blowing my blonde fringe out of my eye line.

If I was perfectly honest, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing – but I figured it couldn’t get any worse. I clicked my tongue while she raised her eyebrows. I was planning to use a dying charm from Witch Weekly and see if that would cover it up, but I was still unsure of the colour it would produce.

What I would not be explaining to Rose is that I found the charm between and advert for an eyebrow wax and a Muggle drug helpline.

I cleared my throat, putting my fist to my mouth as I did and spoke, “Saetarutilus.”

Rose squealed as a puff of smoke came from her head as a similar sound to a camera flash rang through the room, echoing off of the walls. “Shit Willa. My head’s tingling!” She cried, shooting from the bed towards the bathroom.


I shared an all knowing look with my reflection, realizing that this could be the last time I see my face in tact for a while. “Look what you did!”

I stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame. A slim figure stood, leaning over the sinks, and running her fingers loosely though her slightly unnaturally-red locks.
Her hair was a little darker than before – the red a little more on the bright side than the brown. I knew that Scorpius would hate it; he loved Rose just the way she was; without the extra attention needed. Her locks were thicker on top, leading to small swirls towards the bottom; I guess she wasn’t used to having a smile.

She closed her mouth with a huff. “Will’s, I think I actually like it.” Her loose touch turned to an affectionate stroke as she twisted her locks through her fingers.
She squealed and clapped her hands, jumping up and down on the spot. “You, Chambers, are a genius!”

I crossed my arms. “I do what I can.”

Rose was still staring at me, a little expectantly. “So where did you find that charm. Between the bikini wax and the alcoholic’s anonymous adverts in Witch Weekly?”

“No.” I said anxiously – and maybe a little too quickly.

She raised a brow. “Sure.” She wrapped her jumper around her body a little tighter and walked over to the bed. She pulled the hem of the hoodie over her knees as she pulled them to her chest. “So.” She began. “Do you think that Scorpius … maybe … likes anyone?”

I dropped my wand, tripping on the hem of my cloak. That was a big subject change. “Huh?”

“I mean, he’s been acting a little weird is all.”

“W … weird how?” I stammered.

She picked up Batman – who had just slyly snuck in through the open window and plodded to Rosie, purring like a fiend. “I mean, he doesn’t argue with me anymore. I miss being able to call him a twat and not feel guilty after wards.”

My eye’s widened.

“He waved at Zabini the other day, he looked happy. Do you think he likes her?”

“I can assure you that he doesn’t like Zabini.” My voice was low. “Trust me.”

“I will.” She sighed. “Is it reasonable to feel left out though? I can feel the anger boiling up inside of me when he talks to Tina. Like I want to claw her eyes out.” She scratched between Batman’s ears. “-and when he does that stupid smirk.”

My jaw dropped to the floor. “Rosie.” I cooed. “Are you jealous?”

“What?” She exclaimed. “I’m Rose Weasley, I don’t get jealous.”

I felt a strain in my temples as I rubbed them lightly. There was no way this was going to be easy. Getting Scorpius and Rose together was going to be like getting Daffy Duck to admit his feelings of love for the Wiley Coyote.

I snuck a glance at Rose, she wasn’t concentrating. Her gaze was cast towards the window – while absentmindedly stroking my lazy kitty.

“Rosie, are you sure? Rose … ROSE!” I exclaimed; accompanied by a thrown shoe that clonked her on the head.

“Ow – jeez Willa. Yes, I am bloody sure.” She rubbed her temple, scrunching her hair as she went.

I had been watching Rose of late. When Scorpius conversed with a girl or smirked at someone that wasn’t her – her cheeks would flush scarlet. Tina would throw her head back and laugh as her would allow her to hang from his arm like a monkey.

“Rose, if you do-“

“Well, I don’t.”

I sighed. “Yes, but if you do – no, don’t interrupt me yet – If you ever do, its ok. You two would be good for each other. It might hit a little closer to home than you think.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Her voice was questioning yet somehow still soft.

“Think about it Red.” I teased, laughing a little carelessly. Rose was rather defeated.

Her smile grew as she pulled me down beside her. “So, what exactly are we wearing to this little gathering?”

I don’t know, but she’s wearing something extra eye catching.

I spotted a loose leaf and jumped on it, letting it crush beneath my feet. When I had begun Hogwarts, Scorpius was my only friend – mainly due to the fact I wouldn’t allow it any other way, he couldn’t get rid of me; trust me, he tried. Most students gawked at Al and Rose, them being the children of The Chosen One’s and whatnot. I befriended Albus quickly, blowing up a cauldron in to his face and landing us both in to detention.
Rose, being Rose, managed to create her first argument with Scorpius on the Hogwarts Express – they were getting an early start. Due to her hatred of Scorp, I refused to talk to her until April, when Tina and I got in to an argument and Rose saved my butt. Tina ended up in the Hospital Wing while Rose and I spent the night in Hagrid Hut, escaping trouble. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

“I’m going to kill him if he mentions it.” Rose panted her voice weak from loss of air.

We skipped down the stairs towards Hagrid’s Hut – the Campfires were always just along and down from that; closer to the lake.

I embraced the steam of the shower, allowing the droplets to pound my back; massaging my aching muscles. But this was all earlier – My routine was interrupted by a shrieking Rose. She had lost her jumper, and by her jumper, I mean Albus’s.
It’s always been that we wear the boy’s jumpers – Rose: Albus and I: Scorpius – mainly due to her refusal to oblige to wear his.
She wished to borrow the jumper of Al’s of which I own. She stamped her foot like a child from a movie and dropped my cat when I explained how it was in the wash. Which is why she is jumping down the cobbled steps wearing a Slytherin Quidditch jumper of which read’s MALFOY paired with dark wash jeans.

I said something eye catching after all.

In reality, this so called POTTER jumper is stuffed in between my Armani jeans and Juicy Couture cardi. If I tell her – I will die. But Scorpius will be happy.

“Don’t kill him.” I scolded as I panted lightly for air. “It’s not advisable due to the fact that he’s obviously going to point it out, maybe not to you though.”

“But to everyone else?”

I kicked a pile of leaves at Rosie as I hopped over a small wall. “Probably.”

She blew one from her mouth, looking a little disgruntled and joined me on the other side of the slated wall. Campfires in the Forbidden Forest were always a little risky; especially as were known to stay up until sunrise. Nevertheless, it’s our tradition.

In third year Al and I were in Care of Magical Creatures when we were approached by a centaur. When Hagrid approached the two of us, entrusting us with the task of collecting Unicorn hair for the lesson; we decided to alternatively spend the hour conversing with the Centaurs. They suggested that we spend more time in the forest, hence, the beginning of the tradition. Over the years, the number of our peers that attended increased. The more the merrier; Albus would always say.

“Rosie.” I began, taking her hand as we walked through the pumpkin patch. “Do you think that Lorcan actually like’s me for me?”

She swung our hands high. “Honey, I think Lorcan is a desperate twat who is looking for a good shag.”

I blinked. “So why did he choose me?”

“Willa. You’re everything that he wants … and everything that he can’t have.” She said softly.

“But why didn’t he go for you? Or Zabini? Or Albus?” There was no traces of excitement or adventure when I spoke, only regret and suspense.

She laughed, she actually laughed. “Well, I would have punched him in the face – you’re too nice. Zabini is an easy cow, there would be no challenge … and, well, Albus sorta speaks for himself.” She bumped me with her hip. “You’re a chase, I guess.”

“Bloody Scamander.” I muttered. “Go jump in a hole.”

“You’re cheery.” Her voice was quiet, her body a silhouette against the moon. Her eyes were drooping, like she was tired, typical Rosie, can’t stay up past midnight – even on New Years. Her hair was tied up in to a loose bun, the brighter colour a little more noticeable than before in the moonlight.

“I’m always cheery.” I chimed, smiling like a child.

Rose smiled. “Do you think that Albus is going to get his trousers stuck on to the top of Hagrid’s Hut again?”

I snorted. “I hope so; I remember McGonagall’s face when she found them early next morning.’

“She thought Hagrid had been ‘inappropriate’ with some of the students!”

Our bodies shook with giggles as Scorpius ran up to us from behind, busting between us and throwing his arms around our shoulders. “What ‘cha giggling about?”

Rose’s eye roll was visible from a mile away. His brows furrowed at her hair, of course he would notice it.

“Al’s trouser lossage.” I said, head butting his head lightly with my own, pulling him away from Rose … though I didn’t miss the eye roll. He seem’s to have this idea that something is going on between Al and me. He even confronted Albus in the Great Hall yesterday, causing Lorcan to lean over the table and prod Albus with his fork.

I could feel Scorpius still smirking beside me. “Ah, good times, good times McGonagall retrieved them with a fish hook. So Red, congrats on dear old dad!”

“What about him?”

Scorpius’s eye’s widened. “You don’t know?” We shook our heads. “He got promoted. In the Auror world, he’s second in command or sommin’.” He did a weird little hand movement. “Dad told me a few hours ago, stupid owl face-dived in to the cereal bowl during dinner, of which you missed by the way!”

Rose had coincidentally refused to attend dinner, mainly due to the dead blue animal that was nesting on her head at the time.

My brows furrowed. “Why wouldn’t he tell you Rosie?”

“A letter will probably arrive in the morning mail.” She spoke quietly. I could hear she was a little disappointed that she had found out from Scorp rather than her own father. But who wouldn’t be?

“Hey, don’t be down.” He assured caringly, throwing his arms around Rosie and picking her up from the ground. She laughed a little - a grin appeared on Scorpius’s face. Usually she would have knocked him out with some sort of penis shrinking hex; I could tell that the laugh was unintentional.

It was so strange to hear them talking without consequences. Whether or not it’s just a happy evening, or my suspicions are correct and Rosie does like Scorpius – it’s going to be an interesting night. I nodded along with their conversation, my mind drifting off elsewhere.

We walked towards the small opening, created by the lads years ago for our very first Camp-out. It’s a small odd-shaped gap in the tree’s overlooking the curve in the Black Lake. Last year the squid even made an appearance, knocking someone in to its depths.
It was a small gathering tonight, the best crowd in my opinion. Only seventh years attend, it’s widely known that no one else is welcome. Henry Shacklebolt stood by the fire, melting a marshmallow and his free hand around the waist of his girlfriend. I had Ancient Runes with Henry last year; he’s really somewhat amusing to talk to. A few girls that I recognized stood leant up against a tree to the far right along with a gathering of boys from a selection of Quidditch Teams to the left.
Tadd Finnegan was sat by the fire on one of the few logs, accompanied by his guitar – that boy really was a whizz.

I brushed the dirt from my bare legs and walked over to Albus, I ignored any kind of hello, how are you, and pulled him straight away from the girl he was chatting up behind a tree. I wouldn’t have noticed him usually, but his butt was sticking out from behind the willow.

“Uh, Will’s. I was sort in the middle of something there.”

I fiddled with the ends of Scorpius’s jumper with my finger tips. “I realise.”

He shrugged. “But I was flirting; you know never to interrupt me when I’m flirting”

“You’ll live.” I reassured, thinking for a moment before shrugging.

He laughed at my expression. “You’re weird. So how can I help you this fine evening?”

“Rose and Scorpius are a twosome and I feel alone.”

“And so you felt obliged to find me?” He grinned.

“Yes, I did. You’re a prince Albus - a rather flirty and man-whore like prince, but still royalty.”

He scowled and turned back to his girl of the evening. “Hang on.” He turned back to me. “Did you just say that Rose and Scorpius are together?”

I nodded.

“Their together and there’s no corpses for us to dispose of?”

I nodded once more. It was his turn for the quizzical expression. “I have to see this.” He explained, his eyes glowing emerald with mischief, a look that I am rather comfortable with.

Taking me hand we jogged towards the fire and ducked behind a log. Tadd began to strum his guitar. It was a proper Campfire bash.


“I thought Rose’s hair was blue?” He practically shouted. My hand flew to his mouth as I pushed him further behind the log. “Wait a bloody minute – its red. What did you do?” He added accusingly.

I jabbed him with my finger. “It’s a little something called magic Albus. I believe you’re somewhat acquainted with the subject … being a wizard and all.”

He shook his head. “They actually look … happy? And she’s wearing your Malfoy jumper.”

“I guess.”

“So, not Scorpius’s little favorite anymore there Will’s?” Albus said cheekily, matching my posture.

I slumped down against the log and kicked off my tattered shoes. “I haven’t been his favorite in a while.”

He nudged me with his leg playfully, nearly knocking me over with his keeper strength. “Yes you have – he could marry the Queen of Muggle England and he’d still choose you over her. Just like you would for him.”

“Considering the Queen is like, older than McGonagall. I seriously doubt that Scorp – or I - would go for that?”

The corners of his mouth twitched with laughter as he pondered what that would be like. I stared at him, unblinking. “Do you think that he would choose Rose over the Queen?”

“Or McGonagall?” he said in a bored tone.

“I think he’d jump off a cliff if Rose wanted him too.”

Al scratched his chin nonchalantly. “He is rather impressionable isn’t he?”

“Not really.” I groaned. “I mean, most people don’t like him, they just fear him.”

Albus held on to my shoulder tightly, making me look at Scorpius. “Do you honestly think that people fear … that?”

Scorpius and Rose were sitting on a log, laughing together as Scorpius pushed a stray hair from her eyes. He looked so calm – so, peaceful.
Rose was sitting with her legs crossed and her fingers entwined with another. We watched Scorpius’s lips move as he spoke. You could tell his words were cheeky.

Tadd’s song rang through the camp, his voice was admirable. That was widely known. His father Seamus Finnegan went to school with Harry. They’re still quite good friends. Upon entering the Common Room late at night you can hear Tadd playing sometimes – it’s usually on a Saturday.

“No.” I slowly admitted, ducking behind the wood as they glanced over together. “But wait until one of the other guys mentions what they think of Rose and then the Hulk will appear.”

“The Hulk?”

I laughed. “You are such a mamma’s boy.”

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

“Am not”

“Are too.”

“Am not.”

“Am not.”

“Are too – shit.” He said exasperatedly. “I hate you sometimes.”

I pulled back from his grip. “Hate is a very strong word.”

“Aw, don’t turn all hippy of me Gryff.”

I pushed him lightly to the floor. “Well, what would you know … snake?”

“What is this? Foreplay?” He asked, raising an eyebrow and still lying on the floor. “Cause it’s turning me on a little Will’s. I gotta be honest with you!”

“You’re such a twat sometimes Al, you know that?” I chuckled, for once I meant it. “And a little scary too.”

“Stay away from dark and secluded places this evening Willa.”

I looked at him in surprise. “Why?”

“Cause, they’re gunna be occupied!” He winked before scrambling from the floor and following a leggy girl wearing hot pants. Typical.

Long gone was the shy and timid eleven year old that I befriended. It was around somewhere during forth year when he discovered that girls aren’t actually yucky and began to indulge. Last week Rose and I interrupted a love fest between his and a brunette happy-go-lucky Ravenclaw going at it in the dungeons.

People have a tendency to bask in the fame of the Potter’s. They attempt to latch on to Albus – and James when he was here. Lily get’s the majority though, some attempting to befriend her, others; well you get the gist.

I slumped out from behind the log, ignoring the insect infested holes in the wood and stood. I slapped the dirt from my legs once more, regretting the choice of denim shorts for the evening.

“Apart from being sexy Chambers, what do you do for a living?”

My heart pounded in my chest. I was suddenly incredibly aware of every nerve in my system. Before being able to process my posture, he was next to me, running a finger lightly over my shoulder suggestively.

“I’m a female impersonator.” I snapped, shoving his hand from my shoulder, shivering from disgust under his touch.

“Oh, feisty.” Lorcan purred. “Just the way I like ‘em.”

“Ok. Scamander. ‘Them’ have names. They are girls, just like I am.” I explained. “Girls are human beings – I suggest that you being treating them like one.”

My feet traveled on their own towards the fire. Unsurprisingly, he followed. I had no idea what I expected myself to do upon reaching the flames – maybe push him in?

“You know.” He began. “That angry and slightly psychotic look that you get in your eye is kinda sexy.”

“Oh trust me.” I spat sourly. “I save it especially for you Lorcan.” I meant that.

He flung his arms around my waist, pulling me in to him so I stood on my tip toes. “How about we go and find a secluded area of the forest?”

“We can’t, they’re taken.” I sighed and attempted to release myself from his grasp. Upon failing – I fell limp. “Please release me?”

“Uh, no? And about the forest – I don’t mind sharing.” He whispered in my ear, his hot breath tickling my neck and making little hairs stand on end, still latching on to me roughly.

Lorcan is the same age as Scorpius, Al and Lysander – his twin. No girl can pass without being able to fawn over him. He’s rude ad conceded and still the girls of Hogwarts swooned in his wake – I’m sure even the Professors. But with me it’s different. Whenever he’s around, a biter taste runs through my mouth and I want to regurgitate the contents of my stomach. His attention wasn’t someone’s that I strived for.

“Well I do.” I snapped. “You better watch yourself Scamander, because my friends are watching you. Albus has lived through Ginny Weasley’s temper, Rose, her fathers and well, Scorpius is sort of self explanatory. All it will take is a little scream, or tiny tear – they will rip you to shreds.”

Tadd played the music louder as students began to scream and dance with an eccentric amount of energy.

“I’d like to see them try.” He challenged. “Potter’s off shagging a prostitute and Weasley and Malfoy are pretty infatuated with each other tonight, a little strange isn’t it?” I blinked. “I bet I can kiss you without touching your lips.”


His body was pressed to mine, sending a sickening feeling to spread around my body. His lips embraced mine forcefully with a rapid speed. My stomach turned uncontrollably as my hands attempted to push him away.

“Get off.” I screeched in to his lips, pushing him with all the strength I could muster. His lips fell back to conquer my own. I head butted him with my temple, hitting him straight in the eye and dug my nails in to his arm. I closed my eyes and waited for the hell to come.

It never did.

I felt his arms release me and I fell to the ground with a thump, landing in the used ashes from the fire. I opened my eyes. Lorcan was cowering on the ground, clutching a bloody nose. Tadd, having dropped his guitar, was standing, fists clenched.

“Touch her again and you’ll be sorry Scamander!” His voice scared me. Lorcan was stammering excuses as he stood up.

He turned to me. “I guess I lost the bet.” His tone was bored, his expression nonchalant; a little annoyed at the bloody flowing from his nose.

He flicked his hand, sending the bloody flying from it to the floor as he stormed away. Leaving me on the ground, a tear trickled from my eyes and down my cheek.

“Willa, are you ok?” Tadd asked; concern riddled in his voice. A few people looked up as the music stopped, the camp quieter than preferred.

I glanced around at the confused faces. Tadd blinked and kneeled down beside me, his face softened. “Willa?”

I scampered from the floor, probably spraying Tadd with leaves as I stood, the tears flowing freely down my cheeks as I ran.

The sight of the retreating figures of my worried friends broke the anxiety. The tears fell as my heart rate slowed. I felt safer alone in the Forbidden Forest than I did by the Campfire. Scorpius’s cries echoed through the wood. He was angry – he’s never been too good at hiding his emotions. Nor dealing with them.

I ignored his cries for me and made towards the lake, following the glimmer of the moon. I sobbed quietly as I trekked, wiping my eyes with my wrist.

It was widely notorious that Lorcan was a player – and I practically dwell with Scorpius, he’s a player. So why did it bother me so much when he kissed me? I had been anticipating it for a while. He was infatuated – he was in for the game. He wouldn’t stop until he get’s what he wants. Scorp advised me to keep my distance in fifth year; we shortly realized that possibly would be somewhat of a challenge. Lorcan is easily provoked. Ignoring him was always my best option.

I sniffed and flexed my fingers.

Lorcan’s hands had been all over my body, his lips on mine. His breath on my neck. I felt used, easy. I released a raspy scream and sobbed, raising my fist and smacking it against a tree’s trunk. Its branch swung from above and pushed me away. I stumbled and sniffed.

“Sorry.” I offered, turned around and stumbling through the trees, my feet dragging a little. I had essentially dwindled to the position; I was having a discussion with a tree.

My wiggles my toes, wondering to the whereabouts’ of my shoes. I stepped over a set of roots and climbed through rocks. The moon light shone upon the lake, reflecting its innocence. It rippled in the wind. If you looked close enough, creatures could be seen. Fairies, Fireflies, Grindylows, the Giant Squid; of which Albus so successfully named Brian in our forth year.

I rubbed my arms back to warmth for a moment and ran my hands through my hair before mentally smacking myself. How could I be such a child? I was wearing a women’s sweater vest that was at least a size too big – it fell off of my shoulders revealing a white tank top underneath. Walking around the forest in the early hours of the morning - bare foot, short shorts and sweater vests. Not good.

I picked up a small rock and threw it into the lake with all the strength I could muster. It landed not too far out with a light plop.

An attentive voice befell from behind me. “Willa?”

“No…no, you stay away from me!” I stammered earnestly.

His eyes narrowed. “Excuse me?”

I fumbled around for a moment for my wand before finally recollecting it was still on my bed. “Don’t take anoth-“ There was a battered copy of Pride and Prejudice in his grasp.

I laughed a little ironically and slid down the rock, small tears flowing freely once more. “Xander, I’m sorry I thought-“

“I was my brother?” He smiled. “You’d be surprised how many times a day I get that … and by how many different women.”

He sat down next to me in the dirt, leaving a small gap between the two of us. He put his arm around my shaking shoulders and held me still. “Willa, are you alright?”

I nodded and looked up to him through teary eyes. “I’m fine.” He didn’t believe me. “Your brothers a git.”

“I realized that early on in my life.” He grinned. “I think it was when he put my Action Man in the air vent of our kitchen.”

The corners of my mouth twitched.

His eyes travelled over my face for a moment, the beginnings of a smile appearing. “We were five, by the way.”

“Of course.”

“We were!” He reassured.

I blinked.

He sighed. “What did my brother do to you?”

“Wait, you weren’t at the fire?”

He shook his head. “I’ve been here all night, I love this spot. I sit by the rocks and look over the lake … It’s weird, I called to my friend Brian once and the Giant Squid appeared.”

I bit back a smile. Bloody Albus – training a squid.

“So, what did Lorcan do?”

I shook my head. “It doesn’t matter.”

“It does to me.”

I smiled. “That’s nice to hear, but I’m not telling you. It’ll be all over the school by tomorrow anyway.”

“You underestimate the power of your friend Scorpius. If he tells people to stop talking – they will.”

Another tear fell. “He’s not that scary. Did he ever apologize to you?” Lysander’s expression was blank. “For the coffee shop, he was rude – oh, and thank you for catching me by the way.”

“It’s fine.” He shrugged. “But, no. He didn’t apologize to me. It’s alright though.”

“No, it’s not alright. I’ll bloody kill him.”

He chuckled and patted his hand with his book. “Pride and Prejudice.” I read. “The classic love story.”

He snapped from a daze and handed me the book. The blue cover was no longer; now a more unrealistic shade of purple. Pages were hanging by a thread and the writing – tiny. I crossed my legs infront of me, as did he.

“A standard example of chivalry.” His bright eyes travelled over the text.

I snorted. “Chivalry is dead … it has been for a while now.”

“Chivalry is not dead, not in everyone.” I raised a brow. His voice was so deep – so soothing. “You can tell all the stories you wish, or you can be a complete dunderhead, whatever. But the best way to say our values and morals is through encouraging others. In reality, it does wonders for others.”

I frowned. “I am yet to find an idiot that would hold open a door for me or leave me alone when you ask them to, for example. Chivalry is ostentatious and cliché. It’s outdated and has been lost through time. It would make a surprising antidote to what the heck is in everybody elses' heads today.”

I looked up to him through teary eyes, he wiped my cheek.

“It only depends on who you talk to. I think … that chivalry is around today more than ever.” He debated, nicking his book back.
“People everywhere are rethinking the things that are important in their lives, rediscovering the virtues that it stands for. People can be chivalrous - take Superman for example.”

I shook my head, “Xander, you’ve just resorted to Superman for a figure of chivalry, what does that say about our society. He’s not even real.”

“Well, I believe in chivalry.” He shook his head and leant back closer against the rock.

“Nothing undermines the value of it more then somebody who says to abide by the idea of it and doesn’t themselves.”

The corners of his mouth twitched. “Well, if I ever meet one of these people. I’ll make sure that I don’t hold the door open for them.”

I bit my lip and laughed. “You’re going to be doing a lot of slamming.”

“I’m beginning to think that you have a problem with men.” He arched a brow, chuckling teasingly, as I put my head in to my hands. He closed the book with a quiet thump as a small smile etched across his face.

I crinkled my nose. “Problem is an understatement.”

“Can’t find a guy with dimples?”

I raised my eyebrow and he laughed. “I do have the ability to inflict pain – that was not a cue for you to laugh harder.”

Lysander is the same age as me, identical to his twin – they really are identical, but their personalities couldn’t be more different. I looked up as I smacked his arm as a punishment and locked with the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, they caught me off guard. My heart fluttered, and then stopped.
I laughed awkwardly as he looked away. He wasn’t paying attention. He was briefly glancing over his shoulder. It would be an understatement to say that the Scamander twins aren’t gorgeous, they are. Lysander is stronger – in a fight, he would probably win. He’s a one of the Ravenclaw beaters, Lorcan; Slytherin Chaser. Xanders tall. He’s broad shouldered and muscular – on the other hand so is my loyal and somewhat perverted stalker.
I smiled at Lysander’s chiseled face, it’s hard not too. His face is gentle yet haunted. The debate has been repeated many times – Lysander or Lorcan? Most are torn. With Lysander, sweet, sweet Xander, you are more likely to get conversation. Lorcan on the other hand; a shag.

Lysander’s beater twin, as he’s known, Brain Shay decided to announce late last year that Lysander has his eye on a secret someone. I had a suspicion it’s Rose. He’s always looking over – and Scorpius dislikes him. Although, to be honest, Scorpius dislikes most people.

“Scorpius was wrong.” I whispered.

Xander turned back to me, his arm still around my shoulders. “Sorry?”

“I said, Scorpius was wrong.” I admitted thoughtfully. “You do have dimples.”

He chuckled, slightly embarrassed. He smiled and subconsciously rubbed his neck.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

He spoke blissfully. “You didn’t.”

I blinked stupidly and pushed the rings around my fingers. I love rings – I have thousands. Rose say’s its weird, but Albus say’s he always knows what to get me for my birthday.
I have two rings with the family emblem - a gift from my Grandmother. A silver ring placed on my right hand from Scorpius for my 16th birthday and my purity on my ring finger, it’s the one that separates me from the lads. They are the few that never come off. Other’s alternate. 

"So ... uh ... are you and, uh." ha stammered, I smiled and gestured for him to spit it out. "Are you and, uh, Albus?"

"Me and Al?" I repeated slowly. "Are you kidding?"

"Willa, don't laugh. it was only a question. Besides, everyone thinks it and you're wearing his jumper after all!" 

I blinked ... "Everyone thinks it? Well that will have to be rectified." He rolled his eyes.

I smiled gleefully and shifted on the rock a little. Lysander stood up. “What are you doing?” I said, a little too quickly.

“Being chivalrous.” He folded his arms and chuckled, his soft voice melting me in to a girly pool of mush. “I was hoping that you would accompany me back to the campfire, or sneak in to the kitchens with me.” He took my hands and pulled me up. “The choice is yours.”

He ran his fingers through his hair and pulled me with him, making me clumsily fall in to his stride. “But I am not allowing you to sit by the lake on your own and sulk.”

“Uh huh.” I giggled. “I could get captured by fireflies.” I added as I caught a handful and set them free.

Lysander’s hand was resting on the back of his neck. “They’d return you.”

My jaw dropped to the floor as I smacked him.

“I see what you mean.” He said cheekily. “You really can pack a punch.” His tone was a touch sarcastic as he stopped and leant on a tree. “Willa, what happened to your shoes?”

I blushed at the sight of my dirty feet and shrugged. “I think Al has them.”

He tutted before taking his Ravenclaw scarf from around his neck and placing it delicately around mine. “I like the ‘Willa’ by the way.” He said quietly, referring to the small tattooed inscription on my left foot. I blushed. “Jump up.”

“Excuse me?”

He shook his head. “I’m carrying you back; you’re not walking without shoes. I’m a Ravenclaw; I know what’s on the floor of this wood!”

“It doesn’t take a genius to work out the floor is a tasteful assortment of soil and poo.” I chortled. “I’ve already caused enough of a scene. I’ll hop back thank you very much!”


“No silly, I’m gunna walk.”

He laughed and slowly sighed. I rubbed my forearms arms and stared blankly ahead of me. “You cold?”


“Here.” He said automatically, taking off his Quidditch jumper – accidentally pulling his t-shirt up a little too - and handing it to me.

“But won’t you be cold?” I blinked and gestured to his single t-shirt.

He shook his head. “Nah, I haven’t been cold in years.”

I scrunched up my nose and pulled the jumper over my head. It was the Ravenclaw equivalent of the lads sweaters – excluding the fact that the twins were broader than Albus and Scorpius, hence the size difference.

I placed my hand on his arm and grinned. “Thank you Lysander … and I don’t mean just for this – I mean for everything.”

“It’s no problem.”

I smiled thankfully and took his hand in mine, squeezing it gently.

“Willa!” Rose squealed, tackling me to the ground.

“Oomph, Rosie!” I cried, shoving her off of me and picking leaves from my hair. She latched back on.

“We were so worried.”

Scorpius stormed over, fuming. “You-“


“-are an angel!” He said, suddenly innocent. He flung his arms around Xander, hugging him tightly. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. You found baby Will’s. Thank y-“

“Release!” Albus ordered, yanking him back. He smirked. It was obvious that a hug was the last thing Lysander expected from The Scorpius Malfoy. “Thanks man.” He greeted, giving Xander a brief handshake. “Willa are you ok honey?”

I nodded slowly. “Yeah, I’m fine. Where’s Tadd? I need to thank him. For what he did – is Lorcan ok?”

My three friends dropped whatever they were holding and turned to face me with disgust. “Why?” Scorpius spat. “After you left he ran. Tadd and I chased him back to the castle but we lost him … he better not come back to the common room tonight!”

My eyes widened. “Scorpius! You’re not going to hurt him!”


I glared, probably embarrassing myself more than necessary. If he attacked Lorcan, he would be no better than Scamander himself.

“Ok, sorry. There will be no abuse.”

Throughout the time that Scorp and I have spent together, he has realized that when the glare appears on my face; it’s just better to back off.
A small miaow came from below as Batman twisted herself between my legs. I picked her up and hugged her to my chest, her paws on my shoulder.

“Piss-tastic Will’s.” Scorpius laughed. “Did you really have to bring the cat down?” He addressed Rose. She shrugged.

“You two treat that thing like a baby.” Albus informed me. “You and Rose are her parents.”

Scorpius’s eyes scanned the crowd, probably looking for Lorcan. “And for the love of god why did you call a female cat Batman?”

Rose echoed my stare, one hand on her hip. “Why not call a female cat Batman.” She took him from my arms. “Don’t listen to them baby.” She cooed holding the kitty’s face to her own.

“Jesus Christ.” Albus said. All of the boys turning towards Rose. “That cat get’s more bloody attention than I do!”

“Female attention?” I asked.

Rose giggled. “Because I highly doubt that the cat wants to shag you.”

Albus’s mouth fell open. “You are so immature.” He accused, seemingly baffled and walking away. Scorpius laughed as Albus glared, before looking a little put out.

“Well I’m glad you’re ok.” He said sweetly, hugging me tightly and placing a kiss upon my forehead. “And if he touches you again – I’ll rip his head off.”

“He’s not going to leave Lorcan alone is he Rosie?” I asked once Scorp has walked away towards Tadd.

“I highly doubt it.”

I giggled and suffered my feet across the floor before spotting my shoes behind a log. “Lysander-“ I began, “never mind.” I finished.
He was watching my best friend throw Batman in the air.

I parked my bum on to a log near the fire; three marshmallows stuffed carelessly on to my stick. I prodded the dying flames with the end and twisted it around. A blob of gooey mess dribbled from my twig. I wiggled my nose and retrieved my treats.

Albus and Rose had wanted to go back to the castle after finding out that I was ok. The twist? Albus saw a big butted girl and Rose didn’t want to leave Scorpius who refused to leave until I did.
The two of them have been sat on the same log for the past 4 and a half hours – no shouting.

Tadd has gone through the complete artist’s album of songs at least 3 times and Lorcan has buggered off somewhere nice.

“You know. Campfires aren’t as fun without company.” I jumped out of my skin before realizing the owner of the soothing voice was infact my savoir.

“You wanna give me some?”

He laughed. “Sure.” He climbed over the log, straddling it between his legs and facing me. My leg’s hitched up to my chest.

“Check out the sunrise.” I whispered.

“It’s pretty beautiful isn’t it?” He nicked a marshmallow from my stick and popped it in to his mouth, chewing slowly. “You’re a great cook you know that?”

“I can do marshmallows – through years of forceful campfire training, alphabetti spaghetti and waffles.” I laughed, hugging his jumper tighter around my torso and tearing my gaze away from the waking sun.

“You know how to live Willa.” he caught the drip of another marshmallow and wiped it along my cheek. I squealed as he laughed and shrugged innocently.

I took my last ‘mallow and lightly slapped the melted goo to his mouth with a smile on my face.

“Evil.” He muttered, biting the marshmallow from my hand, which was still mortifyingly stuck to his mouth. I dropped the stick to the floor as he stood once more.
“Dance with me marshmallow face.”

My heart fluttered once more at his touch as he pulled me from the log. “I wouldn’t have it any other way Prince of Chivalry.”

He pulled me close, wrapping his arms around my waist. His touch was so gentle from his brothers – so caring, so light. The fire from his hands burnt through the jumper, little bombs exploding around my body, every nerve suddenly awake. 

Hidey Ho!

Saetarutilus – translates to hair red in Latin. 

Disclaimer; Everything goes to JK Rowling – the genius behind all genius’!

I grace you lovely readers (and possible reviewers) with a nineteen page chapter. I almost lost my fingers and lost my round eyes to the shape of a square (too much computer screen). I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter.

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