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Your Wish Is My Command by xquisitely_sirius
Chapter 6 : Of All The Ungrateful Little . . .
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Disclaimer: It’s all Jo’s 

Classes continued the next day with Transfiguration which unfortunately this meant class with the Slytherins. The Marauders would have tried to skip class, however, McGonagall would kill them if she found them skipping just because they had a lesson with people they didn’t like. Reluctantly they joined Lily, Jen and Tess on the way to lesson.

Professor McGonagall started the first class of the year with a lecture on their OWLs which they had already heard four times in yesterday’s classes. Jen sat next to Tess; Lily had decided to sit next to Severus today as she hadn’t spoke to him for a long time. The Marauders sat in a line behind though Jen already knew at least James and Sirius were taking the time to catch up on their sleep. Remus on the other hand, was sat taking eager notes which he would reluctantly allow James, Sirius and Peter to look at when they decided to study a week before exams.

Finally the bell rang though the students still grumbled and moaned as this meant double History of Magic. “Oh, I forgot to tell you guys. Mom wants you all over for Christmas and she won’t take no for an answer,” James said on their way down the corridor.

“But James, it isn’t Christmas for another three months!”

“Well, she wants to make sure you don’t make other plans. You know what it means for her to have you all around and she hasn’t got that far yet. Last year Remus had to stay away for a transformation, the year before that Peter had to stay with his aunt and uncle and the one before that Sirius couldn’t get away from home. She wants to make sure you’re all there. Do you blame her, really?”

“But James, you know I won’t be able to go round. My parents would never allow it.” Jen mumbled her problem with her head dropped down. Every year she had been invited to the Potter’s but her answer had always had to be the same.

“We’ll think of something Jenny. Just hold in there. I just wish there was a way you would be able to come.”

The rest mumbling in agreement and promising to be at the Potter’s for Christmas, they trudged to lesson with Jen dragging her feet closely at the rear. She knew something terrible was bound to happen as James’ exact words processed in her head.


Snoring filled the Divination classroom the next day, yet still Professor Tillie carried on with the class. It was as though she hadn’t noticed the sleeping students around her. However, one person had stayed awake to take notes. Lily Evans. To her every lesson was important so she therefore had to stay awake to take notes. Though admittedly she had always thought this lesson was a waste of her time.

“Sorry to interrupt your lesson professor, but could I borrow Jennifer Cole, please. It’s important.” Professor McGonagall’s appearance attracted the attention of all the sleeping students, as the snoring abruptly stopped and students rubbed their eyes to wake themselves up. McGonagall would have a fit if she had known they had all been sleeping. Seeming confused by the disturbance, the professor processed the request before answering.

All faces turned to Jennifer who sat rooted in her seat. Then Professor Tillie spoke: “Of course professor. Of you go, Jennifer.” Still she didn’t move until Kai appeared at the door. “Jenny, come on please. Professor McGonagall needs to tell you something important,” he muttered unable to look her in the eye. She stood slowly from her seat and joined the professor and her brother.

“Follow me!”

The siblings did as was told and followed Professor McGonagall down the corridor to supposedly her office. Jen had tried to get the attention of her brother on the way without results; he just kept his eyes down, watching the floor.

“Miss Cole, Kai, would you please sit down. Now, the ministry wanted to send you a letter this morning informing you of this recent event but Professor Dumbledore has persuaded them to allow me to tell you as I am your head of house, Jennifer, and your teacher, Kai.” Professor McGonagall had a look of sympathy in her eyes that confused her students. They couldn’t understand what she was trying to tell them.

“I don’t get what you’re trying to say Professor.”

“I am afraid to inform you that you’re parents were found dead this morning in their home by your aunty and uncle. I am extremely sorry and if either of you need to talk you know where I am.”

Tears welled up in Jen’s eyes automatically. She couldn’t understand it. Why was she crying when they hadn’t shown an ounce of love for her over the past five years?

“I-I need t-to see...” Jen couldn’t finish what she wanted to say for a sob escaped her delicate lips. Standing from her chair, she escaped the office to find the person she needed most.

Her search didn’t take long as she soon bumped him. “Jen?! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Sirius wrapped her tightly in his muscled arms which he had developed from Quidditch.

“N-no, I-I-I-“ Her sobs grew louder as she snuggled into Sirius’ tight embrace.

“Shhh. Shhh, it’s okay. I’m here, nothing can hurt you. You’re okay now.” Sirius led her to the Room of Requirement sensing that she needed space to herself away from the rest of the school.

They soon arrived at the seventh floor corridor where the room was situated and Sirius walked three times past the spot to produce the door. “Come on, let’s sit by the fire and get you all comfortable, yeah babe?” Inside the room of requirement was a large comfy sofa which sat in front of a large lit fireplace, and a large four poster bed that sat near the back. As Sirius sat he pulled Jen onto his lap and wrapped his warm arms around her shivering shoulders.

Sirius sat patiently, waiting for her to get calm enough to tell him what the matter was. “My parents were murdered,” Kim muttered quietly in his shirt. Silence followed while Sirius thought of the right thing to say.

“I’m so sorry!”

“Do you know what the worst thing is? They are my parents and there were times when they showed me love but I’m not upset. Sure it shocked me; I couldn’t seem to hold the tears back but I don’t know why. I just don’t get it!!” Her voice broke on the last word. This was the first time someone in her family had died; to her the experience was new. “I’m free now Sirius. I can do what I want and be friends with whomever I choose. I can go to James’ house at Christmas and meet his parents.” Realisation struck Jen. Yesterday James had wished for a way she could go over his house. Now she could. Both she and James had caused this without neither of them knowing. But know she did and Jen would have to live with that forever.

“I know you want to seem happy and look like this hasn’t affected you but if you want to talk I’m here anytime.” Sirius tightened his grip on her to show Jen that he meant what he was saying.

They sat in silence, with Sirius gazing at Jen. Slowly, her eyes started to drift shut – her weeping had tired her out! All Sirius could do was sit with her in his lap and watch, not that he minded much. He was fascinated by this simple but mesmerizing girl in front of him.

When he was sure his best friend was definitely asleep, Sirius’ head lowered slowly as he pressed his lips to hers. He really did love her.


The week zoomed by, soon it was Monday again. “Come on, we better get to Defence before Dylex has our heads.” The fifth year Gryffindor’s had been taking their time eating breakfast, but none of them could deny that if they took any longer they would surely get detention from the professor.

“Hey,” Jen sang when she sat in her seat next to Warren in a joyful mood. But she didn’t receive the reply Jen had been hoping for as Warren grunted in the seat beside hers. Shrugging his mood off as tiredness, Jennifer settled into her seat with her equipment and started to take down the notes from the board.

“Right class,” Professor Dylex said nearing the end of class; “I have an assignment for you to work on with the person sitting alongside you. You are to go away and create a role-play for a duel. Extra points will be given for the difficulty and creativity of spells. You may speak amongst yourselves until the bell.”

“Okay, so I was thinking-”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about this babe. You just sit back and relax – I’ll think of something. After all, duels aren’t really suitable for girls are they? More of a man’s thing to do.”

“You know what, I’m sick of you already. Is it only me you’ve got a problem with because it seems that way. I thought we could get on and work together as a team but I guess you are just fine throwing it back in my face! Why do I even bother?! You won’t have to worry about me bothering you anymore because you’re not worth it. Shame on you!”

Jen’s rant had slightly taken Warren aback though the last sentence brought a smile to his face. She sure is something, he thought.

The bell rang, luckily for Jennifer, as she stormed out of the classroom into the crowded hallways. “Of all the ungrateful little. . . Uh!” Numerous heads turned to watch the girl stomping down the corridor but she failed to notice; she was too busy finding ways to hurt Warren.

“Jen? Hey, wait up are you okay?”

“No, Sirius I’m not. It’s only the second week and already I want to rip out his throat! Uh!”

“Who are you on about?”

“Warren.” Jennifer spoke the word with as much disgust as she could muster, making Sirius glad he didn’t get on the wrong side of her often. 

[A/N] Another dose of Warren – what do you think of him now? I know my chapters have been a bit short so far and I promise to try and make them longer. Hopefully sixth chapter will be up soon x 

Chapter image by SiriuslyInspired :D

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Your Wish Is My Command: Of All The Ungrateful Little . . .


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