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The Problems Of A Pregnant 14 Year Old At Hogwarts. by chocolateiceycake
Chapter 2 : A Kind Thomas And Overloading Homework.
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The following morning, I woke up to the sound of chirping birds. 'Stupid them, can't people get soundless sleeps anymore?' I said to myself.

My focus turned towards Dom. Her pillow was on top of her head, and all her sheets draped over her all covered the floor. I looked towards Janet Johnson and Lisa-lee Wonder. They were both sleeping soundly, with their heads on top of their pillows. I shaked my head at Dom's messiness.

I got up and looked out of the overlarge windows. I had missed the homely castle and the forbidden forests. In my second year, Dom, Al, Malfoy and I got a dare to spend a night in the deadly forest. The dare was given by my stupid cousin James and his sidekick and best mate Thomas. It was a very eventful night, because the unicorns gave us company, but the spiders freaked me out. Unfortunatly, I had inherited dad's stupid spider problem, and Hugo had inherited mum's panicky attitude.

Since it was nearly breakfast, I got dressed and went down the spiral staircase towards the Gryffindor common room. There, I found Al, sleeping with his mouth open and a butterbeer bottle in his hand.

Having nothing to do, I woke Al up. 

"Hey Rosie, what you want? Don't tell me I have to take you to the loo or something?"

I smacked him on the head and he stood up, wanting to overpower me by his height.

"No." I said. "Why are you in our common room. Did the Slytherins kick you out or something?" I smirked and continued. " You better get going, breakfast and classes start soon."

Al nodded and hugged me with one arm. With the other, he ruffled my hair, which I had already brushed. I smiled and he left.

I sat down on the comfy couch Al was sitting on and put my hands on my stomach. Did I really sleep with Scorpius, no, his name is Malfoy. Well, the pregnancy test cleared that question. "Damn it!" I cried.

At that moment, James and Thomas came down the stairs.

"You ok? You just threw a quill into the fire." Thomas stated, sitting on the arm of my couch.

"You still look pale, Rose." James said worringly.

"I know, I'm not feeling the best these days." I replied.

"That's unfortunate, because school just started, but don't worry, you'll get better soon." Thomas exclaimed, rubbing my arm.

Thomas was actually like a big brother to me. We got really close when a Ravenclaw prefect accidently locked the door of a classroom. I was in first year, and when I cried, he hugged me and said someone will definantly come for us. He is only two years older than me.

"Anyways, let's go to breakfast." James said suddenly, interrupting my happy memories.

Thomas looked my way, flicked his head towards the portrait hole and indicated me to come as well.

So I trailed behind them. When we got to the great hall, only a few people were there. There was Professor McGonagall, whispering to Madam Clover. I wish I had my extendable ears I got from Uncle George here. I could use them well, but before coming to school, mum took them away from me, thinking I would do something stupid. 'Jeez, like I would do anything... again with the sarcasm. I should stop using that.' I thought.

There were also two little ravenclaws and 1 lonely slytherin. I looked closely and realised that was Malfoy.

As we walked towards to Gryffindor table, I wondered why he was so early.

That night, I sat in the common room in front of the fire on the couch I had sat in the morning. I was doing my transfiguration homework. Al and Malfoy were here too, getting my help. Although, I perfectly know that they both passed last year's work by far.

After a while Al said he was going to go get his potions homework. That left me and Malfoy.

"Umm, so what's the wand movement for turning quills into muggle pens again?" he asked, trying to make conversation.

"I know you know." I replied easily. I could be mean when I wanted to.

"Well, anyway, I was wondering if... y-y-you know," he stuttered.

"Errr...I'm not sure where you're taking this." I said.

"Ok, i was wondering if you wanna go out with me."

I turned my head to look at him. His dreamy hazel eyes looked so cute with that blond hair of his.

"What, after you slept with me?" I stated.

"Well, sure, nothing happened and we didn't tell anyone."

"Well, the thing is..." I started, thinking I should tell him.

Tears came in my eyes. Why do I keep crying these day?. I didn't like it when he said 'nothing happened'.

"Woah, quit the crying. I'm sorry." Malfoy exclaimed, realising that I was crying.

"Leave it." I said. I picked up all my stuff and went up to my dormitory, leaving Malfoy with a worried look. I missed my chance. Why did I have to cry?

Thankyou so much for reading. You guys are great. Reviews would be awesome. Thankyou.

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