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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 12 : One (Blake's Got A New Face)
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chapter12oneblakesgotanewface.jpg Chapter 12: One (Blake's Go picture by hplouise
thanks to dare4distance @ tda, this is beyond perfection :D

Disclaimer: All Jo’s.


I found myself once more stripped of a decent vocabulary. ‘Fuck’ appeared to be the only word to some up the entire bloody situation. And all I could do with my facial expressions was stand there, gaping like some gorm-less imbecile.

I had just kissed Lupin.

And not just a little peck on the lips, because I never did things by halves, a full on, melt your mouth, heat, passion, strawberry-flavoured lipgloss, kiss. One that left your whole head reeling whilst trying to remain standing. For a little ignorant git, he was a good kisser, very good, too good.

Not that Lupin’s kissing technique was the sodding matter at hand here.

The real matter was the sight that greeted me when I turned around. Because chance had dealt me a portentous fate, and it would not help me in anyway. A fate that presented itself in the form of not only Evan, but also the tall, stocky forms of Rabastian, Artemius and Lennox, all of whom were virtually sending bloody daggers my way through their glares. I could practically feel myself getting a tan from their scowls.

Even Evan, who I had thought would have displayed some sort of emotion, other than anger, was simply glaring at the pair of us. His cold, icy stare showed no sign of betrayal or hurt, just pure wrath, directed most prominently at me.

And still I stood there. Because it was only then, as I was faced with the sight of four dementor-like, angry, very angry, boys, that I realised the seriousness of the situation. I was about to loose my boyfriend, and not just my boyfriend, I was about to loose my best friend too.

I felt tears burning my eyes, disfiguring my vision of what was in front of me. I was the stupidest girl alive. I was meant to be a Ravenclaw, I was meant to be able to assess such situations and realise it is never a good idea to be on your own with a marauder, especially a marauder that may possibly have a slight crush on you, whilst you have a boyfriend. I wasn’t ever meant to become one of those selfish whores who slept around and cheated on those who cared for them (Black was the staple example).

It was not only Evan that I was about to loose, it was the other’s too. Because no self-respecting Slytherin would associate with a girl who cheated on their prince, their leader, especially one who had kissed a marauder and hung round with muggleborn’s. I knew throughout the years I had known them, and they had known of whom else I associated myself with, that the fact that I was a friend of Lily’s was an issue, but they had kept it to themselves. In their eyes I was still a good pureblood girl, dating a very high-profiled, decent pureblood boy, and at that time, that was all that mattered.

But now, in their eyes, I was as bad as a muggleborn, everything they had in the past ignored would now become their fuel to dismiss me. My association not only with Muggle-born’s, but ‘blood traitors’ too was now bound to be my un-doing. Not, in reality, that it bothered me too much to be shunned from such a despicable lifestyle of aristocratic parties and incest (I suppose Black and I have a little more in common than first perceived; our despise for such a society). Though I was sure somehow my mother would still force me to attend some awfully high-society pureblood gathering.

It was only the knowledge that I would loose every single one of them, well Lennox Wilkes would not be too much of a loss to bear. He was an arrogant git of a boy, who had always seemed jealous of Evan’s and mine relationship, almost as though I had stolen Evan away from him; he really was that pathetic. But I would not only loose Evan through this whole ordeal, but Rabastian and Artemius too.

‘I told you something was going on between them too.’ Wilkes said loudly.

I repeat; Wilkes would not be too much of a loss to bear.

‘Shut up Wilkes.’ I snapped glaring at him.

‘But he’s right though, isn’t he Stebbins?’ Snarled Rabastian.

Apparently they could no longer even call me by my first name. I was now, forever, only going to be called ‘Stebbins’.

‘You’re nothing but a dirty little whore,’ Artemius spat, ‘kissing dirty half-bloods, you’re a disgrace to the name of Stebbins.’

‘As if she hadn’t already disgraced that name.’ Added Wilkes viciously.

And all I could do was stand there as they threw insults at me, malicious, deplorable insults that I had never expected directed at me. I could feel the tears practically searing away my eyelids, pushing themselves ever closer to cascading down my cheeks. But I would not lose face in front of them; I would not let them see how they had got to me. And the worse of it all was I couldn’t say anything back, I wouldn’t say anything back.

‘Filthy blood traitor.’

I was in the wrong.

‘Associating with mudbloods.’

I had cheated on my boyfriend. I was a dirty little whore. I had long ago disgraced my family name, and the only thing that had kept my mother even being civil to me was Evan. And now, now I had fucked it up, lost everything that was dear to me, for a stupid, drunken kiss that wasn’t ever meant to happen. I wasn’t about to defend myself to the ones who stood snarling at me, they were right, they were my friends, I was not about to give as good as I got, I was going to stand there and take it all.

‘And half-bloods.’

All I wanted was for Lupin to leave. I did not want him to witness this, it would only be more fuel for the fire, something he could use at a later date. I wanted him to go back to his precious party and forget that I was outside been insulted. This was a private matter; he no longer had a place here. He’d done enough already.

‘Going to parties with Gryffindors.’

Evan just stood there, watching as his friends snarled at me, and all I wanted was for everyone to leave and for him to scream at me. All I wanted was some sort of sodding emotion; he was just looking at us with a blank expression and glazed eyes, not even flinching at the crude insults. He was almost in the background in the whole matter, a spectator in the whole thing. All I wanted was some sort of emotion; anger aimed at me, anything.

‘And I bet she’s been shagging him the entire year.’ Spat Wilkes.

I gaped at the audacity of Wilkes to even claim such a thing for someone I despised so much.

Evan’s eyes flickered at Wilkes’ statement.

‘Evan.’ I blurted out, trying to plead with him with my eyes that it wasn’t true.

His eyes grew cold and steely, anger beginning to flare once more in them. But suddenly I was scared, because I knew how his anger flared, I knew how low he would sink to get one over on another, and he had a lot on me.

The other three had stopped too, and I could feel Lupin tense besides me. We were all waiting for what he was about to say. My brain was screaming at me to explain myself before he started shouting, but all I could do was stand immobilised with fear. The alcohol that had evidently not completely left my system halted me. I had been rather wishful in thinking that such an amount of alcohol would disappear from my system so quickly. I felt myself stumble as I tried to stand still as I felt Evan’s heated glare on my bent head. This seemed to only make him angrier as I heard him emit a low growl, causing me to look up quickly; he was practically grinding his teeth at me as he stood in front of me. The fact that I had evidently kissed Lupin whilst highly intoxicated seemed to make him even more infuriated.

‘They’re right, you’re a dirty whore who is no better than a filthy mudblood. Why did I ever go out with you?’ He sneered in a most vicious manner.

His words were so cutting I felt a tear finally roll down my cheek.

‘And you just stand there like a branded slut, sad only for the fact that you’ve been caught, not by what you’ve done.’

‘Leaver her alone.’ Growled a voice and I felt someone brush past me and stand in front of me, blocking my view of all four of them.

‘Fuck off half-breed, you bloody caused all this! Taking advantage of her when you knew she was wrecked!’ Snarled Evan.

It was a strange reply, only because only seconds before he had been scolding me that no amount of alcohol would stop by mind from retaining its morals. I think that maybe his anger, though predominantly directed at me, only because he could not bear to talk to Lupin, was in fact mostly aimed towards Lupin, if not directly. Because maybe, and oh I how I hoped it was true, somewhere in the deep depths of that shrivelled thing he called a heart there was still some love for me. And even though he had called me every name under the sun, and practically screamed at me, though I had highly deserved, it hadn’t ever deterred the love I still retained for him, nor the love he had for me. And it was that thought that made me believe that he was angrier at Lupin because he didn’t want to believe that I could do such a thing, he didn’t want to let me go, he wanted to believe that I had been taken advantage of in my drunken state. When in reality, I knew this was a lie, I had committed the worst of the worst deed.

Evan seemingly wanted to be able to hex Lupin and take me back. But I knew he couldn’t, I wouldn’t have. And he had his peers to consider too, it was the sign of how fickle the pureblood society really was, he could not take back me, the dirty, filthy cheater, I had shamed the rich, aristocratic Evan Rosier. But one thing he certainly was going to do was hex Lupin into oblivion as I saw him draw out his wand venomously and I feared how this would all end.

I could see, from peeking round Lupin’s frame that the other three too had also drawn out their wands. And however good Lupin thought he was with a wand, he could not match the skills and anger of four livid, cheating, Slytherin boys.

I knew I had to stop them before it turned nasty. I felt myself drag my feet forward (and such an effort it was to drag my heavy body in front of Lupin). It was the right thing to do, even if I was defending the person I had cheated on Evan with, because even Lupin, the ignorant git, didn’t deserve such a fate.

And so it was that I found myself, still drunk from the excessive amounts of alcohol scattered in the Gryffindor common room, standing in front of four burly boys defending a scrawny marauder who most probably did deserve a good hexing.

My eyes met Evan’s own blazing irises; he looked almost shocked to see me in front of him. But I was not backing down, I would hex them too if they even tried anything, Lupin really wasn’t worth the amount of trouble they would get in.

‘Move.’ Snarled Evan.

‘No.’ I replied defiantly.

‘Move.’ He barked, spit flying from his frothing mouth.

‘No.’ I hissed, refusing to loose eye contact.

‘Callie, move.’ I heard Lupin whisper lightly, pushing me to the side.

‘Don’t call her Callie, you have no right to call her Callie!’ Growled Evan.

Had the fight really come down to this? I looked at Lupin questioningly, was he really about to accept his fate, standing his ground? I hesitated; about to move back in front of him when he shook his head violently at me, halting me instantly.

‘I think it’s time you learn to respect your superior’s, half-breed.’ Snarled Rabastian aiming a curse at Lupin.

Thankfully Lupin, having spent many a night jumping curses from Slytherins and Merlin-knows what else, managed to move quickly enough not to be hit, in the process moving me further away from the group.

‘And I think you need to learn to gain some respect Lestrange,’ Called a voice from behind us.

I had wondered when they would show up. Because they all had some weird animal instinct that enabled them all to come running to the other’s aid in any situation. I had just expected Lupin to have no arm by the time they found him. But there they all were, coming to stand next to Lupin, showing a united front, the four sixth year Gryffindor boys pitched against the four seventh year Slytherin boys. Neither backing down, both pitched for full on war.

‘Well maybe you should teach your half-breed comrade not to mess with my girl.’ Evan snarled.

Black, the one who had spoken first looked puzzled by Evan’s comment. He had evidently not seen me as Lupin had pushed me into the half shadows of the corridor. His dark eyebrows knitted together, trying to decipher what Evan was talking about, before his eyes revolved across the corridor until they finally rested on me. I could see both he and Potter’s (Potter had just found me too, Pettigrew was till aimlessly looking around the corridor) eyes widening as they saw me, looking quite dishevelled, I saw there minute brains working out what had happened and why exactly they were about to battle with the Slytherins (not that they usually cared, any excuse to hex the Slytherins was usually good enough).

But it was as they took their time to gape at me, and realise what I had done, that they let their guards down. Evidently they had forgotten that Slytherins never play fair, which meant that whilst there backs were half turned, Rabastian and Wilkes took their chance to hex them.

I screamed out, trying to warn them, but by the time they had reacted, it was too late, and they both fell, stiff as boards, to the floor with a loud, dull thud. They were as dense as they seemed apparently. And before I knew it there was full-on hexing battle going on, right in front of my eyes, though neither side once aimed at me.

It was in the midst of all of the swearing, and hexes, and downright crude boy growling that I saw the very person I had hoped would stay in her (what I was sure to be tartan) room, all night. But those blazing eyes, that tight quivering bun; that was practically giving the woman a face lift (and she defiantly needed it), formed the features of a McGonagall that I had never seen so livid. And still all eight of the morons continued to brawl, whilst I just stood transfixed by bloody McGonagall.

‘Expelliarmus.’ She called shrilly grabbing their wands as they sailed towards her.

With no wands to hex their opponents all eight turned their attention to the teacher they had not noticed before. And each on of them gulped in fear.

‘What in Merlin’s name is going on here.’ She shouted, reaching a pitch even a banshee would be proud of.

No one said anything.

‘Miss Stebbins would you like to explain?’

‘Well Professor, it’s, erm…’ I slurred.

‘Miss Stebbins, are you drunk?’ She said shrilly.

‘Me, Professor?’ I asked innocently.

And I would have looked innocent if I hadn’t have bloody fallen over my own two feet as I was saying it. I was out of this school for sure.

Nastiness will cause your doom,
Turn and walk back to your room.
One (Blake’s Got A New Face) – Vampire Weekend.

Reader: It’s short, and I know that's disappointing after a long wait, but I know now where I’m going from here, so don’t worry another update is coming. Please read and review.

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