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Listed by Ravenhairedenchantress
Chapter 1 : Obey
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“So,” Dominique said innocently as sat down opposite me at the Gryffindor table. “Strange thing happened to me yesterday…”

Hm?” I asked trying to inject as much interest into that sound as possible and looked up to find her smiling in a way that was slightly unnerving. “What happened?”

“I found this,” she stated and pulled a familiar, weathered parchment from her pocket and flippantly dangled it before my eyes. A piercing, iron hand gripped my chest and twisted forcefully as a severe blush tainted my cheeks. “Oh,” I managed to choke out.

Dominique smirked and nodded gravely at my progressive blush. My face was sure to be a colour close to burgundy and reminding myself that it would clash with my auburn hair hardly did anything for my ego. “Where did you get that?” I hissed, wrestling with my blush.

“Under your bed,” she shrugged and I shot her an exasperated look. That was so typical of her, to probe under my bed, in my bag, in my trunk and if presented with the opportunity, probably into my journal. Perhaps she didn’t fully understand the term privacy

I made a sudden move to snatch at the parchment but she pulled it back with a grin. “Would you like to explain the content of this list?”

“No, I wouldn’t,” I said rudely and made another lunge for the parchment. I was as unsuccessful in my attempts to regain my list as Hagrid’s efforts to crossbreed Hippogriffs and Skrewts.

“The Goals and Ambitions of Rose Weasley,” Dominique contrived as she began to read the words that were so familiar to me. I resigned myself to her stubbornness and wished her to the devil as she listed everything I’d wanted to achieve at Hogwarts. The content of my list enclosed no more than a few lines, each with a simple order. Be first in every class, become Prefect, become Head Girl and why not be popular, just to make the ride a little easier, a little more enjoyable.

Before Dom could get to the end of my list I’d made another attempt to salvage my list but she was too quick for me and easily leaned back. Her eyes flickered intentionally between the list and me her eyes widening with intent to the size of dinner plates and her lips forming a sarcastic O.

“What’s this?Kiss Scorpius Malfoy...” The word were foreign coming from her mouth. Albeit, I’d never heard them from anyone else’ mouth having been locked up in my thoughts for so long. Still, they sounded a little strange and I cringed and looked around to see if anyone else had heard. It wasn’t the classiest of ways to tell the world about your cousin’s secret desire to shove her tongue down the mouth of one the hottest boys in school. Mercifully, there was no one close enough to fully hear what she’d all but yelled. I also covertly glanced at the subject of the matter sat at the Slytherin table. Without my permission, my heart sped up.

“I’m surprised you’ve yet to achieve this goal yet, Rose,” she said seriously and I thanked God above that she’d stopped with the mockery and joking. She was near unbearable when she decided to embrace comedy. Almost as unbearable as double period History of Magic and that in itself was something very close to death. “It’s the easiest thing you’ve written.”

I turned back to her and arched my eyebrow. “Yeah, it’s definitely easy going up to Scorpius Malfoy and asking him to snog me since we spend so much time together and can barely stay away from each other.”

She shot me an exasperated look, me, clearly doubting my sanity. Her thoughts were clear; it doesn’t seem like a very challenging thing, kissing a boy, but I would happily charge at month-long gruelling NEWTs than walk up to Scorpius Malfoy and ask for a lesson in swapping saliva. Why? Because I’m scared of rejection.

Stupid, I know.

But I’m so used to getting what I want that I’ve never known the idea of refusal. Granted, I’d never asked for much during my childhood. Just to become Prefect, Head Girl and popular. Those things came easily. But this was bigger than all of those things put together.

This was a boy.

I’d never asked for a boy before.

“Why should he say no?” she reasoned.

“Because he barely knows me… I doubt he’ll be that willing to give me permission to stick my tongue in his mouth.”

“What’s to stop him? You’d get your kiss and he’d get a free snogging session. It’s win-win situation.”

I snorted and glanced towards Scorpius, my expression thoughtful. Would he really object…?

Somehow, without noticing and against my will, I started becoming aware of Scorpius Malfoy during my fifth year. And as much as I berated myself for it and steeled myself to avoid and ignore him, I found that unconsciously, my eyes would slyly slide towards his direction and my heart would sigh along faintly, in time to the soft drawl of his words. It wasn’t hard to convince myself that it wasn’t my fault I was noticing him. It was him that possessed those golden boyish curls and scholarly teal eyes that sometimes hid behind glasses that only heightened his quality of intellect. It was entirely his fault I had fallen for him.

Slipping out of my thoughts, I watched as he got up and began to depart the hall with a leisurely amble.

“Come on,” Dom invited and got up.


“To Scorpius,” she said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “It would be such a shame to leave Hogwarts with one goal unattained. Besides, what have you got to lose apart from your sense of pride around Scorpius Malfoy?”

I rolled my eyes but obeyed. She had a point, rare as that was. It would be a shame if I didn’t at least tempt fate and see what would happen. We surreptitiously followed him, keeping a safe distance between us. I hoped he wasn’t going down to the dungeons. I really didn’t need that right now.

“He has a nice butt,” Dom muttered musingly and I lightly smacked her arm, causing her to erupt into a fit of silent laughter. For her to say Scorpius Malfoy had a rather attractive backside was like saying it always rains in England… something I’d figured out a long time ago. Not that I had been staring at his backside or…some things were probably better left unsaid, or un-thought of.

Lily passed us on her way to lunch. “Where are you two going?” she asked.

Before I could respond Dom had intervened. “Rose is going to kiss Malfoy!”

My hand briefly itched for my wand as Lily insisted on skipping lunch to accompany us. That alone was a sign of how important this was to them. Lily had never been known to miss a meal in her life; for her to willingly desert a meal to see me kiss Scorpius Malfoy was a marvel.

My heart began to grow giddy, jittering along in time to the pace of my walk as we furtively stalked him through the deserted corridors. Lily and Dom began to discuss the possibility of Scorpius agreeing and the probability of a date after the kiss. I briefly indulged in fantasies of me as an only grandchild to my grandparents. Life certainly would’ve been easier, at least then I wouldn’t have had to put up with Troll and More Troll-ish here.

It was on the charms corridor that Scorpius turned and fixed us with a shrewd gaze of his teal eyes and brief lift of his lips. I felt the beginnings of a blush on my cheeks and did nothing to stop it, knowing that a fight with my blush was an effort wasted in vain.

“May I ask why you ladies seem so keen on following me?” he asked.

Dom and Lily erupted into giggles and I stifled the urge to shove them down the nearby stairs. My blush deepened and I opened my mouth to stammer out an apology before sprinting as fast as I could in the opposite direction, but as always Dom couldn’t restrain her instinctive habit of interfering.

“Rose has something to say to you,” she smiled, shoving the list into my hand before she grabbed Lily and they most likely went to hide behind a corner to watch what would happen. I shot them a poisonous glare before I turned back to Scorpius, shocked frozen at being alone with him for once and about to discuss snogging. My heart was hyperventilating and my legs were more in comparison with jelly than ever. I sucked in a deep breath before I gave him a slightly nervous smile and I took an uncertain step towards him. He stood before me, tall and every inch as delectable as nobody had a right to be. He was carrying a book under his arm, his shirtsleeves rolled up and tiny golden hairs glistening on his strong arms. He raised his hand to brush his hair out of his eyes and I thrilled to the fact that he was wearing his glasses. A look of peace and content sashayed across his features, lingering long enough to take all the air out of my lungs as he pondered me contemplatively.

When I didn’t reply and continued to gape at his Adonis-like form, he flashed a brief lift of his lips and raised an eyebrow. “So, what did you want to tell me?”

I snapped out of my trance and blinked once, blinked twice before answering unsteadily. “Oh…um yeah…I…” I paused and breathed deeply. Now was really not the time for me to be awkward and stammering. It was so stupid because as all Gryffindors are, I was usually audacious. Apparently audacity fizzled around Scorpius Malfoy.

“I was looking for you,” I admitted and met his gaze.

“I gathered,” he smiled wryly.

“Yeah,” I said, suddenly breathless. “You’re on my list.”

He took a few steps back and leaned against the wall. I silently marvelled at how striking he looked in that simple pose. “And what list would this be?”

I answered by extracting the list out of my pocket and holding it out before him. “Don’t worry, it’s not a hit-list.” A nervous laugh escaped my throat as I watched him inspect it closely. He was good at keeping a vacant countenance most of the time, but today, in this sunlit corridor, his eyebrows rose and a hint of a smirk lifted his lips up. So… there isn’t a single exception to a Slytherin who doesn’t like the ego-stroke.

Finally he looked up at me with unreadable teal eyes and I consciously took a few steps closer, willing him to say something optimistic. He did no such thing. I quickly turned round and saw Lily and Dominique’s faces grinning at me encouragingly from behind a classroom door. It wasn’t comforting in the least to know that they’d be here for my grand embarrassment and then my humiliating death.

For minutes he merely stared at me and I began to will him to say anything… I didn’t care what, he could tell me I was completely wrong for him and order me to piss off… anything was better than this inelegant silence. It circled around us, softly muttering the seconds as they passed, almost picking them off a flower, as a girl would do. He loves me; one petal falls. He loves me not; another falls. One second; a petal falls. Two seconds; another falls. Three seconds; the third one falls.

I took another step closer. “Scorpius…” I whispered, and the vacancy in his eyes turned to intensity. The change was startling but also magnificent. I welcomed it.

Suddenly he was there and he was everywhere. It was pleasure beyond anything, an overwhelming sensation of ignorant bliss. His hands had deserted the book and they rested gently at my waist, his scent was there and it was intoxicating, his hair was there and it was so smooth and then his lips… he hesitated before they bore down on mine, mutely asking my permission.

Hadn’t my list given you permission?

I made no objection and he finally leaned down and claimed my lips with his, our eyes simultaneously drifting shut. His lips were soft and warm beneath mine and I knew this was a luxury above all. He lightly moved them against mine, uncertainty still lingering within him. I responded back feverishly, urging him on, my lips hard against his and despite the hesitation abandoning him, he was still kissing me in that wonderfully tender way of his. It was making my lips tingly and my heart skyrocket out of my chest… but tender was not what I wanted this instant.

I pulled back from him slightly, and he gave a slight moan of protestation. I smiled and my chest felt like expanding to the size of the lake. He wanted more of this… “What is it?” he asked faintly, his eyes closed and his forehead against mine.

“I didn’t wait two years for this so you could be gentle,” I muttered and he released a hoarse laugh that was delightfully pleasant to my ears.

“I didn’t know you liked it rough, Weasley,” he teased and planted slow, soft kisses across my jaw, leisurely making his way to my mouth. Had I been able to reply, I certainly would’ve but he did not allow me that much as he captured my lips once more and fed me warm, gentle kisses.

I certainly wasn’t complaining, but I definitely would’ve preferred the kisses where he was not so controlled and in a state of abandon. “Tease,” I whispered against his lips but he swallowed the word up and bruised his lips against mine, fierce and domineering, his glasses awkwardly bumping against my skin. Surprised, I loosened my grip on him and he stole the opportunity to spin me round so that my back was against the smooth wall. I allowed myself to gaze into his eyes and he looked more Slytherin than I had ever seen him. I liked the change; he was leaning over me possessively and the feeling all-together was far from unpleasant.

“Why me?” he asked huskily, pulling back.

I fought down my moan of disappointment but managed to reply simply in a choppy voice. “I like you.”

He smirked as his lips returned to mine and worked against them, his teeth grazing mine bumpily in our haste for more. I daringly deepened the kiss and felt his smirk against my lips. My arms wrapped around his neck, my fingers absent-mindedly playing with his hair as his held my waist tightly, pulling me closer to him. I wanted to melt into him so badly… his presence was so compulsive; I wanted nothing more than to progress this action even further.

He must’ve read my thoughts and disagreed, for when my hands began to slowly tug his shirt out, he held them and stepped away slightly. “You’re not one to rush things, Rose,” he stated the fact and let go of my hands before righting the glasses that had gone askew and brushing his hair.

“Is this it?” I asked the silence once my breathing had regained it’s customary pace. My heart however was still stuttering within my chest, my body very much aware of the proximity of his and the scent of his cologne appealing enough to have me seconds away from fainting.

“What do you mean?”

“Is it over and done with? Another goal achieved… is it just this once?” my throat had become dry and the thought alone was as effective as a cold shower.

His fingers tugged a lock of my hair behind my ear before stroking my cheek tenderly. I leaned into his touch, slightly comforted by it. “Did you mean it to be just for this one time?”


“No,” I finally whispered to him.

He replied with a needy kiss, his lips managing to make my whole body shiver all over. “Good,” he muttered in my ear. “I’m sure I’d enjoy and appreciate a repeat performance.”

“Me too,” I smiled and placed a deep, languorous kiss on his lips before winking at Dom and Lily over his shoulder and making a mental memory to eternally preserve the memory of their dumbfounded expressions.

* * * *

A/N just a random fluff bunny that overwhelmed me during physics, despite the length. Please review.
-sera :

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