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At His Side by CatGryffindor
Chapter 2 : M is for meals
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Draco hid a grin before falling against the doorjam, crossing his arms over his bare chest as he watched Bridget stroke the stone wall tenderly while talking to it in a sweet voice. "Sorry, must have rolled away from me in my sleep", a playful smirk on his face as he stared between the blonde's naked body and his bodyguard's exposed legs.

"They always do, don't they?", a soft grin fell on Mackenzie's face as she turned to see Bridget nuzzling the cold stone wall "wonder how she managed to get out of your room though".

Draco rubbed his stubbled jaw to hide a smirk in the making "I think she used the door".

Mackenzie swiftly extended her arm and flicked Draco's stomach in a swift smack before walking away with a small grin, whispering over her shoulder "hope she can use it again, there's no Floo in the hallway".

Smirking at the sight of Mackenzie silently running past Bridget Draco shook his head before walking up to the nude blonde, picking up the towel and draping it over the girl's shoulders as he breathed into her ear "good morning baby, come back to bed".

Bridget spun around instantly, wrapping her arms around Draco's neck and clinging to him as she gushed loudly "oh baby I was so lost! I had completely forgot where I was and I still don't know how I got away from you and out here in the, the um-".

"Hallway", Draco supplied as he leaned back and forced the girl's feet off the floor, her legs instantly wrapping around his waist while he walked back to his room "you walked out into the hallway".

"Oh", she giggled before nuzzling Draco's hair as he closed his bedroom door and walked towards the bed "oh wow, you smell amazing-".

Mackenzie walked into her room, kicking the door closed behind her before tossing her bag and throwing herself forward onto the floor. "Why", she muffled into the plush fur rug and kicked off her sneakers "why must he always forgot to lock the door?". Grabbing the chocolate fur she bunched it under her as a pillow before flipping over its head and speaking to the bear nose to nose "is it that hard to turn a lock?".

Sighing at the lack of response she picked herself off the floor and walked past everything, stepping into the shower fully clothed and welcoming the hot spray before peeling off the layers of clothing. T-shirt, fwack to the corner of the large shower; sports bra, shwick on top of the shirt; socks rolled off and kicked towards the pile. Mackenzie blinked into the spray before turning on the alligned rainfall shower heads, lying down on the heated sapphire marble as she inched off her shorts and tossed them at the wall with a squishy thud. The sound of water raining down on her body and marble drove her into a deep sleep, her head falling to the side as she slept on the burning-warm shower floor.

Hours later Mackenzie stretched awake, stripping off her boyshorts and sending them flying into the corner with a slap before finishing her shower. Stepping out and wrapping a heated velvety black towel around her body Mackenzie walked into her bedroom, walking straight towards her bed with a soft smile. Wiggling the thick down duvet on her bed in hopes of waking the sleeping bodies she finally gave up, letting out a laugh as Duke snored louder, his legs kicking in his sleep and disturbing the softer-snoring Baron before she muttered "bloody dogs". She walked off towards her closet as her dogs kicked each other in their sleep.

Draco kissed the still flushed blonde good bye for the third time, stepping back and putting her into the fireplace before tossing down the Floo Powder as the blonde giggled her address. Placing the silver tin back on the mantle Draco summoned a house elf to clean his bedroom, adding a stern "focus on the bed, rugs and table surfaces" before walking into his bathroom.

Tossing his boxers on the floor Draco stepped into his steam shower, warming and soothing his muscles before enjoying a hot shower. Nearly scalding water ran over Draco's reddening skin as he scrubbed away bodyglitter and the last girl's scent "glitter and sugar fruits, why is it always the bloody same?!". Grinding his fingertips into his toned abs he started to feel clean, dragging a sponge over his skin until it was burning red and smelling of soap. Rinsing off the soap Draco finally felt clean as he shut off the shower with his eyes closed in content before wrapping a towel around his waist.

Approaching the fogged mirror Draco caught glimpses of himself through the haze, his expression dull as he spotted a pink leopard thong on the bathroom counter. "Clean here too!", his voice annoyed at his own stupidity "and destroy anything not belonging to the house!". Draco wiped away some fog and stared into his own eyes, noting their grey swirls before muttering "I need something new".

Draco walked into a spotless bedroom, his bedding now a deep green with silverly white accents and everything without glitter or feminine scents. Pulling on black silk boxers and black cotton socks he covered them with soft wool charcoal slacks, a slate cashmere sweater and simple leather shoes before tucking away his wand. A silver watch clung to his wrist as he left his room and headed towards Mackenzie's.

Mackenzie was pouncing on her bed in baggy dark wash jeans, a snug white long sleeved t-shirt and black mini-vest as she tried again to wake her dogs. A low grumbling sigh escaped her lips as she shook the duvet "up! Get up!". Straightening up she slid her hands into her back pockets and frowned at the sleeping masses of fur, her shoulders sagging as she turned towards the door.

"Could you do that bouncy thing again?", Draco's stubbly face set in a small grin as he watched her walk closer "I enjoyed watching that".

"Could you learn to knock at my door and lock your own?", she replied while brushing past the male.

Draco followed her out, closing the door behind him with a snap as the walked down the long corridors towards the kitchen "why bother? If they can figure out how to open the door, good for them".

"More like poor everyone, some of them don't look good after-".

"I'm done with them?", Draco walking faster down the stairs than Mackenzie "because the ones that can manage sticking make-up spells are the ones smart enough to open a door".

Mackenzie pushed open the kitchen door and followed her nose to the hot waffles "just be a good boy and lock the door, Draco". Jumping onto the counter with her legs under her she spread butter and maple syrup over the waffles before eating them like toast.

"Be a good girl and eat normally", Draco's voice mocking as he made his plate and sat down at the kitchen table "like at the table, with cutlery-".

"With no food in my mouth?", Bonny's mouth empty as she stuck out her tongue and slid off the counter before sitting at the kitchen table "because one out of three is decent".

Draco licked his knife clean before smirking "not for a Malfoy and you're as good as".

"Aww", Mackenzie smiled at the blonde before meeting his eyes and smirking as shook her head "I'm a paid member of the family".

Chewing a strip of bacon the blonde smirked "every Malfoy is paid in a way, only I have unlimited funds, the name and you-".

Mackenzie smirked behind her glass of milk "live in the manor, with the lifestyle and a hearty paycheck with perks and bonuses?". Draco pouted as she laughed "and the freedom. I rather like the freedom thing".

Draco's scowl stayed on his face through breakfast, finally fading when Mackenzie gave herself a milk mustache. Banishing away the dishes they walked to the fireplace and Flooed to Diagon Alley for a day of shopping and hunting.

"Mack?", Draco's voice short as he examined a pair of black pearl cufflinks "are these too-".

"Not masculine?", her voice sounding from behind him as she modeled a diamond choker "you're better off with the onyx, hematite, black jade, emerald or silver-".

Removing the cufflinks and switching them for a pair of solid platinum etched with an 'M' Draco turned to her "I want something new, something richer".

Mackenzie walked over to the case, gazing down at the collection before selecting antique-tarnished silver knots "those".

Draco modeled them before adding them to the list of purchases "are you keeping that choker?".

"Yes", she lifted her hair and spun around before looking over her shoulder at Draco "do I look like a pampered pet?".

"Quite", he removed the delicate piece from her neck and added it to the pile before pulling her to the back of the store "I want a new coat".

"Coat not cloak?", Mackenzie's eyebrows furrowing as she sunk onto the lounge while watching Draco browse the racks.

Draco rolled a thick wool-cashmere sleeve between his fingers "coat, I have enough cloaks at the moment". Slipping into the long black inverness coat and doing the clasps he looked himself over in the mirrors "I rather like it".

"It's a cloak", Mackenzie gaped at him "with sleeves".

"I like it", his tone curt as he moved his arms from under the cape "it has ambiance-".

"And enough dramatic flair to kill an elephant", Mackenzie added with snicker.

Draco glared before flashing a grin "a Malfoy requires flair to survive. It's a survival tool".

"Isn't that what I'm for", the last two words emphasized as she smoothed out the back of his coat "here to help you survive?".

Spinning on the balls of his feet Draco faced her "you're here for company and to be my conscience-".

"And to either attract or repel girls?", Mackenzie's hands grabbing and pulling off the coat before hanging it on a keep rack.

Draco smirked and picked out the same coat in seven shades of grey, Slytherin green and three more in black with different materials "you never complain". He paused and looked at his friend with concern "does it bother you all of a sudden?".

"Not with what your father pays me", her face set in a smirk as she began to grab matching scarves and gloves "leather, cashmere, wool, fleece, thermal and fur-lined?". Registering a nod she stacked the boxes and selected a few hats before adding them to the pile of luxury goods. Grouping the pieces together Mackenzie waved her wand and levitated them to the front while Draco browsed shoes.

Having placed his shoe orders Draco met Mackenzie at the front, instantly hearing the total and dropping a sack of coins on the counter before walking out of the shop with his arm around the athletic sablehead. Draco wore a smug smirk while every man and some women glared at him with jealous as they walked the crowded street. His arm tight around Mackenzie's waist as she gained glares from various females, of all ages.

Mackenzie motioned towards a quiet restaurant, the twosome settling in at a table near the window inside the Oak Lounge. Plush seats hugged their bodies as they ate lunch, Draco eating grilled salmon and vegetables while Mackenzie ate vegetable stirfry with tofu and bacon.

"What", Draco sighed dramaticly "is the point of ordering a healthy, vegetarian meal when you add bacon?".

A smirk shimmered with oil as she replied back in an overdone pout "it's not vegetarian, I just like tofu-"

"And bacon", a snicked muffled as Draco sipped orange juice.

Mackenzie glared lightly "I need to be able to take on anything and that means I need calories to burn-".

Draco smirked and nodded "true but I don't want to hear you scream when you see a jiggle on your-".

"One time", she hissed while leaning in towards Draco "it only happened once and that was your fault for getting manor-bound for a month".

"-ass", his smirk changing to a cringe as Mackenzie stabbed his hand with her fork. "Wasn't even my fault", he muttered while rubbing his dented knuckles "Mother overreacts some times-".

"Oh yes", she swirled her cranberry juice "transfiguring me into a chess piece to escape a Quidditch afterparty, then going missing for a week only to be found in a Muggle hotel with fifteen models is not a big deal".

"I was in control the whole time", Draco's face set as he sat up in his chair "and none of the girls minded being there". Mackenzie glared at him and sipped her drink. "Besides", his voice tainted with laughter "you were with me the whole time! Right in my pocket".

Mackenzie stabbed a chunk of cauliflower "as a sodding chess piece! And not ever wizards' chess, I was immoble as a black knight".

"I never lost you and I never broke you", his tone gentle as he ordered a coffee.

Glaring at her boss she frowned "fair enough, but never repeat that experience again". She crunched the cauliflower in thought "or mention the jiggle".

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