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Accidents by Galloping Gargoyals
Chapter 6 : A Sleepover
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Around eight pm, I apparated over to Hermione’s apartment. I hadn’t even had time to knock before she opened the door.

"You can’t apparate right onto my doorstep, Draco!" she snapped. "Someone could have seen you! A muggle would have passed out, seeing you pop out of no where, but if a wizard or witch saw you at my house just imagine-"

It’s not like I didn’t like hearing her talk, really. It’s just when she was yelling, at me, well, it’s not so pleasant then.

I plunged in and stopped her rant with a kiss. She fought at first, trying to push me off. But I just wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in tighter, fitting her snugly against me. I felt her body loosen as I deepened the kiss. She brought her hands up around my neck and slowly backed into her apartment, without breaking the kiss. We stumbled over the threshold and nearly fell to the floor. I kicked the door shut with the back of my foot, then lifted Hermione up. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I backed us up against the closest wall I could find. Hermione was wedged between myself and the wall, with no escape. I broke our kiss for a breath of air, then began to trail soft kisses on her jaw.

I slowly tickled her jaw bone with my tongue, then moved carefully up her jaw line to her ear. She tilted her head backwards, resting it against the wall, practically begging me to pleasure her neck. I obliged, of course. My kisses became harder, longer. They slowly turned to nips and sucks until I heard her moan, her hot breath lightly rustling my hair.

I had to let her go then. I gave her one last kiss, slowing sucking her bottom lip as I broke away. I would have went on, had I not had something important to discuss with her. Not to mention that if I kept pressed up tightly to Hermione, she might feel something... hard.

"How do you do that?" she whispered breathlessly, leaning her forehead on my chest.

"Do what?" I asked softly, placing my cheek on the top of her head, wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Sweep me off my feet. Leave me breathless. Make my heart stop." she said, moving her head to look up at me. "I don’t understand it."

"You don’t need to understand it, Hermione." I laughed. "Passion is not something that can be learned. It can’t be taught. It can’t be written down and studied. It’s not understandable. It just is. Just feel it, live it, embrace it. Don’t question it."

She stood on tip toe and kissed me lightly. "I was just, wondering. Why it felt so strong, with you."

"If anyone else did this to you," I whispered, moving my hand up and under her tee, dancing my fingers along her ribs, tracing the skin at the edge of her bra. "Would you shiver as hard, or moan as loud, as when I do it to you?"

"No." she gasped out as I poked my pointer finger under her bra, drawing a small circle on her breast.

"Well then, I guess it feels so strong, because it’s with me." I breathed, removing my hand slowly and moving it to her cheek. I kissed her softly again, then took her hand and walked with her to the living room.

I sat down on the couch, then pulled her down on top of me. I had now deemed myself fit to be so close as to have her touching me. I nuzzled in close to her and we just sat quietly for a moment. Content to just be with each other.

"There’s something I need to talk to you about Hermione." I said, bringing my hand up to stroke her hair.

"Mmm?" she asked, mesmerized as I curled tendrils of her soft hair around my finger, the way she loved it.

"Tomorrow is Saturday," I started off slowly, still playing with her hair, "And on Saturday I usually go visit my mother."

She giggled softly, just for a second, but I heard it.

"What?" I asked, smiling.

"Nothing, keep going." she said, smiling as well.

"No, come on. Tell me." I said, pressing for information.

"Well, it’s silly really," she said, blushing slightly, "you just don’t strike me as the kind of guy to go visit their mum once a week."

"There’s a lot hidden underneath this gorgeous exterior." I replied smugly, kissing her on the cheek. "But anyway, about my mother. I kind of wanted to tell her. About us."

"Oh." she whispered simply.

"It’s just that I love my mother. And she means a lot. And we’re really close. And if I don’t tell her about you early enough, then she’ll be mad at me for keeping this a secret. And I know she won’t care that you’re Muggleborn, once she sees how happy I am, and she won’t tell anyone, I promise. And-"

Hermione cut me off by placing her hand over my mouth. "You can tell her Draco, I don’t mind." she smiled shyly as my face lit up.

"Thanks Hermione." I said gleefully, kissing her full on the mouth. She kissed me back happily, pleased with how happy she had made me. We broke apart after a few minutes and she laid her head down on my shoulder.

"You can come, if you want." I said, "To the Manor."

I watched her frown slightly.

"She’ll love you, I swear. You don’t have to worry." I whispered, caressing her face with the palm of my hand.

"I can’t Draco." she whispered, her voice cracking. In my moment of glee I forgot what had previously happened in the manor. At my house, my home. I wrapped my arms around her tightly and rocked her slowly.

"Oh Hermione," I whispered, hating myself as I felt her tears on my shoulder. "I’m so sorry. I just- it just- slipped my mind for a second. I’m such an idiot."

"Your not," she hiccoughed, slowly regaining control, "Your not an idiot Draco. It was a long time ago."

"But it was in my house." I said bitterly.

"Yes but that, that doesn’t mean you took part." she hiccoughed again.

"Still, I could’ve done something, anything." I said, rubbing my temple angrily.

"No, you couldn’t have." she said firmly, in full control again. "You would have got yourself and your whole family killed, there was nothing you could do."

I sighed and said nothing, just continued to hold her tightly. More for my own support then hers I think. After a few moment’s I spoke again.

"I’m really sorry Hermione." I said, mainly because it was the only thing I could think of. "Is there anything I can do? Make some tea or something?"

"Actually, there is." she said, blushing. "Could you, maybe, stay here tonight? I don’t really feel like being alone right now, and having you here would make me a feel a lot better."

"Of course." I smiled brightly. I watched her blush from my answer and felt myself leaning down to kiss her cheek.

"What time is it?" she asked, looking around for a clock.

I lifted up my left arm for her and she pushed up my sleeve, revealing a silver watch. Malfoy was engraved on the top, around the watch. While Se Tenir Grand, was around the bottom.

"Stand tall?" she asked, meeting my eyes.

"Always." I said, she didn’t speak, so I guess she expected me to go on. "It’s a family heirloom. Passed down, father to son, through each generation. Time?"

"9:30pm," she said, then picked up on the conversation again, "And what if there is no son? What if it’s a daughter instead?"

I laughed, which seemed to startle her. "Malfoys always have sons."

Her eyes widened at this piece of information. "Why?" she asked.

"I’m not positive." I started, "But I think that way back when, one of my ancestors must have done some ‘Old Magic’ on himself, or the family. Making sure that it was only possible for a Malfoy to have son’s, so that the name continued, and not be replaced when a daughter gets married say."

I watched Hermione’s brain working. I could practically hear the gears grinding in her head. Her face scrunched a tiny bit, causing lines to appear in her forehead. I smoothed them out with my thumb as she told me what she thought.

"I think that’s stupid." she said plainly, smiling as I laughed. "Come on, I mean. Who wouldn’t want a daughter?"

"My family is mental Hermione." I laughed, "Daughters are nice, but they can’t carry the family name, which was the most important thing back then."

"Well it can’t go on forever." she pressed, "Magic dies out after a while."

"It does." I agreed, "But we won’t figure out when it will end now. How about we watch a movie or something, then go up to bed?"

"Sure, for now." she smiled, jumping off my lap and telling me to scoot down. She led down on the couch, her head in my lap, facing the tv. "But I want to continue this later. I want to hear more about your family."

"I don’t know if you want to go there." I said seriously. Some of the stuff my family had done, scared me even.

"I can handle it." she said, reaching for the remote. "I think it’s my family you should be worried about."

I laughed but didn’t press the matter any further. I watched the tv, flipping through many channels. Images of people, food, buildings, cars, flashed across the screen in rapid motion. Muggles really were ingenious, to fit all that in Hermione’s small tv. Mine was twice the size and I still marvelled at all the things that fit in there.

"Wait, go back!" I yelled suddenly, as I heard the name ‘John Coffey’ whispered quietly. Hermione went back, and sure enough, ‘The Green Mile’ was on. "Can we watch this?" I asked, sticking out my lower lip and sliding my fingers up and down her thigh.

"Sure." she said, grabbing my hand from her thigh and placing it on the couch. "I won’t be able to concentrate on the movie if you do that."

I chuckled quietly but contented myself with playing once again with her hair. "Oh and it’s just starting too." I smiled, watching as a man on horseback paraded around a bunch of men, working in suits of black and white stripes.

"I didn’t know you watched Muggle movies." Hermione said, not lifting her head.

"Once again, there’s a lot you don’t know about me." I smirked, "But yeah, this was on one night after work, I was tired so I just led down and watched it."

"To tired to go find a girl?" she asked, trying to sound funny, but I could hear a jealous tone underneath.

"I didn’t just haul them off the street Hermione." I chuckled, moving my hand down to caress her cheek.

"That’s what everyone else seems to think" she huffed, flipping over to look at me, as there was a commercial playing.

"Look Hermione." I said, tracing the bridge of her nose with my finger, "It’s not like you never had a sexual relationship before we got together. I was just more, open, with mine."

Oh how I loved her pretty pink blush, I thought. Watching as it flooded her face. "I suppose." she grumbled, turning back over.

"So can we stop acting jealous now?" I asked smugly, knowing the answer I would get.

"I am not jealous." she growled, but didn’t turn around. Probably so that I couldn’t see her blush.

"Oh I think you are." I went on cheekily.

"Am not." she said again.

"I can make you admit it." I whispered, gently pushing her hair away from her face, feeling her shiver underneath my finger tips. I bent my head down and kissed her ear softly.

"Jealous now?" I whispered huskily in her ear, nibbling on it.

"No." she gasped out, well, that Gryffindor side of her was going to be a problem.

"Now?" I asked, licking from her jaw, in front of her ear, to her hair line.

"N-n-no." she moaned out, gripping the edge of her couch.

"Now?" I asked again. Biting down softly on her neck, knowing full well that there would be a hickey there soon.

"Yes." she breathed, loosening her grasp on the couch as I moved my head away.

"See that wasn’t that hard." I said, smiling as I heard her mutter something like ‘git’. "And if it makes you feel better, you have no idea how hard it is to see Weasley at work everyday. I keep picturing you and him-"

"Okay!" she said shrilly. "Just watch the movie Draco."

"As you wish." I smirked, ravelling and unravelling my finger in her hair once more.



"I used to have a pet mouse." I said idly, following Hermione up the stairs to her room. The movie had just ended, and we were going up to bed. We. Our first night together, even if it was only just sleeping.

"Really?" she asked, surprised, pushing open the door to her bedroom. It was average size. With an attached bathroom and small closet. She had dark hardwood floors with a lighter brown on the walls. Except for one, the far wall was a dark red, scarlet.

"Yeah. I found one in my backyard when I was little. Mum let me keep it." I said, taking in her room. A queen bed with a red quilt was by one wall. There was a dresser. And a study table. A corner chair that held dirty clothes. "Gryffindor much?"

She looked over at the wall I was pointing at and smirked. "Get used to it, Slytherin." she walked over to the chair that held clothes and picked up a pair of pajama boxers, and heading toward the bathroom. "I’ll only be a sec, then you can go in."

"No problem." I said, hauling my shirt up over my head. When I had it off, she stood in the bathroom door frame, watching me silently. Her eyes popped into focus as she saw the smirk that was plastered all over my face. I watched her pretty blush creep slowly up her neck as she turned and darted into the bathroom.

I stripped from my jeans and threw them haphazardly on the chair, along with my shirt. I noticed that I had worn my Slytherin green boxers this morning, how ironic.

"Hey Draco?" I heard Hermione’s muffled voice, floating through the bathroom door.

"Yeah?" I asked, turning to the sound of her voice.

"I forgot a tee shirt. Can you get me one? In the bottom left drawer of my dresser." she asked, poking her head through the door.

"Sure." I said, she shut the door again and I heard the sound of a tap running, probably brushing her teeth.

I bent down at her dresser and hauled open the bottom left drawer. Baggy tee shirts were piled neatly inside. I grabbed the tee on top and unfolded it. My eyes bulged as I read the words ‘Team Bulgaria : Quidditch Training Camp.’ Well, well, well, Hermione.

"Got it Hermione!" I yelled, smirking widely. She opened up the door and looked out, toothbrush in her mouth. I through the shirt to her and she caught it. Unfolding it, her eyes widened as well. "Now Hermione, even I had kept my pants on till OWL year."

She turned and spit out her toothpaste. "This is not from fourth year!" she said shrilly, blushing profoundly.

"Oh, no? Then when is it from?" I asked, enjoying watching her squirm.

"It’s.. well.. hold on till I’m done getting ready and I’ll tell you." she sighed, shutting the door the bathroom again.

I sat down on the edge of her bed, smiling at the door. I thought it was funny, how I could talk so openly about my past relationships, while Hermione kept them in the bottom drawer of her dresser.

I watched as the bathroom doorknob turned slow and a blushing, minty fresh Hermione came out. She sat down on the floor at my feet and crossed her legs, her green Bulgaria tee shirt cascading down her legs to the floor.

"Viktor gave me this during one of my breaks with Ronald." she said uncomfortably.

I waited patiently for more, but when she didn’t say anything I waved my hand for her to go on.

"Harry got invited to watch the quarter final in Bulgaria, because England was playing them. He brought Ginny, and Ginny felt bad for me, so she made Harry ask for another ticket." she said, pushing her hair out of her eyes. "Bulgaria was doing their victory lap after Viktor caught the snitch and-"

I snorted "Of course Krummy would catch the snitch."

She glowered at me but continued without scolding "And," she said, over dramatically, "he saw me in the stands. When we were leaving the pitch, he caught up with me and asked me to an after party, then, well. I got the shirt." she finished, blushing profoundly and fiddling with said shirt.

"I wonder what Weasley would say if I told him that?" I smirked, jumping off the bed.

"Draco Malfoy if you tell Ron about this I swear to Mer-" she started, standing up. I pushed her back down gently and sat down beside her.

"Im just getting you going. Your lovely when your angry, more so when it’s not directed at me." I smirked, but her eyes still suggested she regretted telling me about Krum. "You don’t have to be nervous or ashamed about your past Hermione. I’ve given away my fair share of shirts, and im sure you’ve got more then just this Bulgaria one."

"I know, it’s just, weird." she said, her chocolate eyes piercing my steel grey ones, melting them to a pool of silver. "Talking about this, with you."

"Well you’ll have to get past that." I said, taking her hand and hauling her up from the floor with me. "We are ‘sleeping’ together tonight, after all." I said, lightening the mood considerably. She giggled then crossed to the right side of the bed, her side I guessed.

"Turn off the light Draco and get in bed, we have a lot of sleeping to do." she smirked, folding back the covers and crawling into bed, propped up on her side, her long tanned legs sliding down the quilt.

"Im not ready to go sleep yet, sweet heart." I whispered huskily, licking my lips. Watching as she flipped her hair back, revealing her long, flawless neck, the tee shirt sliding off one shoulder, her collar bone peeping out seductively.

"Hurry up then." she breathed out impatiently, crawling to my side, her slender hand sliding around my toned stomach, hauling me in. I had just enough time to wave me wand to turn the lights off before I fell on top of Hermione and her lips found my hungrily.



[ another chapter! Wow char! Your really getting them up fast! Well, I hope thats what your all thinking anyways xD likke it? Hate it? Love it? Let me know please. What do you think about Narcissa jumping in for the next chappie? And Draco’s lapse of memory with Hermione? Leave a review and I will answer all . Promise ! ]


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