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The Biggest Mistake Of My Life by CessZ
Chapter 1 : The Biggest Mistake Of My Life
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A/N: This is my FIRST EVER fan fic...just an elaborated idea! hope you enjoy it! :) Amazing chapter image by Bedazzled @ d TDA!


He sighed looking at the picture frame in his hand. A young girl laughed and blew a kiss at him. He sighed again and looked up at the mirror in front of him. A young man in his late thirties stared back at him. He had fading red hair and the few wrinkles, which had replaced his freckles. Ronald Weasley was amazed how the past two months had had a toll on him. He thought about the day two months ago.

“Why did she have to leave?” he thought.”Why did she?” he screamed throwing the frame at the mirror. The impact was such that both the mirror and the frame were shattered.

Apparently, the noise brought him back to the present. He looked at the mess and sighed. This was not the first time he had such an outburst and had created a mess. He had been having such outbursts since the past two months, since the time she left. 

As though in slow motion he retrieved his wand and muttered “Reparo” twice, once pointing at the mirror and then the frame. He bent and picked up the frame and kept it on the mantle piece, where it belonged.
He slowly dragged his feet towards the piano. The piano brought back many memories, memories he would never forget. He remembered the day she taught him how to play the piano quite vividly.




“Ron,” she laughed,”it is A minor B major and not vice versa”.
Ron fumed knowing that this was more difficult than facing Aragog the giant spider in The Forbidden Forest. He never wanted to learn it in the first place. He was doing this just for her.
“Sweetheart," she whispered. “You will do it right, I know you can surely do it.”
That was all the encouragement he needed. He played it so well that even she was amazed at the rate of his progress. He mastered it within a week.
She was so proud of him.




“If she was proud of me, why did she have to go?” he thought.

He looked at the pictures kept on the piano. If she were here she wouldn’t have liked them being kept there. He looked at the children waving futilely at him. They still didn’t know the fact that she was gone. How would they react? Would they blame him? Was it really his fault?

“Yes it was”, a small voice told him in his mind.

He looked at Rose. She was now a third year. Would she ever forgive him? He looked at Hugo. Would he ever talk to him when he comes for his Christmas break to find his mother gone? He walked to the mirror and looked at himself. Would he ever forgive himself? He sat in the armchair not knowing what to do next. 

“Ouch!” he said. “Pig," he said in a bored voice. “You have a letter for me?” He untied it already knowing the content of the letter.

Dear Ron,
I know you have been really depressed since the time she left, but it has been two months. I know you loved her a lot, but she won’t return, atleast not now. Ginny and I would be glad if you have the dinner on the tomorrow with us. Ginny sends her love.

Ron looked at the words sadly. Hermione's disappearance was taking a toll on Harry too. He quickly took a parchment and scribbled on it.

Thanks but I won’t be coming. I still need some time figure stuff out. Give Ginny my love.

He quickly tied the note on Pig’s leg and sent her off. He looked around him. The room was painted in gay colours and had a mix and match of many pieces of furniture giving it an over all good effect. He thought of the day when he had bought this house and brought her here for the first time.




“Where are we going Ron?” she asked with a sense of excitement.
“You will  know soon," Ron said in a know-it-all voice. He found the situation a bit ironic as she was the know-it-all not him.
“We are almost there," Ron said.
 “Can I open my blind fold now? PLEASE!" she begged. 
“Not yet,” he smirked.
“Ok, now at the count of 3. 1…2…3…Open your blindfold!!”
“WOW! This is so beautiful Ron!” she said and hugged him.
After that she had taken up the Herculean task of decorating the house all by herself. She didn’t allow him to help her at all.
After a few sleepless night and tiring days, the house was ready. There were dramatic changes and one would not believe that it was the same house.



 He could still hear her excited scream echoing through the now empty house. He missed her so much. Why couldn’t she come back to him? Why couldn’t she?
He knew he had been wrong, but who didn’t make mistakes? Couldn’t she have forgiven him once?

He remembered that night. The night when his life came crashing down. The night when all he had was lost. The night when he lost HER.
He thought about that wretched day.



 She was out, visiting her parents with the children. He would have gone too, but due to some important work he had to wait back. He was working late into the night and didn’t realize when he had fallen asleep on the papers. 

“R…o…n…” the wind seemed to be whispering. 

“Lem’me sleep for a few more minutes, 'Mione!”, he managed to mumble.

He suddenly woke up, listening to an unusual laughter. “This isn’t her," he thought.
The room was dark due to all the blinds he had pulled down in an attempt to sleep-in. 
He muttered “Lumos" while getting up from the chair.

“Who is there? Show yourself," he said in a commanding but not so confident voice.

“You forgot me already?” a voice replied, a voice which he recognized well.

His heart skipped a beat. “What do you want?” he said.

“You," she replied in a calm but seductive voice.

Ron felt his defenses crumble.
She slowly watched her walk towards him, slowly untying the knot of her robe.

“L..l...Lavender, I..I..I mean Mrs. Zabini, what are you doing?”

“Won-Won, I prefer if you call me Lavender,” she said inching a bit more closer.

“Don’t you dare," he said in a voice that would convince no one.

“Well, I dare”, she said in a sexy voice slipping her robes off.

He was shocked at the view. He wanted to yell at her, ask her to stop but his mind wouldn’t allow him to. Instead it commanded him to go close to her. Get her like he always wanted to. He knew his marriage was falling apart. He needed her.

“No”, said a distinct voice in his mind. “You don’t love Lavender. You love Hermione. She left everything for you. Her job, her career, her parents: Everything. You can’t cheat on her”.

“Why not?” said another voice. “The marriage is anyways falling apart” it reasoned

“That is no reason to cheat on her!” outraged the first voice.

Before the second voice could answer a third voice said,  “Won-Won, I know you want me. Here I am”.

The clock in the hall struck 11. As though he cared. He stared at the naked women standing in front of him, unsure of what to do.

He made a decision. He didn’t care about anyone on Earth. He wanted her and would get her. He advanced towards her, pulling her into his arms and planted a kiss on her forehead. A voice inside him scream “NO!” but he had gone too far to return.
He kissed her deeply, as though there was no end to it.

“I’m back!” a cheerful voice exclaimed unaware of what was going on in the house.

“Hermione?” he said in total disbelief. How could have he forgotten? Today was 1st of September. She was supposed to drop the kids to the station and then they were supposed to go out to celebrate her birthday.

“Quick”, he whispered to Lavender, “Apparate!”

“Goodbye Won-Won”, she said in a voice loud announcing voice.

“Lavender?” Hermione exclaimed in a shocked voice. “What is she doing here?”

“Lavender? Howcanshecomehere? Whydoyoufeelshewashere?” He said so fast unsure if he himself understood what he had said.

But Hermione was Hermione and she understood him. Always.

"Ron stop getting nervous. Well she is the only one who always calls you Won-Won till date and I think I heard someone bidding goodbye to Won-Won” she said with a slight frown.

“Happy Birthday Sweetheart!” he said cheerfully hoping she would forget it.
But Hermione was not the easily believing kind. “Well, Thank You.” She said still thinking about the issue. She walked towards the kitchen to make him a cup of coffee knowing he had just woken up. “Wait a minute. This is not my robe. I don’t even have a robe that is Lavender”.

“I got it for you” he said in a ridiculous boyish manner.

“Why is it lying on the floor?” 

Ron was surprised by the calmness in her voice. Before he could answer he saw someone appear right behind her.

“I think I forgot something here. There it is. Thank You Mrs. Weasley” with that she disappeared taking the robe from Hermione’s hand.

Ron could see the anger build up in her eyes. “Run for cover Ron”  his mind seemed to scream at him, but his legs wouldn’t respond.

Hermione didn’t shout, nor did she scream or start throwing things at him. For a second Ron thought he was saved but boy he was SO WRONG! He could see tiny droplets of tears form in her eyes. They shined in her eyes like stars in the night sky. The droplets got larger and the last thing he saw, before se ran to their room, was a single drop of tear fall on her cheek.
She cried all day, locked up in THEIR bedroom. Ron sat at the dining table, thinking about what he had done. He was still hazy when he thought about that morning. He was waiting for her to come out, so that he could explain, he could justify, but she didn’t come out.
He fell asleep on the table itself. That night he dreamt about all the happy moments he had spent with her. About the time they had spent in Hogwarts, about the time when she helped him get over the grief of Fred, their wedding day and the time after that.
Next morning he had got up to the sound of a car zooming by. That was strange. Cars were rare in Godric’s Hollow. There near his hand was a letter addressed to “Mr. Ronald Weasley”
It read:

Dear Mr. Weasley,
I know we had spent a lot of good time together, but I realize this was the end. I had expected the end but not a brutal one like this. Thanks for being a wonderful husband (Yes, you were a wonderful husband even after yesterday’s incident) and an even more wonderful father to our kids. I know you are sorry, but I am sorry. Yesterday’s incident will never let me accept you and I am sure the guilt will never let you forgive yourself to if I am around. Therefore I have decided to leave you and go…Go somewhere away from you. But before that I just want a promise from you. Please take care of our kids.
I still love you.
Miss Hermione Granger.
The last word hit him: Granger. How would he forgive himself?



Hermione's POV
Hermione sat on a comfortable, squishy armchair, with a vacant look in her eyes. Sighing she got up and retrieved a small velvet pouch. Settling back into the armchair, she slowly opened the pouch to reveal a beautiful leather diary.

A gift from Ron.

The first entry was of her wedding day. The happiest day of her life.



14th February 2004
Dear Diary

Today I am to marry my sweetheart. Yes, I am actually getting married to Ron. I am so excited!!! I have waited for this day since ages. I love each and every aspect: the beautiful white gown, flowers, cake, wedding rings and most importantly the "I do's".

The ceremony will be conducted in the backyard of the Burrow. A beautiful tent has been set up. I jus can't wait to see Ron!



A tear trickled down Hermione's cheek as she read that. How happy she had been then. But now...Everything was OVER...
She looked through the pages until she found the 2 entries she was looking for...



15th January 2006
Dear Diary
Today I gave to a beautiful daughter...Ron has decided to call her Rose...Sweet name for my really sweet daughter...The way Ron holds her in his arms gives an impression as though he is holding a breakable porcelein doll...but the protective stance and the love in his eyes maked me SO happy!!

26th December 2007
Dear Diary
Today is another happy day of my life...My son is born today...Another male Weasley...Mom and Dad are so happy...Arthur has already named him Hugo after his father...Hugo...A bit old fashioned...But I am happy that my children have such loving grandparents...Rose cant get enough of Hugo...She is usually sitting in his room singing and talking to him...Ron & Harry are already discussing how and when the will teach James, Albus (Harry & Ginny's sons) & Hugo Quidditch. They discuss in length which position each boy will play!! Boys will remain boys even if they become Grandads!





Hermione was really sad now...Her children...What would happen of them now?They surely didnt know she had left Ron...When they returned for Christmas would they blame her for not loving them and leaving them....But it wasn't her fault...Was it??She thought about that horrible day...





She had been really happy that day. It was her birthday. One of the happiest days of her life. She was at her parents’ place and was waiting to meet Ron. She got up early that morning to find a breakfast tray waiting for her. A small placard on the tray read “Happy Birthday Mum!! Love Rose and Hugo”. "

My sweet children," she thought and after a hearty breakfast and quick wash she went down in the kitchen to find her mother cooking and her father reading the newspaper. Rose and Hugo were no where to be seen.

“Oh Happy Birthday my child!” her mother exclaimed and her father got up and hugged her.

“Where are Rose and Hugo?” she asked inquisitively.

“They are packing their trunks. They don’t want to disappoint their mother on her birthday”.

“How sweet!” Hermione said.

The clock struck 10.

“Strange!” she thought, “No owl from Ron as yet? Must have forgotten my birthday! My poor Ron, he works so hard!”

At around 10.30 she called out to the kids, “Rose! Hugo! Time to leave.”

They both came down dragging heavy trunks behind them. With a wave of her wand Hermione packed the trunks into the back of the car.

The ride to the station was an exciting one where Rose was explaining Hugo what he was about to encounter. She was exaggerating it a bit making Hugo more nervous than excited.

“Then there is Professor McGonagall our principle. She is quite strict and also an animagus!”

“What is an animagus?” he asked nervously.

Before Rose could answer Hermione spoke, “That’s enough for now. Hugo you will learn everything in Hogwarts don’t worry.”

“Thanks Mum! And oh yeah, if I am in slytherin don’t disown me!” he said with a nervous laugh.

“Oh no, we will not disown you!”

After crossing the barrier at platform no 93⁄4 Rose went and sat in a carriage with her friends while Hugo and Lily nervously chatted. Ginny wished Hermione and gave her a hug. After the train left she apparated to her house in Godric’s Hollow.

“I’m back” she cheerfully exclaimed. “

Ron hasn’t got up as yet “, she thought looking a the darkened house. She was about to go looking for him when...

“Goodbye Won-Won”

Won-Won??? What was Lavender doing in HER house??




She snapped back to the present. She didn’t want to think about the betrayal, the betrayal that was all her fault. She had realized that the moment Lavender had disapparated that he was cheating on her and it was all her fault. She had not been a good wife. What else would have forced Ron to cheat on her? She had decided she would leave. That night she sent an owl to her friend asking him to pick her up the next morning, she couldn’t live in that house anymore. The guilt wouldn’t let her live. Early next morning she had left leaving a note for Ron.

“Oh my Ron,” she thought, “I’m sorry for being a bad wife. I am so Sorry. But now you are a free bird.”

She was staying in Viktor Krum’s mansion. Mrs. Luna Krum didn’t mind it even a bit. Rather she was very happy to have company in the huge grim mansion. No one knew she was here accept for the Krums. All day she would read in the library or play with Xan, Luna’s daughter. Oh she missed her children.

She had written to Ginny once but then when Ginny had asked her of her whereabouts Hermione didn’t want to lie and hence never replied. She received a letter from Ginny once a week telling her how Ron was becoming more and more secluded day by day and refused to socialize even a bit. She even told her that her children still didn’t know that she was gone. Viktor had tried talking some sense into her but in vain. Hermione had simply stated she needed time to get in terms with the fact that Ron cheated on her. Viktor had given up.

Christmas was on its way and to celebrate Christmas the Ministry had decided to have a friendly quidditch match between the best team at that time (Chudley Cannons) versus the best players that ever passed from Hogwarts. Hogwarts team had Harry as the seeker, Ron as the Keeper (he was just playing as little Hugo had asked him to be there so that he could show his friends what a good keeper his dad was), beaters George and Michael, and the three chasers Katie, Alice and Tom. The Chudley Cannons captain was Viktor Krum. Everyone was excited about the big match. Tickets were booked, portkeys were set up and camps were made. It would be one hell of a match.

 Viktor Krum was trying to convince Hermione to at least come for the match.

“You can’t hide from everyone all your life. You don’t want to go back to Ron, fine. But don’t hide from the world!” Viktor said.

“Viktor why don’t you understand it? I don’t want to meet anyone or answer any questions as to why I left! My scars are healing and it will feel as though someone is ripping them again even if I see Ron.” Hermione answered, almost in tears.

“Hermy, can you please come in the match for ME?” Xan said in a small voice. She strangely reminded her of Grawp (the giant) but she was cuter and smaller than him.

Hermione could never say no to Xan and she agreed but she had one condition. She would not talk to anyone.



Hogwarts on Christmas:

Two children could be seen, holding their fathers hand walking towards the highest seats.

“If they try any nonsense show them who is the boss, dad!” said an excited voice.

Ron just smiled. He would leave the children with Ginny and go to change to play the match. The children had been told that their mother was out on an assignment and would join them later.

“Mother!” exclaimed Rose.

“Where?” Ron asked looking around.

“There,” Rose pointed, “she is standing with Viktor Krum!”
Ron was filled with jealousy. So there she was. Staying with the Krums.

“Ya, she is covering Krum for an article on him” he lied.
He dropped the kids and went to the changing rooms to tell Harry what he had seen.

“Why didn’t you talk to her?” Harry asked him pointedly. After receiving no response he continued.”Oh your little inflated ego!”

Ron shrugged.

He changed and went onto the field. He was filled with anger when he saw Krum.

“Harry, do me a favour.  Show Krum who is the boss!”

“Sure, Ron any day,” Harry said, smiling that his friend was back.

The match went on with Ron saving spectacular goals. He seemed to be putting in his 110% into the game. Suddenly the match tensed. Harry and Krum were neck to neck to get the snitch. Almost everyone was silent and the Chudley chasers thought it was a good time to score when no one was ready. Ron noticed their move and was ready for the attack.

He heard a familiar voice cry out  “Come on Viktor!”

He looked back to find Hermione standing and cheering for Viktor. Then he felt a blinding pain in his chest and felt as though he was falling.Something caught him in mid-air and gently kept him on the soft Earth. He felt a person hug him, kiss him, he could feel tears on his cheeks and he heard a deafening roar and cheers.



Ron slowly opened his eyes to see to pairs of curious eyes staring at him.
One of the persons ran out screaming, “Mom he has come around!”

“Dad you all right?” Rose asked in a small voice.

“Yes, my princess” Ron replied smiling.

He tried to sit up but a pair of hands firmly restricted his movement.

“Ron the healer has said you won’t be moving an inch and you are surely not going to!” said a female bossy voice.

“Where am I?” Ron asked dumbly.

“St. Mungos “ said a know-it-all voice.

Oh he so loved that know-it-all voice!!

“Hermione?” he whispered.

“No, I’m Hermione’s ghost. You idiot isn’t it obvious?” she said with a little irritation.

“Hermione I’m sorry” Ron said in a small voice.

“Sorry for what? For falling off your broom and plunging 40 feet? Or for staying unconscious for 3 days and giving me the scares of my life? Do you know how scared I was when you fell? What were you thinking? Couldn’t you have kept your eye on that bludger-----“

Ron smiled. Hermione was back. The old Hermione. He had noticed one thing about Hermione and it was that if she didn’t want to talk about something she acted as though it never happened and she NEVER mentioned it again.

“Oh Hermione, I Love You!”

“I love you too Ron”

“And we both love you two!!” said the kids with a laugh.



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