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Starless Eyes by looneyleeleelovegood
Chapter 12 : The Trick
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Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Harry Potter. That all belongs to J.K Rowling.

Draco had not come down from his room all day, and his stomach was beginning to defy his solidarity as it gave a loud grumble. He walked towards his bedroom window and looked out to the grounds of the manor; his room overlooked the back gardens and the park, the orchard. Many have said that it is the best view in the whole house. 

Draco didn’t think so looking out of it now. The sky above the carved hedges was a cloudy black, and the distant flashes of thunder sparked every now and again. The orchard that should have been sprouting apples and pears by now was brown with withered, leafless bark. The soil clumped together, useless and lifeless. 

The flowers that his mother had always indulged upon pruning had not come into bloom this spring. He expected the Dementor’s effect on the climate was the most part to blame. Not only did the vile things suck the blossom out of people, they sucked the energy from the earth as well. They sucked and chewed and gorged themselves on life. 

No, this was not the view it once was. Perhaps it never would hold that same beauty that once upon a time it did have. 

A small knock on the door made him turn, and in walked one of the house-elves. Wrapped in a filthy old dishcloth. It bowed low enough so its long crooked nose touched the Puma skin rug. 

‘Master Malfoy’ it beckoned. 

‘Yes Nixie, what is it?’ he replied dryly. 

‘Begging your pardon Sir, for Nixie intruding, but Mr. Malfoy is wanting a word with you Sir, he waits in the day room for you Sir’ Draco noticed that the elf’s electric blue eyes were vehemently cast towards the floor. 

Purposefully avoiding his gaze. Was he truly so terrifying that a house elf couldn’t look him in the face? 

He walked towards the door, stood there for just a few seconds then turned back towards the house elf. 

‘Th-Thank you Nixie’ he did not wait for the elf’s reaction, but upon reaching the stairs he heard the distinct, shrill wail of the delighted house elf and had to smother a grin passing over his face. 

He would have to remain passive and stony in the presence of his father, for he was surely going to be punished for being in Luna’s cell. Giving Luna his cloak. Luna was his fathers, Lucius had stated this clearly. No one was to go in there but him. 

Draco’s hands began to shake as he walked towards the day room; he raised one trembling fist and rapped sharply on the wood. 

‘Come in’ his father’s lofty voice sounded, and he did as he was told. 

His father was standing by the serpent carved mantel. He didn’t turn to face his son, he simply said ‘Sit down’ in that unnervingly silky voice. Again, Draco did not argue, he sat in the closest arm chair and clamped his hands in his lap to conceal their shudders. 

‘I’m disappointed Draco, so very disappointed by your efforts recently’ Draco stiffened further, sensing more than mere verbal punishment; he feared his father might turn his wand on him again. 

‘First you are sent on a task to fetch the Seer Trelawney, and you fail at that. You bring back a girl, a member of the Order of the Phoenix’ Draco watched as his father’s face lit up suddenly by a rogue flame in the amber fire. 

‘Although the girl has made up for your losses Draco, I, as well as the Dark Lord will not forget failure. You have been in her cell Draco... I found your cloak on her bed’ he turned then. Turned to face his son whose face was pale and tired. 

Draco stared up at his father with impassive eyes.

‘Tell me... what have you been doing?’ his father asked him. 

‘I’ he began to invent wildly, wild enough for his father to believe ‘I’m sorry father’ he began ‘I was jealous, selfish, I... I wanted her for myself’ he stared at his father without blinking. Draco knew he was a far greater Legilimens than the mediocre abilities of his father. Lucius stared back at him ruefully, but then smirked. 

Draco, very silently, let out a relieved sigh. 

‘My boy... naturally, what is mine is yours’ Lucius laughed, and Draco attempted a smile ‘I do not see why you should think I would begrudge you for wanting such a pretty little thing, and blonde too. You have tastes like your father Draco’ 

Draco shivered at his father’s words. 

There was silence for a few moments while Lucius stared into the bright orange flames of the fire. Draco could see he was mulling things over in his head, thinking of a plan. A horrid smile passed over his lips and he called out to the house elf. 

‘Nixie!’ he shouted, and Draco had to hold himself down from starting. 

The house elf appeared in the doorway, bowing a s low as she could. 

‘You called Nixie, Master?’ she squeaked. 

‘Go to my late wife’s dressing room, and fletch me the red dress on the left hand side’ the elf bowed, and scurried away. 

Lucius smirked at Draco before looking back into the fire. They waited in silence for the house elf to return, and when she did, she was holding a deep red dress that Draco recognised as his mothers, she had worn it once perhaps, for a Christmas function. 

‘Give it to Draco’ Lucius ordered and the house elf bowed low once more and held her arms aloft for Draco to take the dress. He did so, with a confused look at his father.
‘Now get out’ Lucius said quietly, the house elf trembled as she bowed and then hurried quickly out of the room. 

Draco continued to paste his father with a confused stare, Lucius merely smiled. 

‘I think it high time we invite Miss. Lovegood to dinner Draco’ he smiled. 

‘You will go down to her cell, and dress her up... make sure she knows she’s in for a treat’ Draco knew his father’s cryptic words. He gulped loudly and got to his feet.
His father caught him by the arm and Draco turned, facing him at a close distance. 

‘You will have your fun, and then make sure Miss. Lovegood is dressed and ready for company. If you fail in this I will know you have been lying to me Draco’ he warned ‘and when I discover that you have been lying, Draco, the price will be your hide and then some... do you understand?’ 

Draco nodded fiercely, and released himself from his father’s grasp, gripping the dress tight to his chest as he walked with speed across the parlour and towards the cellar. 

He walked down the stone spiral steps, the echoing filled his fears like the thump of summer rain on the conservatory roof. His feet crashed on the bottom step and he staggered, panting towards Luna’s cell. He would have to think fast, because his father would follow him down here soon enough, to check his task was going well. 

He stuffed his skeleton key into the lock of Luna’s cell and barged it open, closing it fast behind him. 

Luna had gotten to her feet, and was glaring at him strangely, as if he had disturbed her in her own bedroom. He threw the red dress on the stone she called a bed and ripped off his black shirt, throwing it carefully carelessly on the floor. 

‘What are you doing?’ Luna asked in a hysterical whimper, her eyes widening as he began to tug at the buttons of his black jeans. 

‘No’ she said, scrunching her fists against her cheeks and shaking her head. 

‘No, no, no, no, no Draco!’ her voice was rising. He pulled of his jeans and grabbed her shoulders roughly, looking deep within those wide, blue eyes. They shone out from her dirty face like two great beacons on the coast in a thunderstorm. 

‘All you have to do is scream’ he whispered fiercely ‘Don’t think of anything else but screaming’ he shook her shoulders and shoved her against the wall. He could hear the faint echoing claps of footsteps on the spiral stairs. He had to work fast. 

He pushed Luna so she was facing the far shadowed corner, his father would have a tougher time seeing them there. While Luna was turned away he ripped off his boxer shorts and threw those within plain sight of the door as well. 

He moved against Luna, and pushed her head gently against the wall. She was beginning to whimper, he could see tears burning clean tracts into her cheeks.

He heard the footsteps grow louder, and he started to play his part. 


He heard the footsteps stop, and there was a shadow that blocked out the light spilling into the room through the bars of the door. He knew his father was watching. 

‘Scream Luna’ he breathed into her ear, and without a seconds pause her shrill voice was splitting the air in the cell like a serrated sword. 

Draco could hear his father laughing from the other side of the cell, knowing that he would only be able to see the bare back of Draco, and the faint outline of Luna pressed against the wall. For added emphasis to the screaming Draco drove his fist into the wet stone wall by the side of Luna’s head. 

The sound of beating flesh would make for a convincing ruse, no matter how much blood had started pouring from Draco’s knuckles; he had to play his part well. 

Draco watched the shadow at the door vanished, and above Luna’s screaming heard his footsteps move away until the disappeared. Draco stroked Luna’s cheek softly to signal her to stop; she did at once and panted heavily against the wall. 

Draco walked towards the door and glanced out, the stone hallway was empty. He turned to Luna once again and her stare was solemnly fixed on his naked body. He blushed upon realising his lack of clothes and stared back at her. 

‘You’re supposed to put that on’ he said, shrugging towards the dress, she looked at it, and then turned back to him as he reached for his boxers and pulled them on. 

‘Why... why didn’t you just... take me?’ she asked, her brow furrowing horribly in confusion. 

‘Because I won’t become like my father’ he said simply, he thought he saw the smallest ghost of a smile on her lips, but before he could get a good enough look she had turned to put the dress on. He turned away from her as he pulled on his jeans and shirt, and had his back to her until she was dressed. 

He ran his wand over his grazed knuckles to heal them; he flexed them out, wincing at the hidden bruises. He had a horrible feeling in his stomach that tonight would be a night of violence... and redemption.

Hello all! Well, this was a pretty intense chapter right? I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Thank you ever so much!

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Starless Eyes: The Trick


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