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From Ancient Grudge by katti4493
Chapter 8 : VIII - The Look in Your Eyes
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Scorpius had tried and tried for a solid week to get Rose, who he had decided was the stubbornness girl in the world, to listen to him, but she adeptly avoided him. She ducked into the midst of large crowds during lunch, and hung round to chat to the professor if she shared a class with him. He saw her disappearing through dusty tapestries when he rounded a corner, or ducking behind ancient bald headed statues and totally vanishing from view. He was convinced that she had discover a way of making herself invisible or even apparating out of the school as she was so good at being the most difficult person in the whole world to find. It was frustrating not being able to find her, but it just made the chase more exciting. It would only be a matter of time before he got her to talk and to hear her tell him the truth, the truth that he so longed to hear.


He didn’t care that they came from two different families and opposing houses, but she clearly did. It seemed of the utmost importance to her to keep a good distance between herself and Slytherin’s, especially Slytherin’s whose father’s were ex Deatheaters. The one time he had managed to corner her alone for thirty seconds she had just told him to go away as she had homework to do, and then Uther Shacklebolt had threatened to jinx him so Scorpius had slithered off as Uther flexed his large muscles nastily and tapped his wand. But whatever Uther did, it did not stop Rose always secretly watching for Scorpius. He sometimes caught her looking at him across crowded classrooms and could see his own feelings of passionate love reflected in her luminous blue eyes. It made his heart beat slower and quicker at exactly the same time.


Scorpius was looking forward to go to his detention with Professor Brown however, as he would have some time with Rose, and even if Brown would be there, he may be able to talk to her at the end of the detention. There would be no escape for Rose. So with a spritely step Scorpius descended to the darkening dungeons where he found Rose already there waiting for him.


She was leaning against the wall next to the classroom the detention would be held in, her arms crossed crisply across her chest, holding a heavy Transfiguration Textbook tightly to her bosom. A prim expression, almost prude danced across her delicate features, and her willowy figure entranced Scorpius as he gazed at her longingly, as a man dying of thirst would look at a waterfall. She was in her school uniform still, even though it was seven o’clock, and her curly red hair was hanging around her sloping shoulders and she cast a black shadow against the stone walls behind because of a lantern that hung above her head, illuminating the underground corridor. Scorpius desired nothing more than to bury his head in her hair and kiss her, but he stopped his fantasizing suddenly and instead decided to eye her up and down. He had spent years being indifferent to her, but now he saw her as true perfection. If Utopia ever came to earth she would be the one he spent his life with. Rose looked so affronted and angry when she saw his grey eyes rolling over every curve of her adolescent body, but Scorpius remained in front of her.


“What are you looking at Malfoy.” She said viciously, but Scorpius could see longing hidden behind her angry expression. He had always managed to fool himself that deep down, Rosaline had loved him but it was perfectly clear to Scorpius that Rose felt at least some affection for him, if it was not true love. Deep within her eyes he was convinced he saw her raw lust for him and it compelled him more than ever to talk to her and act like the perfect man, worthy to be the object of her desires. Scorpius used his famous smirk as he strolled towards her, his hands in his pockets, looking into her mesmerising blue eyes. She grew even more defensive as he got closer to her, pulling her textbook close and eyeing him with something that could only be described as the deepest disgust. Despite the look in her hypnotising eyes, he edged closer, wanting to seem as alluring as possible.


“Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it Red.” He growled seductively, leaning in towards her, his face hovering inches from hers. At this statement, and the closeness of Scorpius’ body, Rose’s resolve seemed to waver. She watched him intently, trying to discover through his body language what his next move would be so she could outwit him. When the attempts seemed futile Rose looked ready to give in, but at that moment Professor Brown appeared bowling round the corner, his arms swinging madly. His usually pale face was a bright crimson, and he was sweating profusely. Inaudible mutters came spurting from his mouth as he dabbed his face with a white handkerchief, ignoring the two students watching him, his brown cloak billowing behind him.


Scorpius jumped back instinctively at Brown’s sudden appearance. Scorpius blushed instantly, causing Rose to scoff slightly, which she quickly disguised as a cough. This only heightened Scorpius’ embarrassment as in his relationship with Rose he felt a stronger emotional pull towards her than he had ever had for the dull Rosaline, and he felt more confident and carefree with her than he had ever done with anyone else in his life. He knew through the way his heart and mind joined in unison in declaring his love for her when she appeared that she was his soul mate, and it would only be a matter of time until she believed she couldn’t live without him too. He didn’t have to use love potion on Rose, he didn’t want to force her as in his heart he held so much respect for her, but at the same time he knew he wouldn’t need to as she already loved him.


Brown pushed the door open with a resounding bang that echoed along the small passage that they were in. The Professor pointed into the dingy classroom with and exasperated “humph!” and with that Rose trundled inside, swinging her hair over one shoulder, Scorpius following docilely behind her. The door closed behind them with an even louder bang as Rose flounced across the room, sat down and looked intently up at Professor Brown, not daring to take even a tiny peek in the direction of Scorpius. Her defiance made her more appealing to Scorpius, and Scorpius was tempted to say something to her but Brown began to talk in a rather harsh voice so Scorpius had to turn to face the bellowing professor.


“Right, I hope you’ve brought some work to do...good. Right, I have to go and talk to Professor Fairweather, about my living conditions in the castle. She seems to think it is acceptable to let Peeves swan around in the room next to me. Stupid poltergeist, waking me up at every godforsaken hour of the night,” he took a deep breath but then decided to finish his rant as he looked at his two quivering students, “I will check back in half an hour. Rose, keep Mr Malfoy here in line.” With that Brown lifted his portly frame from the leather armchair he had been sitting in and briskly strode out of the room, banging the door behind him, leaving Scorpius and Rose totally alone.


Rose stiffened angrily. Scorpius was watched her keenly and he could tell that she didn’t like it. He could almost read her mind as he could see that her heart was beating unbelievably fast and she was going a bright crimson. It was pleasurable for Scorpius; it just proved to him that she liked him, felt embarrassed and angry in his presence. Anger and embarrassment were a thousand times better than loathing or disgust. He could almost see her immensely intelligent mind asking itself, “How could Scorpius make me feel like this?”


“Red you could at least look at me if you’re planning on keeping me in line,” He sneered, watching Rose become even more stiff and agitated. He could tell that Rose did not know what to do or say, as she fidgeted with a quill and the corner of her Transfiguration Textbook, but after a considerable amount of time it seemed that she had no other alternative to turn and face him and say the first thing that came into her head.


“You have no right to call me Red Malfoy,” spat Rose primly folding her arms, ignoring his comment about “keeping him in line”. His grey eyes were still on her almost burning her skin with the intensity that he gazed at her, and Scorpius could clearly see that she wanted to look into his eyes more than anything, but she forced herself not to, reigning herself in. He knew what she saw in his eyes, and she knew what that made her do. She knew she was weak when he held her in his power with those irresistible, smouldering grey eyes. Self control would keep her from falling into Malfoy’s impending trap.


“Okay Rose,” he whispered standing up and moving into the seat next to her. He was so close, close enough to reach out and touch, but he could see her mind begging her heart not to, grovelling at its feet. Then her heart stopped, when he had said Rose for a second time all her hairs had stood on end. He had called her Rose, her name, and it was intoxicating and passionate like nothing she had ever felt and emotionally, almost too much for her virginal heart to bear.


“Scorpius, just don’t. Please, just don’t,” said Rose quietly, blinking and swallowing hard, even though she was defenceless against the onslaught of the large salty tears that began to roll down her pale cheeks. Rose turned away from him, trying to shield her face from his intense gaze, but he saw what she was doing. Scorpius looked horrified by this sudden outburst of emotion and when she stood up to move away from him, he stood up too, following her. She turned to him, trying to wipe her tears away, desperate to conceal her fear, trepidation and at the same time excitement at the prospect of the amazing thing that she could have with him. And when he embraced her and she put her head on his muscular shoulder she felt like she had returned home after many years of travelling through a wintry, icy tundra. Fresh tears rolled onto his school jumper and she could feel his handsome, blonde head resting on her wild, red curls. They were as opposite as summer and winter, fire and ice, heaven and hell, but despite all their differences they both knew that they were perfect for each other.


“Why are you crying Rose?” he said concernedly, stroking her red locks, his hands becoming entangled in her mass of unruly curls. Rose held onto him tight, the security and warmth radiating from him made her love him all the more. For one glistening moment she could at least pretend that she could have him. She could at least pretend that opposing families and houses did not matter in the slightest and she could run away from everything that she despised with the boy she longed to be with over all others, her masked hero. She could almost see the little house on the hill with the white picket fence, smell the red roses that grew in there hundreds in the garden. Most importantly of all she could hear Scorpius murmuring sweet nothings into her ear and kissing her. No one could touch them. They could do anything together. With him, Rose knew, she could reach the stars.


“It’s too much Scorpius! I am Rose Weasley, I don’t fall in love.” Both of them froze in shock in the embrace. Rose could hardly move when realisation dawned on her, she had basically just told Scorpius Malfoy that she was in love with him. Even though she was some distance from Scorpius’ heart she could hear it beating uncontrollably, almost in celebration at what it had just learned. Scorpius’ pale face was glowing red, and it was alight with love and affection. In one sudden motion, Rose knew what she had to do. She pushed Scorpius away as quickly as she could, knowing it was best to end it now that go on pretending it could happen. Scorpius watched her with a mixture of shock and delight mingling together in his grey eyes as she wildly threw herself down onto a seat and began madly leafing through her bright red transfiguration textbook.


“Did you just say...?” Scorpius whispered, not daring to breath. His suspicions had been confirmed, Rose Weasley did have feelings for him and it made him want to jump for joy and sing in triumph. Rose cautiously turned her pretty head towards him, and he began looking into her deep blue eyes. You could easily get lost in those mesmerising pools of light, and right now Scorpius was well and truly lost. He could also see the internal struggle that Rose was going through. He could see her revulsion and disgust, mainly for herself for falling for a Slytherin, but he also saw the desperate longing for him. He could also see her worry and panic about adventuring into a territory that terrified her, but excited her at the same time. In one moment she had made up her mind.


“It’s over Mr Malfoy,” she said emotionlessly, her eyes blinking wildly, “whatever happened between us in this past week is over,” her voice got stronger in her determination to push him away, in her determination to appear strong and not let him hurt her. “You take your path and I’ll take mine,” she finished artlessly, each word stabbing into Scorpius and creating a new fresh wound in the heart that Scorpius was wearing almost naively on his sleeve. Scorpius watched her, his heart he was sure had stopped and any moment he would fall over dead with the shock, joy and pain he had experienced in the last couple of minutes. She was still gazing at him, a hint of sadness in her eyes, telling him that she may be reconsidering her choice. He had not realised he was stammering incoherently in shock. He was watching her wide eyed, not believing the words that had come from her mouth. Did she not feel the same things that he had been feeling for the past week? Did houses and families matter to her that much? Was Rose really going to close her heart to him?


“But Rose, this could be something so special!” he cried finally flinging his long arms wide. Scorpius knew he had always been over dramatic, a trait of his that he had secretly detested, but he felt that this occasion definitely called for it a display of amateur dramatics. Rose seemed to tremble on the verge of saying something, hovering on the line between speech and silence. She tried to bite the words that were bubbling to the surface of her mind back but it all appeared too much for her as she failed spectacularly and it all her feelings of the last week came spilling out in one heartbreaking moment.


“I feel stupid for ever being taken in by you,” she spat her blue eyes alive with an anger that had obviously been dormant within her from the moment of her conception, “The son and grandson of murderer’s, that’s what you are!” This wild insulting was totally unlike Rose, and it seemed that something lodged deep inside her had just broken free, ”Your family creep in the darkness, forever on the outskirts and I do not wish to join you there. Your house, Slytherin, is full of scheming rotters like you who do nothing but enjoy wallowing in the depth of darkness by betraying their fellow men. I knew this would be a cruel trick from the second I discovered that the man I met in the maze was you, but I tried to ignore it. You would never want me Mr Malfoy as my father is a blood traitor and my mother a Mudblood. I could never hold feelings for someone who held those archaic prejudices!”


With that Rose turned back to her Transfiguration Textbook, leaving Scorpius to slump back into his seat, his mind racing. Rose’s mind was filled with fear; fear that she would willingly walk into the unknown, hand in hand with Scorpius. She was scared of what her friends and family would say, if they could ever forgive their precious little Rose for betraying them to a Malfoy. He saw in her miserable expression the imprisoned longing that she had shut deep within her heart, hoping a praying that it would never be free to rear its head again.


At the same time, she had rejected him, just like Rosaline had. Rosaline had refused him in front of basically the whole school but this hurt a thousand times more. With Rosaline, he had just felt the embarrassment of a thousand faces laughing at his misfortune. On the other hand with Rose, however, he felt his heart break into a thousand pieces, almost how a mirror smashes. She was the fire to his ice and he had been burned by her inner anger, and at the same time, her burn was a lot less painful than the way in which she had smashed his heart to pieces. With her artistic words she had put him down and broken his heart, and in that moment when she turned away from him, Scorpius knew that he would rather die than live a life without the shrewish, wonderful, interesting Rose Weasley. 



Hoped you liked it! PLEASE REVIEW!!! Next time...It's Hogmeade weekend and it is time to make a big decision for Rose...

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From Ancient Grudge: VIII - The Look in Your Eyes


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