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Your Wish Is My Command by xquisitely_sirius
Chapter 5 : Have You Seen How Big His Muscles Are?
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Disclaimer: I own nothing Harry Potter related. 

Four more years had flown by swiftly for Jennifer as she found herself returning to Hogwarts after the summer for her fifth year. She reminisced over the events from her school years. The Marauders had become her best friends, even brothers in a way. She had come to ignore the voice in her head telling her to keep away from Sirius, though that might be because of what had happened near the beginning of second year.

*3rd October 1972* 

“Jen, please? What more do you want from me before we’re friends again? I wish we were. I wish you would just talk to me again.”

*End of flashback*

Those magic words had changed her life forever. How could she stay away now? He had wished and, unable to say no, Jen was forced to make his wishes come true at the stroke of midnight.

Sure there had been times that she wished he hadn’t spoken those words. On few occasions he may have even been close to figuring out her secret but she loved him all the same. They were best friends.

However, now she was forced to keep another secret – from her parents. They had no idea of her friendship with the Marauders, a name James, Sirius, Remus and Peter had come up for themselves. She had Kai, her older brother to thank for that. Yes, he still struts around with his cruel friends – who admittedly got along with Jennifer pretty well – but Jen is his sister, and he knew what would happen to her if their parents found out. On the other hand, that might not be the only reason:

“So – how’s your relationship with Tess going?” Jen decided to bring up his and one of her best friend’s relationship once their parents had departed.

“You know what? It’s going great. Fantastic even though I wish I could have seen her over the holiday. Writing letters just doesn’t seem enough.”

“Yeah, I know how you feel.”

The conversation ended there, leaving a comfortable silence between the two. “Hey, Jennifer!” Lucius Malfoy gracefully strolled over once spotting the siblings and picked up the nonexistent conversation. “So, how was your summer?”

“It was wonderful Lucius. Thank you for asking. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a compartment before they’re all full.” Jen walked further into the station, vaguely paying attention to her friend and brother greet one another.

It was there, heading towards the Hogwarts Express, that she first saw him.

He was standing with two adults she presumed were his parents. They weren’t talking, but embraced each other, his parents wishing him a good school year. He wasn’t self absorbed like everyone else around them but didn’t seem to be taking much notice of his surroundings, allowing Jen to look at him without fear of being seen. She didn’t know what it was about him that caught her attention.

The boy was of average height, toned, with untidy, short bronzed hair. She noticed his ice blue eyes scan the crowd around him, analysing the students he would be socialising with.

Jen was nearly at the Hogwarts Express now but still she couldn’t look away.

Starting to look closer at his features, she noticed that there was an unnatural beauty about him. Watching closely she noticed the boy step away from his parents and start for the train with his trunk, an owl leaning against it in his cage.

Not looking where she was going Jen soon found herself on the floor, not sure of how she’d got there. Jen felt the blood rush to her cheeks. “Sorry!” she whispered, starting to feel embarrassed as she felt people looking at her from all sides of the room.

As she looked up to see who was starring – though she already knew who was – he looked at her, this god-like eyes boring into her.

He looked away quickly, more quickly than Jennifer could, though in another flush of embarrassment she dropped her eyes and turned to see who it was who she had run into.

A hand was held out in front of her. “Jen, are you alright? I’ve been speaking to you for about five minutes but you’ve not been answering me.” Sirius stood, still with his hand out, staring intently at her.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry. I just drifted off for a second. You know what I’m like.”

“What happened to you? You have legs. Where did they come from?” Sirius couldn’t tear his eyes away. The last day of Hogwarts, Sirius seemed to remember his friend heading reluctantly over to her parents to head home at a height of five foot two. But now, she stood on the platform at a height of five foot seven.

“Uh, I know right? It just came from nowhere. I’m so happy!! Aren’t you?”

Her spurt of hyperness sent Sirius dizzy. Whilst steering her further towards the train, Jennifer glanced sideways at the beautiful boy, who was now about to board the Hogwarts Express. He turned without warning so she pulled Sirius farther away, finding a different door to use as the entrance.

“Jen, I saw you talking to Lucie!” A look of disgust clouded Sirius’ features and he said this. “Why do you still insist on speaking to that arrogant slime ball? You’re too good for him!!” Sirius had being trying to convince Jen every year so far but she refused to budge. She was thankful he hadn’t wished for it. That would be a problem.

“Because . . . Sirius, he is nice to me. It won’t hurt for Slytherin’s and Gryffindor’s to interact with each other once in a while.” He had heard this speech plenty of times before. She may not be willing to budge but neither was he. Sirius would find a way to end Jen’s relationship with the Slytherin’s – especially the one with his brother.


“Well, if it isn’t our little Marauder fairy.” James said as Jennifer slid into the seat by the window.

“She’s not so little anymore Prongs. Look at her! You must have grown six inches since we last saw you,” Remus alleged as Jen secretly started to hyperventilate. Did James know?

“Prongsie what are you on about? Fairy? Where did that come from?” she hoped the panic in her voice wasn’t noticeable.

“Jenny are you okay? It was just an idea I had over the hols and wanted you to be the first to try it out on obviously. Er, if you don’t like it I guess I could-“

“No! Sorry James, I’m still sort of worked up bout being stuck with my parents all summer. I didn’t mean to act like that. In fact, I think it’s one of the best things you’ve come up with yet. I love you boys so much; I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Tears welled up which Jen had been trying to keep back.

Sensing her emotional turn, her brothers did something they always did. Lightened the mood. “So what did your parents do this time? You didn’t nearly let slip about us again did you?”

“You really should learn to shut that big mouth of yours sometimes!”

The smiles all round told Jen they weren’t being serious. It was on rare occasions like these that she was glad she could make wishes come true.


The day was another sunny day. It made many hope that maybe this year’s weather would be different from the previous years. Jen could remember that it had been raining the beginning of first year as they travelled to the castle in a small boat over the black lake.

Soon into the journey, Tess had joined the group of four, dragging a reluctant Lily with her. They were used to this, with it being a recurrent event on the train ride to and from Hogwarts. The minute the train came to a stop, the group grabbed one of the first carriages, claiming it for themselves. Lily made sure she was sat as far away from James as possible though not without him trying to get closer. The half an hour trip was filled with laughter, jokes and friendly chat allowing them to catch up on each other’s holiday.

The Sorting ceremony quickly came to an end after many cheering from the houses as new students joined their table. Dumbledore gave his usual small speech before allowing everyone to dig into the feast.

The new student, which Jennifer learned to be called Warren, was sorted into Hufflepuff. He had made sure to sit on his own at the table for some reason which she couldn’t get her head around.

Soon, the dinner was replaced with pudding which in turn disappeared to allow Dumbledore to give yet another speech. They had all heard it before except for the first years and many switched off until they were sure he had finished.


Fifth year classes started the day after the feast which meant they had no free day to spend with friends. Breakfast soon came with the Gryffindor’s awaiting their timetables from professor McGonagall.

“Morning students. I hope your holidays were well spent studying for your classes. Remember you have your OWLs this year.” Professor McGonagall had just gotten to the group of fifth years ready to give them their timetables.

“Yes professor. All holiday!” Lily was the one to answer making the other teenagers thankful for they had done no studying what so ever.

After a quick look at their timetables, they headed to their first class – Defence against the Dark Arts. “We are with the Hufflepuffs. Looks like a big change from last year’s time table,” Jen pointed out realising it would mean she would get to see Warren a lot of the time. Not that she would voice her discovery to the rest.

When they entered the classroom, Tess and Lily went to sit at a wooden table at the very front. James, Peter, Remus and Sirius sat in a row of four behind them and a table of two. Jen sat on the table on my own next to the window by Tess and Lily. She didn’t mind sitting on my own. She sometimes preferred it that way.

As she walked down the aisle to sit in her seat, she recognised Warren was sitting in the seat next to hers. “Ahhh, young Jennifer. This is our new student, Warren. I had a feeling you would sit in your previous seat from last year so I told him to take the set at beside it. I trust you to give him help if he needs it,” professor Dylex supposed looking at Jen’s face. She would have felt guilty saying no, so quickly agreed before he could say more to make her think twice.

“Sure sir. Hi,” she felt it was a good enough start as she introduced herself to Warren without making eye contact. Jen knew that one look into those glorious eyes of his would put her under his spell.

After the less than friendly start, Jen was relieved that neither of them was in the mood to keep up a conversation. However, it was shocked to find him sitting on the extreme edge of his seat leaning away. It made her feel awkward.

She couldn’t help herself peeking at him occasionally throughout class.

It wasn’t until five minutes before the bell that Jennifer totally and utterly regretted it. As she fought to catch Tess’s eye line unsuccessfully, Jen returned her gaze to him. Just one last time wouldn’t hurt, she thought to herself. He turned to glare at her the same time, mirroring the actions. She gasped unable to hold it in.

His expression was hostile and as she took in his expression she realised this hatred was centred towards her. Swiftly, she shifted her gaze to the desk, feeling her cheeks go red for the second time around him.

The bell for next lesson made her jump out of her skin. She collected her things, bewildered by the antagonistic stare he’d given her.

The next two lessons flew by. Thankfully, Warren hadn’t been in any of them. Jennifer went to meet Tess and they all got up without hesitation, walking towards the cafeteria.

They sat at the end of the table finding they had more privacy this way, still failing to escape the intrigued thoughts of people around them about Warren. Jen could hear Mary McDonald chatting happily away with Marlene a little way down the table.

“Have you seen how big his muscles are? They’re huge! Not forgetting how amazingly hot he is,” she heard her say.

It was then, for the first time since first class, that Jennifer spotted him at the Hufflepuff table. He was sitting at the end of the table, as far away from where Jen and her friends sat as possible in the long room. He had a full plate of food which he was about to dig into. She wondered why he wasn’t mixing with the rest of the school. After all, the whole school had been talking about how great he was all day.

As she examined him, Warren looked up and met her gaze, this time with warmth in his expression. After a few seconds Jen realised what she was doing and turned away to look at Remus. Through the corner of her eye, she could see him still watching her. Biting her lip to hide her smile, she stood, leaving the Great Hall without an explanation for her friends. She glanced at him again. He was facing his plate, but she thought his cheek appeared lifted, as if he were smiling, too.

As she walked into her forth class – Herbology – Jen was surprisingly glad to see Warren at the teacher’s desk. She, however, was relieved to be working with Sirius, James and Remus for the next hour. She didn’t think she could manage another glare from Warren today.

As the lecture on mandrakes started, Jen sat with her head in her hands knowing that Remus will be taking notes for when they needed them. She occasionally joined in with James and Sirius’s conversation but otherwise ignored the goings on in class.

At that moment, the bell rang loudly making her jump, and everyone got out of their seats to head to last class. The boys left without waiting, eager to see what dangerous and exotic creatures there would be in Care of Magical Creatures.

She watched them leave as she collected the last of my things.

“Aren’t you Jennifer Cole?” a male voice that she didn’t recognise asked.

She looked up to see a handsome boy; his bronzed hair neatly falling into his eyes, smiling at her. It was Warren. Her stomach felt like it was doing summersaults. Obviously he was over his mood swing.

“Well remembered.” She returned his smile.

“Would you help me find my next class please?” He handed me his time table.

“Looks like you’ve got Care of Magical Creatures out in the grounds. That’s my next class too. It’s not that hard to find but I can show you if you want?” She glanced at his beautiful blue eyes and suddenly felt the need for him to say yes.

“Thanks.” He seemed thrilled, though she wasn’t sure why.

They walked to class together; neither of them said much – he asked her a few questions about the school, which was easily answered. He was nice considering the foul mood he had been in this morning.

But as they neared the grounds where class was held, he asked, “So, why don’t you date any of the boys in the school? I’ve heard loads say they’d like to, but you turned them down.”

She cringed. Attaching herself to a boy would be a sure way to get them into her secret. No matter how friendly she was with the boys in Hogwarts, going any further but be suicide. The second reason was probably even worse for Jennifer than the first – The Marauders. Any boy known to so much as look at her in that way had ended up in the hospital wing. No one seemed to know the reason behind it but it didn’t take a lot of working out from Jen – the person who knew them most – to figure out.

“Okay, just don’t laugh.” He pursed his lips, fighting back a smile. “James, Remus, Sirius and Peter are, like, way too protective for their own good,” Jen confessed.

“Oh.” His expression turned serious – almost nervous of her answer to the question he was about to ask. “And you’re okay with that?” Warren lingered by Jen instead of heading to the group that made up the waiting class. He was waiting for her answer.

“For now,” she responded. She smiled at him before walking to join the boys that she had just spotted. He was friendly, sweet and admiring but she wasn’t about to let him know that it was him she wanted to date right now.

Jen tried to concentrate on the creatures and what the professor was saying but Warren kept on creeping into her line of vision. The final bell rang at last.

Everyone seemed to go their separate ways leaving Jennifer to decide where to head off to. The common room would be nice, she decided. After all, she didn’t feel like eating dinner right now. As she settled down in her favourite armchair, Jen pulled out her – already huge – pile of homework.

Deciding to start with Defence against the Dark Arts, she pulled the essay sheet out. ‘Explain the properties of Werewolves and the effect the moon has on them’.

Though she had hardly listened throughout the lesson due to the presence of Warren, Jen easily finished the essay in half an hour. They had been given this question in third year; Remus had helpfully offered to help, being such a good tutor that she still remembered everything he had taught her.

There was still plenty of time left so she got to work on the other pieces of homework she had been given. Again she flew through the homework until it came to Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. She settled on waiting for Remus so she could borrow his notes. Again, another assignment for him to help her with.

“Jennifer Louise Cole!! Did I see you chatting up the new hottie in class today?!”

(A/N) Bit longer than the other chapters I’ve posted so far. What do you think of Warren? Good? Bad? Is the chapter too long or just right? I kind of like his character but your opinion means a lot to me so let me know. 

Amazing chapter image by SiriuslyInspired @ TDA :)

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