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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 7 : "Happy Birthday"
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I want to thank a few reviewers because they’re so kind and leave lovely comments about this story. I’m not saying they’re the only ones but they do brighten my day, Harry and Ginny, evanlyn, Malfoyfriend20 and Paloma Patil, thanks you guys! x

Chapter Seven - “Happy Birthday”
Things were odd now. Odd. But in a good way. It wasn’t awkward, just surprising when they had breaks they would meet up and in greeting they would have a light kiss. And when Gringotts was closing, before going home Fleur and Bill would find themselves dawdling a little. Like now.

Fleur was sat on Bills desk when he entered the room. She looked comfortable just gazing around the room in a bored fashion.

“Good day?” he asked pecking her lips as he passed to get behind his desk.

“A few stuck up Purebloods ’oo preferred speaking in French, but other wise the usual.” she smiled at him over her shoulder as he began putting the papers he was holding into filing cabinets. “You?”

“Ah a few meetings with dragons and that’s pretty much my day.” Bill grinned at her as she laughed.

“Because that ees not exciting at all?” she teased. He laughed with her as he closed the bottom draw of the cabinet.

“Believe me when you spend your holidays with Charlie you get used to seeing feisty dragons. In comparison the dragons here are tame. I mean I bet there’s no scared dragons in Romania.”

Fleur’s soft laugh made him smile a little more as he finally put on his jacket. She held out her hand and he took it without any hesitation. She jumped down from his desk and together they took a turning step.

The sensation if being squeezed through a tight tube was over almost as soon as it had begun and Fleur was stood at her front door she looked at it frowning, before looking back at Bill. He chuckled releasing her hand.

“Goodnight” he whispered leaning in and covering her lips with his own. Their lips were moving together easily and Fleur found herself loosing breath quicker than she would’ve liked.

She fiddled with the door handle behind her when she finally found it she pushed open the door and not breaking contact with Bill. Her jacket was soon on the floor and they fell backwards onto the couch just as some coughed pointedly.

“Lovely. Just what I needed to see.” Monique said sarcastically as they righted themselves both going red.

Bill laughed standing up he looked over at Monique who had recently had her hair chopped off into a pixie cut the look suited her and made her look more impish when she smirked. He began to stand up to leave

“Oh wait!” Fleur smiled running into her bedroom. Bill frowned after her as their was a rustling sound from the room. She groaned before they heard her laugh in delight. Barely a minute later she emerged carrying a large box shaped present wrapped in pure white wrapping paper.

“Fleur?! You didn’t need to.” he kissed her lips again as she passed over the gift.

“Sshhh you!” Fleur giggled. “Have a good day.”

“I think I’m going to vomit.” Monique groaned. Bill laughed again and with one last kiss on Fleur’s lips and ruffling Monique’s hair he apparated out of the flat.

“Jeez.” Monique grinned sitting down next to Fleur.

“Aargh.” Fleur almost laughed as she rested her head on Monique’s shoulder and they curled up together.

“Aww Fleur.” Monique laughed. “Do me a favour?”


“Name one of your kids after me?” Monique pleaded.

“One of them?” Fleur asked shocked.

“The Weasley’s are very fertile” Monique shrugged. “but come on Fleur, Monique Weasley that sounds so good!”

Fleur rolled her eyes. “Okay Monique.”


Fleur woke up the next morning to hear a tapping at her door. “Eurgh what?“ she groaned tossing over so she was under her pillow. She closed her eyes just as she heard her door open.

“Well that’s a lovely greeting.” Bills voice said.

Fleur popped up and ran to him. “Happy Birthday!” she said covering his face in kisses.

“Thank you for that” Bill laughed, “And for this.” he grinned throwing off his jacket to show off his new top.

“Suits you.” Fleur giggled back.

“You doing much today?” Bill asked.

“Hmm, it’s my boyfriends birthday so I might see him for a while but otherwise I’m free” Fleur grinned looking at her watch.

“Good” Bill murmured kissing her softly.

Fleur responded by snaking her arms around his neck and responded eagerly. The kiss became more passionate and they fell back onto Fleur’s bed. Fleur broke off the kiss as she gasped for air. She pulled of the top she bought him for his birthday.

“Are you sure?” Bill asked looking her in the eyes.

Fleur nodded and then with a kiss added “Happy Birthday.”

Is it only me who feels awkward trying to write a scene that leads up to people sleeping together? I think this one was the hardest to write I mean Bill and Fleur are so… whats the word? Lol anyway thank you x

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