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Whimsical Matchmaker by jazzydee23
Chapter 4 : Merely
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Now that Rose was making a steady headway into her matchmaking, the weeks were flying by in a haze of autumn leaves. As November approached, Rose found herself sitting in the darkened library, where Rose’s acquaintance – sorry, friend – joined her. This was not uncommon. In fact, Scorpius had taken to doing this whilst Albus and Louisa disappeared only Merlin knows where. He had sat down opposite Rose, giving her a small nod of acknowledgment as he set to work. 

Rose didn’t mind his joining her, she liked company, and she knew Scorpius would respect the fact she had a load of Charms homework to do and would thus remain non-distracting and silent. 

“Why don’t you ever tie your hair up?”

Or not. 

Rose didn’t bother replying, she threw him a look, in which she knew he could quite clearly read: Bugger off. 

Scorpius merely grinned. “Really, the variation could do you some good.”

Rose frowned at her textbook, before shooting Scorpius another pointed look. “I have large ears,” she said flatly.

Scorpius raised his eyebrows, “seriously? I didn’t think you were the self conscious type, Rose.”
Rose pursed her lips and pulled out her wand. Scorpius watched her closely, unwavered by the fact that her wand was waving dangerously close to his nose.

 Glancing once more at Scorpius, Rose flicked her wand, conjuring two hair ties. Scorpius smirked. She cocked an eyebrow challengingly, reaching back and scooping her bundle of hair. Her hands slipped a bit, tying it inexpertly into a messy bun, and she couldn’t even remember the last time she’d done this. She finished, staring at him unblinkingly, and crossing her arms against her chest.

 It felt strange not to have hair draping down her back, or skimming her face. She felt oddly exposed.

 “Much better,” grinned Scorpius, leaning back in his chair so that it tipped dangerously on two legs, his silver eyes glinting with satisfaction. He tilted his head, examining her freely. She was much prettier with her hair tied back, her vivid blue iris’ stood out brilliantly. Her ears weren’t large, perhaps slightly on the bigger side, and the tips were rather pointed, reminding him vaguely of an elf. He blinked. She looked a lot different, actually. He cleared his throat.

 “You’re right, you do have large ears.”

But Rose wasn’t finished yet. With a glare, she pushed the spare hair tie his way and nodded at it expectantly.

“You want me to tie mine up too?” he asked incredulously, tilting the chair forward with a hollow thud as the front legs hit the wooden floorboards.

Rose smirked and nodded. Scorpius paused, her smirk was devilishly pretty and the way she cocked her eyebrow expectantly was enough to make him say yes to any thing. He grabbed the hair tie and pulled his own hair back, his determined, stubborn grey eyes never leaving her face.

 Rose mimed clapping her hands sarcastically, returning immediately to her work. A few loose strands slipped from the bun, framing her face delicately. Scorpius frowned. Maybe getting her to put her hair up wasn’t such a good idea after all, he could barely concentrate any more and he couldn’t help but notice the way Elwyn kept glancing back at Rose from across the Library, a noticeable glint of hunger in his amber eyes.

Rose couldn’t concentrate. The waves of her hair were brushing against the nape of her neck in an unfamiliar manner and her bangs were clouding her eyesight. Her attention was long lost on the subject of Charms. So instead, ignoring Scorpius’ heavy gaze on her, she pulled out her pen and began plotting her ideas for the Molly&Buck and Hugo&Charlize campaigns.


The Molly&Buck situation was rolling along quite nicely, much to Rose’s delight. They seemed to have warmed to each other considerably, and this morning Molly had even opted to sit with the Gryffindor at breakfast under the pretence of sitting with Rose, although Rose could see right through her cousin. That, and the way the vivid red-head kept stealing glances only a short while down the table at a particular brawny, sandy-haired 7th year. 


Just like Rose had planned, Professor Castell had cut down some of Robert’s load from tutoring (Robert appeared positively flabbergast), and proceeded to pass into to his younger sister, the bright and talented (and not to mention, tall) Charlize White.


Sucking thoughtfully on the tip of her pen, Rose remembered the morning. She had attempted to query her brother at breakfast on the topic of his new tutor, but to no surprise really, he just grunted non communicatively in response in typical Hugo Weasley fashion. As every day passed, he was reminding her more and more of their father, Ron, which was a rather scary thought.


A small sigh escaped the teenager in front of her and Rose nearly jumped in surprise, she had forgotten she wasn’t alone. Scorpius Malfoy had quite shockingly steadily gone back to his work, and consequently his existence had elapsed Rose’s short term memory.


She stared at him inconspicuously thoughtfully, as he frowned at a particular passage in his Potions textbook. Despite his ongoing negative attitude and generally unpleasant personality, Rose didn’t mind Scorpius. However, Rose was used to her own company. In fact, a lot of the time, she even enjoyed her own company.


Rose often lost her thoughts to love and romance, but only for others, never really for herself. Boys she had crushes on in the earlier days never seemed to realise she even existed, or on the off chance that they did – take Luke Cranston for instance back in 5th year – only did for the sake of gaining her trust only to shovel it all up and rip it in to pieces effortlessly as if it was worth nothing. Rose didn’t like the idea of putting her own heart out there. But she admired people that could. She loved the idea of falling to whimsical love, her pulse racing and her heart trembling even quite simply at the sight of the man she loved.


And for this, she respected the way Louisa and Albus had fallen into a bubble of love so easily, so flawlessly and so undeniably. They had nothing to hide.


It was a while before Rose realised she was still gazing, glassy-eyed, at her Slytherin companion. 


I apologise for the fact this chapter is very much there to tie the entire story together but I promise it propels some very interesting events :) What do you think??

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