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The Problems Of A Pregnant 14 Year Old At Hogwarts. by chocolateiceycake
Chapter 1 : The Train Trip Back Home.
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"Are you sure you’re ok Rose, you look so pale, it scares me!" Lily exclaimed, for what seemed like a 100 times.

"I'm fine Lily thanks." I replied. Actually I wasn't. Just yesterday, I had found out about me, that a thing was growing inside of me. Of course I would feel fine.

Quit being sarcastic Rose, I said to myself. Oh, now I am talking to me, seriously, something was super wrong with me.

I looked out of the Hogwarts Express window and a face stared back at me. A red haired, skinny faced and tired looking girl's face.

At that moment, the compartment's door opened and James, Al, Dom, Fred and Malfoy walked in.

"Jeez, now we have room, don't we?" I muttered.

"You look like you're in a mood hey, Weaslette." smirked Malfoy.

I hate it when he calls me that. Well, a lot of people I don't like or who doesn't like me calls me that, because I am a Weasley and I have brown, curly hair.
I also hate very single part of him. Since I slept with him at Al's birthday bash two weeks ago I hate... ewww, stop thinking about that, I said to myself.

James came and sat down next to me. "You look like Nearly Headless Nick!"

Everyone started laughing except for me. I poked my elbow into his rib.

"No Rose, you actually look pale. Did you eat too much pumpkin pasties?" Dom asked me.

I turned away and looked outside. Mainly because I didn't want to look at Malfoy who was sitting beside Dom.

Lily answered for me. "No, she didn't eat anything. Are you hungry Rose?"

I shaked my head and said, "Quit worrying about me, I’m fine.

I turned back to look at everyone. Malfoy was stupidly staring and smirking at me, Lily and Dom was looking worried, Al was playing with his glasses, and James and Fred were talking about O.W.L.S. like they actually cared.

"Since when did you care about your results?" I suddenly asked Fred.

"Since when mum said she would buy me a new broomstick and a wand if I got more than 5 pass results, which I will" Fred replied, looking overjoyed.

Suddenly, I gagged. I hate being pregnant. Everyone looked at me again. Tears welled in my eyes.

"Damn it Rose, are you crying?" Al shouted.

I took my face in my hands and cried louder. I didn't know why the hell I was doing this. What did I do to deserve this? I thought.

Lily and Dom were quickly at my sides. Dom pushed James off his seat and sat down next to me, rubbing back.

"What happened? Did you have a shock or something?" Lily asked.

I knew that everyone in the compartment thought I was crazy at that moment.

"I'm so sorry, I don't feel well." One of my hands held my stomach as my other one covered my eyes, and I hunched forward.

"What is the matter with you Weasley, who starts crying like that." Malfoy asked rudely.

I felt like slapping him across the face and yelling "I am pregnant you idiot, and guess whose baby it is." I didn't though.

Al shushed his best friend down and said, " it's ok Rose, were're nearly at Hogwarts.

I suddenly calmed down. I'm going to become a mother, and the father is my parent's enemy.

Then, Hugo came in. "Huh, are you ok Rose?"

I looked up and nodded. "Thanks Hugh."

I saw my younger brother turn his head towards James and had a worried look on his face. James just shaked his head and ushered him to sit down.

Great, now another person is worrying over me. Dom hugs me. I love her and Lily. While Dom is hugging me, she asked a question which made me turn red.

"Did you leak, because I can take everyone outt for a while?" She asked quietly, so I could only hear.

"No way, stop putting bad pictures in my mind." I replied.

Dom and I lifted our heads to see if anyone else was watching. Luckily Al and Lily were talking about school and James, Fred and Hugo were talking about their quidditch teams.

That left Malfoy. I stared at him, and he stared back. He must have listened in, I thought, looking disgusted.

For the remainder of the trip of dozed off while everyone else played exploding snap.

Reviews would great. Also, constructive criticismn. Thankyou.
Always, May.

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