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I'm Not That Girl by Miss Lily Potter
Chapter 1 : I'm Not That Girl
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A/N: All right, folks. (: It’s me, here with another one-shot. This was based on the song I’m Not That Girl, from the musical Wicked. It’s told by Cho, and it’s her idea of Harry and Ginny’s relationship.

For the ‘Every Word Counts’ Challenge by Ilia.

Disclaimer: All that you recognize is property of J.K. Rowling. The plot is mine.

Without further delay, I present to you…

I’m Not That Girl

I look across the hall, disgusted. He’s with that Weasley girl again, holding her hand and her giggling.

She doesn’t deserve him, no way. He’s the fate of the Wizarding world, and who is she? Some stupid fifth year. Sure, she might be related to one of his best friends—but who really cares about ‘best friends’ these days? After our spat, I’d stopped being friends with Marietta—she really was a traitor, through and through. I’d tried to get his attention, but nope. He was either pining over that slut, or seeming really interested in a bit of ratty parchment.

I fully realize (now, I mean) that I was being stupid—there was no way in hell he’d take me back, not after the way I’d talked to him. I’ve regretted that day every since, you know. When we broke up, and I yelled, I mean. He could’ve been the one, I really think so.

But I guess I wasn’t the right one for him, and the proof was walking around on his arm, much to the chagrin of her brother.

Maybe I was just petty, I don’t know. He chose her over me… But did he know that there was a choice for him, involving me? Maybe I should have just made my intentions clearer, told him how I felt… Maybe.

We had such a short relationship, I fully realize this. Far too short to be stupidly talking about things like love. But what if we’d kept it up? Would we be the modern day Romeo and Juliet, deeply enough in love to kill ourselves? Or would we have been like any teenage couple, a short fling and a stupid spat to end it.

These are the thoughts that keep me up at night. You know how it is, when you have a chance and you throw it away, and you spend the next few months regretting it, because now you’ll never know what ‘could’ve been’? Yeah, that’s how I felt.

Maybe I just wasn’t born to be with a guy like him. Not the ‘Chosen One’. Not with me. He was too famous, I think. She was fast-paced, like him. He never knew if he’d live to the next day, and he seemed to bank on that to make his decisions. She was the girl for him.

But, oh my gods, how I wish he would’ve chosen me over her. I would’ve cared for him, I know I would have.

Our whole relationship seemed to be about other people, though. It started because I was crying about Cedric. It ended because of Marietta. And between them, there was barely enough time for ourselves. The only times it really seemed to be about us were before, when we were crushing on each other.

Would anything have been different, in another time and place? Something tells me yes, but it’s probably just wishful thinking. I have a lot of that, it seems.

Wishes, I mean.

A/N 2: So, what did you think? I’d really appreciate a review. (: It was my first attempt at Hogwarts era, and first attempt at a character I really hate. Not to mention the present tense thing. XD Anyway, tell me what you thought! :D

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