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Something Sweeter by karinapotter
Chapter 1 : Neapolitan Ice-Cream and Sirius Black
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A/N: Here's a little cutsey one-shot about Sirius(x what a guy! haha, thanks to all who's reading Two-Wrongs Make a Right! Stick to it. i'm putting ch. 7 up soon! Validation has gotten shorter! hope you like. if you do don't forget to Rate&Review.
Disclaimer: I doubt JK Rowling would pick Neapolitan ice-cream as Sirius' favorite flavor, i bet it'd be chocolate, but i'm only speculating. SADLY ):

I ran down the bleak and empty corridor hastily wiping my angry and miserable tears from my now puffy blue eyes. I pull my brown hair into a messy ponytail and then pull it out in frustration. I wipe my face and try to not explode at the next person I see.

 Damn Black, always ruining my damn day.

Sirius Black. *shudders*

He’s the type of guy all the girls with no brains swoon for. He has the long Black-black silky soft, feathery, run-threw-your-hands…

 Um sorry, don’t mind that. 

Regular black hair.

He has these dreadful grey eyes. Dreadful in the manner as in if I stare-I mean looked at them for more then a minute I wouldn’t know if I was being thrown off the castle’s highest tower. They are simply beaut-I mean unique.

I am the only girl in this whole school, trust me even McGonagall (who Sirius has a pet name for, Minnie) secretly swoons for the bad-boy, hot, sexy, dreamy-I mean trouble maker, that doesn’t fall for his idiotic but very entertaining plots.

But thank Merlin I’m not being stalked like poor Lily, James is seriously going to kill her with his undying love.

The girls that he just snogs, they’re bimbos, mostly in Hufflepuff and Slytherin (yes the mighty Gryffindor lion has fallen for the ‘charming’ antics of the hideous snakes and pompous badgers) only want him ‘cause other girls want him.


 But lucky old me, Charlie, short for Charlotte Benet, mind you, has enough brains along with Lily Evans to know they’re all twits, gits, toerags, all that and above.

Except Remus and Peter; Remus ‘cause he’s actually not as bad as the others and Peter, well ‘cause I don’t know him too well to decide.

Back to the dreadful story that I was trying to retell before bloody Sirius Black interrupted my thoughts.

 Damn him.

So here I am, wandering the cold and seemingly wet hallways, which belonged to the beautiful and magnificent Hogwarts. Trust me, it’s like that in the daytime, but once the mesmerizing sun goes down, it looks like a big piece of rotten cheese, sorry Dumbledore, no offense.

See tonight, like, dreadfully, every night, Sirius Black puts his daily horrid dose of ‘Let’s Torture Charlie’ on me. This evening I was sitting, more like lying down when the blasted fool appeared.

“CHARLIE!” Sirius called me as I dozed off in the Common Room before Lily came back from rounds with James.

“WHAUT?” I bellowed, not picking up the book that was so strategically placed over my eyes.

He tried to sit on the couch, on my legs.

Smart, Sirius real smart.

“GEOFF! NOW!” I kicked him off, trying to resume my comfortable napping position.

“Why, so I can get on you like this?” He pulled the book from my face and before I had a chance at my wand, he was on top of me, pinning me down. His hands wrapped around my wrists, gently while his body seemingly was floating above me, though my legs found his own.  

Noses touching, him leering, and me trying to pretend this wasn’t happening.

 God he was irritable.

“C’mon Charlie, don’t you want to have some Sirius’ fun?” he whispered, I shuddered at the terrible pun and then proceeded to knee him in the ‘family heirlooms’. HARD.

“Sorry, I don’t like Sirius fun.” I said curtly before getting up. While he was groaning in pain I prepared to leave the Common room in one piece, for the night. He managed to get himself back on the couch, much to my dismay.

“Nice view Charlie. Wanna see mine?” I rolled my eyes and looked back, still hunched over. Sirius just happened to be sitting right where I bent over to collect my things.
Bloody Hell.

I sighed heavily and turned around, “All I wanna see from you, is my foot going up your-”

Before I had a chance to finish the threat, Sirius’ lips were on mine.


 For a second I lost control, not caring that we were in the public eye, and giving in until he laughed.

Damn I hated when he laughed. More because he knew I liked his kisses. Damn.

He pulled back and smirked, “SEE PETER! EVEN BENET LIKES MY KISSES!”

I scowled and fumed. I turned to pick up my books when Sirius bent in to see my darkening face.

“How’s that for Sirius fun.” He murmured pulling back some brown locks that began to loosen from behind my ears in my haste to melt into the ground unnoticed.

“Go to hell Black. And take your crummy jokes with you.” I said fiercely a bit loud, pushing him down onto the couch.

The whole room was staring now. GREAT.

“Oo, I like a girl with fire.” He put his arms out, stretched along the chair. “Would you like to join me?”

I laughed bitterly, “Only if it involves your death.”

He stood up and walked right up to me, my breath hitched and he noticed. “If it involves my death bed would you consider it?”

I rolled my eyes and punched him in the gut.

“Go get kissed by a Dementor Black.” I hurried away; I didn’t need the extra attention.

“It would be better than kissing you!” he called back cruelly.

I felt my heart heave.

He did not say that.

So the reason of my tears, my disrupted thoughts and my unpredictable manner is?


I hurried down the similar pathways until I ran into something hard, more like it ran into me.

“Remus.” I said politely, trying to see if I could get around, but his tall figure didn’t let me.

“Charlie. Don’t mind Sirius, he’s immature.” He waved his hand like it was commonplace, running his hands though his sandy hair.

I stood with eyebrows raised, lips in a tight line and an attitude of hate and passion growing in me. 

“If that’s some sort of an apology, have the man of honor say it himself Remus.” I said blankly, staring into his piercing blue eyes like they were nothing, maneuvering my way through his lanky stature.

“He fancies you, you know!” he called. I turned around screaming, “If this is your way of playin’ another damned joke on me, I’m not letting you get the satisfaction!”

Of course I wouldn’t let the git know that the kiss sent me head over heels. The whole Cloud Nine and stomach turning scenario played over and over. Until he laughed.

There you got me; I’m totally in love with Sirius Black. Merlin help me.

I bolted away; I needed some Neapolitan ice-cream, like now. In my haste to make it to my gluttonous sanctuary, I almost didn’t notice James and Lily snogging.

I stopped, stared and smiled, they were so adorable. Even if Lily wanted him dead most of the time, it was still cute to see him try and win this round.  

I made it to my haven, the kitchens, *angels sing a glorious tune*.

I walked into Link, one of the sweetest and most supportive House-Elf I knew. “Hullo Mistress Charlotte, what can Link get for you?” He asked as he wiped his hands on his apron.

“Oh, hi Link. Just the usual for a Friday night.” I said emptily, Link looked worried, but he disappeared to get my dessert.

I sat on the island in the middle of the kitchen, wishing that I could erase the last fifteen minutes of my memory, except the one of Lily and James. I stared out until Link re-appeared with my soothing buddy. I sighed and let out a smile, “Thank you Link.”

He smiled back and said cheekily, “He fancies you, Master Black does, he always comes in after you, checking up on what you have been doing here.”

I almost choked on the spoon I had heaving ice-cream into my mouth.

“’HUT?” I asked disbelievingly.

“Yes Mistress, I have seen him. He looks at you like no other girl he has fancied.” Link said matter-of-factly.

“Will you elaborate?” I said, beginning once more to stop my problems by devouring frozen sugar.

“Well last week, when he played that horrible prank on you…”

I remember. It was the prank that jinxed my skirt to fly up every time I screamed Black or Help. It would’ve been a great prank if it wasn’t put on me.

“And you came in sobbing until Riley and Link gave you some dinner. Well after you departed, Master Black came in for some treacle tart and Riley gave him a piece of her mind.” Link continued with the story.

Sirius? Checking up on me? Serious?

“So every time you come in sobbing, he’s right behind you, hiding inside that tapestry over there, the one with the two knights.” He finished pointing at the tattered thing.

“Serious?” I said vociferously, to check if he was really there.

“Yes?” His voice answered shyly. I chuckled, “Not you Sirius!” I made my way to the tapestry and punched (softly) his would be gut.

“Oi!” he said surprised, falling out of the alcove with an ‘oof!’

I stood above him, mouth being held from laughing at a disheveled and embarrassed scoundrel. He stood up quickly and tried to play it off.

“So I see you’re stalking me now Charlie?” He smirked, grey eyes twinkling; I rolled my eyes and pulled him into the kitchen behind me. We need to discuss some things.

“Mistress Charlotte shall Master Black be accompanying you?” Link came back with seconds, thank Merlin. 

He growled sexily into my left ear, “I like the sound of that. Mistress.”

Goosebumps appeared as he pulled my waist towards his pelvis and I felt his hands caressing my curves.

 It was oddly relaxing. I snapped out of my dreamlike state and pushed him back, creating space for me to breathe and of course his ego.

“C’mon, you liked that. Don’t even try to deny it.” He smiled as I gripped the counter for support.

“Bite me Black.” I managed to get out while he strode over to me. He let his mouth hover millimeters from my collarbone, “If you wish.” My eyes began to roll to the back of my head as my mind left me.

I quickly darted away, ending up on the opposite of the island, I barely made it. “Oh what the hell is your problem?” I threw my hands up in defeat.

I allowed him to get closer to me. He wrapped his arms around my shoulder and waist, pulling me in to smell my hair.

I leaned in to the godly sent that engulfed one Sirius Black, I sighed sadly as I pulled back, but he still had his arm around my wait.

“I’m sorry that you think I’m more brainless than one of those bimbos I’ve been dating.” He whispered as his warm calloused hands found my cheek.

I was baffled. Sirius Orion Black was apologizing, to me. I felt uneasy and my knees gave in below me, sending the both of us into a passionate tango-like stance. I was half-way bent towards the ground with Sirius bent equally above me.

I laughed nervously, “So how’s this for Sirius fun?” Wow that was a horrible joke.

Sirius barked a laugh and let me up from the back-breaking posture and seated himself on the counter next to the gallon of Neapolitan ice-cream that Link so graciously provided for the occasion.

“So according to the House-Elves, a Marauder has a fancy towards me,” I said spooning some ice-cream into my mouth also jumping on the other side of the tub.

“Oh, well don’t be too hard in letting Peter down, he’s a shy soul.” Sirius teased also picking up a near-by spoon and digging into MY haven. Weirdly, i didn't stop him.

“Oh, I heard it was someone else. I dunno, but if it was that someone else, I would be very flattered,” I added casually licking my sticky fingers.

In the corner of my eye I could see Sirius pondering the moment, it made me giggle that I was the cause of all his distress.

“Well, well my lady, be prepared to be flattered,” he jumped down and stood in front of me. His arms locked on either sides of the island, blocking me from leaving.

“Oh, you know who it is then Sirius? My knight in shining armor?” I said coyly smiling. “Oh I think you know,” he muttered getting dangerously close to my lips.

I unknowingly began to lower my head, giving the bloke easier access to kiss me. “So Sirius,” I breathed and he inhaled, “what are you going to do when you want to prank me?”

He chuckled, “I’ll do what I did tonight,” he smirked, “I’ll pin you down and have my way with you. Mistress.”

My arms wrapped around his neck as he reached in for me.


Sirius jumped back, I almost fell forward gripping the counter to steady myself. Sirius and I backed up even farther saw Lily and James standing there appalled.

“CHARLIE? SIRIUS?” She said with the utmost surprise and disbelief.

“Yes, indeed.” Remus came out of the shadows, “Thank Merlin you guys appeared, or else I think they’d be tearing each others faces off.” He smirked.

Now instead of hating Sirius, I hate James and Remus for ruining my moment.

I sat nervously, playing with my fingers while Sirius was standing a couple of feet away.

“Well?” James said expectantly.

“What?” We both answered. A knowing smile came out of Remus’ face.

“Operation-Get-Charlie-and-Sirius-Together-While-Neither-of-Them-Knowing-While-Getting-James-and-Lily-togther-all-To-Make-Remus-Look-Dashing-AND-Witty-Or-More-So-Than-Usual.” Remus got out without a single outtake of breath.

Sirius looked like a child on Christmas Morning, “Moony! That’s brilliant! And so in Sirius style!”

Apparently Remus wasn’t done yet, “Or the plan can be called Operation: Sweets.”

We all looked at him confused. “You see, mates, the sugar got Lily all excited and energetic while it got Charlie to calm down, making it easier for you two prats, Prongs and Padfoot if you’re worried whom I’m talking about, to get the girls without making yourselves look more foolish than usual.” He waved that famous dismissive hand again.

“I’ve been secretly planning this since the beginning of the year. Tonight seemed perfect and I have been helping you guys out in the female area if I’m correct.”

Sirius ‘pfft’ed haughtily as we all looked at him disbelievingly, “Honestly, you think I’m just the witty and smart one?” He rolled his eyes and took a treacle tart, “You’ll be thanking me later.”

“How doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” Sirius asked a bit boldly.

Remus came back and threw his tart at him, “That’s for me to know and for you to worry you little brain about.” He smirked and left finally grabbing a couple more desserts in his arms.

“AYE! I don’t have a ‘ittle brain!” He pouted and I kissed his cheek, “Of course not.”

“Padfoot, old mate, I think this year is shaping up nicely.” James shook his hand.

“Perfectly, except for the fact that Remus thinks I’m hallow! Which I’m not!” He wined. We all rolled our eyes, leaving the kitchen for the Common Room.

“Who do you think gave him the idea…”

“Give it up Pads, it was all Moony’s plan, just accept it. Look where it got us!” James smiled and pulled Lily closer.

“Yeah, it was a pretty sweet night.” He kissed me softly and I giggled with glee.

Damn Sirius Black, he knows how to ruin a perfectly horrible night.

With sweets.

I smirked as he pulled me in for a midnight kiss.

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