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Unfathomable Obscurity by AidasamoAida
Chapter 4 : The warning
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Jacob had called on the muggle telephone explaining to Lelja why he had to cancel their  movie night, he sounded worried telling Lelja that something was wrong. He apologized several times to her, saying he was gonna make it up to her.

Jacob had said something had come in his family that he had to leave town for a few days. He said his final goodbye, as Lelja lowered the phone back.

Something was wrong. Horribly wrong.

Jacob had said something that caught her attention. He made her promise to not go anywhere near the forest. But Lelja had to break it even though she promised him she wouldn’t.

Lelja went up to my room, taking out her  wand. Aunt Manny had come back from work, and Lelja told Aunt Manny where she was going. She freaked out the minute Lelja told her. She told Lelja  to stay but Lelja somehow convinced her to go. 

Lelja took her wand hiding it in her thin sweater. Aunt Manny drove her there, and said she was going wait for Lelja. Lelja nodded, heading out.

Lelja  took out her  wand scanning the forest very carefully. It looked a lot like the Forbidden forest they had back in Hogwarts, minus the mythical creatures. 

From the distance Lelja  could hear a woman laughing. Lelja growled under her breath.


Lelja  walked to the voice when she stopped seeing it wasn’t Bellatrix. It was a short pixie type of girl, dancing around another boy. They both stopped looking at her. Then two more people showed up, Lelja froze. But then a familiar face came. 


“Lelja” He greeted her, taking a good look at her. “What are you doing here…alone?” He asked eyeing the other people. The one who was dancing stared at Lelja, along with the blonde girl.

“I should ask you the same question.” Lelja said hiding her wand back before they could see it. “I went for a walk when I got lost in here”.

The pixie one smiled. “I’m Alice. And this is Rosalie , Emmett, and Jasper.” Lelja looked at Edward who was constantly looking at Lelja.  The brawny one who was Emmett nodded. Jasper smiled. Rosalie had a mad face.

“I will help you find your way back”. Edward offered. Before Lelja could response, Edward began walking Lelja had no choice to follow. Edward was fast,Lelja had to run to keep up with him. He stopped fully turning to face her.

“I know who you are Lelja Stanley. And I know why you were doing in the forest”. He said, glowering. “It’s not safe”. He added in the same tone.

Lelja smiled. “Let me guess you’re an vampire?”

He froze. His lips set in a tight line. His eyes were cold.

“I knew it from the beginning I met you. When you handed me the bag, when Jessica told me you guys  vacation every summer. And the thing that gave you away, was your eyes. Their bloodshot red which means you were hunting with your family”. Lelja explained.

Edward couldn’t  help but smile. “My, Alice was right you are a smart witch”.

“Geez thanks. Now, lets put the introductions aside. Do you have any idea what’s going on?” Lelja asked. He stared at her for a moment. “Well?”

“There’s been certain attacks on random people. But its not the wolfs that are doing it. It’s a woman”. Edward said staring into the forest. His eyes tightened. “You shouldn’t be here Lelja. Go home”.

Lelja nodded heading back the way she came. But Aunt Manny wasn’t there. In fact neither was her car. Lelja sighed wondering if she took a wrong turn. Then all of a sudden, Lelja didn’t feel so well. Her vision became blurry as if someone had drugged her. Her breathing became stable, she reached for the tree to grasp her body from falling.

Lelja's eyes were hurting, her heart felt like it was on fire. Something was wrong. For a minute Lelja forgot where she was. Then everything began to spin around her, Lelja felt scared. Then…everything went black.

. It was a strange sound.



It went again. Lelja slowly opened her eyes seeing three figures standing over her bed. Groaning softly made them even more alert. 

Lelja could hear a voice it was…Jessica? 

Then the footsteps of someone coming in. They figures leaned back as the one figure took Lelja's temperature. His cold fingers pressed against her forehead.

“She’s going to be fine Sam. She just suffered from stress”. The figure explained. Lelja's eyes were now open seeing Chief Swan, Jessica and Sam who were all staring at her. Then Aunt Manny came to mind. Lelja sat up, her head was still spinning.

“Where I am?” Lelja  mangled to say before Jessica hugged me. The doctor laughed.

“Well Ms. Stanley, I am Doctor Cullen. And you are in a hospital”. He said smiling. His white skin shone in the light. Chief Swan said he was coming back to ask Lelja some questions. 

Jessica went to go and get some coffee. Dr. Cullen went to go check on the other patients. Sam sat on the end of Lelja's  bed, staring pensively  at her. 

“Where’s Aunt Manny?” Lelja asked.

He frowned. “She had left for work. Why were you in the forest Lelja? You knew it wasn’t’ safe”. He asked, angrily.

“I’m sorry Sam.”.

He looked at me. “You better be. What would of happened if Chief Swan hadn’t found you?”

“I don’t know”. Lelja said laying back down.

Sam got up back up. “This is warning Lelja stay out of the forest. Don’t ask why, just do it”. He said before he walked out the door. Jessica came back with two coffee’s in hand.

Three days passed. Still no word from Jacob. Lelja was sitting reading a muggle magazine Jessica let her borrow, Jessica came down the stairs looking at Lelja.

“Wanna go out?” She offered.

Looking up from the magazine, Lelja shook her head. 

Jessica sighed heavily. “Come on its been three days since you left the hospital. You need to get out more, Dr. Cullen said you needed fresh air”. She pointed out.

Smiling at her. “Jessica you can go, I’m not saying you cant”.

“But I wanna go with you”. She pleaded using those puppy eyes on Lelja again. Lelja sighed giving in. “Okay, there’s a party tonight at Eric’s house he asked me personally to invite you”.

Lelja didn’t like the way Jessica said you. “Okay before we go. One question”.

“Oh. Shoot”. Jessica answered.

“What do you think of magic?” Lelja  asked calmly.

She laughed. “Right. Magic tricks. Pulling bunnies out of hats. Sounds…kidish…Now come on we need to get ready”.

Lelja's  heart sunk. Jessica thought magic was a joke, if only Jessica knew her own mother used magic. Lelja went upstairs putting black shorts with a matching tee-shirt and what muggles called flip-flops. Jessica wearing a denim skirt  with a pink top. She mouthed lets go.

Wow. There were so many people here. Jessica said there was no beer here because Eric’s parents caught him last time. Hell what was beer? 

Eric found the, a minute later, handing them so weird beverage. Jessica grinned at us. “Well I’m gonna find Mike”. She said as she walked away winking at Lelja

Eric smiled. “So Lelja how’s life treating ya?” Eric asked placing his arm around Lelja's shoulder. That made Lelja very uncomfortable.

“Good…so far”. Lelja answered taking his arm off. He still smiled even after she did that. “You haven’t seen Edward have you?”

Eric shrugged. “I thought everyone  expect Dr. Cullen went to France”. He asked.

Oh damn it! Lelja nearly blew their cover! “No, sorry I got mixed up”. Lelja lied. “I meant Dr. Cullen”.

Eric gave Lelja this weird look. “Right. Well I’m pretty sure he hangs around the hospital, because he is a doctor”. He said in a tone that made Lelja want to slap him.

“Eric your boring her”. Said a voice behind them. It was Sam and Emily holding each by the waists. Eric raised his black eyebrows at Sam. Lelja looked between them.

“Sam. Emily”. Lelja greeted them. Sam nodded, Emily smiled. “Er, where’s everyone else?” Lelja asked scanning the room.

Sam looked at Emily. “Their busy”. He replied.

“You wanna dance?” Eric offered. Sam’s face tightened. Why?

“Er…sure I guess”.

“Great”. He said taking Lelja's hand puling her in the middle of his very large house. He lived near the beach, so he had access to sand, water. He began dancing when he pulled her closer to him all of a sudden. Shock. 

They  were nearly inches away, Lelja  pulled back still dancing. Then something horrible happened. 


Eric smiled but not for long. “May I have the next dance?” Asked a husky voice.

Jacob stood there in his long dark jeans, grey shirt, with black converse and a grin on his face. Eric frowned, nodding. Eric then walked away, well out the door anyway. Jacob’s face soften, as he stood in front of Lelja.

He placed his hands on Lelaj's waist pulling her closer to him, close enough to see his eyes. Lelja stood there memorized by his warmness. He softly chucked when he took her arms placing it around his neck.

“Hi”. He said as they began to sway to the music.

“Hi. Where you been?” Lelja asked, staring into his eyes. Which were staring back in hers.

Around. My grandmother was sick dad and me went to go see her”. Jacob answered smiling. “And you? Was is torture without me?”

Lelja huffed. “Yes Jacob it was. Is your grandmother okay now?” Lelja asked.

He lowered his head so that is was pressed against Lelja's cheek. He was warm. A little too warm. He pulled back. “Sort of, we need to go back. We are the only family she’s got left”.

“That’s sucks. That means I have to go more days with Jessica torturing me”. Lelja said, swaying with him.

Jacob grinned. “Don’t worry, I promise to make it up to you”.

Jessica mouthed Lelja a wow. She and Mike were dancing as well, or at least sort of dancing. Eric was busy talking to another girl to even notice them. Jacob looked Lelja's way seeing Jessica batting her eyelashes at Mike.

“Their a cute couple don’t ya think?’ Jacob asked focusing on Lelja.

“Well, maybe expect the part where they want to eat each other faces off. I cant even eat breakfast without them kissing”. Lelja said laughing quietly.

Sam threw them a smirk as he saw how close Lelja and Jacob were. Jacob’s warm hands on Lelja's waist. 

. Lelja froze. Bellatrix. “Come out and play Lelja”.

Jacob noticed Lelja was out of it. He held he face in his warm hands making her look at him. “Something wrong?” He asked scanning her face with his eyes.

“No. I feel a little light headed.” Lelja said. He walked her outside, finding a table on Eric’s deck. “Thanks, I feel a lot better”.

“So you wanna tell why exactly you were in the forest?”  Jacob asked taking a seat next to me.

Sam must of told him. “Okay, I’m sorry I broke your promise. I didn’t mean too, I was just curious”. Lelja explained.

“You fainted too”. Jacob added, leaning back on the chair. He took his hand in hers, drawing imaginary lines with his other finger. “I have to go real soon. Promise me you wont break my promise”.

Lelja laughed. “Only if you promise to come over.”

Jacob grinned. “That’s one promise I’m not breaking”.

Jessica came out smiling at the sight of Jacob holding Lelja's hand. Jacob blushed his eyes on Lelja. “Jacob, Sam is looking for you”. Jessica said as she went back in the house.

Jacob let go of Lelja's hand standing up, Lelja too stood up. “Well I guess I’ll see you when I come back”. Jacob said frowning. “An no breaking promises ya hear?”

“Yes Jacob.” Lelja said smiling.

They stood in silence staring at each other. “I have to go now go, be good Lelja”. He said touching her cheek. Sam came out with Emily who couldn’t help but smile when they saw them.  Jacob left with them.

Leljawent back inside to go the bathroom  when she  heard two similar voices discussing in a room, she held my ear to the door. 

“What do you mean he’s imprinted on her?” Asked a angry voice. Sounded a lot like Leah.

“He likes her Leah. Jacob really likes her”. Answered a calm voice.

“I don’t care. She’s is human Seth. Lelja doesn’t belong here”. Replied Leah in a vicious tone.

“And?” Seth said.

Lelja  walked away in shock. Something was wrong. Lelja  ran past Jessica, who was too busy to even notice her. Lelja  ran out the front door past all the parked cars. A sliver car waited, he drove by Lelja. He rolled down his window. 


“Need a lift?” He asked her.

Then the tears began to leak. Edward got out of the car to Lelja. “What’s-?”  He took a good and hard look at Lelja. “Come on I’m taking you home, I’ll call Bella to tell Jessica picked that Bella picked you up”. He said opening the door. Lelja got in but she didn’t put her seat belt on. Edward put it on.

“You may be a witch but you won’t walk away if we crash”. He explained to Lelja. She shrugged not really caring.

Boy did Edward drive fast. “So what’s the deal? Someone is after you?” Edward asked with his eyes on the road.

Lelja nodded. “Bellatrix Lestrange.”

Edward smiled. “She wont touch you , now that see knows we are here”.

We?” Lelja echoed.

Edward grimaced. “So why is she after you?” He said switching the topic on Lelja.

“She killed my parents.” Lelja answered. “And now she wants to finish the job with me”.

Edward’s hands gripped the wheel. “Our family is offering protection. Basically what I am saying we are protecting your little butt whether you like it or not”.

Edward pulled in. “Don’t worry about anything Lelja. We will handle it”.

Lelja got out thanking Edward for the ride. Aunt Manny fell asleep on the couch with the television on. Lelja smiled covering her with a blanket and turning the television off.

Lelja went up stairs to her room, sitting on the bed. Lelja  pulled out a picture of her   parents. They were smiling back at her.

In the distance, a wolf howl was heard. 

No matter what Bellatrix wasn’t gonna stop til Lelja was gone. Its been a couple of days now since Lelja arrived meeting vampires, Jessica, Eric and so on. Lelja was sitting in her room reading her old spell book, when Aunt Manny came in with a enormous smile on her face.

“Did you really punch Cedric Diggory in the nose?” She asked with an amused smile. 

Lelja snickered at her, putting the spell book back.

“I was aiming for Ernie but Cedric was in the way.” Lelja explained.

“Speaking of boys. There’s one down stairs he said he knows you”. Aunt Manny said.

Puzzled Lelja went down stairs to see….Edward Cullen?

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