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Hogwarts, Harry Potter, And The Sorcerers Stone by SaliMilae
Chapter 9 : Whoops! Link lost ages ago...
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Feb. 17 2006
Hi guys, I lost the link to this site a while back, when my computer crashed... I didn't think anyone would actually miss my story! So I didn't search too hard for this website. I realized my error when Sainteth e-mailed me about it. Their e-mail fortunately had the name of this site at the bottom of it, so I came back to look, and realized that unfortunately all my readers have left... *sigh* SO, if anybody wants me to continue this story, please write me a review, and I will try to make sense of my written notes. ( I do not have the original manuscript anymore; it was lost along with the link.)

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Hogwarts, Harry Potter, And The Sorcerers Stone: Whoops! Link lost ages ago...


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