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Through Her Eyes... by American Ginny
Chapter 11 : Secrets Revealed
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Chapter 11: Secrets Revealed


~~~~~ - New Section             ***** - Switch perspectives


I felt Hermione stir behind me and turned around to see her awake with tears streaming down her face. I looked at her deep chocolate eyes. They told me everything I would ever need to know.


Hermione attempted to smile, but slightly failed, “It’s funny how you have your heart set on this one guy, and when you find out he’s not the one, you feel completely lost and confused. You were definitely sure that he was the one. Then again life doesn’t go how we plan it. I guess you live and learn.”


I wiped away her tears with my thumb and said, “Hermione, I’m sorry about my brother. He’s just a git. I’m sure that you two will get married in the end.”


Hermione let out a low chuckle, “Don’t you get it, Ginny. I thought he was the one. He isn’t though. He’s not the guy I’m suppose to marry. There is another guy waiting out there for me. Ron…though he was sweet most of the time….Ron wasn’t what I wanted.”


“Yeah, I know how that goes.”


“What do you mean? I thought you said you were in love with Harry.”

 “I did, but he’s the assistant coach on the team and the seeker. So I wasn’t really happy about that. Then I took a shower after you fell asleep, and I started to think about it. I really don’t think I love him like I thought I did. It was more of an infatuation than a love.”


“Well I guess we both are at the same place then. Starting to look for dates.”


“I feel more sorry for you then me.”


“Am I really that unattractive?”


“No, but someone has to tell my mum that the wedding is off.”


“Oh crap I totally forgot! I’ll leave that to you and ron.” Hermione said while smiling deviously.


“Thanks. I’ll just leave it to Ron then. I have the perfect plan too.”


“Oh now I feel sorry for Ron.”


“He won’t be expecting it.”


“Oooo do tell then.”


I smiled and told the whole plan to Hermione. It was a simple yet effective plan. Hermione loved it, and I just couldn’t wait to do it.




I was down in the kitchen with Hermione and mum preparing dinner. Everyone was coming over even Hermione’s family. The night had been plan after the news of the engagement. Only now there wasn’t going to be one.


Hermione had already told her parents but told them to come anyways because it was to officially be announced today at dinner. Well not officially, but it was going to be announced by Ron.


We were setting the table when Hermione’s family arrived. Mrs. Weasley told everyone to wait in the den while she put last minute touches on things. Hermione who was sitting by Harry talking glanced over at me. I returned her glance with a mischievous smile.





Harry seemed to have catch it though because he said to Hermione, “Ginny, looks like she’s up to something so be careful about what you eat.”


“You can really tell that?”


“I dated her. I should be able to tell.”


Sorrow poured over her again as she realized this was another thing that made her think the cancelled engagement was for the best. Her smile was wiped away with a sad look.


“Hermione, what’s wrong?” Harry noticing Hermione’s sudden change in mood asked quietly.


Hermione looked at Harry and said, “What? Oh nothing I was just thinking.”


Harry looked into her eyes and knew she was lying. He decided to take a different approach on this one. “Would you like to go for a walk before dinner with me? I could use some company and fresh air.”


“I think dinner is almost ready, but after dinner it would be wonderful.”





 Within a few minutes, Mrs. Weasley was calling everyone for dinner. I walked in and sat down between Hermione and Ron. Once we were all sat down, my dad stood up and said, “Welcome Granger family and Harry. I hope you enjoy this evening as much as I plan to. Well let’s dig in then shall we?”


At once hands started to grab food and everyone started eating. The conversations at the table were lively and never ending. Once I saw that Hermione was done with her food, I looked across at mum and said, “Mum this is delicious food as always. I can’t believe you went to all this trouble to make this.”


“Why Ginny dear” Mrs. Weasley said, “What on earth are you talking about? I always make this much for special occasions.”


“Oh I think Ron is forgetting to tell you something then. Aren’t you, Ron?”


The whole table went to a dead silence at these words. All eyes were focused on Ron. Ron stuttered and said, “Uh…um…I-I-I have n-no idea w-w-what Ginny’s t-t-talking about?”


I looked at Hermione who had suddenly tensed and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and said, “Ron and I have called off the engagement. There will no longer be a wedding.”


Hermione suddenly pushed back her chair and ran from the room as tears burst forth from her eyes. I started to stand up but felt a hand hold me back. I looked up to see Harry standing there. Through his eyes he pleaded for me to let him handle this. I knew he was probably right. I had been there enough for Hermione; it was time for someone else to help me.


I nodded and watched Harry leave to follow his and my best friend…





So at this point in the story I am going to start doing a double perspective. Sometimes It’ll be in Hermione’s perspective and sometimes in Ginny’s because that way you aren’t missing part of the story. I had fun writing this chapter I’m sorry it wasn’t up sooner. I was having writers block. I hope you enjoy this chapter. It wasn’t exciting or anything, but it needed to be in there. Please leave a Review. THANK YOU for reading. Love,


Am. Ginny

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