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The Master Plan by hpffisawesome
Chapter 3 : Destination: The Burrow
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Author’s Note: It took me a bit to type this one up. With school and cross country, I only have the weekends to write. I’m trying real, real hard not to leave any gaps that last over three weeks. Also, I’ve been trying to get another fic going, completely different than the ones that I written already. So try and be patient with me. Oh, and enjoy the chapter, too! Reviews are welcome!

Disclaimer: I own nothing, from settings to characters to all the other things. Everything goes to J.K. Rowling. I just thought of the plot.

Harry had asked Dobby countless times where Eliza was last night, each time phrasing it
differently than the last, hoping that one way of asking would make Dobby spill. But
whatever Eliza must have said to the house elf to keep the secret had worked.

“Look, Dobby, I’m sorry for putting you through this,” said Harry as looked down at the
elf who was close to tears. “Why don’t you take the night off.” Dobby’s ears lifted.

“Thank you, Harry Potter, sir!” and with a loud ‘crack!’ Dobby was gone.
Harry sat back in his seat, going over all the possibilities. The Burrow, where she had
made such a strong bond with Mrs. Weasley. Grimmauld Place, seeing that she was now
one of the secret keepers. Her old flat, in which she still had only because it had been the
first place she’d lived before meeting Harry, and it still had furniture and memories.

Harry stood up quickly, and after standing there for a bit as his head spun, he pulled out
his wand, destination: The Burrow.

“Harry, dear, is everything all right?” asked Mrs. Weasley after opening the front door
and hugging him.

“Well, not exactly,” said Harry, following Mrs. Weasley inside. “My wife has
disappeared, you see, and I came here to see if…”

“To see if Eliza was here,” said Mrs. Weasley, smiling sadly. “I’m sorry, Harry. The
last time I’ve seen Eliza was on the evening you and her departed. I was hoping that
you’d come and visit some time, but seeing that you’ve got the Quidditch season, and
she’s got her job…” Harry didn’t feeling like explaining to Mrs. Weasley about how
Eliza lost her job, so he changed the subject.

“Is Ron here?” Mrs. Weasley frowned.

“Didn’t he tell you? He’s with Bill and the goblins and Gringott’s. He’s getting all
trained up for the job.” Harry stared at Mrs. Weasley, not believing it. Ron hadn’t come
his house to talk about Harry’s life. No, he had come to tell Harry a huge change about
his own life.

“I never really gave him time to say anything,” mumbled Harry guiltily.

“That’s what Hermione said when I told her,” said Mrs. Weasley, nodding. “Poor dear,
she’s upstairs in her room. Crying, I expect. Ron won’t be coming home for a month or
so. Goblins have a very strict policy when it comes to gold and banking. It’s a good
thing Bill is there.”

“Hermione’s upstairs?”

“Yes, dear, that’s what I said.” She watched Harry quickly leave the kitchen and head

When Harry reached the room that Hermione was staying in, he noticed the door was

“Hermione?” Harry didn’t know why he was whispering. He opened the door wider.
The lights were off.

“Lumous,” Harry whispered as he took out his wand. He walked into the room and held
his lit wand above his head. She wasn’t there. What was the matter with him? He had
just entered a room as though ready for someone to attack him, his wand out and his eyes
looking in the corners of the room. Turning out his wand, he left the room, heading for
Ron’s room at the floor above.

The light was on and the door was closed to Ron’s room. Harry relaxed. Hermione
obviously came up here to be with Ron without really being with him. Harry thought that
this was just torture for her, seeing that Ron would be gone for a month.
Harry knocked.

“Come in,” came a soft reply. Harry entered.

“Oh, hello Harry,” said Hermione, wiping her face as she spoke. “You look troubled.”

“I was about to say the same thing about you,” Harry said, closing the door behind him
and sitting next to Hermione. “Look, Ron tried to tell me that he was going to Gringott’s
as well, but I just kept going about my problems, and didn’t give him any time. He
wasn’t annoyed or anything, though, so I don’t think…” Hermione’s eyes widened.

“You mean he wasn’t mad or anything that he didn’t get to say that he was going off for
a month?” Hermione asked, her voice much stronger and angrier than it had been before.

“He was annoyed with me when I cut him off. Oh, and I was glaring at him and
EVERYTHING, just for his stupid snort.”


“All I had to do was let it go! I mean, what was the big deal? This is all my fault. I’m
never doing anything the muggle way again!”


“What!” Hermione had been almost shouting, and Harry was sure she wasn’t even
registering all the things that had been coming out of her mouth.

“Look, Ron has been going through this all the time, starting with when he and I became
friends. We just need to try and not have all our problems get thrown onto him.”

“But, Harry, this-”

“I know it’s different for you than for me. I know that you and him are going out. I
know this will affect you more! But we’ll just have to live through it and apologize when
he gets back!”

“But by that time, he won’t be here to help me, and-” Hermione quickly fell silent.

“What do you mean, help you?” asked Harry, watching Hermione. Hermione burst into

“Oh, I didn’t mean it in a offensive way,” Harry put in quickly but it was no use. He put
an arm around her shoulder as she cried on his.

“It’s n-not what you t-think,” Hermione sobbed.

“What are you talking about?”

“H-Harry. Harry, I’m p-pregnant.” And she continued to cry harder than ever.

“Nice house,” said Mitchell. “I’ve always liked houses this small. Don’t want
anything too big. Whatcha gonna do with that, right?” Ginny smiled. She had truly
enjoyed her evening with Mitchell. She had actually stopped thinking about Harry for a
good portion of it. They laughed at the same things, which included each other, and they
were interested in the same things as well, other than Quidditch.

“Yeah, it’s the best,” said Ginny. “Still, it’s always good to get out of here every
now and then.”

“I know the feeling. That’s why I left my parents house. Dad was fine with it,
but Mum took it kind of hard. I don’t see much of them anymore.” They stared at the
Burrow for a few moments.

“Well, I’ll see you next practice, then,” said Ginny, giving Mitchell a quick hug.
She had seen the light in Ron’s room open, and she hoped that Harry was up there with

“Oh, right,” said Mitchell, looking slightly disappointed, but then recovering
quickly. “See you then.” He pulled out his wand, winked at Ginny, turned on the spot,
and was gone in the blink of an eye.
Without further hesitation, Ginny raced inside, not even pausing to say hello to
her mum, who was in the living room reading a book.

Ginny entered the room on the top floor without knocking, and speaking at the
same time.

“Hi, all, I’ve just come-“ and then she stopped dead. Hermione looked as though
she had just been crying, and Harry was looking grave. What was going on?

“Harry?” Ginny looked at him questioningly, but Harry shook his head slightly,
so Hermione wouldn’t notice. Hermione looked up at Ginny’s voice.

“Oh, hello, Ginny,” said Hermione, quickly wiping her face and sitting up from
Harry’s side. “How- How was your evening?” Ginny didn’t answer.

“Hermione, why don’t you go downstairs and get a cup of tea,” said Harry. “I’ll
be down in a second. I just need to tell Ginny about…the next Quidditch practice.”

Without a word, Hermione got up from the bed and left the room.

When her footsteps faded, Ginny rounded on Harry.

“What the hell’s going on? Why are you two all the way up here in Ron’s room?
And where the hell is Ron, anyway?”

“Ginny, listen.” Ginny glared at Harry, but sat down at the desk chair Ron had
put in his room some time ago.

Harry began. “Ron is with Bill, training for a job at Gringott’s.” Ginny stared.

“And he didn’t tell us? He just decided to pack his things and leave without
letting anyone-“

“He did let someone know,” said Harry. “He told your Mum. He tried to tell me,
but I just went on about my problems with Eliza.” Saying Eliza’s name triggered
something in Ginny.

“What problems with you and Eliza?” Ginny asked quickly.

“Doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you later, point it…”

“You and she have had another row, haven’t you?”

“Ginny, forget it. Point is, Hermione’s upset because Ron’s not here in what’s
about to be a very tough time in her life.”

“What are you playing at?”

“Hermione’s pregnant.” Ginny’s eyes widened.

“You’re joking.” Harry shook his head. Ginny got up from her seat, sat back
down, got up, and then sat down a second time.

“I’ve got to go down there,” said Harry, standing up. “I need to go persuade
Hermione to send an owl to Ron.”

“Wait,” Ginny hissed quickly. “Did you come here for Ron?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, why’d you come to the Burrow? Were you looking for Ron?”

“Err…yeah.” Ginny raised her eyebrows. Harry sat back down, putting his head
in his hands, and spoke in a muffled voice, “I can’t find Eliza.”

“Like, what, is she hiding from you or something?”

“Exactly. I asked Dobby, and he wouldn’t say a thing. I asked Mrs. Weasley if
Eliza had come here, and she said that she hadn’t seen her in days.” Ginny sat down next
to Harry.

“She’ll turn up. I sure she just needed some time alone to think about what was
going on. I mean, you have Quidditch going, and she’s alone at the house with nothing to
do but job search. She’s probably feeling as though everything’s pointless.” Harry said

Ginny, however, was celebrating in her mind. She hadn’t even needed to rub
Mitchell in Harry’s face! Harry didn’t even seem to be jealous. If he and Eliza decided
to split up, then Harry would be a free agent once again. She could ditch the Mitch, and
she and Harry could continue where they had left off! No wonder why she had called all
this the ‘Master Plan.’

“I think I’ll continue to look tomorrow,” said Harry, suddenly standing up. “Or
maybe she’ll decide to turn up herself, and we can talk then.”

“Yeah,” replied Ginny vaguely, getting up as well and following Harry out of
Ron’s room.

When Harry and Ginny entered the kitchen, they found Hermione in Mrs.
Weasley’s arms, and a steaming mug of tea on the table next to them.

“Ginny, dear, I didn’t know you had returned,” said Mrs. Weasley. Hermione
broke away from Mrs. Weasley and looked around. Her eyes were still red. Ginny gave
Hermione a sad but understanding smile, which clearly meant that she knew about
Hermione’s state.

“Hermione, you need to write a letter to Ron,” said Harry. “He would surely want
to know about this.” To his surprise, Hermione shook her head violently.

“If I tell him about this, then he’ll either ditch Bill and the goblins and come
home, or have me on his mind for the whole month and won’t be able to concentrate and
what he’s doing there.”

“You can’t just wait until he comes home. Suppose something happens, and he
has to find out from someone else.”

“Harry, why don’t you focus on your lost wife, and let me make decisions for
myself!” Hermione snapped, looking angry. Harry looked away.

“Hermione…” said Ginny, but Hermione had had enough.

“I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.” And with that, Hermione left the
kitchen, not even touching the tea Mrs. Weasley had prepared for her.

Not much to say here, so I’ll just say again that I’m gonna try and get the next
chapter up as soon as possible. I hope you liked this one, and please tell me if there are anything that I wrote that seem don’t seem very original, or if it’s just plain boring, which I hope isn’t the case. Oh, and sorry for any of the typos that I
probably missed. I suck when it comes to re-reading and revising and editing.
Thanks again!

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