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There's Something About Dom by hpfan45
Chapter 2 : The Things We Cannot Say
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Teddy Lupin

Chapter Two: The Things We Cannot Say


I walk up to my apartment door. It’s red. I always thought red doors were an ominous sign; that’s why the first thing I did when I moved in was paint it yellow. 

Now the door is a fading and if you really look for it, you can see a red tinge underneath it. The tinge bothers me. Even though I painted it yellow; it’s still a red door. 

This bothers me because I can’t change the door from being red, no matter how much I paint it.

I stand outside the door listening to blaring music, laugher and the sound of cooking on the other side. I breathe in. It smells like dust and old roses and cigarette smoke. My apartment. This place became my first home after I was sent off from Shell cottage and Hogwarts nearly two years ago. 

It’s late evening. 7:46 p.m. to be exact. I waited this long to come back home because I couldn't move from that hot Weasley kitchen with the sun still outside. The lingering air was still warm, but much less so than it was earlier. I pull my old-fashioned key out from my oversized bag that is slipping off my shoulder, turning it in the lock and pushing the door open. 

The contrast of the decaying hall and the inside of my apartment is almost comical. 

The smell, first of all, is that of good food and someone warm and sandy, like you would smell at a beach. The sights do not contain rickety tables with layers of dust, but rather two huge sofas and a light hue of color on the walls. In a pathetic attempt to make the bare and vast apartment look like home, we have art from friends hanging on the walls and mismatched rugs covering the unpolished, wooden floors.

My roommates Lillian ‘LJ’ Jones, the brooding coffee-brunette, and Robert ‘Bobby’ Welim, the flaming gay, are already home. Lovely. 

“Dom! Where in the love of Godric’s boxers have you been?!” 

“Relax Bobs, I’m alive. See?” I gesture to my scantily dressed body. 

“All this talking makes me want to kill people. Shut the bloody hell up, I have a bloody hangover, you bloody gits,” interjected an irate voice from the living room. She is dressed in bum attire with a heavy smell of coffee and vomit surrounding her. Ah, the lovely Lillian.

Don’t let our conversation turn you off; we’re actually close friends, as are all roommates. 

“Wotcher LJ.” I say to her turning to go to my bedroom at the back of the wide apartment. I leave the door open while I peel off my sticky clothes and grab a towel, running out of room and into our shared bathroom.

“Where you off to in a hurry?” yells Bobby from the kitchen, where he’s making lasagna. Honestly, without him, LJ and I would have been long dead from malnutrition. 

“Gotta meet Teddy!” I yell jumping in the shower, the ice cold water pouring on me. I quickly throw some shampoo in my hair and then on my body, looking like a bubble zombie. 

“Ohhhh Teddy!” teased Bobby still in the kitchen.

This is how we have most of our conversations - yelling throughout our apartment. 

“Take me now!” LJ laughs. I turn off the shower drying up quickly, and then stopping halfway through cursing my stupidity. I’m a damn witch. After a quick spell I’m dry. I grab a towel (for decency) and run back into my room. 

“You know I’m going out with Garland!” I yell throwing clothes out of my dresser and closet looking for the dress I bought two weeks ago. 

“Honey, I don’t know how you can date someone who is basically named after a Christmas decoration,” Bobby drawls. I hear LJ snorting. I growl under my breath, giving up on the dress and smudge on some heavy liner. I glance at the clock. 7:55. I have five minutes. I shouldn't have wasted my time thinking about repainting the bloody front door.

“Gar, is more my ...type,” I trail off smirking in the mirror. 

“As in bad boy arse? Then yes, he is most defiantly your type,” LJ says walking into my room, flopping down on my bed, and looking at me in humor while still only in my underwear. I’m back on my dress searching frenzy. 

“She’s attracted to bad boys, because she’s a bad girl.” I recognize Bobby’s voice as rummage through my closet. I pull down a box that ends up being ‘Costume Jewelry 2017.’ I am suddenly entangled in cheap jewels and scream. 


“This dress?” Bobby asks by the doorway, holding up the dress I tore my room apart for. My blue eyes go crazy and I lunge at the half silk half black leather short number. 

“Oh Merlin, thank you!” I pull it over my head and wiggle into it. 

“How do I look?” I ask the pair.

“Like Trash,” 
“Beautiful,” they say at the same time. I roll my eyes. “Time check?”

“7:59,” Bobby answers. I grab my bag and look in the mirror once before I apparate. My white blond hair is messy, but at least it’s dry and free from the smell of sweat. My blue eyes are framed by black liner and the short dress is on the right side. Good, good...

“Dom, shoes,” LJ says seriously, her dark eyes catching mine.

“I knew that.” I say rolling my eyes, but I’m secretly glad she reminded me. Trust me; I have left home more than once without shoes. I grab the first pair of heels I see and with a twirl I say “Ciao!” and let the air close in around me.


I’m sitting in a dimly lit modern bar waiting for Dom. Filling the dark chrome looking place are people dressed in shiny clothes smoking fags with French labels and listening to techno that’s blasting from the ceiling along with the cool air.

I rub my neck tiredly, my brown hair still half wet. I look at my watch. It reads 7:59pm. Dom has a minute. 

I was geniunely surprised when Dom asked for us to talk. It’s always me to apologize, even when it’s her fault. Even though Vic is my best friend, Dom was my first friend. She wasn’t afraid that my hair changed colors when I got mad and didn’t think I was a freak when we first met. 

Dom and I have always had a complicated friendship. It involves more work than any job I have ever had. Mostly because Dom and I are both stubborn, whereas Vic lets things go easily. Everything for Vic is easy. I know Dom tries a hundred times harder than Vic does to be a good person, and still… she’s, well, not someone a guy would take home to his parents. Not that I have any to bring her home to. 

When we fight, it’s pretty bad. I remember the worst was when she was in her 5th year and I was in my 7th (Vic was in her 6th). I started being a prick and she started being a bitch back and it was all downhill from there. We all hung out with the same group and even though Dom was younger she was always more mature. When we all hung out, we basically trash talked each other at every chance and got into corridor fights every week. It was rough, and I wouldn't admit to anyone that I missed her during that time. In the end Vic, savior of all, brought us together. She made Dom, The Dom Weasley apologize. On her own nevertheless.

Now waiting her, I doubt Vic had anything to do with this petty fight. Maybe Dom was actally being the bigger person here. Or maybe I’m finally going mental.

“Hi there, you look lonely.” I looked up from my drink to see a pretty blond with short hair smile at me. 

I smile back slightly, trying to figure out to politely decline. Thankfully (or unthankfully) Dom does that for me. 

“He’s not going to be lonely for long” she says from behind the small girl. I glance at my watch. Right on time, as always.

The short blonde looks up at Dom and shrinks back. Dom always looks intimidating and today is no exception. 

“So-sorry,” the girl stutters and runs away to a group of her friends waiting by the dance-floor. I sigh. It must have taken a lot of scheming and giggling with her girlfriends to give her the courage to come and talk to me. She had no chance with Dom. 

“Hey,” I breath, glancing her over. She was dressed to kill as usual in some dark, tight dress and highs. I already noticed some guys checking her out. 

“Teddy, love, it’s been too long.” She flops down on the bar stool next to me ordering a drink. 

The techno in the background blurs with the next song, sounding just the same.

“Dom, what’s this all about?” I finally ask her, while she takes a sip of some green muggle liquid she ordered. I look down at the same one she ordered me and take a sip. 

The stuff is strong, though I couldn't expect anything less from Dom. 

“Teddy, I- I need a drink before I say this.” She takes another sip. I roll my eyes at her antics. She has always been the one for dramatics. “I just want to say...sorry. You know, for the other night with Gar. ”

I take in what she said, and nod saying “Of course I forgive you Dom. It’s just, that guy was talking so much trash about you! I don’t understand why you date guys like him!”

“Sorry we all can’t date whole loving guys like VIC does!” she hisses back at me.

I feel another fight coming on. “Dom seriously,” her icy blue eyes my brown meeting hers. I see them melt for a second before they’re frozen over again.

“Teddy, keep to your own life. I came here to say sorry. So now that I said it I’ll be off.”

I let out an angry noise as she jumped off the bar stool, dropping a bill on the counter and leaving the bar. Merlin, why does she be so difficult all the time? I mimic the movement and run, following her platinum hair out the door. 

The air outside is heavily warm compared to the chilly lounge we just left. There is a long line of people waiting to get into the place. I scan the area quickly before spotting her making her way to a cab, for Merlin knows what reason. She always forgets that she can just apparate places. 

Rolling my eyes, I grab her hand and pull her back sharply as she reaches for a cab.

“Dom! Listen to me, we’re friends whether you like it or not! I know you don’t want to let me in but I’m sorry! Okay I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to compare you to Vic.”

“I don’t care if you compare me to her,” she lied. I roll me eyes, yet again. Merlin she pushes the wrong buttons in me.


“Alright fine. She’s my best friend and sister though! And now that you’re in love with her I can’t bloody well go to you complaining about how I’ll never be nice as her, or pretty, or cute, or-” 

I cut her off by putting my mouth to hers. I don’t know why, but I needed to shut her up and it always worked in the muggle movies. But this is real life, not muggle movies. 


“Fuck Dom!” I yell holding my left cheek. I still had the taste of her mouth in mine.

“Why the hell did you kiss me you prat?! You’re supposed to be in love with my sister!” she screamed at me, her blond hair wild. 

“I am, don’t worry, I just needed to shut you up!” I yell back. But then why is my heart beating like hell?

It’s silent. The only sounds are of the same stupid techno music and people milling in front of the bar. 

She finally walks down the street and sits and on a curb. I look at her silthouse for a millisecond before following her.

“How did we get here Teddy?” she asks. I see dark tears falling down her face. My anger for her melts. What can I say? I’m a sucker for tears.

“Here, where?” I ask back pulling a crumpled cigarette pack from my back pocket. I light two and hand one to Dom. Vic hates smoking, so I hide it from her. I never hide anything from Dom. She’s not one to judge. 

She takes a long drag before answering.

“Here, Teddy. Here. I’m 19, you’re 21 and we’re both at dead-end ministry jobs living for the weekend. Our love lives suck. You’re in love with my sister who loves dating different men more than life. And I’m cursed with being attracted to bad boys and pricks.”

“Well, when you put it that way it does sound bad. I don’t know about you but I kissed a pretty girl tonight.” I joke back at her trying to make her smile. It works.

She grins slightly, shoving me. “Ah, shut it Lupin.” I ignore her and drape my arm over her tucking her under my chin. I breathe in. She smells like daises. And, well, cigarettes. It comforts me slightly, and I feel the tension of the past week ease a little. 

“Teddy, why do you love Vic?” she asks me quietly. 

“I don’t know Dom, it’s just so easy to love her. She makes me get these butterflies in my stomach and she always brightens my day. Simple stuff like that. When she cries it kills me. And she’s always nice to everyone, and clumsy in an adorable way.”

“I thought love was hard” whispers Dom looking away.

“It is, falling in love is easy but obtaining it isn’t. Look at me. I’m in love, but I don’t have the girl. Does that sound fair?” I say indignantly. 

She laughed loudly. Her laugh was always loud and obnoxious. I laugh with her.

“There’s something about you Teddy, that makes me hate you and love you at the same time.”

She says closing her eyes, leaning back against my chest.

I take a drag of my cigarette and breathe out watching the smoke float up in the night sky. “There’s something about you too Dom....”

So I know not much happens on the surface, but you get to Teddy and Dom react together!

So are they everything you thought they would be? Better, worse?
What do you think of Dom and her roommates?
Thoughts on Teddy?

review l’amour. :)

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There's Something About Dom: The Things We Cannot Say


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