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From Ancient Grudge by katti4493
Chapter 6 : VI - Day One of a New Life
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When Scorpius woke up he kept his eyes closed. Her image was there in his mind’s eye, and that was all he ever wanted to see. He did not know what made him save her from Robert, but he was glad he did, for when he looked into her eyes he had seen the beginning and end of everything. He saw beauty and perfection, she was a masterpiece to be marvelled and venerated and he adored her. He did not know who she was, but he already loved her, and a thousand times more than he had ever loved that china doll Rosaline. Whoever that girl was, he had left his heart with her and to his delight, she may have shared some of the feelings he was feeling about her.


“Scorpius, come on, I’ve let you sleep in for an extra half an hour, but now I’m starving, so get up.” Yelled Mercutio, slamming a pillow onto his friends head. Scorpius sat up bleary eyed as he looked round. Mercutio was already fully dressed and wandering around angrily. Scorpius nodded as he got up and got dressed, while Mercutio went down to the common room to wait for him. As he dressed he thought of the oncoming night. He knew this day would be the longest day he would ever have to endure, but it would be worth it. Tonight he would see her, the girl he had been waiting for, the one who he could love, and who would love him in return.


At breakfast Scorpius sat down and let Mercutio pile food onto his plate, but he wasn’t interested. He was too occupied with the feelings of joy and love that possessed his heart. Mercutio watched him curiously, eyeing Scorpius’ happy expression with suspicion.


“What’s up with you this morning?” asked Mercutio, raising one eyebrow, “I thought you’d be depressed after seeing Rosaline and Albus together in the hall.” Scorpius turned to face Mercutio, a stupid smile across his face. Mercutio reacted with shock at Scorpius’ smile, but Scorpius continued anyway.


“Oh, who cares about Rosaline?” Mercutio choked on his pumpkin juice as Scorpius said this and Scorpius had to whack him on the back. After getting some funny looks from all the Slytherin’s sitting around them Mercutio dabbed his mouth with a napkin and then started the conversation again.


“But Scorp, what about all that Rosaline is my one true love stuff?” asked Mercutio amazed as Scorpius laughed jovially, patting his friend on the back, while contemplating what exactly to tell him. Scorpius wondered whether he should tell Mercutio everything, or keep every detail of his new found love to himself, their love therefore remaining secret and special. He made up his mind.


“I’ve just decided that I should stop pining over a girl who is never going to love me.” Lied Scorpius, tapping his fingers on the table. Mercutio nodded happily, fully agreeing with sentiment and stating that there were plenty more girls for him to be with, and who would love him back.


“Yeh, I know.”






Rose wasn’t really trying to eat her cornflakes that morning. Images of him danced through her mind. Overnight, nothing had changed for her, she still loved him. It hadn’t been just a fleeting fancy that would disappear when the wind changed direction. Rose knew her life would never be the same again, for now she was in love and had a purpose.  Julia and Cecelia had been questioning her good mood all morning and Rose just told them she had just woken up happy.


“Lucky you,” moaned Cecelia, nibbling the corner of a slice of toast, “at least we managed to achieve one of our objectives from last night, Rose looking happy.” Rose laughed at this; Cecelia shot her a nasty look, as she was not in a good mood because Albus still seemed perfectly content with Rosaline.


“Two actually,” interjected Julia, blushing furiously as she said it. She shot Barry a quick look and then turned back to her friends, a large happy smile across her face. Rose patted her on the back but Cecelia, not even trying to be happy for her friend, looked incredulous.


“You got Barry to pucker up!” she yelled, and many of the surrounding students turned to look at Cecelia, all smirking into their breakfasts. Rose shook her head at Cecelia as Julia buried her head in her hands. At that moment, Uther came marching into the Great Hall, swinging his arms like pendulums and stopped next to Rose. Rose looked up at him, but he failed to look her directly in the eye.


“Rose, can I talk to you for a moment?” Rose nodded and indicated the spare seat next to Cecelia, but Uther shook his large head and gestured for her to follow him. Rose got up, picked up her bag and bidding farewell to her friends, she followed Uther out into the Entrance Hall, until Uther stopped in the middle of the hall and for the first time looked directly at her.


“Rose, last night you and I were meant to attend the school’s Masquerade Ball together. Do you know how I know that? Because I asked you and you said yes! And for most of the night I couldn’t find you, and when I did find you, it was the last song and you said you needed a drink. Now, I understand you don’t like dancing but to avoid me for the whole night. That’s just unfair! Where the hell where you?” Rose paused for a moment. She could not tell Uther that last night she had fallen in love with a mysterious stranger and she had spent the rest of the evening eyeing up every man to work out if they were him.


“I went for a walk in the maze and I lost track of time...and I got lost.” Rose added wildly, any excuse to make her look innocent would help right about now. Uther sighed and took Rose’s hands in his own.


“If you’d have told me I would have come with you.” He said as he pecked her on the cheek. Uther’s kisses weren’t horrible; in fact, if there wasn’t so much pressure on this relationship Rose would probably have enjoyed them. Her mind flooded again with memories of the previous night and her heart began to beat quicker.


“Well Rosie,” said Uther more cheerfully, “we better get to Potions. If I want to be an Auror and you a Healer, we better ace that class, so we can’t miss it.” Uther took Rose’s hand and together they headed down into the dungeons.







“Now class,” growled Professor Brown, the grumpy potions teacher, “the best potion makers must be ready for any situation, so today I’m going to split you up into pairs and you are going to brew for me a potion to more cheerful.” He said with a hint of a laugh. He pulled his dark robes around him and shook his greying hair as he stalked around the class splitting them into pairs.


“Yes, Malfoy, Weasley, that will make a good pairing.” Said Professor Brown, making Rose stand up to go and sit with Scorpius. Rose rolled her eyes, it was just her rotten luck to get put with a Slytherin, and Scorpius looked as equally displeased about being put with Rose, so when they sat down Rose decided not to look at Scorpius. When Professor Brown had finished pairing up the class he turned to everyone and declared they had half an hour.


“Right Mr Malfoy,” said Rose not allowing her eyes to meet his, “if you just do what I say we can get through this as quickly and as painlessly as possible.” Rose closed her eyes for a moment. It was as if today was going to be a test for her to see if she was worthy of seeing her masked hero this evening, and was therefore going to throw every possible horrible thing in her way.



“Okay, Rose,” he said coolly, “or would you prefer Miss Weasley, or what about Red?” Rose rolled her eyes. It seemed as if every man in the universe was programmed to be like this, and only one, her hero was any different.


“Miss Weasley is definitely the more preferable option.” Rose said coldly, as she started to cut up some pondweed into little strips. Scorpius chuckled gently, and although he didn’t look at her, he began to copy her action.


“Alright, Red it is then!”







For Scorpius, Potions was followed by Ancient Runes. It was definitely his favourite subject, because he wanted to become a Wizarding Archaeologist, however on that day he could not concentrate on anything. Potions had been hell as he ended up arguing with Rose and then their potion blew up and they were both given a detention. It was some inbred thing that made him tease Rose, now looking back he knew he shouldn’t have done it, but she had always been so stuck up and prissy. He also found it amusing that Rose had failed to look him in the eyes even once during that lesson.


“I’m going to have to be brave Margot! He’s going to go through another period of being with Cecelia as he told me in Herbology, but I’ll have to put up with it.” Rosaline was nearly crying into her friends shoulder on the desk next to Scorpius, and Scorpius couldn’t help but snigger. He found it amusing that his opinion of one person had changed so dramatically over one night and now he failed to see what he ever saw in Rosaline. She was just so cold, calculating, and did everything for a leg up in the world.


When Ancient Runes was over, it was break time and he headed out onto the little stone courtyard where everyone spent their breaks. When Scorpius arrived, Mercutio was nowhere to be seen so Scorpius ate his pumpkin pasty in silence, and waited for his best friend to arrive. Then Rose and her friends appeared, and Rose looked as if she had been crying.


“Rose, it’s only a detention,” Julia was saying kindly, “Cecelia’s had hundreds of detentions and she’s still alive.” Rose laughed gently into Uther’s shoulder who had an arm round her. The group of them continued to comfort Rose as Scorpius watched them curiously. No one could be that upset about a detention could they? It was at this moment that Uther noticed Scorpius, who had just finished his pasty, and Uther looked livid.


“Hey, Malfoy!” Scorpius rolled his eyes as Uther came striding over. He had his hand wrapped round his wand and he looked ferocious. The three girls jogged quickly behind him and Scorpius reluctantly turned to face him. Uther did not look too impressed at Scorpius’ serene smile that he often used to befuddle his enemies. Scorpius had concluded that nothing was going to ruin his mood today, as tonight he would see her.


“Yes, Shacklebolt?” drawled Scorpius.  Uther drew his wand up and pointed it at Scorpius’ chest, his eyes burning with hate and loathing. Scorpius stood up straight, he had been taught to never be intimidated by anyone, and he was not about to go against this good teaching.


“If you do anything to upset my girlfriend again...”


“I didn’t do anything, if anything it was Red and her awful potion making that got us that detention.” Uther swelled as if he was a balloon and Rose pulled him back, not daring to look at Scorpius.


“Uther, It’s not worth it. Come on lets go.” Uther did not do or say anything and Scorpius used his father’s inherited smirk to belittle Uther as much as he possibly could.


“Yes Uther. Do what Red says. At least she’s slightly clever, unlike you!” Uther dropped his wand and almost snarled at Malfoy as he pulled Rose away, Cecelia and Julia following meekly. Scorpius watched them leave across the courtyard, and he swore he saw Rose turn back to look at him for a split second, but then a large group of second years blocked his view, and by the time they had gone, Rose had vanished.







Rose waited in the common room watching her cousin James. At any moment now Robert would leave him to go off to Quidditch practice, and Rose didn’t want to ask her cousin a favour with that oaf hovering around. At eight o’clock as expected he got up and swaggered out of the door, bidding his friend farewell, as James continued to finish some Transfiguration homework that was two weeks late. This was the moment, and Rose crept up on him like stalking her prey. Rose jumped down next to him with a bump and he looked up startled, his hazel eyes large as he dusted his father’s jet black hair.


“James,” said Rose as sweetly as she could. James instantly threw his book, quill and parchment down and crossed his long arms while raising his eyebrows. Rose copied his movement and let him speak.


“What do you want?” he asked playfully as Rose continued to smile sweetly batting her eyelids as she picked up his homework and instantly started correcting things. James smiled as she did this, Rose was clever, too clever, and he was very lucky if she was checking his homework. After she finished she handed it back to him, continuing to smile.


“Thanks...but now I’m going to have to give you whatever you want,” sighed James as he stored his homework in his textbook that he shut quickly. He returned to looking at Rose as she began to speak.


“Well, yes you do.” Rose nodded sweetly crossing her legs and arms in a businesslike manner as she began to look more serious. James copied her facial expression as she began quickly, clearly stating her intentions.


“I need to borrow your invisibility cloak.” James opened his mouth in shock and shook his head wildly at the same time, almost laughing. Rose stood up quickly and put her hands on her hips and began to tap her foot quickly on the floor.


“How do you even know about the cloak?” began James, whispering frantically to not draw attention to himself. Rose scoffed loudly as she began to pace angrily in front of James, her wild hair flowing around her.


“That doesn’t matter, I just need it, so just give it to me James!” fumed Rose, her face going red, her eyes lighting up with anger the same way her grandmothers did. James nodded, he really wasn’t in the mood for an argument, so conceded, and decided it was best to just give in to what Rose wanted.


“Alright, but just tell me one thing...” said James slowly, standing up and looking his cousin in the face. Rose stared back at him, unabashed and unafraid and her stance reminded James rather worryingly of their shared grandmother Molly and he thought he’d made the right decision in giving in.


“What James?” said Rose irritably as she looked into his eyes, crossing her arms. James smirked, she was not going to like this question, he could tell by her defensive manner and angry pacing.


“Where are you going?” Rose shook her head angrily and stalked off, leaving James laughing to himself. There was no way on earth Rose was going to tell him where she was going, and she was too tense and excited to make up a good excuse, so with her head full of schemes of how to get to the beech tree undetected, Rose flounced off back to her dorm, her head held high.






Midnight washed over Hogwarts with a magical flourish. The stars shone brightly and the moon was a full silver coin suspended in the sky, shining cold white light on the earth and into Scorpius’ eyes, who stood under the beech tree, waiting silently. The lake glittered with the shimmering shards of light reflected from the moon, and Scorpius watched it flickering romantically.


This was the perfect place to meet her, after his difficult day which included exploding potions, girls with red hair that wouldn’t look at him and runes that he couldn’t translate, he had been waiting for the moment where he would meet the real her and find out her name. The thought fascinated him, knowing this mysterious beauty who he loved with every fibre of his being gave him such joy and inspiration and he longed for the moment to arrive.


Minutes ticked by, and Scorpius’ heart beat sped up, soon he would be with her and everything would be alright. He remembered her kiss and longed for a replay of the last night. He closed his eyes as he imagined her, her long blue dress and her mask, obscuring her true form from him. He put his hands in his pocket as he held her serene image in his mind, and replayed last night’s kiss for the a thousandth time that day.


“Hello.” Her voice made him jump, but he paused for a moment before turning round. He wanted to keep the suspense for one tantalising moment before he saw who she truly was. He turned round slowly, looking at the floor, and when he looked up, he froze in shock.


Rose’s red hair was tied up into a crazy high ponytail and she had disposed of all formalities as she was wearing simple jeans and a t-shirt with scruffy sneakers. She did not have any make-up on and she looked natural and perfect. Scorpius’ shock was reflected in her eyes and she stammered as she lifted up her arms in front of her as tears came to her eyes.


“Scorpius! No! It can’t be...” Backing away from him she wiped the tears from her brilliant blue eyes as Scorpius ran to meet her, getting over his shock he decided that if Rose was the girl he met last night, he still loved her, as when he had looked into her eyes, he had seen eternity.






“Is this some kind of sick joke!” cried Rose stopping dead still. Scorpius stood before her, shaking his head furiously. Rose felt crushed, this couldn’t be true, and this had to be some big prank orchestrated by cold hearted Slytherin’s who wanted to embarrass Gryffindor girls at any cost.


“Rose, it’s not a joke,” said Scorpius desperately grabbing hold of Rose’s shoulders and pulling her close. She began to hit his chest with her fists as she tried to run away but he kept hold, begging her to listen to him, his voice sounded pleading as she tried to run.


“You know what you’ve done?” cried Rose, the tears now coming fast as she continued to hit him, “You gave me false hope! You let me believe there was someone out there who was perfect for me! You’ve broken my heart you mean, cold hearted...” Rose looked up as she said this and looked into his grey eyes, and all the emotions she felt the previous night returned to her. She stopped struggling against him, and the true love euphoria controlled her as he whispered in her ear, his voice full of love and affection.


“Last night I fell in love with a masked beauty in a maze. She turned my life upside down and I know I’ve been changed because of her.” Scorpius looked into Rose’s eyes and for the second time they kissed, and Rose fell in love all over again, her heart pounded out a drum beat and fireworks exploded in front of her eyes. Then reality caught up with her again and Rose pushed Scorpius away.


“Oh God. Oh GOD! What have I done!” whispered Rose, she stumbled as she ran away from Scorpius. “It’s you, It’s you! Oh dear Lord I’ve ruined everything!” Rose began to run, but she could feel Scorpius hot on her trails. Scorpius thundered after her, it couldn’t end like this; this perfect new love couldn’t be lost.


“Rose! Wait!” Rose ran onwards, back towards the castle her heart breaking. The man of her dreams, who made her feel so alive was Scorpius Malfoy. So Rose ran, like she always did, she ran onwards and onwards, not daring to stop in case she had to turn back and see the truth. Rose’s tears came hot and fast, just like her kiss with Scorpius had been, and the thought of those life changing kisses just made her blush and feel so angry with herself.


“Oh for God sake! Please stop! I love you Red!”





So, they've finally met and realised who each other are and its Chapter Six!!! Next Chapter...Ron Weasley goes to visit his old friend Kingsley Shacklebolt and is given a rather tempting offer...

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