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State of Delusion by Annabelle Riddle
Chapter 1 : State of Delusion
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"Are you sure this will cure my lycanthrophy?"

The old woman selling it to him nodded and smiled, showing only four teeth - all of which were cracked. "It will make sure you will never get what your father was cursed with. You will never again become a child of the moon."

Her voice was screechy, like nails to a chalkboard to his ears, but he swallowed up the feeling of unease and handed over ten galleons.

Ten galleons, that was all it took.

He felt the weight of the small bottle in his hands, and he lifted it up to view it more closely. The liquid looked a vile colour of red, something that resembled blood.

Dominique had called him an abnormality. A freak. He would never let Victoire be with someone like him.

"Drink it all my pet. Drink it all right now."

And stupid as he was, he did.

Then; he went to go see her.

He looked on at horror at what he had done to her. Her beautiful face, the one he swooned at the sight of, was destroyed. What on earth had he done? Victoire... Victoire...

He jumped out of bed, a shocked expression on his face. He was hardly aware of picking up his clothes, putting them back on, one by one. With one look back at her, he hurried out of the room.

As he passed by a mirror in the hallway, his desire to escape the building stopped as he caught a glimpse of himself. A hand involuntarily went up to touch his face. It was horrible. He had become a monster.

"So you know how your dad was a werewolf right Teddy?"

Teddy Lupin looked up from his book to look at his best friend Victoire who sat on his bed doing her nails.

"Yeah... So what?"

"Well, that would make your half werewolf right?"

Teddy warily looked at her. She was completely insane - he could hardly keep up with her random switches of topics. Even though he had been her friend for as long as he could remember, he had absolutely no idea where this discussion was going.

"I guess."

"So... like... you're going to become a werewolf?"

He rolled her eyes at her naivety. "No Victoire. Or else I would have already become one. I mean, I've passed loads of full moons and nothing."

She looked unsure for a moment. "But you're mum was a metamorphmagus, and you inherited that yeah?"

He changed the shape of nose to become a pig snout to show Victoire that he had indeed inherited that ability from his mother.

She still looked doubtful. "It's just weird you know. For you to get none of the werewolf blood in you...."

As he stared at his face in the mirror, it suddenly changed into Victoire's face. The blood dripping out of the long claw like mark he had just placed on her face.

Sudden hatred for his father flared up inside of him. He had been taught to be proud of his father, who had died fighting for freedom. Yet, how could his father have given him this? This miserable curse he hadn't had a choice in.

With a loud roar that echoed through the apartment, he pulled the mirror from its place on the wall and threw it against the floor - shattering it into a million pieces. Each piece showing him a piece of the beast he really was.

He started to run.

A snowball made contact with the back of his head. "Ow!" he called out, as he turned his head to see who had thrown it.

Of course it was Victoire, looking like an angel - apart from the other snowball nestled in her hand. He didn't have time to duck, and he felt a sharp sting on his eye as this one too, hit him.

"Victoire! I'm going to get you!" he yelled at her, and reached down to make a weapon as well.

She was laughing and running away from him, and he couldn't help but smile in return as he chased her down by the lake.

"Never going to catch me Lupin!" she screamed at him as she threw another snowball at him.

He managed to narrowly avoid that one, but as he swerved to the side, he didn't notice the tree that was directly in his path. For the umpteenth time, he came in contact with something that hurt him. The next thing he knew, he was on the ground and staring up at the face of a worried looking Victoire.

"Are you okay?" she asked frantically, holding onto his hand as if her life depended on it.

He blinked away the few stars he saw, and realized that Victoire Weasley was holding his hand. She, was holding, HIS hand.

"I'll be better if you could come closer..."

Victoire looked at him confused, before she did as he asked.

Once she was close enough - he leaned over and kissed her.

As he ran out of the cottage, and into the woods as fast as he could. Something was wrong. He wasn't supposed to become this. That potion he had drank was supposed to cure it.

He could feel that little bottle sitting in the bottom of his pocket; hitting his leg every time he moved and reminding him of what he had just done.

As he ran deeper into the woods that surrounded the cottage, he wasn't paying attention to his surroundings whatsoever. He just kept on running. From Victoire and from himself.

The last thing he needed was for Dominique to step out from what seemed like nowhere, blocking his path to redemption.

"You look fine Teddy. Stop fidgeting! Victoire doesn't like fidgeters!"

Teddy grinned at Dominique in the mirror. She was sitting at his desk, watching him get ready to go out with Victoire. They had managed to become closer than ever after Victoire had escalated from friend to girlfriend. He came to Dom about absolutely everything now.

It had felt weird for him in the beginning to start to tell her every intimate thing that happened between him and her sister. But now, he told her every argument, every date; she was his confidant.

"And for goodness sakes Teddy. This is the hundredth time you've done your tie wrong."

She jumped off of the chair and skipped over to him. Her happiness was abundant as it always was. This, was one of the reasons he had chose to become closer friends with her. Her good mood was always contagious at least. It was the main difference she shared with her sister. Victoire, was moody, especially after they started dating. Dominique, had none of that. It was a relief to be around her actually.

She quickly redid the messy knot he had just done, and made it perfect. Another good thing about her. She knew how to tie a tie.

Yet, something was different about her today. He could tell by the way her hand was shaking.

So he voiced his question. "What's wrong Dom?"

She bit her lip - something he found unusually attractive. "Oh. Nothing."

She always told him everything. What on earth was she keeping from him? "It's not nothing Dom. I know you better than that."

She looked at him, and for the first time, he saw how lovely her eyes were. They were darker than Victoire's, and he could feel himself being sucked in.

"How could you date her when you knew I liked you Ted?"

Somewhere in him snarled aloud, as he stared at her. This was all her fault. It was her fault everything was ending like this.

"Dominique. Move."

She stood in his way and shook her head. "No Teddy."

He growled at her. "I mean it Dominique! MOVE!"

She stared at him defiantly, bringing out the red in her hair. "No. I want to be with you when you die. I want to die with you."

"We really shouldn't be doing this Dom..."

"Shhh," she cooed, as she started to unbutton his shirt. "It's okay. No-one will ever know."

And as always, he gave in to what she wanted.

Teddy looked at her strangely, wondering what on earth she meant by that statement.

He looked hideous right now, a form somewhere between wolf and man. And sure he felt like he wanted to die, because of what he did to Victoire, but that mean he was actually going to die, right?

"Teddy... I couldn't let her have you..."

She took a step forward, and he instinctively took a step back. What did she mean? What was going on?

"I love you Teddy. I would rather see you die than with that cold, manipulative bitch."

"Dominque... what are you talking about?"

She smiled, though the pain was evident on her face. "Do you still have the bottle in your pocket?"

He reached toward it without thinking, his fingers grasping the still cold container in his hand.

"That was me Teddy. I was that old woman."

He had to move aside quickly, before the picture frame made impact. He heard it crash as he looked at Victoire.

"I know there's someone else Teddy! Tell me who!"

He shook his head, wishing desperately to calm her down. She had found a bra that definitely didn't belong to her underneath of the bed. Plenty of things in their room were broken. He didn't want to be another one.

"Don't you dare lie to me Theodore Lupin! You've been sleeping with someone else!"

"Victoire... don't...."

But she was already packing her bags.

He forced a smile. "Seriously Dom, what are you talking about?"

"Polyjuice potion. You have, fifteen minutes left. Lethal, silent - you don't know until the last minute. But you have to forgive me Ted! I was only trying to protect you! You would never have liked living with her anyways!"

Reeling from the shock, he somehow ended up sitting on the forest floor, looking up at Dominique. She, was the one he had risked everything for, and now, she was his murderer.

"She always got everything! But I know that I loved you better! I loved you the most!"

He shook his head, she was crazy, she was a lunatic. He tried to get up, but his limbs weren't working. He tried to crawl away, but nothing was co-operating.

He made a move to talk to Dominique, tell her to undo whatever hex she had put on him, but somehow, he realized she was telling the truth. He was going to die.

Dominique suddenly sat down next to him and grabbed his hand. "So I took the potion as soon as you did. I love you Teddy Lupin, and I will love you the most." He felt her head on his shoulder. "We'll die together."

His mind was in another place. Somewhere far away from Dominique, who was living in a state of delusion.

"Victoire, I love you. And only you. You're the only person I care about. The only person that makes me happier."

She looked at him suspiciously, wondering what had caused his change of heart. The only time they were together these days, seemed to be filled with arguments of the past.

"Believe me when I say this. And when you have our child in seven months, it should be born into a world where we love him or her, as we love each other."

She finally smiled and threw her arms around him, kissing him feverishly.

"I love you Teddy Lupin."

"And I love your Victoire Weasley-Lupin."

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State of Delusion: State of Delusion


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