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A Violet in the Sunshine by amortentia18
Chapter 18 : Chapter 18: Revelations
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Chapter 18: Revelations

Violet woke up with a start and surveyed the red cotton ceiling above her. At the end of her bed were a long lumpy package and a similar one was also hanging from Dom’s bunk and Victoire’s double bed. It was then that she realised what day it was. Christmas. Violet had never really enjoyed Christmas before; it was only her and her father. The food was never particularly good or plentiful, and they never had the money for many presents or for beautiful decorations. She knew that this Christmas would be filled with both people and food, but there would still be a dismal cloud looming over it.

Her best friend was pregnant. Her best friend didn’t know she was pregnant. Her best friend was pregnant by Violet’s boyfriend. She couldn’t concentrate on Rose needing to be told of her condition, however much she knew she needed to. She had fought with her jealously of Rose for years now; the fact that Rose always did that tiniest bit better than her in exams, that boys liked her and clothes looked better on her, that she had a huge and loving family and even slightly jealous of Rose’s having far more money than her. She had battled with the hideous green monster and she thought that it had been tamed, but apparently not.

Violet wasn’t jealous of Rose’s being a pregnant fifteen year old- she had that much sense at least, but Rose had taken away the person she loved most. Scorpius had been truly hers for only a few weeks, and he was now going away again. He had liked Rose enough to sleep with her, and he would never abandon her now. She had something of his, a part of him that would never be reclaimed, that Violet had no hold over.

Violet felt tears forming and she vigorously rubbed her face in her pillow. She needed to get a grip and figure out what to do. She needed to be calm, composed and pragmatic. Yeah right.

Violet nearly jumped out of bed with fright as the booming and annoyingly cheery intro to “Do They Know It’s Christmas” filled the tent. Rose rolled out of bed, Molly neatly climbed out of bed and started pulling on clothes, Dom groaned loudly and covered her face with a pillow and Victoire emerged from the bathroom, already fully dressed and made up, and her veela genes obvious.

Violet clambered down from her bunk, wished everyone Merry Christmas and started rifling through her hold-all for something suitable to wear. She decided on a deep green skirt and an iridescent slivery blouse that reminded her of Scorpius’ eyes. After hastily brushing her hair and grabbing some pumpkin juice from the fridge she sat on the sofa, having no idea whatsoever what she was meant to do now. She was soon joined by a shell-shocked looking Dom who, in Violet’s opinion, looked awesome, but she knew that Fleur would disagree. She was wearing an old and faded grey Jimmy Hendrix t-shirt which must have come from the 1960s, a ripped denim skirt with various patches underneath featuring the Hindu swastika (the good luck sign, not the symbol of Nazism), a fitted, tweed effect jacket and a pair of pair of grey- although possibly originally white- converse. She shoved her hands through her short hair and yawned loudly, displaying vaguely wolfish teeth.

“Sleep well?” asked Violet, herself yawning now.

“I don’t think that it can be classified as sleeping well if you have to get up before half past seven,” she moaned.

“So, a no then?” she smiled and Dom stretched across the wide sofa.

“Exactly how many times to you think my Maman and Victoire will moan about my outfit?” said Dom.

“Hmm…at least twenty seven,” decided Violet. She adopted a fiercely upright posture and looked down her nose at Dom’s outfit, “Dominique, darling,” she began in a flawless French accent, “Are you sure that you wish to dress like ‘zis, are there no nice boys in ‘zat school of yours,” both Dom and Violet burst out laughing.

“You know, I am sure that she has an actual fear that I might turn out a lesbian and put the family to shame,” said Dom. Violet did like Fleur, she was lovely and always made Violet laugh, but she had to admit that she was a bit of control freak as regards to her children. She had succeeded with both Victoire and Louis but not so much with Dom. This being said, she didn’t seem to favour Dom’s siblings of her at all, in fact she almost seemed to prefer Dom as she was the only one who had turned out anything like their father, Bill.

A fully dressed and preened Rose came and sat with them, but Violet spotted a yellow tinge to her skin under the foundation and there were shadows under her eyes.

“Rosie, were you sick again earlier?” she asked.

“A bit,” Rose admitted.

“Why didn’t you wake me? I don’t want you to have to go through it alone,” She wouldn’t go through the rest of it alone, she would have Scorpius.

“I didn’t want to risk waking Victoire; she would be bound to tell her mum,” she admitted quietly.

“Are you okay, Rose?” asked Dom, surprised by this talk of illness and secrets.

“Yeah, I’m okay now,” she assured her- not very convincingly.

“What do we do now?” asked Violet, unsure about how Christmas worked at the Burrow.

“We wait for Molls to get out the shower, then we take our stockings to the main house and we all have breakfast and open them,” explained Dom.

Violet stood up and fetched her stocking from her bed. It was enormous. It was a real stocking that you could actually wear- if you were about seven foot tall and it was jam packed with small packages and presents. She guessed that it was probably Lily’s mum, Ginny, who had packed it for her. She was touched by their generosity and wished that she had something better to give them. Her gifts to them were a few cookbooks and one of her father’s homemade Christmas puddings; it was one of the only Christmas foods he could actually cook so he generally made about seven per year.


They were, once again, sat at the huge table in the back garden. Their gargantuan breakfast of a fry up- muesli and fruit for Fleur, Victoire and Rose- was just about over and they were about to start on the presents. A speech had been made by Arthur and champagne and orange juice drank, Violet had hastily empties Rose’s glass and filled it with pure orange juice when no one was looking. Violet was sat between Rose and Roxanne and across from the two women of the household, Molly and Ginny. They had all started to delve into their stockings when two very different owls were seen coming towards them, one a very familiar silver grey one and another stately looking tawny one. The tawny one settled down first, right in front of Violet. She extracted the letter and knew at once that it was from her father, the round, non-joined up writing and the stamp clear indicators- she would open it later. The silver one swooped down over head and Hermione looked surprised to see that the letter was not for her. It dropped a letter onto her lap and she opened it immediately and with much enthusiasm.

Dear Violet,
How are you? Have you been having a nice Christmas? I have been having an okay time, it’s a bit boring here and I miss you so much. Is there any chance that I could come over today or tomorrow? I can’t wait until New Year to see you and I thought I could come and see Demetrius and Teddy as an excuse. Christmas will probably be a bit crappy otherwise, my dad is no good company, he’s being all silent and solemn and the house elf is on holiday and no one in my family can even boil an egg- so much for Christmas dinner.
Missing you every single second
Love, love, love

“Who’s it from?” asked Rose, trying to look at the contents of the letter. Violet passed it to her instead.

Violet looked up at Molly and Ginny, she gulped slightly, “Is their any chance that Scorpius could come over later, he wants to see Teddy and Demetrius?”

“Scorpius Malfoy?” asked Ron brusquely, “What does he want here? The Malfoy’s don’t belong here,” Most of the adults looked vaguely disapproving, or at least curious, but Ron was fuming.

“There is nothing wrong with the Malfoys,” cut in Hermione, “Why should you blame a child for the actions of his grandfather?” she sounded tense.

“And father,” added Ron, sounding even more angry.

“Draco Malfoy is a good man,” Hermione was sounding more stressed by the second. Violet remembered Rose telling her that Hermione and Draco had been Head Boy and Girl when they both retook their seventh year, they must have become friends.

“The Malfoys are always kind to me,” she added loyally, wanting to stick up for the family that had never once shown her anything but kindness and acceptance, “I have stayed with them loads of times,”

“You’re friends with the Malfoy boy?” asked Ron, addressing Rose and Violet.

Rose nodded. “A bit more than friends wasn’t she?” thought Violet maliciously. She immediately regretted her mean thoughts.

“Violet and Malfoy are very good friends indeed,” said James resentfully, but quietly.

Violet blushed intensely and Lily kicked James hard under the table. Harry, catching Violet’s awkwardness, said, “Ron, lighten up. I’m sure the boy is nice enough, maybe his father actually has improved over the years,” He did find it ironic that all the children of the people who had made his life hell had all turned out to be nothing like their parents. Violet seemed like a lovely girl, different in all ways to the fourteen year old Dudley, and Demetrius was part of the family, he was like an extra big brother to Lily.

They all resumed opening their stockings and soon everyone was laughing again. Ten minutes later and Violet had acquired some Honeydukes chocolate from James, a book of Wizard history from Lily, some violet shaped amethyst earrings from Rose and some chocolate frogs, a notebook, some scented soap, a pretty sliver hairbrush with her name on it, a pair of navy blue knitted socks, some grey gloves and a dark green woollen jumper with a large ‘V’ on it from Ginny and Molly. She said thank you about a million times and pulled on her jumper immediately.

Lily was thrilled with a miniature living model of a manticore and an enormous book labelled ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ from Teddy and the gift of a six inch long candy cane corn snake from Demetrius. The pink and white patterned snake was curled around her wrist and her knees pushed up against the table so that she could balance the huge tome on it.


It was several hours after breakfast and Rose, Violet, Roxanne and Dom were in the garden chatting and watching a sleeping Hope. All of a sudden there was an unpleasant smell on the air.

“Your turn,” Rose insisted to Violet, “Go grab a nappy before she wakes up and cries the house down,”

“Where are they?” asked Violet.

“The en suite in my parents’ bedroom, in the cabinet,”

Violet nodded and headed off back through the kitchen into the house. As she passed through the living room she waved at Lily. She stopped for a second to watch the rather odd scene. Lily and Demetrius seemed deeply absorbed in just looking at each other, but also seemed to be intentionally ignoring Teddy and Victoire, who were currently writhing in the corner. Violet decided to leave the room quickly; she had not even the merest wish to watch Victoire shove her tongue down Teddy’s throat. It was weird how two people, who weren’t the least bit unattractive, managed to make kissing look so unpleasant, Violet had always rather enjoyed kissing.

She hopped daintily up the stairs to the second floor, but her natural clumsiness prevailed in the end and she tripped up on the last step and fell with a loud bump on the landing. She stood up quickly and rubbed her sore knees, thankfully no one had been there to see her. She hesitantly opened the door to the room which Rose’s parents were staying in. She knew that it had originally belonged to twin brothers but she was still surprised to see that there were two single beds, rather than a double bed. At the end of the bed which clearly belonged to Hermione, as the bed was neatly made with pyjamas folded on top, there was a little white cot.

It felt a bit awkward entering someone’s bedroom when they hadn’t said she could, so she swiftly left to the en suite. It was a pretty room, with a large window that looked out towards the orchard and it looked quite new. She immediately saw the large pack of nappies on top of a shelf and she reached up to grab one. She had her hand on the door knob at was on the verge of opening it when she heard hushed but angry voices coming from the bedroom.

“Hermione. Tell me the truth,” demanded Ron, “We haven’t even shared a bed in over a year, and now you’re knocked up. That doesn’t show you to be all that faithful, does it,”

There was a pause before Hermione responded, “Faithful to what?” she demanded, “To a man who spends his entire life trying to come out from under the shadow of his best friend. A man who has become so saturated with bitterness that he no longer notices his wife, or cares about his children. You have sent maybe four letters to each of your children since they started school,”

“So you admit it,” Ron spat, “You lying, cheating whore! What happened to ‘Until death do us part’? Sixteen years we have been married, I never so much as looked at another woman,”

“No, you haven’t. You have spent all your time working, doing nothing else. You didn’t even do it to try and protect the world from wickedness and evil. You did it to try and regain some of the glory that you had for a while when you were eighteen. I moved on, I don’t live in the past. I am not held by childhood prejudices. I look, with hope, to the future. Hope that I will have something more than a balding, grumpy, bitter husband to come home to. I am not abandoning my marriage vows; you are by no means the man that I married,” Hermione’s voice was struggling to remain calm.

“So, whose is it?” Ron asked spitefully, seemingly oblivious to the insults she was throwing at him, “Or don’t you know,”

“One man. A man I love,” Violet could hear the tears in her voice.

“So it’s love now, is it?”

“Yes. You wouldn’t understand,” Violet heard the sound of a door slamming. Ron swore loudly and stomped from the room.

Violet waited for a minute or so before fleeing the room. She couldn’t cope with all this information. So, was Hope Rose’s half sister? And did Rose know about her mother’s affair? Were Rose’s parents going to get divorced? She guessed that they probably would. Violet could kind of understand Hermione’s unfaithfulness if Ron was as bad as she had made him out to be.

Violet woke from her daze, she realised that she was downstairs. She went out into the garden and flung herself back down next to Rose.

“You were gone ages, what happened?” asked Rose curiously

“Oh, nothing,” said Violet, not meeting Rose’s eyes, “I just talked to Lily for a minute,”

“Oh, ok then. Will you hold Hope for a second? She has just this second woken up,” she gently placed Hope in Violet’s lap.

Violet turned Hope round to face her as she kissed her on her downy forehead. She sleepily opened her eyes and Violet was momentarily surprised. Hope had beautiful shining silver eyes, like cat’s eyes on a dark road. Why did the world have to be so complicated?

(AN- Well there’s a complication and a half. I hope you like this story, I have just reached 8000 reads (although I actually seem to be losing favourites D: ) Please review, I spent so long planning and writing this chapter.)

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