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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 6 : Snowflakes
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Okay so I now realise that it would take Fleur a lot longer than the five minute walk I make her do on her walks to work. But please just ignore that fact for the pure reason that she doesn’t walk it much but when she does I don’t want her to spend forty something minutes walking in silence cause that is boring to write.
Also I noticed that I had changed from first person to third in chapter four and have been that way ever since. If you hate it let me know and I will go back to writing from Fleur’s point of view but I didn’t even notice until I started this chapter. x

Chapter Six - Snowflakes

It was snowing. Fleur pulled on her white Wellington boots over her blue skinny jeans. Her white long sleeved top was tucked into her jeans and she wore a long light blue coat. Her shiny blonde hair was pulled up into a tight ponytail and she put her wand in the inner pocket of her coat.

She walked out of the building with a parting wave towards Monique who winked at her from the window. She followed the back streets out of Lambeth (where her building was) and started the walk along Kennington Road. Her walk was quicker than the walk to work and all too soon she was entering the gates of Kennington Park she was barely in the park when she spotted a familiar figure sat on a nearby wooden bench.

She smiled running towards him, his auburn red head was tied back as usual and his blues twinkled as she hugged him in greeting.

“You ready for this?” he asked cheekily.

“Oh please Bill! You ‘ave not seen nothing, until you ‘ave seen me shop.” Fleur beamed at him. The cool November air whipped past them a few snowflakes falling now and again as they walked talking about all that had happened the past few months.

Bill had changed his hours so he now got Saturday’s off work and mostly he spent his time with Fleur who didn’t work weekends. A few times he was with his parents or friends but every now and again he would arrange to meet Fleur somewhere and she couldn’t seem to be able to say no even if she wanted to.

When Bill looked at her she didn’t see the look men usually gave her. Her veela charm didn’t seem to be as effective on Bill either, and at the moment, she didn’t mind. She took his hand in hers as they walked and was glad when he didn’t pull his hand away but linked his fingers through her own.

The day passed quicker than Fleur would have liked, the only thing that kept her happy was that Bill had only left her side when she tried an outfit on and even then he would come back so he could comment on it. Also she had sent him off while she bought his Birthday gift. The snow had stopped and the ground was` slippery as it turned from the soft, powdery stuff to slush from where everyone had walked in it. Salt had been thrown on the ground but Fleur and Bill saw at least three people fall to the ground while they walked back towards Lambeth. They ran into Monique as they were about to go through the door up to the apartment.

“Okay I’m going out you have fun, I’ll be home sometime tomorrow, chow” Monique called over her shoulder as she hurried past them, her heels tapping along the floor. Fleur rolled her eyes before entering the apartment.

“She will never learn” Bill laughed as Fleur dropped her shopping bags on the floor by the door, he added the ones he was carrying to the pile.

“Do you want a drink?” Fleur asked hopping around on one sock clad foot trying to pull of her left boot.

“Sure” Bill smiled as she fell unceremoniously back onto the couch. She huffed so he crossed the room and slipped it from her foot simply. He offered her a hand to help her up which she took before entering the kitchen.

“Coffee again or something stronger?” Fleur asked holding up a bottle of dry red wine.

“Let’s skip the coffee.” Bill laughed.

“It is only muggle wine, so it isn’t as strong as fire whiskey” Fleur smirked slightly.

“Well that certainly is a good thought” Bill laughed.

Fleur grabbed too glasses and placed it all on the coffee table between the two black leather sofa’s. With a flick of her wand the glasses were filled with the dark substance. Neither of them drank too much but rather listened to the radio as they talked.

By ten Fleur had changed into her pyjama bottoms and tank top and was sat with Bill, her legs tucked under her as she looked at him while he spoke.

“-I moved off to Egypt soon after graduating I mean I had gotten the grades I wanted. My parents were pretty cut up about it but the Twins started the year I left and they were becoming a right handful. I didn’t think I would end up in a desk job, but I suppose there is some compensation to it.” he looked directly at Fleur.

“Can you stay?” Fleur whispered.

Bill shook his head slightly “I’m on duty tonight.”

“Duty?” Fleur asked.

“Ah. Forget I said that please” Bill looked shocked at the fact he had let something slip.

“Okay” Fleur agreed, if Bill was surprised by her lack of argument he hid it well. She planned to find out at some point but decided it wasn’t worth the argument.

“Maybe another night?” he asked quietly as she rested her forehead against his.

“Definitely” Fleur agreed her eyelids fluttered closed as he brought his lips softly onto hers. She kissed him back enthusiastically and couldn’t help but groan in protest as he pulled away.

“I have to go” he sighed picking up his jacket.

“Okay” she pouted folding her arms. He chuckled kissing her lips, she sucked on his bottom lip as he tried to pull away.

“Stop it or I wont be able to stop thinking of you all night.” Bill said lowly his arms around her waist.

“That’s a bad thing?” Fleur asked playing with his collar.

“No. But it is distracting.”

“Good. That’s the idea.” Fleur smiled but she allowed him to leave her to an empty apartment. The aftershock kicked in and Fleur put a delicate hand to her mouth to stifle the giggle that threatened to escape.

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