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Happy Endings by loopyluna
Chapter 2 : Scorpius; The mysteries of Albus's trousers
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Scorpius Malfoy :)

Scorpius Malfoy;

The autumn leaves swept under my footsteps in a miniature hurricane of colour, changing from red to green to gold. My duties as Head Boy were basically a load of crap. Do this, do that – or if you’re talking to Al, shag this, shag that. Rose had been forcing us to patrol as much as necessary; silly worries she has. She’s sure that if she’s not there, the building is going to collapse.
Honestly, without her, the world wouldn’t be the same.

Her hair was pulled in to two tightly woven French plaits, composed by Willa. I loved the way that it could never decide whether it was red or brown, the way she detested every part about herself – she really is beautiful, she’s never been able to see it.

I’m sure that Willa is the only one that knows about my secret crush, I’ve been harboring it for years. Possibly Al, although he’s in no way said anything.

Rose makes this little squeak when she’s cold, it’s high and so quiet it’s barley noticeable, but I hear it, I’ve always heard it. The way that she always sits in the corner of the library, never in the middle, the fact that she always crosses her right leg over her left, never the other way around, the way that she always borrows Willa’s clothes, like her own are never good enough. It’s all typical Rosie.

She checked her watch, “Albus was supposed to be here an hour ago,” she quietly announced, pitifully draping her arms on to the table infront. “-and where on earth is Willa?”

I smirked. “It’s Willa you’re talking about; she’s probably forgotten and is walking around away with the fairies.” Albus wasn’t here, not something that surprised me, this year he made the Slytherin House Captain, something he’s been aiming for since fifth year.

We’re both on the team, so I know for a fact that he’s been obsessing over strategies. He’ actually been walking around with that bloody leather bound book shoved down the back of his trousers. I only noticed it when Willa pulled it out of them last Charms lesson. Lord only knows how she knew it was in there.

“It’s not fair,” she complained, “It’s been two weeks and every time I attempt to converse with him alone, he’s always in the company of his Quidditch friends. Apart from you.” She added half heartedly.

I nodded. “Yep, you really know how to make a boy feel loved Rosie.” I turned and timidly waved a little to a rather giddy looking Tina Zabini.

My father attempted to set me up on a date with her in our forth year – it was bloody awful. In the end I called Willa and she came and got me, pretending to be my girlfriend. When Tina realized that she infact wasn’t my lover, she’s been trying to date me ever since. Well ‘date’ is said loosely, I don’t particularly think it’s her first intention if you catch my meaning.

“You’re such a flirt.” Rose snapped, bestowing me with a defiant frown.

I shrugged, pouring myself over my text book, attempting to intake the numerous occasions of when Vampire’s rivaled the Giants for land – and then some random piss about Goblins Revolutions and their battling urges. I raised a blonde brow and looked up pleadingly at Rosie.

“Please Red.” I said mournfully. “Please don’t test me this morning; I will be forced to kill you.”

“House elves run out of coffee?”

I blinked. “Is it that obvious?”

She laughed, sending tingles shivering up and down my spine. “Nah, Willa told me first period. She actually looked worried.”

“Does it really take that much to worry her?” I shoved the books off of the library desk infront of me so that they landed in to my bag with a plonk.

“I guess not.” Rose looked thoughtfully down towards her work, small pieces of auburn hair swept across her forehead in a messy way. Her brown eyes travelled over the lines of the page – that means they moved around a lot. How can that bloody woman read so bloody much?

“Malfoy, where are you going?” She snapped; her face knotted with confusion.

I ran my hand through my hair, “It’s nearly class, I’m going to go and find Will’s before she forgets that too.”

She nodded her head a little. “Ok then,” that’s it, that’s all she’s going to say?

I took a deep breath and flashed a confident grin before darting from behind a book shelf in the Ancient Runes classroom, hoping it would make Willa jump – but all I got was a confused look and a nose crinkle. That girl drives me crazy sometimes.

Willa has always been dainty, I guess … perfect build for a seeker; but not the slightest bit interested. She has a curtain of white blonde hair; it’s a lot like mine I guess. Her hands are small, supporting long fingers that gracefully glided as she traced her finger across the page.

She hardly glanced at me before turning back to her runes. She’s obsessed. I’m rather unaccustomed to this lack of female attention, but between Rose and Willa; you get used to it. I took the seat next to her and strived not to shift uncomfortably. She took an immense amount of satisfaction in the shock appearing in the startling colour of my eyes – they’re grey, hers – a light shade of blue.

“Now that’s just rude.” I said rather weakly with a brave attempt at a comic smile, while staring at her work and reading her symbols.

Willa’s a whiz as history; her parents are both Muggle Secondary School History teachers. She can remember dates and places at the drop of a hat. This makes her professor Binn’s favorite student – and mine when it came to homework. Her and Rose are the noble Gryffindor’s, Al and me, Slytherins. They do the work, we take the credit. It’s how it’s always been.

I repay Willa by making her a mix of waffles and ‘alphabetti spaghetti’ over Christmas holiday for dinner. That’s why I leave Rose to Albus. I can’t really imagine her enjoying child’s pasta in letter shapes while watching a re-run of Fraizer on television.

Willa had created a rather crude sentence out of her runes Homework, rearranging the letters on her page to spell out something about Tina’s bum. I admit that I don’t like her, but Willa and all of her cuteness would take her down any day.

“It’s not rude, you’re just ignorant.”

Anything I said about this girl being cute … I take it back. “Me ignorant? You’re a blonde little dolly.”

I knew this would get on her nerves. Her mother always compares her to a doll, but with slightly sharper features. “I’m no dolly, unlike you; little girls don’t play with me.”

I choked on my own spit as she giggled. She’s always been a crude little thing. There was amusement in her eyes as she responded lightly. “Here.” She said, handing me my runes homework. “It’s complete, which is just as well seeing as this class starts in a moment. Oh, have you done your History of Magic essay yet? I don’t get it.”

I stared at her absentmindedly, mirroring her posture. “History of magic essay? Will’s, I get my best sleep in that class.”

She smiled. “Professor Binn’s does have a way of being able to do that doesn’t he?”

I laughed lightly. “Not to you, I’m sure if he was alive again he’d waste no time asking you to marry him.”

Willa glanced a little shrewdly and then cautiously replied. “I have no answer to that, especially considering the last time he came over to check my work, you practically ordered him to stop staring at my boobies and successfully landed yourself in detention of where you thoughtlessly told him to get a life.”


“He’s dead Scorpius,” she chuckled. “Professor Binn’s is a ghost, you can’t tell a dead person to get a life.” She pulled a box of Chocolate Frogs from her bag and handed them to me. “But I guess they make an exception for you.”

I glanced at the box before helping myself. “They had no coffee this morning.” She moaned. “I blame you for getting me hooked.”

I shrugged. “You live with my father long enough; you have to have a way out. Mine just happens to be caffeine.”

“Well I though that you could use some chocolate instead.” I opened and closed my mouth a little stupidly. It was so true, she knew me so well. “It’s like it’s your time of the month.”

I bit back a smile. “Oh yeah? This coming from the girl who turns in to royal twat for 12 weeks a year.”

She rolled her eyes. “My problem is hormonal, yours is mental.”

I felt warmth envelop my body as the door was pushed open a little to reveal Rose, who snuck in a little late. Her long dark hair swayed elegantly behind her, bobbing as she walked. She ran her fingers over the ends of her shirt as she apologized to the Professor and stepped towards our table. It was our free period for the last hour; the three of us had Ancient Runes now before meeting with Albus next in Charms.

“Uh, I met Hugo in the hallway.” She groaned while dropping her books on to the table, landing with a rattle.

Willa’s eyes widened, I could tell she was intrigued. “What’s so bad about seeing your brother?”

I could tell this was the wrong question. “He was bulling the first years again – last week with dungbombs, this week with the Bogey Bat Hex that Aunt Ginny taught him for defense. I reached the bottom of the stairs and he was there, smirking like a prat and waiting for the first years to leave their lesson. Why he wasn’t in his own I didn’t want to know.”

I twisted my fingers slowly. “And do you think by chance.” I ventured. “Your brother could maybe teach me this he-“ Willa really didn’t need to smack me then. It was more of the fact that she jabbed my leg under the table, causing me to lean forward and probably give Rose the impression that I had downs syndrome.

Her mouth flew open in surprise. “No, Scorpius, my baby brother could not teach the Head Boy how to pummel the first years with bogeys.” She paused. “It’s utterly repulsive. I am still in awe that Aunt Ginny ever taught him that bloody spell”

“I shouted his name-“ She resumed after taking a deep breath, a wonderful and intoxicating breath, but was stopped by Willa’s sniggering. “Will’s you are so immature, is sex really all that you think about? Wait don’t answer that. What I mean to say is that Scorpius you now have to do detention duty on Saturday night. I would do it,” she added, due to my expression. “But he’s my brother, so I’d be impartial. It’s against school rules.”

Willa and I stared open mouthed. “What?”

“You gave you own brother detention.” Willa asked slowly.

“You’re making me do Saturday night babysitting?” I echoed.

Willa erupted into laughter so loud that many of the surrounding students glared. I pulled her in to me a little and covered her mouth with my hand. “You two are ridiculous.”

“Thanks love.” I said, noticing Willa’s elegant writing already reaching the three quarter way mark of her workbook page. I probably would have been gob smacked if I hadn’t remembered that this was Ancient Runes. Will’s has always had the ability to look and a Rune, shape or language and just read it straight, she can identify literally anything.

“So what were you two discussing before I so rudely interrupted?”

Willa pulled my hand away and straightened up. “We were discussing Scorpius’s fear of intimacy with men.”

My jaw dropped as Rose bit back a smile. “No we bloody weren’t!” I hissed, glancing at my friends and biting my lip. “We were discussing your period thank you very much.” Rise’s eyes widened a little more.

“But why?” She inquired. “You were on last week; I mean you borrowed a tampon and all.”

“I know, that was an awful day too. It didn’t help that I was PM- sit back down Scorpius!” She ordered, pulling me back to my chair as I hugged my satchel to my chest. She giggled. “We’re only playing, but you really do have a fear of homosexuality.”

Willa hummed softly to herself as we quickly made our way down the staircase of the Forth Floor. It’s harder to walk arm in arm if your partner in dragging you along at an alarming speed. We had last seen Albus this bright Wednesday morning, it’s now the dark gloomy evening with small outbursts of thunder and lightening. Crash, Bang, Wallop and the Whomping Willow has been over turned.

Upon entering the Great Hall Willa finally stopped. “Oh piss-tastic.”

I always did love her imaginative swearing; never a normal word would come from her mouth. “Have I ever told you that I love you’re swear words?”

That was awfully literal.

“Frequently.” She replied absentmindedly.

I bopped her nose. “So what’s piss-tastical? Hopefully you’re talking about a person and not the food.”

Bobbing her nose; the life long trick. That small and simple gesture was enough to brighten up her day. No idea why though. I saw her smiling when dad did it once and decided to try it out when she was down.

She gestured to the Slytherin table. “What? You afraid of snakes now Will’s?”

She frowned at me, not something I saw very often, I get the glare and the death look – but never the frown. “Lorcan’s there. Why isn’t he sitting with the Ravenclaws’ like usual? With his brother?”

“Maybe because he’s a Slytherin?” I offered shyly.

“I realize that Scorp.” She said innocently. “I just don’t particularly want to deal with him right now.”

My brows furrowed. “What’s he been doing? If he’s laid a hand on y-“

“No, no, god no.” She blushed a little; so cute. “He’s just been, a little … borderline stalking.”

I grinned. “Scorpius, this isn’t funny, his teeth are brighter than he is!”

“You’re right, I’m sorry. It’s just – I realize that you lot think that he’s a fittie and all, but he’s a right git.”

She feigned a look of disgust. “You don’t think I know that.” She shuddered. “Yesterday, he strides up to me and goes; Chambers, you’re lookin’ fine, so, my place or yours.”

I tried to smile at her impression of Scamander, but could only seem to express my horror at his sexual attraction to baby Wills, she’s only 17. “Scamander,” I growled throatily. “So what did you say?”

She grinned at me and blew a stray hair out of her eyes “I said both.” I arched a brow. “I said I’d go back to my Common Room and he could go back to his sty, to converse with his own kind.”

My body shook with laugher as Willa giggled thoroughly. She tickled my stomach a little as we walked through the doors and poked me hard in the shoulder with her index finger. She may be small and gorgeous – but she’s not given nearly enough credit for her wit. She’s bloody brilliant when she wants to be.

“So, Scorp.” She started innocently, as I slid my arm around her waist, making her clumsily fall in to my stride. “You think Scamander’s a fittie? Do we need to discuss this? I’ve always wondered about you, like this morning in Ancient Runes – even Rose thinks…” Her voice trailed off knowingly.

“Oh sod off.”

She laughed at my scowl before poking me with her fork after we sat down. Rose and Willa would usually sit at the Slytherin table, not all Gryffindor’s are too happy with our constant presence – but they usually don’t mind too much. The house unity since the Battle of Hogwarts has increased by a landslide. It wasn’t until years later that someone finally realized that the Gryffindor’s and Slytherin’s aren’t all too diverse after all. The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs are still closer with each other – but at least the Gryffies and the Snakes aren’t torturing each other anymore.

When you look around the great hall – the reds and greens are usually mixed with the bronze, blues and yellows. Not something you would have seen 20 years ago.

Willa grinned at me. “So when’s the big game?”

Of course she would ask about Quidditch, she hates the game but somehow still manages to make an effort for me. She refers to the Keeper’s hoops as ‘polos in sticks’. Al slapped her for that one in first year.
We’re playing against Ravenclaw soon; their House Team is one of the best – better than ours if I’m truthful.

I thought for a moment. “A month – Albus has us working like dogs.”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine.” She reassured me. She thought for a moment and then shrugged.

Ravenclaw; agile seeker, speedy chasers and two beaters that have that between them, have the strength of 10 men. They were going to whoop are arses. But none of that is even remotely in the same league as their keeper – bloody troll. Not too full in the looks department, and his teeth may be brighter than he is – as Willa would say - but put him on a broom and stick him in front of polo’s on sticks … and he’s unbeatable. How did the prat even get in to Ravenclaw? Last year he asked me if Hippogriff has 3 f’s or 4. If I remember correctly, Willa answered that one while I held back a belly laugh.

Willa ran her index finger along the rim of her goblet, smiling as she did so. A tiny sound could be heard from the goblet – like Muggles do with their wine glasses. Her fingers graced the top once more, allowing a short sound to be heard. Her touch was so light – it always was.

“You realise that your goi-“ I began, but was interrupted by Lorcan Scamander. He sat down next to Willa, squishing himself in tightly, his shoulder brushing with hers. I acknowledged him, something he doesn’t deserve “Hello?”

“Malfoy.” He nodded.

His eyes travelled from a quick glance to my face to the top of Willa’s head – he wasn’t able to see anything else as she had placed her head on to the table and was repetitively bashing it, her necklace clanging on her empty plate.

The table shook a little.

We sat in silence, a staring match between Slytherins, and a small and constant banging noise adjacent to me. My chest rose and harshly fell as I stared down the brown haired bollock-er (as Rose had once called him) in a sad attempt that he would leave.

I wanted noting more than to shout at him, to lunge across the table and rip his eyes from his sockets. The way that he stared at my baby, the way his eyes travelled along her skin – I’ve seen it, I know what he’s thinking. I know what he’s thinking because that used to be me; eyeing up the innocent girls before taking them for a quick shag. I matured, he obviously did not.

“So Willa.” He cooed; addressing her like she was a child as she smashed her head lightly downward. “You fancy skipping dinner?”



“You sure?”








Bash. “Yes.”



“Fuck off.”

Willa would have said, but probably slightly more politely. Except, those words didn’t come from her mouth – they came from mine. She looked up from the table, her blue eyes pleading with me for an exit.

Lorcan Scamander is the school’s prat. He used to be in with Albus and myself, but then he developed a crush on Will’s. It used to be funny, but now it’s just really not. I stared at Lorcan’s face, dim crease lines slowly appeared in his temple as he glared. He was desperate for Willa to notice him.

He was a little furious; I could see Willa’s anxiety squirming throughout air. “What was that Malfoy?”

I glared darkly. “I told you to eff off. I don’t want you near Willa, I told you that last year.”

He shrugged. “I guess you weren’t clear enough.” Lorcan crossed his arms as Will’s sat up straight and knocked her bracelets up and down her wrist a little. I could tell she wasn’t going to let me handle this. The urge I was fighting not to punch him was so high it almost-

“Lorcan, could you please move up a little.” She requested in a quiet voice, interrupting my thoughts. “I have no room.”

“But my dear, neither do I.” He smirked, gesturing to the three empty spaces next to him. “I would if I could …. You know me.”

“Yes, unfortunately I do.” She said still holding his eye with her own. “I know you well enough to know that you are an insufferable pig of whom I want nothing to do with.”

A third year sitting near to us snickered. Lorcan’s eye’s flashed as he made a swift motion towards the kid.

“She wants me.” He announced, causing a sigh of aggravation to come from Willa. She’s usually a rather tolerative person, but upset her – you’ve just dug your own grave.

She smiled at me apologetically, my expression softened from my unintentional scowl – but not by much. “Are you sure, you don’t want t-“

“I swear Scamander.” She pleaded. “If you don’t leave me alone I’ll report sexual harassment and I’ll write I’m a rapist on your forehead in felt tip.”

“Felt tip? never mind. I'll tell you what we could do,” he offered. “We could make the fabric softener and snuggle?”

“What you talking about?” Al asked energetically, appearing from nowhere and squishing himself in-between the pair.
I scoffed and Willa laughed as Lorcan irritably and reluctantly shuffled up a seat. Al was his Quidditch Captain, one wrong move and he’s lost his Chaser position, even he’s intelligent enough to notice that.

“You ok Wills?” Rose asked quietly, swiftly moving in to the seat next to me, brushing her skirt under her bum before sitting down. Albus was quiet for a moment and I wondered if he was glaring at Lorcan, but he wasn’t, he was watching Willa.

I’m slightly worried that there’s something going on between the two of them. He hates Lorcan almost as much as I do – and I’m talking fiery-pit-of-hell type death to Scamander hate, not just I dislike the prat.
They were practically rolling on top of each other in the train carriage, then there always being secretive – Willa never keeps anything from me. It’s just odd is all. But I guess she could do worse than Al, but I’d still never allow it, I know what Al’s like.

It’s probably nothing.

“Oi Scorp.” He said with a punch to my shoulder and a mouthful of mash potato.

“Yes Albus.” I answered, wiping the chewed potato from my face and ignoring the mocking looks from the girls. I bit my lip as Rose smiled at me. That smile makes my heart stop.

Albus gestured with his hand to wait while he chewed and scratched his chin. “What have you got planned on Friday?”

I blinked. “Uh, homework? I guess.”

“No you haven’t.” I rolled my eyes, what ever scheme Albus would come up with to get us in trouble I would so …. totally be 100% interested. “Were having a campfire.”

Rose blinked, placing her fork on to the table. “Huh?”

“You know.” Willa said. “Like the ones we used to have, I thought it would be a nice idea, seeing as it’s the last Friday of September and all.”

“Willa brought it up last period, when you and Rosie were arguing, I rather like the idea.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I’m game.” Willa smiled and looked at Rosie, who looked a little unsure. “I miss the old woody smell.”

“But what about Professor Longbottom?” She said sheepishly. “He caught us all last time, remember?”

Albus laughed. “Yeah, and then began dancing along with the rest of us and camped out by the fire for the night.”

Willa sniggered. “Yeah, we bribed him for his secrecy with half melted marshmallows.”

“Really?” she asked, raising a brow a little. “I don’t remember that.”

Willa smiled at the memory. “That’s because you walked off, not allowing yourself to be caught, you went back to the dormitories while we camped out. You’ve got to remember that. You got all annoyed because you thought that I had broken my purity and slept wit-“ Willa grunted as Rosie punched her square in the chest. It was obviously a shut up punch, they’re different from the I hate you punch and the you’re such a laugh; you’re my best friend punch.

Albus laughed as Rose glared. “Yes, I remember now. Thank you Willa.”

Willa held her hands up in to the air as if to surrender, her eyes gleaming with a little mischief. “Well I for one can’t wait.” She giggled. “For old time’s sake let’s hope that Albus doesn’t loose his trousers this time.”

Al blushed and argued. “Ok, that was a total accident!”

“Hagrid sure didn’t think so.” Willa responded, high fiving Rose with an oh you got so totally burned let me click my fingers and glare like a twat look; ending the conversation with a hair flip and a bump to Albus with her shoulder. 

An; What did you think? Second chapter, too long, too short? Just right? I realize that not much happened here, but it was mainly a filler for the next chapter. Trust me, the wait is worth while. So ... here's a little preview ...

Pretty please leave me a review. I'll even take one worded ones, like good, bad, ugly. heck I'll even take cheesecake. 

Oh and PS, the mention of homosexuality is meant no offence by it, if it causes offence, I really am truly sorry.

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