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Time travel by lily_times
Chapter 30 : Chapter Thirty Bad bad man and evil evil plants
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Chapter Thirty Bad bad man and evil evil plants 

Looking at the clock as she was roughly shaken awake Lily cursed “go away Albus it’s 4 in the morning” 

“I highly doubt I am a Potter” the woman sneered “the whole lot of you are filth” 

Lily sat up and stared wide eyed at a cloaked figure, narrowing her eyes she spat “what are you waiting for?” 

The woman laughed “get up and get dressed, I wish for you to meet the Dark Lord, before I kill you” 

Lily numbly rose from the bed and donned on the jeans she wore last night, noticing her wand brush her leg she pulled on a jacket. 

The women poked Lily in the back, jumping slightly lily walked out the door, as they walked down the steps into the common room, lily jumped slightly at the woman’s voice “Goyle, Crabbe did you get them” 

Lily looked to see two gorilla like creatures walking down the boys dormitory stairs, there backs hunched slightly. 

“The dorm was empty of Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy” Goyle grunted 

Lily pitied the Slytherin could Anthony Goyle; she hated to see what he would look like in a few year, trying to think back she wondered if he looked like his grand father. 

“Move Potter” 

As the wand prodded her to move Lily moved, climbing out of the portrait hole Lily started to hum softly. 

Lily felt a zap go throw her body, gasping slightly Lily jumped. 

The girl Death Eater giggled “not a word Potter, or I’ll start killing you earlier” 

Lily bit her lip and continued walking, breathing evenly, she slowly snuck her hand down to her pocket. 

If she could get her wand, then she could hex them. 

“I didn’t let you into this bloody castle to talk to the stupid bint” a voice called to her left
Squinting Lily could just make out the rude Slytherin from her Herbology class
“Orion, what did your father tell you?” The woman spat 

“Sorry mother, but I have to watch mine and the rat’s handy work” the boy smiled before wiping his wand out “who would have thought that I get my very own Potter as a pet” 

Lily glared at him 

“Now poppet, leave the girl be, til after she sees the Dark Lord” 

Lily shivered slightly at her words 

“Very well mother” 

Biting her lip Lily walked in front of the Death Eaters, as they reached the great hall she wandered where everyone was, shouldn’t there be professors and Dumbledore running around. 

Trying to stop the panic that was rising up inside her, Lily tried to picture what her dad would have done if he was here. 

Nodding to herself she realized that her dad would do anything to save there family.
Chewing on her lip she whispered “why are you doing this?” 

She felt the smirk on the faces around her before she saw them “revenge” 

“You see, I know you were from the future but what I didn’t know was that you were a Potter, a Potter that helps kill the Dark Lord” 

“Orion” his mother said sharply “you will be punished if you keep speaking” 

She hadn’t helped defeat Voldermort, she wasn’t even a glint in her dad’s eye when Voldermort was killed, biting her lip Lily tried to keep the fear from rising within her. 

Even if she were to die today, her father would still free the Wizarding world. 

Straightening her shoulders Lily asked “so where is this mighty lord of yours?” 

“The forbidden forest” Orion replied 

She wandered if this boy had reproduced any off spring, she shook her head no one would want to be anywhere near that thing. 

Lily felt a volt of something pass through her, biting her lip she looked to her left, seeing a foot sticking out of an invisible cloak. 

She smiled slightly it was either her brother or her grand father. 

“Why’s Voldermort going to kill me?” Lily asked “I mean killing me wont stop him from being killed there’s a lot of people in the future who helped me and my brother, do you assume they will just forget about it, I don’t think they will” 

The female Death Eater growled at her “shut your bloody mouth you filthy blood traitor”
Lily bit her lip and continued walking towards the exit of the castle. 

As the cold air hit her face, Lily bit her lip, numbly she walked towards the forest, and as soon as they come into a clearing Lily noticed three hooded figures standing next to a tree with a gray trunk. 

“Ah young miss Potter” 

Lily stopped in front of the middle figure. 

As he draw back the hood she come face to face with a man with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, his face was pale and the more she looked she noticed that hair was falling from top his hair in clumps. 

“Bow down to the Dark Lord” Orion hissed as he jabbed Lily with his wand 

Lily set her chin “Voldermort what do I owe this pleasure?” 

Voldermort hissed “crucio” 

Lily screamed in pain as the curse hit her, thrashing on the ground Lily felt a sticky substance cover her eyes as the curse was lifted, trying to breath, Lily felt like her throat was red raw and bleeding, wheezing lily stared up at Voldermort. 

“Where is the other Potter?” Voldermort asked 

The female Death Eater bowed before speaking “we could not find him My Lord” 

Voldermort growled “cru-” 

His words stopped as wind picked up in the forest, closing her eyes to protect them from dust Lily blinked slightly as she heard a whistle in the trees. 

Noticing Blonde hair Lily cried “Scorpius” 

Scorpius frowned before withdrawing his wand, rushing over he helped Lily stand “lily my love are you alright?” 

Lily winced slightly but nodded her head, kissing him she stated “I’m so sorry Scor, I should have grabbed you” 

Scorpius kissed her again silencing her 

“How quiet touching” a voice drawled 

Scorpius pulled Lily behind him “Lucius” 

The Death Eater removed his hood to show a much younger Lucius Malfoy “I would never have though that my son would have made such a weak child” 

Scorpius raised his wand and pointed it at him. “Yes well I never really liked my grand father all that much.” 

Smirking Scorpius pushed Lily back towards a ditch, as her foot slipped Lily gripped Scorpius’ arm to steady herself. 

“Scor what are you planning?” Lily whispered 

Scorpius smiled back at her “do you trust me?” 

Lily nodded without hesitation “yes” 

“Good” Scorpius said as he flicked his wand at the grey tree behind Voldermort. 

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