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Starless Eyes by looneyleeleelovegood
Chapter 11 : Forbidden Fruit
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Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Harry Potter, that all belongs to J.K Rowling.

Hermione pressed a hand against her mouth as she yawned loudly, she was not aware of how tired she was until Harry told her to go to bed. Her feet were dragging on the thin carpet, and the book in her hand felt suddenly rather heavy. 

She walked slowly down the hallway towards the study; she grasped the handle to open the door when a creak on the floor boards sounded behind her. She turned abruptly, expecting Ron to be standing there, or Harry perhaps. But there was no one. She narrowed her eyes at the spot she assumed the noise had come from and then shrugged it off. It was an old house after all. 

She turned once more to open the door when a hand clamped around her mouth, preventing her from screaming, and an arm wrapped around her waist tightly, lifting her feet from the ground. 

The hidden figure quickly mouthed open the door to the study and shut it behind them. Hermione struggled fiercely against the arms holding her. She kicked backwards, and heard a muffled shout of pain as she hit her pursuers shin. 

She was released, and upon her feet hitting the ground she pulled out her wand and pointed it to the door. 

‘Silencio’ she said, so no one would hear what was going on in the room if they were to walk by and over-hear. 

She turned to stare at the figure who had grabbed her, she crossed her arms tightly over her chest and seethed. 

‘Pathetic, Severus’ she spat. 

Severus smirked as he rubbed his shin. 

‘I was merely testing your reflexes Miss. Granger’ he said silkily ‘you ought to work on them, if I were a Death Eater you would have been dead before you could turn around’ 

‘You are a Death Eater Severus’ she bit back and his smirk dropped away. She walked to the book shelf and stood on her tip toes to try and replace her book. She reached up as tall as she could stretch, but the book’s cover merely brushed the shelf. 

‘And don’t call me Miss. Granger, you know I hate it! It’s so condescending’ she said icily. 

Her nose filled with that familiar musky scent of mixed herbs and the slight smell of bonfire, and was aware that Severus was stood right behind her. It was an odd smell to crave, to hope for when she woke up in the mornings, but a smell she loved none the less. 

He plucked the book out of her outstretched hand and placed it in the designated spot on the book shelf. Hermione turned quickly, and his arms shot out around her sides, resting his palms against the book spines, successfully trapping her against him. 

She lifted her chin defiantly as he stared at her, she would not let those deep, dark eyes mull her thoughts. He moved his mouth towards her, wanting to steal a quick kiss. But she shoved her face to the side, out if his reach. Her cheek hurt from the impact it made with the book spines. 

He narrowed his eyes at her movement, then cupped her chin with his hand and moved her eyes to his once again. He bent down once more for a kiss, this time she turned the other way. Rejecting him for a second time. 

‘It’s late’ she said simply, and attempted to push past him, but he pushed himself closer to her. 

‘It seems rather comical that the lateness of the hour has never deterred you from me before’ he whispered. 

‘Harry’s still awake’ she said a little more firmly and he smirked. 

‘And is the threat of your dear Mr. Potter supposed to induce an effect of fear?’ she hit him hard on the shoulder, not that it made him wince at all, in fact he merely chuckled. Her lips pursed angrily and she thumped his arm out of the way as she barged past him. 

‘It’s not hard to notice that you’re angry, what’s got you so worked up?’ he asked, although he could not hide it from his tone that he could not care less. Hermione faced him, angry tears sparkling in her light brown eyes. 

‘I find it hard to believe that with that great perception of yours, you have failed to notice what might have me on edge. You know full well that Luna is missing, more than likely dead in a pit somewhere and still you remain ignorant to her whereabouts!’ she shouted, wiping her eyes fiercely, she hated to cry in front of him. 

‘I have told you once, I have told you a hundred times, to you and the others that I have not been told where Miss. Lovegood is’ he started angrily, stepping towards her ‘With the Dark Lord being away, and Lucius now in charge I am told nothing... none of the other Death Eaters will trust me as the Dark Lord does, and I cannot just poke around at the various places without being found out’ 

‘But surely people have spoken about it, surely you have heard whispers Severus?’ she asked. 

‘The only person that conveys their plans and wishes to me is The Dark Lord, only he-’ 

‘Don’t give me that rubbish about your Dark Lord Severus, can’t you call him by his name instead of giving him that pretentious title’ she scoffed ‘Voldemort, Severus, his name is Voldemort!’ she smiled smugly as he winced at the name. 

‘Oooh big, strong, surly Severus Snape scared of a name is he?’ she laughed ‘The greatest potioneer in the whole, entire world, the most accomplished Legilemens, fooled even the “Dark Lord” of his loyalty’ she said in a tone mimicking Severus’s and waving her hands dramatically ‘Thats all so very hard to believe when you can’t even locate one lost girl in the depths of a Death Eaters quarters!’ 

He grasped her shoulders firmly and shook her, his face was suddenly contorted into a look of pure ferocity, far different than the playful smirk he had had on his lips mere moments ago. 

‘I’ve told you already, I do not know here she is!’ he shouted ‘I am not the secret keeper of any of the Death Eater’s locations and therefore I cannot give away their positions, I am not privy to the sadistic ways of Gaoler and Prisoner. For all we know Miss. Lovegood died as soon as she was taken. She would have been tortured, most likely raped and abused if she fell into the hands of Lucius Malfoy or Greyback. The chances of finding her now, in one piece, are smaller than ever!’ he watched as her eyes began to water more heavily, her lips trembled and she stared at him with wide, pleading eyes. 

‘If you wish to place the blame on somebody I suggest you go and find your friend Potter, he was the one who so recklessly sent her on that mission in the first place, he was the one who let her go, he was the one that doomed her to whatever tragic fate she has fallen into’ she pried herself away, and turned from him. 

‘I notice too, that you fail to defend him... you know as well as I that this incident lies on Potter’s head. You’re just too weak to admit it’ he hissed. Hermione looked up towards the ceiling and took a deep breath; she turned her head to the side, so she could see Severus in the corner of her bleary eyes. 

‘And do you know what I notice, Snape?’ she saw him wince at the harsh sound of his last name that was rarely spoken with her tongue ‘I notice that the only time I ever see you is when we have a meeting for the Order... or if you want to lift up my skirt’ she heard him grind his teeth, and she smiled before she lifted the silencing charm from the door and stepped out of it, closing it sharply behind her. 

She wiped her eyes quickly as she walked down the hallway, she wanted nothing more than to go to bed and let the brunt of her tears soak into the pillow. 

She was almost by the stairs when she heard voices in the kitchen, it sounded like Ginny. 

‘What more do you want me to say!?’ she shouted, Hermione’s brow furrowed. She knew Harry and Ginny had encountered some kind of problem recently... but the details were not clear. 

‘There’s nothing... nothing you can say’ Harry said quietly, there were soft footsteps, and then Harry appeared in the doorway, stepping towards the stairs. He looked tired, awfully tired. There were deep circles under his eyes yet there was a strange little smirk pulling at his lips. 

He looked up, sensing her presence and his smirk dropped at once. 

His brow furrowed as he stared at her, and all she wanted was a quick escape. She could feel her face begin to burn, and could not face any questions he might ask her now. She gave him a quick, weak smile and then threw herself into the bathroom at her side. 

‘Night’ she said silently, unsure whether Harry heard her. 

She closed the door and locked it, bending low over the sink, staring at herself in the mirror. 

Her eyes were bloodshot and bleary. She turned on the cold tap and pattered her face with icy water. 

‘What are you doing?’ she whispered to herself stonily ‘What are you doing Granger?’
She narrowed her eyes at her own reflection, and cursed the silence that answered her question. 

Another chapter down, and a little bit of Severus and Hermione drama for the several Severus/Hermione shippers that are reading :D I hope you enoyed this chapter. I would love to know what you think. Thank you.

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Starless Eyes: Forbidden Fruit


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