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Benjy Weasley by LilyPotter
Chapter 1 : The news
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As the 95-96 school year ends and Molly starts to make plans for the summer including giving Harry Fred and George’s old room. Arthur starts staying later at work or so he told Molly but the clock said otherwise until one night he came home later than usual after Ron and Ginny already went up to bed. Molly was knitting in the sitting room when he got there, “Dinner’s on the stove Arthur.”

Arthur got his plate and joins her in the sitting room, “Thank you Molly, things are so crazy right now. I meant to come home early today but …”

Molly glares at him, “I know you weren’t at work Arthur. If you don’t want to tell me, where you were fine but don’t lie to me about being at work. The clock’s hands said that you were visiting.”

Arthur closes his eyes, “I’m not … I was with Chloe and Benjy.”

Molly sighs, “Why? Our lives are in danger every day and you decide to be with your mistress and love child. What does she want from you now? A brother or sister for Benjamin? More child support? You still have two kids here who you need to support.”

Arthur nods, “I know Molly and that’s not why I went over there. Chloe’s best friend Vanessa and her husband Paul are going to take Benjy this weekend and he’s going to live with them from now on. I’ve just been spending time with him when I can because once he goes with them they don’t want me to have anything else to do with him.”

Molly sighs, “So she doesn’t want to raise her own son? Why am I not surprised? Does this mean you’re still paying support for a child whose own mother doesn’t want him?”

Arthur shakes his head, “No and she’s not giving him up. They just don’t want me to have anything to do with him. They want to raise him as their own and at his age he’ll quickly forget about me.”

“Why couldn’t you tell me Arthur? I don’t care why they’re taking him in as long as I don’t have to but you have an obligation to our family too. Anything could happen to us and you wouldn’t know because you’re off playing house.”

Arthur stands up angry, “I’m not off playing house with Chloe and Benjy I’m spending time with my son who is about to lose his mother and his father. Chloe’s dying and she can’t take care of Benjy for much longer on her own. I can’t leave work to care for him full time and I know you don’t want him here so her friends are adopting him. I just wanted some time with him before I can’t see him anymore.”

Molly was shocked, “Arthur I didn’t …”

Arthur drops his plate in the sink, “Of course you didn’t know because you didn’t want to know. You didn’t ask why I suddenly spent more time with him or how come he’s going to have a new mum and dad.”

Molly closes her eyes, “I should’ve but I thought you were hiding something from me Arthur. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions and I’m sorry.”

Arthur shrugs, “It doesn’t matter I’m going to bed. Don’t worry tomorrow’s the last day I’m spending with Benjy. He goes with Vanessa and Paul Saturday and I won’t see him again.”

Arthur went upstairs leaving Molly alone in the kitchen where she cleaned up shaking. She couldn’t see leaving any child to be raised by someone else and knew how much it would hurt Arthur. He came back down and she didn’t look up, “I’ll be up when I’m done cleaning up from dinner.”

Arthur wraps his arms around her. “I’m sorry Molly, I didn’t mean to yell at you.”

Molly hugs him, “I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions but I thought you were hiding something. It’s not fair that Benjy won’t get to grow up with you or Chloe.”

Arthur sighs, “Vanessa and Paul are good people and they love him. Chloe will spend time with Benjy but Paul wants to be his daddy. Chloe understands I can’t bring him home and tonight took so long because he was upset he couldn’t see me anymore.”

Molly leans against him, “Has he showed magic?”

Arthur nods, “Yeah and they claim to be okay with it. I think it unnerves them but Chloe trusts them to raise him. There’s no way I can ask anyone we know to raise him, I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“I love you Arthur and I know I’ve been difficult about Benjamin but …”

Arthur shrugs, “It’s just something that happens and it’s okay. There’s nothing I can change about it. I work long hours right now and I can’t change the way things are. I love him and can only hope he remembers me when he gets older. I’m sure whoever’s headmaster or headmistress will help him find me.”

They head up to bed but Molly can’t stop thinking about Benjy someone she never wanted to know. She also thought about Harry and what he went through with family who didn’t like magic. The next morning after Arthur left for work Molly left Ron and Ginny alone for a couple of hours, “I’m going to go see Chloe and Benjy for a while. Will you two be okay here?”

Ron nods, “Yeah, we can floo Bill if anything happens. Is Benjy okay mum?”

Molly nods, “Yeah he’s okay but what would you think if he came to stay a couple of days? I think Chloe could use a break and your dad would like more time with Benjy.”

Ginny smiles, “I like it mum, are you going to bring him home.”

Molly sighs, “I don’t know if he’ll come home with me but I’m going to talk to Chloe. She’s sick and she might like sending him where he’ll be with family. I’m doing this for your dad.”

Ron nods, “We don’t mind if he comes here. I think we have some toys in the attic still if he’s going to stay for a while.”

Molly smiles, “Can you get them down then please? I know it’s not going to be easy but I want to do this for your dad.”

Ginny nods, “Okay mum,”

Molly hugs them before leaving wondering if she wasn’t seriously losing her mind but knew it would make Arthur happy. At the small cottage where Molly knew Chloe and Benjy lived she hesitates only a minute before knocking and Chloe answers the door quickly, “Hi Bet … sorry I was waiting for someone.”

Molly smiles, “That’s okay I’m sorry I’m not who you were waiting for. I’m …”

Just then a small boy who looked like a small version of Ron came running up, “Mummy is Betsy here?”

Chloe shakes her head, “No, it’s Molly daddy’s wife.” Benjy just looks at Molly before running back inside. “Sorry about that will you come in?”

Molly nods, “I’ll only stay for a minute, it appears that you were getting ready to leave.”

Chloe nods, “Yes but the sitter has left me hanging again. If you’ll excuse me I’ll call and see what’s delaying her.” When she returns she’s upset. “Betsy can’t make it today and didn’t get the chance to call. I have to go see … never mind it’s none of your concern.”

Molly nods, “Arthur told me what’s going to happen this weekend with Benjy. I thought about it last night and talked about it some with our two kids who are still at home and I’d like Benjy to come stay a couple of days at our home.”

Chloe can only stare at her for a minute, “Did Arthur ask you to come here? If he did then I …”

Molly shakes her head, “No, he doesn’t know that I came. He would … is devastated that he won’t see Benjy anymore and would never ask me to take him in. This makes him a wonderful husband but it’s not fair to Benjy or Arthur.”

Chloe sighs watching Benjy who was coloring in front of the tv. “He wants to be with Arthur but I told him Vanessa and Paul wanted their own little boy. He doesn’t think Arthur wants him at all. What if it doesn’t work out? How will …”

Molly nods, “That’s why I thought maybe for a couple of days so he gets used to us. I get to know him and it’ll be the weekend so Arthur will be home too. If things don’t work out fine but if we don’t try it I’ll have regrets. Arthur loves him and it’d hurt both of them if we don’t at least try it.”

Chloe nods, “Benjy, would you like to go stay the night at Daddy’s house for a couple of days?” Benjy loves the idea so Chloe helps him get his stuff together for the weekend and Molly quickly takes him to the Burrow. She wanted Ron and Ginny to meet him before she invited the others over for dinner and then the four of them went to the Ministry to see Arthur.

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