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My (Pathetic But Somewhat Dramatic) Life by expecto_patronum83
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: Why Don't People Tell Me These Things?
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A/n: Sorry about the wait guys. It’s been hectic with summer and school getting started. Hopefully I’ll get into a sort of rhythm now that things have calmed down a little. I hope you enjoy the second chapter. =]


Sirius was standing there. His hair was falling into his eyes, and he was looking at me. And those dimples...

“Ava!” Cheese he didn’t need to scream.

He’s opening his mouth to say something again. “Ava!”


“It’s Hogsmeade today!”


“Ava! Get up we’re going to be late!” My eyes snapped open.

“What?! I told you to get me up at seven!”

“And I tried!” Peyton looked very tired and frustrated. Apparently she had been trying to wake me for a while. I glanced over at the clock. 8:30. Upon realizing what time it was I jumped out of bed and quickly started running around the room getting ready. I only had thirty minutes to get ready and finish breakfast before we were supposed to be ready for Hogsmeade.

When I was ready we practically ran down to breakfast and stuffed toast in our mouths while Olivia and Sadie laughed at us. Evidently they had woken up on time. At 8:55 all four of us were running to get to Mr. Filch before he decided it was too late and got grumpy. And considering it’s not usually a good thing to be in the same place as Mr. Filch when he’s grumpy, we did not want to be late. The last of the students were leaving as we arrived at the entrance hall slightly out of breath. Mr. Filch glanced at the clock and after deciding (not before a very thorough inspection) that there was no possible reason to punish us, he let us go.


As soon as we arrived in Hogsmeade Olivia started scanning the crowd on her tip toes trying to find somebody. After a couple of minutes she quickly said, “Well, I’ll just be going this way...” and before I could ask where in Merlin’s beard she was going, she had disappeared. Not two seconds later Peyton had come up with another excuse and was gone as well.

I turned to Sadie with a look that said just try and leave me. She laughed at my expression and just said, “Oh come on, like I’d abandon you in your time of need.” Of course she couldn’t have just said it in a normal tone. She had to be all sarcastic and tease me.

I satisfied myself by calling her a buttface and then asking her where she wanted to go.

“Um, dress shopping. Dur.”

“And why on earth do we need to go dress shopping?!”

“Didn’t you hear? The heads are organizing a dance on Halloween. Just fourth years and up, it should be fun.”

“Why do I not know these things?” Somehow I’m always the last to know all the quote, important stuff, unquote.

“Because usually when we’re all talking about ‘these things,’ you’re off daydreaming about Sirius.”

“I quickly looked around to make sure there was nobody listening and turned to Sadie with a glare. “I am not off daydreaming about Sirius.”

“Oh really? Then what are you daydreaming about?”

In a quick attempt to change the subject I said, “So what store did you want to go to?”

She smirked, knowing I had basically just admitted defeat, and grabbed my arm, pulling me in the direction of a dress shop. As we opened the door the familiar bing of a bell sounded and a girl looked up from the counter where she was doing her nails and smiled. She was young, no older than twenty, and had brilliant blue eyes to go along with her gorgeous, long, black hair. Looking around I saw racks and racks full of dresses. And, knowing Sadie, I was going to be forced into every single one that had the smallest chance at looking good on me.

Before I could say a word about how it was still an entire month before the dance, I had about five dresses already hanging over my arm. Deciding it was no use fighting it I started looking through a rack, pulling out one every now and then. About thirty minutes later Sadie announced that she was ready to try them all on. I glanced over and saw one arm laden with about twenty dresses and the other with about five, which she added to the ten I already had.

After threatening to tell everyone about how I fancied Sirius if I didn’t come out in every dress I had she forced me into a dressing room. As we tried on the dresses we talked to each other over the walls. The first five dresses were no’s. The next two were yeses if nothing else worked. I was beginning to become desperate when nothing worked after that. Of course every dress Sadie tried on looked amazing on her. So she just got to pick the color she liked best. If only I was blonde and beautiful. Instead I’m stuck with shoulder length hair that always seems like its in the way, boring brown eyes, and a nose that doesn’t fit on my heart-shaped face.

I didn’t take any of the dresses with me, deciding if I couldn’t find something that I like enough I just wouldn’t go to the dance. Of course Sadie didn’t like that idea but it’s not like she could do anything to stop me. I was ready to leave but Sadie was convinced that if I didn’t get a dress today it was the end of the world.

“Come on, Ava. It’s sixth year! You have to go to the dance. It might be out last chance. You know, every one in our year will be too lazy to plan a dance next year.” I gave her look. “Just one more store. If you can’t find anything there then I’ll give up.”

“Fine.” She smiled and pulled out the door and across the street to another shop. The minute I walked in my eyes gravitated to a dark blue dress on display at the front of the store. It was strapless with beading across the front. It flowed all the way down to the floor, just short enough so that it didn’t drag. I saw Sadie eyeing me from the corner of my eye. She smirked and called over somebody that worked for the store, asking her for the dress to try on.


It looked beautiful. I barely even recognized myself when I looked in the mirror. Somehow it made me feel elegant and stunning. But it’s 50 galleons. And I don’t have 50 galleons to spend. So I chose a cheaper dress. It’s nice. I mean, it’s not like I’ll be embarrassed to be seen in it or anything.

Sadie, seeing that I was disappointed about the dress tried to cheer me up. “Now all we have to do I find you a date.”

I turned to her with a questioning look. “And what about you? Don’t you need a date too?”

She gave me a guilty look.

“Oh you are so dead! When did this happen? And why am I once again the last person to find out?” Seriously, I don’t know why I'm always so out of the loop. It’s not like I live in a little cave by myself or anything. I find my bed very comfortable...

“Actually, you’re kind of the first person I’ve told.” Oh, okay, well now I’m not quite as worried about my social incompetence.

“Oh, so you’ve just been keeping this little secret from all of us?”

“Well it only happened just last weekend after quidditch practice!”

“Oh, so only last weekend. I mean what’s one little secret from your best friends for a week, right?”

“Well, I didn’t want you to get mad or anything!”

“Do I look mad?!” See I didn’t exactly think about what I was doing when I practically screamed that at her.

“Um, yeah, kind of...”

“Okay, well I’m only angry because you didn’t tell me when it happened! Why would I have gotten mad at you before?”

She mumbled something extraordinarily resembling “don’t tell” as Peyton walked up. Her hair was slightly messy and she had a giant smile plastered on her face. I gave Sadie a look, telling her that the conversation we were having was not over, and turned to Peyton, raising my eyebrows.

“What?” Peyton has the incredible ability to act completely innocent when she’s not.

“Messy hair? Giant smile? Stop acting so innocent Peyton. How’s Fred?” I knew that it wasn’t exactly the best thing to do, but Fred was Peyton’s way of getting over Blake. And if that’s what she needed, then as far as I was concerned, it was ok. It’s kind of scary how well I know her sometimes...

She smirked, and with a quick look at her eyes, I knew she was telling me later. “He’s good.”

Of course Olivia chose that exact moment to walk up. “Who’s good? Because I just saw Fred, and I don’t think he’d be too happy if he found out you were with some other guy on the side.” Wow, Olivia, wow. Sometimes there’s really just not much to say when it comes to Olivia.

Peyton rolled her eyes and asked how dress shopping had gone. “You planned this?! I can’t believe this! It’s like you’re all conspiring against me!” That is so typical Peyton, Sadie, and Olivia. I mean, really, we promised to be S.O.A.P’s to the end! Sadie, Olivia, Ava, and Peyton forever together! Who cares if it was when we were eleven and we didn’t know anything?

“It’s not like we’re conspiring against you. We are conspiring against you.” Gosh, Peyton, that makes me feel so much better. “Besides, it’s not like we would’ve been able to get you to go dress shopping any other way.

I gave a significant humph, and began walking back to the school. And even though I couldn’t see it, I knew all three of them exchanged glances behind my back before they followed me. And soon enough we were all walking into dinner laughing at something completely ridiculous as always.


I remember glancing around the common room as we walked back from dinner. Sirius and the rest of the Marauders were sitting in the corner, hunched over a piece of paper talking. I barely had time to take in any more than that when Chris walked up to me asking if he could talk to me alone. I glanced at my friends, begging them to save me. They knew I wasn’t good in situations like this.

Of course Olivia had to ruin everything, “Yeah, sure. We’ll just be over on the couch, Ava.” She winked at me and I gave her an exasperated look.

I quickly turned to Chris and he said, “You want to take a walk?” I nodded and followed behind him as he climbed out of the portrait hole. “So.”

“So.” What was supposed to say to that?

“The Halloween dance.”

I glanced over at him, still not knowing what he was getting at, and nodded.

“Do you want to go to the Halloween dance with me?”

“Oh. Um, yeah I guess. Sure.”

He nodded and then said, “Okay, well see you in potions on Monday.” And he walked off. How can he be so cool about this? I may have been semi-ly not panicking on the outside, but on the inside I was a mess. And he just says see you on Monday? Wow.

Why does he even want to go with me? I mean he’s the most popular guy in school, aside from the Marauders, and I'm...not. And all I have is a cheap dress that I don’t even like. This is going to suck.

When I got back into the common room I was quickly bombarded with questions by none other than the three other members of S.O.A.P. I still regret naming our group that...

And even though I knew they already knew what I was going to say, I answered every one of their questions. Olivia, Sadie, and Peyton were sitting with there backs towards the Marauders, facing me. And Remus, James, and Peter were sitting with their back to me, Sirius facing me. And even though I could see he was talking to them, I had the feeling that he was watching me.

Wow I really need to get a hold of myself. Why would Sirius Black be watching me? He barely even knows I exist. And I really need to stop reading romance novels—they’re making me overanalyze everything.


I glanced over at the clock 11:59 P.M. I got out of bed as quiet as possible and put on my slippers. Midnight had been mine and Peyton’s meeting time since third year. If we wanted to talk to each other alone we would wake up and sneak up to the astronomy tower. That is until one time in fourth year we found a certain James Potter and some Ravenclaw, um, meeting in the same place. Now we just meet in an empty classroom.

When I walked into the forgotten classroom I found Peyton sitting on one of the desks. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Hey. So. Fred?” We might as well just get to the point.

“It’s not what you think it is.”

“Really?” I questioned, raising my eyebrows.

“We’re just friends.”


“I’m serious Ava.”

“What about the messy hair and ridiculous smiles?”

“We were at the shrieking shack and he scared me, so I started running. And then I kind of fell. Nothing happened!”

“You mean whenever you come back late at night or, um, early in the morning, that’s not anything at all?”

“No! We just talk. And he was there for me when, well you know.”

“And I wasn’t?”

“No you were! It’s just he was there for me in a different way. When you’re trying to make me feel better you make me forget. Which is great! That’s exactly what I need sometimes. But when that’s not what I needed Fred was there. He just let me talk, and all he did was sit there and listen, and tell me it wasn’t me and that Jack is just a jack ass, no pun intended I swear, who didn’t see that what he had in front of him was amazing and that to throw something like that away is really stupid.”

I understood. It felt good to just have somebody to listen sometimes. But she wasn’t getting off that easy. “So you’re telling me you haven’t even kissed once?”

She blushed. Ah-hah! “ know how when I was running away from the shrieking shack I told you I fell?” I nodded. “It was more like he was chasing me and he grabbed me from behind and he fell on top of me. And we kissed.” She smiled.

And then I, not being able to resist myself, said in a very sardonic tone, “Oh, how very scandalous.” And I hopped down from the desk I was sitting on and began to walk out of the classroom, checking for teachers before going all the way out.

As we walked down the corridors we talked. “I still can’t believe you stayed out until two in the morning talking to Fred.” I looked over and saw her blushing again.

“Well…I hadn’t really talked to Fred yet that night.”

“What were you doing until two in the morning then?!”

She mumbled something under her breath while doing a very bad fake cough that sounded extraordinarily similar to making out with James Potter.


“Shhh! Someone will hear you!”

“What?!” Except this time I was whispering. But still screaming. I was doing a scream whisper. Wow. I need a life. And to stop talking to myself inside my head. But that’s another problem for another day…

“Well. It was the night after I had owled Jack and told him he was a cheating man whore. It wasn’t exactly my best moment.”

“Oh, Peyton. I never thought even you would sink to such low levels. He’s like the most notorious guy in school. It’s no wonder Lily won’t go out with him. Although, I might if he had been asking me six years straight, just to get him off my back.” We continued our conversation all the way up to our dormitories, where we changed and then collapsed into our beds.

a/n: the expensive dress it something like the pic. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I really, really, really, really, really appreciated all the reviews you left for me for the first chapter so please, please, please leave a review…please =]

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