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A Violet in the Sunshine by amortentia18
Chapter 16 : Chapter 16: The Burrow
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Chapter 16: The Burrow

Rose hopped out of the car that had been artificially enlarged so as to be about the size of a minibus. It’d had to carry one adult, eleven students and what felt like several hundred tons of luggage from London to Devon. Suffice to say, it had been a noisy and cramped journey, but it had been the most fun car trip of Violet’s life. Violet obviously knew Rose, James and Lily extremely well, she knew Dominique well- she was only a year above Violet in school, everyone knew Molly- she was head girl, she knew Fred and Roxanne pretty well, neither thought they were above talking to fourth years, she knew Hugo a bit, but she didn’t know Louis or Lucy very well at all- them only having started Hogwarts a few months ago. Stuck for four hours in a four meter space with all eleven of the teenage Weasley/Potters may have not have been everyone’s idea of a brilliant day but the hours of laughing, teasing, fighting and playing exploding snap had opened Violet’s eyes to what it would be like to have lots of brother and sisters. It would be fantastic.

Fred and Roxanne’s mum, Angelina- who had driven them all the way there- instructed everyone on which bags to grab and led them towards the oddest house that Violet had ever seen. It was around six, rather wobbly looking, stories high and had walls that bulged in odd places and windows stuck randomly in places you wouldn’t expect. It looked well looked after and not at all shabby, but perhaps as if it had not been so well looked after in its recent history. The grass surrounding the house was green and lush, if not all that well mown, and there were several tall apple trees dotted around the house, with many more visible in the distance.

“Okay,” Angelina began to explain, tossing her dark braids over her should in a way which was very familiar from Roxanne, “Obviously there is no chance of us all being able to fit in the house so, Dom, Molly, Rose and Violet, you will all be in the red tent up in the orchard, and you’ll also be sharing with Victoire,” the girls all groaned lightly, “Albus, Hugo and James, you will be in the blue tent up in the orchard. No silly behaviour, alright? Fred and Roxanne, you will have the smallest tent, the orange one,” the twins high fived each other happily, “Louis and Lucy, you will be in the new extension on the ground floor and you, Lily, will be in the converted scullery. That all okay everyone?” she asked, but it was clear that she wanted no complaints. They all nodded, “Good, now if everyone wants to go sort out their stuff then we will meet back in the kitchen in about an hour, everyone else will be arriving then.”

All the older ones heaved their stuff over their shoulders and set off into the crazy garden and through the fence, up to where Violet had seen all the apple trees. There, in a clearing were three tiny pup tents, one red, one blue and one orange. She had a pretty shrewd guess that magic would be involved somehow. Fred and Roxanne peeked inside their tent, shoved their stuff down and then went running off into the woods and all the boys followed suit. Molly, Dom and Rose disappeared inside the minuscule red tent and Violet peered inside, realising that this tent was larger than the entire downstairs of her house and much nicer too. She crawled inside and entered the large, airy space. There was a kitchen, sitting room, fireplace, two sets of bunk beds and a double bed- which was already occupied. Violet waved at Victoire, who was interrupted in applying red lipstick in a hand mirror by two cousins and a sister jumping of top of her. A large red streak was left down her chin and she looked haughty and frustrated.

“Oh, my god, guys,” she moaned, “Eugh. I can’t believe that I have to share a room with all of you guys, I wanted to stay with Teddy but Granny and Granddad were so pissy. It’s like they don’t think that people actually sleep together, but really, they have like,” she paused to count on her fingers, “twelve grand kids, they shouldn’t be so much in denial,”

Violet laughed and plonked her bag down on one of the top bunks. She climbed the little ladder, extracted her hairbrush and hastily pulled it through her hair, she was anxious about what all these new people would think of her. Rose opened her handbag, reached deep into it and took out an eyeliner and pink lip gloss.

“Going to go freshen up,” she said, walking towards a white door on the far wall. Victoire followed her, fluffing up her pristine blonde hair with her purple painted fingers. Molly went over to the small kitchen and inspected the contents of the fridge then pulled out a carton of orange juice and poured herself some. She drank it in one gulp before offering some to Violet and Dom, who readily accepted, thirsty from the car. Dom threw herself upon the sofa and pulled off her coat. She was wearing purple dungarees, a green T-shirt, green leggings and an assortment of badges across her chest- it was a very Dom like outfit. She was constantly trying to rebel against her mother and sister’s highly groomed, designer style, and this irritated Victoire no end.

The door was pushed open to reveal a rather peeved- and very wet- Roxanne, holding a pile of clean clothes.

“They threw me in the lake,” was her disgruntled explanation, “Two more months and I can finally do magic outside of school, but until then I have to put up with being soaked by my evil seventeen year old cousin- several times a day,” she smiled wearily. “Can I use your shower?”

“Of course,” replied Dom, “You just have to throw out two preening girls first,”

“Fine by me,” said Roxanne, more cheerfully, “Let’s see if I can make Victoire ruin her make-up/hair in the process. She ran towards the door, and it crashed against the wall, make Victoire scream. They hear the shrill cries of, “You made me get foundation in my hair,” and a cocky response of “Don’t worry, Teddy will probably still love you with stained hair, maybe,” from Roxanne.

Roxanne wasn’t a big fan of make-up, nor did she spend all that much time worrying about her hair. Having a twin brother and growing up in a joke shop had not really made her all that feminine. Being intelligent, striking and an amazing chaser had made her generally very popular, but her best friend was definitely her twin brother. They had caused some worry to the teachers, who hadn’t exactly eagerly anticipated their arrival at Hogwarts, fearing them to be an exact replica of their fathers and late uncle. However, there hadn’t seemed to have been any cause for worry- in the first year. The Weasley twins weren’t common jokers and pranksters but something much more subtle. They had driven the Divination Professor to nervous breakdown, they had a lucrative underground business in smuggling students to Hogsmeade on days that hadn’t been assigned, and they - unbeknown but to a few- had succeeded in becoming animaguses. Twin foxes had often been seen frolicking in the grounds and by the lake.

Violet finished her orange juice and went to sit by Dom on the sofa, “Fancy a game of exploding snap?” she asked.


Lily was rather indignant about being forced form her usual bedroom but she was settling herself into this bedroom quickly, there was not much to settle into. It had once been a scullery and although the stone walls had been whitewashed and the minute floor carpeted, it was still a rather cell like room. It held one single bed and a shelf on the wall and absolutely nothing else. The shelf held only a candlestick and a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The headboard, footboard and left side of the bed touched a wall, and there was only a foot wide space on the right side of the bed. Her suitcase had been squeezed underneath the bed, taking up the only space left in the room.

There was barely enough room to breath and Lily wished that she had been allowed to share the tent with the other girls. Then again, that would mean sharing with the two people she hated most in the world; petulant Victoire and her enormous ego. Victoire wasn’t all that bad as a person, if Lily was honest. She was nice and she had a good sense of humour but she was a little superficial and could be pretty dense. Lily didn’t dislike Victoire, but she resented her almost to distraction.

There was a rap at the door, “Can I come in?” asked an incredibly familiar voice, and she could hear the smile in his voice. She flung open the door and threw herself into the open arms of Teddy Lupin. He burst out laughing and squeezed her tight. Lily knew she was being soppy and she knew that it was a cliché, but she really did feel something warm and light swell inside, making her laugh out loud.

“How’ve you been, Lily-flower?” he asked, using the nickname she’d had since she was two but only allowed Teddy, Demetrius and her dad to call her by.

“I’ve been good, no manticores,” she teased.

“Well, I think I would have been a tad surprised to find out that Manticores had been employed at Hogwarts- then again, Hagrid does have a passion for all things scary and hairy,” she grinned and he chuckled at the fact she still had dimples.

Victoire’s voice sounded from behind Teddy in a tone that conjured an instant image of pouting and doe eyes, “You haven’t said hello to me yet, Teddy bear, haven’t you missed your Cutie-pootie during all your big adventures,” Lily resisted the temptation to retch loudly, although she knew that it was in fact Victoire who had concocted that sickening monstrosity of a nickname.

“Of course not, babe,” he assured her, and turned away from Lily- her smile fell. Within seconds he and Victoire were in a writhing embrace equally as nauseating.

Teddy momentarily pulled himself from Victoire’s tight grasp to tell Lily that Demetrius had arrived and was outside helping prepare the tables for dinner. Lily sped out of the kitchen door into the back garden, she saw Demetrius’ tall figure at the other side of the garden.

Her relationship was nothing like that of hers with Teddy, it was based around two things that bound them together and separated them from other people in the world and, oddly, both were because of their father’s. Both of them were judged by the world long before they were actually met, Lily was predetermined to be valiant, gifted and generally perfect, and Demetrius was obviously going to be sinister, scheming and a cancerous growth on human society. It goes without saying that neither Lily nor Demetrius fitted theses descriptions, but they did suffer much for them.

The second thing that had caused an inextricable bond to form between them- right from the first day they met- was the infamous gift they had each inherited from their fathers; parseltounge. Lily had first discovered she spoke parseltounge when she was five years old. There had been a grass snake in the garden and she had been bewitched by the writhing green patterns of its scales. She had talked to it, as most children do with animals, but this time it had talked back. It had spoken to her in soft, whispery tones, each syllable seeming to slither over its forked tongue. It had slid over her legs, curled itself round her arms and she had laughed at the feeling of its smooth, cool scales against her warm, soft skin. It was at this moment that her father had found her. Most fathers would blanch at the sight of their tiny daughter, giggling, entwined with a snake, but Harry had known at that moment what was going on. He had explained to her the fear that accompanied the gift of parseltounge, and he warned her not to tell many people of it.

She had not told anyone about her gift, not even her mother, until the dayshe had met Demetrius, her age nine and him age twenty. It had been a odd sight, that of a very tall, very pale young man sitting in the corner of a stone courtyard stroking and whispering to a writing black adder, but to Lily it had been one of the best sights of her life. There was someone else like her. Her father’s gift had abandoned him when Voldemort died and she thought that she was the only parselmouth left in the world. While most strangers would have fled from this goose bump inducing sight, Lily approached him slowly and silently, whispering to the adder until it slithered from the boy’s hands to hers. Her words had been merely, “Me too,” but they were the first of an immediate friendship than formed form the feeling of kinship between them. Demetrius- as she was to find out the boys name was- had not told anyone at all, for fear of more prejudice, and he had been even more grateful to find a fellow parselmouth.

Lily walked hesitantly over to where Demetrius was talking to her aunt, Hermione. She stood next to Hermione and looked deeply into Demetrius’ smoke grey eyes. They rarely spoke to each other in English, only parseltounge, and if others were around then they generally communicated through a mix of body language and looking at each other. They may look utterly different, one a tiny little girl with strawberry blonde plaits and freckles, the other a 6’4” young man with messy black hair and an almost deathly pallor that only came to life when he was truly happy, but they were amazingly similar in their thoughts and feelings. Teddy was Lily’s best friend and- she admitted - the man she was in love with, but Demetrius was her second soul, her alter ego, the other part of herself. He was closer than a brother, closer than a husband or boyfriend would ever be. He was the silent, darker side of her personality. He knew what she was thinking the second she thought it, not through Legilimency or magic but simply because he was thinking it too.

Teddy knew what her best friend’s name was, he knew how she had done in her DADA test and how she was secretly terrified of pixies. However, Demetrius could gage exactly how much Lily cared about a person from hearing one sentence she spoke to them, he would understand how well she had done in her tests by looking at her eyes when she mentioned it, and he could tell that she had acute pixiphobia by seeing the way the set of her jaw line changed if they ever came up in conversation.Lily sometimes found it hard being around other people, they always expected her to be perfect, and they were unaware of her being a parselmouth, but when she was around Teddy and Demetrius she was entirely content. When she was around Teddy and Demetrius she was in the company of her soul mate, and her soul itself.

All of a sudden the Christmas holidays seemed all that much brighter.

(Ok, just so you know, here are a list of all the people staying at the Burrow for Christmas and where they are staying, this should make it easier to understand,
Molly + Arthur= Master Bedroom
Bill + Fleur= Bill’s old room, this is James’s bedroom normally
Harry + Ginny= Ginny’s old room, this is their room always
Ron + Hermione + Hope= Fred and George’s old room
George + Angelina= Ron’s old room, this is Lily’s bedroom normally.
Percy + Audrey= Percy’s old room
Mrs Tonks= Third floor extension, this is Albus’ bedroom normally
Charlie + Teddy + Demetrius = living room
Dom + Molly (II) + Victoire + Rose + Violet = girls’ tent
James + Albus + Hugo= boy’s tent
Louis + Lucy= converted chicken shed
Fred + Roxanne= Mini tent
Lily= Scullery

If anyone wants me to, I will also publish a family tree to help sort out any confusion

Please review, I love them all and reply to every one)

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