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Tricksters by LuckySeven
Chapter 1 : Misconceptions and Contradictions
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Prologue: Misdirections Contradiction

In a mad world only the mad are sane. -Akira Kurosawa

James Potter and Sirius Black are not to engage in any activities with females until the end of the year or the bet is void. There is to be nothing that can be interpreted as more than friendly conversation or the bet is void.

Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew are to break every rule in the school handbook by the end of the year or the bet is void. They must have one impartial witness to each act or the bet is void.

Lily Evans and Cynthia Carlisle must seduce James Potter and Sirius Black before the end of this school year with one impartial witness or the bet is void.

Sarah Rogers and Hailey Warren must prevent Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew from serving a single detention this year or the bet is void.

These were the letters that the chosen received.

The morning that it all began was just like any other.

Students dragged their feet as they made their way down to breakfast, grimacing at the fresh September air.

It was a new year. That meant taking notes, doing homework and most devastating of all; getting up early.

All in all the teens were being their usual disengaged selves. First years ran in late, trying look relaxed while seventh years lounged with complete familiarity, looking divinely bored.

One group in particular looked ready to fall asleep where they sat. Only the presence of pancakes and bacon seemed to be keeping them from dropping into a vegetative trance.

On the outside they looked like regular teenage boys. Messy hair. Poor table manners.

But there was a difference.

The four in question were the Marauders.

The Marauders. A juvenile group of pranksters that managed to combine the cruelest pranks with a sense of chivalry and rightness.

James Potter slouched, staring idly at his coffee as if he were wishing it would come to him without any effort on his own part. He was the ringleader.

But oddly enough, he wasn't the biggest troublemaker. He wasn't the smartest or the toughest either. James Potter was a natural born leader.

Sirius Black sat next to him with unconsciously perfect posture, staring at the Slytherin table with such admirable intensity that it was hard to believe that it wasn't on fire or the source of a riot of some sort.

Black was the real trouble maker-but he wasn't bad. It was beyond the understanding of any female how he managed to be a complete delinquent yet still act like a complete gentleman. But that was him too.

Remus Lupin was the smart one. He sat across from Sirius, frowning at a book as he read it under the table.

He was the quiet one. The man behind the curtain. Few knew that every prank the Marauders did was orchestrated by him. And he wanted it that way.

Peter Pettigrew was squeezed in next to Remus, looking troubled. To all the world he appeared to be the innocent one. The odd man out.

In reality? He was the best liar. The sneakiest. He used his small persona like a well honed tool. Without Peter Pettigrew the group would lose one of it's most important elements; mystery.

And that was why the Marauders were chosen.

On the other side of the Gryffindor table-so precisely positioned that it almost seemed that the two groups were avoiding each other-sat the boys opposite.

Lily Evans was a bright girl. She knew that the world was not kind to muggleborns, so she worked impossibly hard. She excelled in everything she tried with no apparent effort.

But there was a seedy underbelly to this brilliant young lady. She had a temper. And she was competitive beyond any kind of sense. And she had no control over it.

Maybe this was why her best friend was Cynthia Carlisle.

Cynthia was Lily's opposite in every way. She was intelligent, but she wasn't driven. She had virtually no temper and breaking the rules was one of her favourite pastimes.

Most people thought that these two should be at each others throats constantly. Instead, they played off each other perfectly.

Across from the dynamic duo was Sarah Rogers, a decidedly-and quite purposefully-odd girl who took great pleasure in acting insane.

Sarah did not wear matching socks. She went to great pains to make sure that she was always the one to obliterate any awkward silence with the most random comment she could come up with.

Oddly, Sarah spent most of her time with Lily, Cynthia and Hailey Warren.

Hailey was quiet and blonde in more ways than one.

Despite her above-average intelligence, Hailey couldn't distinguish sarcasm from normal comments. She was the one who wouldn't laugh at a joke until at least five minutes after it had been told. She pointed out the most common things as if they were of great importance and worst of all, she wasn't doing it on purpose.

And that is why the four girls were chosen as well.

It wasn't until halfway through breakfast that the groups received the letters.

And when they did, life at Hogwarts went from interesting to downright dangerous.

A/N It's a miracle! I wrote a prologue and it was actually prologue-ish length. (I have issues with brevity.)
Cookies shall be delivered to those who can give me an opinion. If you can't then any random comment would be nice. ;)

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Tricksters: Misconceptions and Contradictions


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