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Rebel in love by RegulusSiriusGirl
Chapter 6 : Lots of Slip-Ups and Plenty of Split-Ups
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It had been a week since Ami and Matt had split up and things weren't looking up for any of us. As if understanding the depression going on, the sun had disapered and it had been raining quite heavily.

Ami was acting like any heart-broken teenager would be, lying in bed listening to sad love songs and eating chocolate. Rose looked worringly over to Ami's bed, lately she had the hangings shut and cast Silencio so we couldn't hear her, "Merlin, I hope she'll be okay".

At least some good came out of this, Rose and Lily and I had made up but they still acted cold to me when the subject of Lucas or James came up.

"Give her time" I said pulling on a pair of jeans "she's had her heart broken", Rose sniffed "Yeah and that must hurt" she gave me that look that said "Bitch".

I sighed and grabbed my black jacket "I'll see you guys later" I nodded at the girls, "Off to see the boyfriend?" Tia asked whispering, so Ami wouldn't hear the word boyfriend.

Yeah, I kinda still hadn't told them the truth about me and Lucas, I mean come on, as if enough wasn't going on.

"Yeah, I'll see you girls at dinner" I felt such a lying cow, but I guess that thats what I was, lying to my friends, my family and to the one guy I truly care about. I headed down the stairs and out of the Fat Lady portrait. As soon as I turned the corner I ended up banging into someone, again, and ended up on my bum, again!

"Sorry, I should really look before I make a right turn" I said feeling slightly dizzy, "I mean it's not-" I cut off seeing who I had crashed into and gulped seeing James Potter standing over me.

"It's fine Alix" he said tonelessly, he held out his hand to help me up, I took it and heaved myself up, but at the same moment James pulled me and I ended up against his chest and very close to his lips. 

"Sorry" I mumbled again about to pull away from him but his arm snaked around my waist holding me close to him. I breathed out slowly, hardly daring to step away since I was waiting for him to make his move.

With his his other hand, he pushed a stray strand of hair behind my ear and his hand paused by my face, cupping my cheek, his eyes never leaving mine. 

My eyes flickered over his face taking in every feature, his brown eyes, his soft looking lips and his perfect nose. 

He slowly moved his face to mine and I reprociated by moving closer too, our lips were centimetres apart before ...

"Woah, sorry dude"

Me and James simontaneously stepped away from each other (much to my annoyance) and turned to see who interrupted us, it was Joey holding two plastic bags, man I wanted to throttle him.

"No problem man" James said with a half smile, he glanced at me "I was done here anyway" and with that he left. 

I sighed and watched him leave, desperately wanting to be close to him again. "Sorry Alix" Joey muttered, "I wouldn't of interr-"

"It's fine Joey" I smiled weakly "you didn't know", I still felt angry at him but I didn't let it show because it was like I said, he didn't know.
He grinned at me, "Right, so where you off too?". I shuffled from one foot to the other, "Meeting Lucas" I looked up at him "you?".
Joey just smiled, "Bringing up supplies" he indicated to the bags, "for the depressed boy" he added when I looked confused.

Merlin, I didn't even think of how Matt was taking this, I was too busy worrying about Ami and my really stupid, mixed up love life and lest we forget, James birthday party that I was invited too.

"Oh yeah" I murmured "how is he?", Joey shook his head "Not too good really, he really regrets what he's done" he sighed "you can tell from his face these days". 

I ran a hand through my hair "Cupid and Bad-Luck are real arseholes huh" I said quietly, "well I better get going or Lucas will wonder where I am".

I smiled "See you around Joe" he nodded and waved before heading through the portrait to the common room. Merlin why must my life be a complete mess, why can't things run smoothly for me just this once?

I made my way down to the Great Hall where me and Lucas were meeting, he had something to tell me and looked quite excited. 

"Hey, Alix!" 

I turned and smiled seeing Hugo Weasley, his reddish-brown hair was spiked up and he had a big cheesy grin on his face. I liked Hugo because he always had a smile on his face and was a happy chappy.

"Hey Hugo" I grinned back, "how are you?"

"Sweaty, just been playing Quidditch, you?"

I sighed "Not too good for obvious reasons" Hugo smiled sympathetically "Yeah, I heard but like they say, always look on the bright side of life" he winked "see you around Alix".

"See you Hugo"

He went off to a gaggle of third year boys who were waiting at the top of the stairs, he stopped and turned with a smirk on his face, "I'll see you on the 21st, for you know James's party" and with that he ran off to catch up with his friends.

Oh Merlin's Beard! I had forgotten about the party, I wasn't going to go originally but when Rose and Lily made up with me, I didn't want to make them angry with me again so I had told Tia and Lucas I was going.

"There you are my lovely troll" Lucas was leaning against the wall on the first floor, "I'll talk to you later" he winked to a portrait of three water nymphs who danced round in a circle, all three giggled and began dancing again. "Really how sad is it to chat up a painting" I asked with an eyebrow raised, "it says a lot about the person I think".

Lucas grinned "Aww jealous are we?" he slung an arm around my shoulders "come here, your my number one girl". 

I snorted "Oh really, if that were the case we wouldn't be in this mess", even though we were fake-dating I still felt jealous when Lucas flirted with other girls in front of me also quite weird was I found comfort in his arms.
I wasn't falling in love with him - my heart belonged to James even if I was too scared to tell him - but I still cared for Lucas and he told me he cared about my feelings too.

"So what did you wanna talk about?" I asked him, we had just walked by the Great Hall and were heading outside, "you weren't very clear on what the subject was". Lucas smiled and slipped his hand down to hold my waist and pulled me close, "I have good news" he whispered in my ear "for both of us". 

I felt a shiver go down my spine and I smirked "Hah, usually good news for you means bad news for me".

Lucas just chuckled "Thats the rules, Halliwell". I made a face "Oh and when will you stop calling me troll?"

"Never Ever"

"I expected as much" I smiled faintly and we headed down to the boathouse, our normal spot, not just mine and Lucas's but all of our friends too.
I sat down cross-legged with my back against the wall and looked expectantly at Lucas, "Mind telling me now?" I asked, Lucas grinned "I found out the reason why Eve and James are dating"

I think I stopped breathing at that moment "But he must like her to-"

"Shes blackmailing him"

"WHAT!" I was gobsmacked, all these months I spent thinking Eve must be better than me, all these months I've been thinking I'm second best and all these months could of been months spent with James as his girlfriend.

"I don't know why but I know shes blackmailing him, Joey told me" Lucas grinned "he owed me so he told me". I stood up and started pacing "She is such a bitch, blackmailing him like this ... wait what is she blackmailing him on?"

Lucas shrugged "I have no idea" he smirked "but I'm going to find out".

I couldn't help but feel a bit more happier about my current situation, "Mabye I still have a chance with him?" I said hopefully to Lucas "but I don't think we need to fake date anymore". 

Lucas only grinned "Ah that is the second bit of good news, we don't" he looked ecstatic "Devon, my one true love, and her now-ex boyfriend Greg sadly split up about two hours ago because he thinks she loves someone else".

I was surprised to hear about Devon and Greg "But how did you find out so soon?" I shrugged "I didn't even know and I'm her friend". 

Lucas just kept grinning "I was walking back from Herbology and they were arguing near the fountain about her saying a name that wasn't his while they kissed"

I think my eyebrows shot up to heaven, "Whose name did she say?"

Lucas's face looked ready to burst with the gigantic smile on his face when he said "Mine".





Since Lucas's shock news I found myself watching James and Eve, wondering if he was happy.

I can happily say he did not look a happy chappy.

On sunday night at dinner, Eve joined the Gryfindor table and she would giggle and laugh in the most annoying way possible and whilst she was looking at him, James would smile or occasionaly snort but when her eyes weren't on him, he looked misreable.

"Earth to Alix" Devon waved a hand in front of my eyes, "Rose is talking to you", I turned to Rose and smiled weakly "Sorry Rosie, away dreaming what were you saying?". 

Rose glared at me for use of the nickname only Scorpius could call her, said boyfriend was next to Rose and laughed loudly "I said since your coming to James's party" (Merlin help me!) "I was thinking you could stay at mine?".

I loved staying at Rose's house, her mum and dad were funny and talked to you like you were they're age and Hugo was the annoying little brother I'm so glad I never got.

"I'd love that, I'll send an owl asking my mum about it tomorrow at lunch" I smiled "thanks Rose". She just grinned back before turning to Scorpius and kissing him sweetly on the mouth.
"I'm yummy like chocolate" Scorpius smiled cheesily and Rose leaned on his shoulder "You, Scorpius Malfoy are just too cute" she whispered and they gazed lovingly into each others eyes.

Ami, Devon and I sighed at the same time, wishing we had what they had. "Okay, I know why I'm sighing," Ami said confused, looking to Devon then me "but why are you guys sighing?"

Devon looked unhappy "Me and Greg split up", I pretented to looked shocked at the news while Ami hugged Devon, "Aww 'Dev I'm so sorry" Tia said sadly "What happened?" I asked, unsure whether I could contain shouting out the truth (YOU LIKE LUCAS!) 

"I just didn't feel the same" Devon said looking down "I just guess I like someone else".

Tia put her head on one side "You guess you like someone else?" Ami leaned forward "Who?".

Devon closed her eyes and groaned "Guys just drop it please?"

Ami raised an eyebrow but did as she asked "So, Alix why did you sigh?", I felt a bit sheepish saying this but I agreed with Lucas I would, "I dumped Lucas".
I gave a fake sigh which sounded real "I think he was just my rebound guy, but I guess I was his rebound girl". Ami looked surprised "How were you his rebound girl?".

"He didn't really like me, he likes someone else" but I smiled "but I'm not bothered, we're still friends". Ami and Tia kept telling me that he was a fool at losing me and how much of a prick he is but Devon sat quietly and looked uneasy.
Oh Merlin, she didn't think I stopped fake-dating Lucas 'cos of her did she?

Rose smiled sympathetically "So, em Ami, how are you this morning you were ... kinda quiet" she added sheepishly. Ami blushed a little "I think I'm gonna be okay" she sighed "but its so hard, I miss him so much".

I coughed "I don't know if this question is allowed but" I glanced over to where Matt was sitting playing with his mashed potatoe and not eating it "can't you forgive him?".

Ami's eyes widened and she opened her mouth "Be friends at least!" I added in a hurry before she had a eppy on me, Ami closeed her mouth and shrugged "I guess I could try to be friends again, but I don't know if I can forgive him, he really hurt me".

We made small chat before the Headmistress, Proffesor McGonnagal, stood and made an announcement "As you are aware, Hogwarts has a student council where they can voice the opinion of their fellow learners and give them a voice in the managing of the school" she pursed her lips, which was a good sign generally, if she didn't like the idea then it basically meant good news for us.

"This year, the students involved in the council all voted and have come to make a decision, and that decision is to let House teams have their own cheerleaders".

The whole hall went silent, cheerleaders for Quidditch?!

Cool !

"They also made a decision on who should be the leader of the cheerleaders and have chosen four for each house: Slytherin's cheercaptain is Nile Zabini, Hufflepuff's is Megan Longbottom, Gryffindor's is Alixia Halliwell and Ravenclaw's is Eve Adams"

Claps and whistles went around for the four girls, Professor Longbottom looked stricken whilst his only daughter looked super happy as she got congragulated by her housemates, Nile just smirked and got a long kiss off her boyfriend Drake Flint.

But when I heard my name, my heart leaped and all my friends shrieked and clapped for me, but when I heard Eve's name called, I felt this savage, jealous feeling creep out of nowhere and I turned to her, she was smiling and looking quite proud of herself but in that moment when our eyes met, we both glared at each other ...

This was war.





Also GOOOD NEWS! (I hope) someone was very kind to make a trailer for my book, I shall write on my homepage when it is up on Youtube.

Have a good one and leave me a review telling me what you think? xxxx

Byeeeeee xoxo
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