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Intertwined by angelchaser13
Chapter 5 : You Can't Be A Werewolf--!
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Instinctively, Shealin took several quick steps back. “I—I never knew Greyback had a son.”

“A sham of a marriage gone wrong,” said Darien shortly, who appeared unconcerned with her reaction. “He tried to be human, but not hard enough. And I got this as a reminder.” He pointed to the ruined side of his face. “My mother was lucky. The spineless coward begged for mercy for herself, not for me.”

Shealin flinched at his bitter tone. “I haven’t got a mother,” she said.

“She didn’t want you?” he needled.

“Apparently not, as I’ve been with Remus since I was set on upon by your father.” She turned to leave.

“Wait—where are you going? Don’t go. Please. I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have said that. I just…I haven’t met anyone like me, I mean. Except for Remus. But not—not anyone near my own age.”

His scrambling, as well as the desperation in his voice, made her halt and turn back.

“How old are you?” he said.

Shealin sighed inwardly. “Fifteen.”

“You don’t look fifteen,” he said. “I thought you were closer to seventeen, at least.”

“Well, how old are you?” she said, raising one eyebrow.

“Nearly seventeen,” said Darien, with a shrug. “Don’t you have a father either?”

“Remus is not my birth father, if that’s what you’re implying,” said Shealin.

He seemed to be at ease now; he leaned back against the pillows on his bed, but kept his gaze trained on her. She instinctively straightened—his good eye seemed to be looking her up and down in quite a different way than she had expected. She was used to people staring at her, but as she’d never been around boys much, she couldn’t judge whether he was interested or just curious.

“I wasn’t implying anything,” said Darien. “Sensitive, are you?”

“I don’t like being interrogated,” she corrected.

“Exactly as I thought—sensitive,” said Darien. “Now what brings you here, Miss Sensitive?”

She debated whether to glare at him, then decided he was not worth it. “Remus is a member of the Order of the Phoenix.”

His smile vanished. “Oh, so that’s why you’re visiting me. Need a few extra werewolves on your side?”

“Something similar to that, yes,” said Shealin.
“Well, at least you’re honest,” remarked Darien. “But what makes you think I would want to join?”

“Would you rather have the beast who attacked you as your leader, or Albus Dumbledore?”

“The beast?” said Darien, all good humour forgotten. “Is that what you think—?”

“Anyone who maims innocent children is a beast,” snapped Shealin, “speaking from experience!”

At her harsh tone, he recoiled. “I’d forgotten,” he said softly.

“Shealin,” said Remus, and Shealin started.

“Yes, Remus?” she said, not turning round but meeting Darien’s somewhat mollified stare.

“We should not extend our stay any longer.”

“You’re right,” said Shealin. “Might I have an extra moment?”

“I’ll be waiting,” said Remus, and she heard his footsteps as he went away from the top of the steps.

Darien was now standing, and Shealin saw how muscular he was for the first time. He smelled like some sort of sharp soap she couldn’t identify, and was quite tall—about six-foot-two, as compared to her five-nine. She was forced to look up at his ravaged face, at his white and green eyes. Despite the scars he was still an extremely attractive young man, she was forced to admit.

“You’re leaving,” he said. “Will you come back?”

“If Remus says I ought to, then I shall,” she replied. She held out her hand, and to her surprise, instead of shaking it, Darien lifted it to his lips and kissed the back, lingering a moment too long for her comfort.

She was finding it harder and harder not to blush in his presence. Carefully she retreated, with just enough casualness to not appear rude.

“Good-bye, then,” he said. “I’ll look forward to it, when you do.”

“Good-bye,” she said, and left him.

Darien felt a small smile curve his lips.

Who would have thought werewolves could be so dangerously beautiful?

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