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just one little kiss..... by harrys_#1 chick
Chapter 1 : just one little kiss.....
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Hermione sat in the common room quietly looking out the window watching the rain pound against it. Harry Potter walked in. It was 4:00 a.m. and he couldn't sleep. Hermione turned around "hi harry" she said sounding depressed. "Whats wrong mione?" he said going over to her and touching her shoulder "my parents.......-or whatever they are- just sent me a letter telling me that i was adopted."

"Hermione everthing's gonna be ok" "harry......i just drank about 11 butterbeers" "hermione! you know if you drink to many you could get drunk!" "harry...........i'm fine really i just-Hermione's head suddenly dropped to the side she was drunk-or just tired Harry being the good friend that he was picked her up and carried her to the girls dorms. He looked around for a bit at first then he kissed her. I love you Hermione Granger. he whispered then crept out of the rooom.

Lavendar Brown who had heard everything woke up pavati to tell her what she had just learned and parvati told angelina who told cho who told katie who told alicia........ and it continued untill the whole dorm room new that Hermione and Harry were definitly going to get together. If they could help it.

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